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Podio MP3 player connects to bicycle handlebars

Posted in Media Players by Shane McGlaun on May 1st, 2009

podio-sbI haven’t been into riding bikes since I was like 10. There are lots of people in my area though that are really into riding bikes. I always wonder how safe it is to ride a bike in a city while wearing an MP3 player that blocks your hearing. After all, they wouldn’t be able to hear all the rednecks shouting profanities at them.

A company from Taiwan has a new MP3 player designed for portability and use without headphones called the Podio. The device is fully integrated into an 88mm long cylinder-shaped micro speaker. The music player portion of the device has 2GB of internal storage.

Automatic wrist turn signals for cyclists

Posted in Outdoors by Conner Flynn on January 23rd, 2008

Automatic wrist turn signals for cyclists
If you find yourself on a bike often, these compact wrist lights will help keep you safe and insure that you reach your destination in one piece. They automatically alert drivers when you are about to turn using an internal tilt switch which turns on three flashing LED’s. They detect changes in angle range and motion. There’s also a self-locking mechanism inside the base of the device that can be changed at 15 degree intervals to accommodate individual riding styles and handlebar types.

A “Delayed Off” feature means it doesn’t automatically switch off when you are in the middle of turning and drop your arm. Instead, it will keep blinking for 1 second so cars can see. Users can also manually switch the indicator off by pressing the orange top so that it wont blink in any position.

Riding the WheelSurf

Posted in Personal Transport by Chetz on September 17th, 2007

WheelSurf 2007 is a powered wheel that you ride insideThe Netherlands-based WheelSurf company showed off the specs of its 2007 model at last weekend’s NextFest event. If you like the idea of riding a personalized scooter that catches the eye of the public but a Segway still seems lame, then this mobile circle may be for you.

Powered by a Honda GX31 4-stroke engine, the WheelSurf 2007 delivers 31 cc of horsepower and 7,000 RPMs, and surprisingly it only weighs 50 kilos. You operate it by sitting down on it like a bike, grabbing the handlebar and then accelerating/braking using the right handle. The outer wheel revolves around propelling you forward while keeping the center level with the horizon.


Pulse Monitoring Glove

Posted in Exercise Gadgets,Health by Reuben Drake on July 6th, 2007

Pulse monitor glove from BeurerIt’s not exactly a glove and I don’t know if I’d classify it as a watch either, but it is something new that will be shown off at the Wearables Technologies Congress in Munich, Germany this month. This exercise gadget is like a second skin according to Beurer, the makers of the device. It wears on your wrist and hand similar to a glove and monitors your pulse without the need for a chest belt like most heart rate monitors.

Instead of reading the electric pulses from your heart, this this pulse …

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