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Seiko Clock puts a fake aquarium in your room

Posted in Clocks by Conner Flynn on November 8th, 2009

Seiko Clock puts a fake aquarium in your roomFish are cool to look at, but keeping them alive and healthy is hard work. Seiko Clock and Takara have come up with a gadget that lets you have fish with zero maintenance. Sadly the animated fish look like they are being displayed on a Gameboy. The device displays the time and reacts to your touch.

You can use it as a typical alarm clock or a night light too. It will also project dolphins and other marine life onto your wall when you open the dome. It has four display modes, an external projector, Touch sensor dome, 5 level volume settings and comes with an AC Adapter.

Phone Booth Aquarium is how Aquaman changes costume

Posted in Pets by Conner Flynn on February 1st, 2009

Phone Booth Aquarium is how Aquaman changes costumeWhat a confusing world this has become for the modern day Superman. It used to be he could change into his Superhero outfit in any old phone booth. But in many areas phone booths are to be found less and less. That explains why you never see Superman right? So, along comes this here Phone Booth Aquarium, adding insult to injury, as Aquaman now has a place where he can make a quick change.

Okay, it’s not Aquaman’s. It’s from artists Benoit Deseille and Benedetto Bufalino, who decided to do something special for the Lyon Light Festival in France. That’s right, they turned an unused phone booth into an aquarium. It makes for an interesting tourist attraction.

Fake aquarium USB hub & phone holder

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on December 8th, 2008

Fake aquarium USB hub & phone holderThis 3-in-1 gadget gives you a USB 2.0 compliant 4-port hub, a decorative and completely fake aquarium and it will also hold your cell phone, in case you want it to sleep with the fishes. The device glows when connected and in case you failed to recognize the complete lack of quality, don’t be surprised that it will only cost you $9.99.

It holds fake fish, ocean scenery and a Nokia. With USB ports. What more do you want?

R2-D2 Aquarium with built-in periscope

Posted in Star Wars by Conner Flynn on November 9th, 2008

R2-D2 Aquarium with built-in periscopeNot since the Steampunk R2-D2 have we been so shocked to see the droid in a whole new way. But this time it’s droid blasphemy really. Now the robot holds a 1 3/4-gallon aquarium tank in his central compartment. We always knew there was something fishy about R2, but damned if this doesn’t make us sad. Astromech droids were not made to be used as aquariums people. I don’t care how bad the prequels are.

The domed head rotates with vocal commands and he beeps just like in the movies. But if Luke had this model with him in the Death Star, he would have had to stop and feed fish every so often. The radar eye houses the eyepiece to a built-in periscope that provides an intimate view of the tank.

Moody Aquarium Sink makes for moody fish

Posted in Furniture by Conner Flynn on October 1st, 2008

Moody Aquarium Sink makes for moody fishLet’s say you love fish, but have no extra room for an aquarium. That’s where putting fish in your sink comes in real handy. Or maybe you have so many fish, you’ve run out of places to put them. I’m sure it will be loads of fun watching the fish freak out every time you wash your hands.

It’s got everything you need, and is completely watertight, with a sand bed for the fish, lighting, circulation, oxygenation and filtration. The two openings under the soap dishes, allow access so you can clean it. The fish get some room to swim and you get a chrome finished brass stand with a front towel rail for only $4,700.

Feeding Nemo: Sega Toys’ handheld aquarium

Posted in Toys by Conner Flynn on September 30th, 2008

Feeding Nemo: Sega Toys’ handheld aquariumThis device looks like a Wiimote and an iPod collided at seaworld. It’s a toy that’s similar to the Tamogotchi toys, but in this case it features a fish in an aquarium that is displayed on the screen. Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to take care of it so that it survives. Your fish grows, but so does the world around it, giving you some interesting game options.

You can play using a dolphin or an angelfish and it even has three mini games you can play with your digital pet. If you love virtual fish, this device is good for all ages and may even teach kids how to care for a fish, though I doubt it. Keeping a real fish swimming takes more then button pushing.

The Comfish USB aquarium

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on March 22nd, 2008

The Comfish USB aquarium
The Comfish aquarium measures 180 x 140 x 55 mm and is controlled almost entirely from your computer while it is hooked up to your USB port. The USB supplies power to the tank’s LED lights, the water heater, and the oxygen pump. It’s all controlled with a program that looks just like the fish tank itself. A camera inside the tank displays what’s going on inside the virtual fish tank on your computer, so you never even have to look at the real fish if you like to neglect animals.

But wait, there’s more. It’s also a room humidifier and a night light. It’s available in red, blue, silver or gold and costs about $50 for those in Korea.

iPond portable aquarium and speaker

Posted in Speakers by Reuben Drake on December 16th, 2007

iPond fish tank has speaker and headphones jack, too small for fishAt first glance this little speaker/fish tank might look like an media player with a video of a fish on it, but if you watch long enough you’ll notice that the fish never leaves the screen, and it doesn’t shut off. The device is called the iPond (yet another clever ‘i’ name) and is being sold in Australia as a small portable aquarium complete with gravel on the bottom and a live fish. It also contains a speaker built into the bottom and a headphone jack to plug in your MP3 player, but some are complaining that this doesn’t leave a lot of room for the fish.

Inside the iPond is a Siamese fighting fish that might usually be sold in smaller tanks, but not quite this small. In fact the RSPCA in Australia is asking that the small portable tank be banned since it is not providing an adequate environment with it’s 2.5+ cups of water. They say the fish requires a minimum of closer to 3 gallons of water.

USB optical liquid aquarium mouse

Posted in Mouse,USB by Conner Flynn on November 8th, 2007

USB optical liquid aquarium mouse

I’m not sure what the fascination with putting fish(fake or real) into strange devices lately is all about, but combining fish with gadgetry is getting a little out of hand. The other day I told you about the Fish In Space aquarium. Now I bring you the aquarium mouse, complete with fake fish.

Apparently, you can order a mouse aquarium with fish OR one with a little rubber ducky. I suppose if you really love fish and have a fish themed life, like sea-life wallpaper and a cabinet full of fish figurines, you might want to point and click with a liquid mouse.

Betta Aquarium: cruel to fish – cool to see

Posted in Home,Pets,Sci-Fi by Conner Flynn on November 6th, 2007

Fish In Space

Here is a very cool looking retro Sci-Fi style aquarium called Fish In Space. It’s also very small for the poor fish. The thing is only powered by 2 button cell batteries for goodness sake. How would you like to be the fish whose life depended on 2 button cell batteries? It has glow in the dark stars that look neat in the night time. The UFO on top beams some cool lighting into the aquarium too. I bet the fish wishes that it would abduct it’s sorry scales out of there.

Still isn’t it every intelligent civilization’s goal to put fish into outer space? Well, after seeing the picture, I think we can all be convinced that it should be right at the top of the list.

Mac fish tank made from an old Power Mac G4 Cube

Posted in Mac by Conner Flynn on January 1st, 2011

Your pets should have the same interests you have right? So, if you are a Mac enthusiast, it makes sense that you would want your fish to love Mac too. Now he/she can. This “Macquarium” is made from an old Power Mac G4 Cube. The cube has been specially modified with bonded plexiglas to make it safe for your fish.

This aquarium measures 8.9″ H × 7.7″ W × 7.7″ D. If you have the $149.00 necessary to get this aquarium, go ahead and geek up your fish, changing it’s computing allegiance from neutral to Apple. Maybe you can put a little Steve Jobs figure in there and play Stevejob Squarepants.

USB Fishquarium

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on November 24th, 2010

Watching fish swim around in an aquarium can help calm you at home, but what about work? The USB Fishquarium can give you the same experience at the office. It’s basically a USB powered dock that combines a lamp, your stationary, a digital clock and date reminder on a LED display etc.

Your fish will be happy watching you work at the office and you will have your little fish buddy close at hand. The USB Fishquarium will cost you $40.

Bioshock casemod sinks HTPC in mineral oil

Posted in Computer Cases,Computers,DIY by Shane McGlaun on October 5th, 2010

Over the years, I have laid eyes on some strange casemods and have seen more than one machine that was submerged in oil. A new casemod has surfaced that has a Bioshock theme. The builder uses an aquarium to put his new HTPC under four gallons of mineral oil.

The mineral oil is normally used as a laxative for horses apparently. The mainboard and PSU are mounted to a clear plastic sheet and placed into the aquarium. The only hardware part not under the oil is the HDD. The maker rounded the design out with a bubble filter, gravel and a few other things.

iPad in a kitchen cabinet

Posted in DIY by Conner Flynn on May 4th, 2010

The iPad is a pretty versatile piece of tech. It’s also very portable. That is, if you don’t put it in your kitchen cabinet. Then portability goes out the window. Still, the iPad as the centerpiece of your kitchen makes sense. TUAW reader Alan Daly built his directly into the side of a kitchen cabinet, and we can only imagine all of the recipes he’s cooking up.

His screen displays a virtual aquarium when not in use, and don’t worry, it’s above the point of food splattering all over it. Basically, you just cut a hole and add a pair of wooden strips for support. We aren’t sure how he keeps it charged.

Lego R2-D2 USB flash drive

Posted in Flash Memory by Conner Flynn on November 26th, 2008

Lego R2-D2 USB flash driveOur favorite droid gets a gadget makeover yet again. When is he ever going to get some respect? If he isn’t pulling aquarium duty, he’s keeping your stuff cold. And when he isn’t acting as your own personal fridge, he’s a drink server.

Well, now someone’s taken a Lego R2 and made him into a USB drive. Which is neat and all, but he still ain’t gettin no respect. Because when you plug the little guy into your usb port, he just looks like he got shot out of a cannon and got stuck in your laptop and should be flailing his legs. Such is the life of an overly merchandised droid.

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