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Mitsubishi Electric launches three new BDXL Blu-Ray Recorders

Posted in Mitsubishi by Conner Flynn on April 26th, 2011

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a trio of new Blu-ray recorders, the DVR-BZ450, DVR-BZ350 and DVR-BZ250. All three models have the same specifications, with 3D Blu-Ray, BDXL Support, AVCREC, two digital TV tuners, and VoD support.

They come with a dual face remote. One face lets you control your TV and another lets you control your recorder. The models differ with how much storage capacity they offer. The first has 2TB, the second has 1TB and the last has just 500GB.

Sharp outs three BDXL 3D Aquos DVRs

Posted in Sharp by Conner Flynn on April 10th, 2011

Sharp has announced not one, not two, but three Aquos BDXL 3D DVRs in Japan. The Sharp BD-HDW80, BD-HDW75 and BD-HDW73. They each feature a 1TB HDD, a 500GB and a 320GB HDD.

All three also feature a dual Digital TV tuner and an improved dubbing system. Of course these units will let you record your favorite TV shows and movies and store them on the built-in HDD to view them whenever you like. The Sharp BD-HDW80, BD-HDW75 and BD-HDW73 also support WiFi and the latest 100GB BD-RE XL discs. No word on price yet.

Sharp’s new Bluray Recorders will be compatible with BDXL Discs

Posted in Sharp by Conner Flynn on July 18th, 2010

Are you excited about the new 100GB and 128GB Bluray discs coming our way? We’re excited too, but the discs will not be compatible with current Bluray players and recorders.

Since the discs are coming from Sharp, they are the company with the first machines that can use them. They’ve announced two new Bluray recorders that will be fully compatible with the new BDXL format and will support 3D Blurays too.


Sharp BDXL discs hit Japan on July 30

Posted in Sharp by Shane McGlaun on July 16th, 2010

You may have thought that the capacity of a Blu-ray disc was plenty for your storage needs. Other folks don’t think so and a while back, the BDXL specification was released for 100GB and 128GB BDXL media.

Sharp has unveiled the first BDXL media in Japan with plans to launch it on the market on July 30 for 5000 Yen per disc. The company says that the media will only be compatible at first with its BD-HDW700 Blu-ray player and writer.

Panasonic’s rewriteable 100GB BD-RE XL discs launching this month

Posted in Panasonic by Reuben Drake on April 4th, 2011

Panasonic is finally ready to offer up its new triple layer BD-RE XL discs to the masses on April 15th in Japan. The LM-BE100J is the first rewriteable BDXL available and as such will cost you 10,000 yen ($118).

And don’t worry, the latest burners from Pioneer and Buffalo already support these new discs. If you have other hardware, it’s a good idea check your specs and make sure they are supported before ordering. Otherwise the mistake could be costly.

Toshiba Dynabook Qosmio D711 All-in-one with Sandy Bridge CPU

Posted in Toshiba by Conner Flynn on February 23rd, 2011

The new Toshiba Dynabook Qosmio D711 all-in-one PC will save you some space on your desktop and comes with an Intel Core i5-2410M processor, 4GB of RAM, and a 1TB hard disk drive.

Other features include a digital TV tuner, a super fast USB 3.0 port, an SDXC slot and a Combo SupersEngine with a BDXL+ drive. This all-in-one computer will be available in Japan very soon for 200,000 Yen or around $2,421.

Sharp announces super slim BD-HP90 3D Blu-ray player

Posted in Blu-ray by Conner Flynn on November 5th, 2010

Sharp’s latest 3D Blu-ray player is the BD-HP90, which is said to be the slimmest in the world. This player measures just 35mm thin and you can use it vertically or horizontally. As far as connectivity, you get a USB port, an HDMI interface, Ethernet and AQUOS Link.

It will do it’s duty with 3D Blu-ray discs, just be aware that it doesn’t support BDXL. The BD-HP90 should hit Japanese markets on November 20th for $495.


Blu-ray Discs now offer up to 128GB of space

Posted in Blu-ray by Conner Flynn on April 4th, 2010

If you think that the 50GB capacity of Blu-ray discs just isn’t enough, then we have some good news for you. The new BDXL format will offer a capacity of up to 128GB (write once), or 100GB (rewritable).

As is often the problem with breakthroughs like this, there is some bad news as well. You will likely need a new player to use these discs. That’s because it uses three to four layers, so you need a more powerful laser. The format is an extension, so they may be made to work with existing devices, but we aren’t sure what kind of capacities that would yield.

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