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Made for iPod refrigerator

Posted in iPod Accessories by Conner Flynn on September 1st, 2008

Made for iPod refrigeratorMaking its appearance at IFA 2008 in Berlin, the Made for iPod refrigerator is the first of it’s kind. Gorenje might have a winner on it’s hands with this here fancy fridge. Sure, we’ve seen refrigerators with a bunch of multimedia features that allow you to listen to music, watch TV, even surf net, but this is Apple certified. It features a built-in iPod docking station and speakers, so as you might expect, you can play music and video and connect to the internet via a Wi-Fi network.

Apparently by integrating the iPod with iGorenj app, you can control all kinds of Gorenje appliances like washing machines and the oven for instance. The app is not built for iPhone/iPod touch, it’s served from a home server that controls your appliances directly. That way you can use the iPod touch, but also any other web device in your home that uses a Wi-Fi network. Looks like we may have an iKitchen sooner then some of us thought.

iTunes is a smoke free zone

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on July 20th, 2008

iTunes is a smoke free zone
We entered the Politically Correct or PC age sometime in the 90′s, and the effect that it has had on censorship, whether blatant or mild, continues in one form or another to this day. Take the above image for instance. Moronic as it may seem, the cigarette in the hand of the man in the Mad Men promotional image was digitally removed when it was placed on iTunes.

Apparently Apple thinks that anyone who sees (a rough poster outline) of a man smoking, will begin smoking a pack a day immediately. It proves one thing I’ve known for years: Consumers are not nearly as stupid as those in charge of making such idiotic decisions as whether to remove a cigarette from a TV character’s hand or not. Yeah, people have been having trouble getting their iPhone to work for like a week, but they have the cigarette until control, never you fear.

HP TouchSmart all-in-one PC launches

Posted in HP by Shane McGlaun on June 10th, 2008

HP TouchSmartAll-in-one PCs are appealing to lots of people because they take up less space on top of the desk and under it. Rather than having a computer tower under your desk and lots of cables running around your workspace you simply have a monitor, mouse and keyboard making things nice and tidy. Apple does this with its iMac line.

HP announced a new all-in-one system today called the TouchSmart. HP says that the TouchSmart is designed to resemble a messenger bag—I don’t quite see that in the design myself. The PC features software …


HBO shows show up on iTunes

Posted in iTunes by Darrin Olson on May 13th, 2008

HBO episodes available for download on iTunesiTunes has officially started offering HBO series episodes available for download online through iTunes. This is a welcome announcement for many who would love to get episodes of the Sopranos, The Wire and Flight of the Conchords onto their PMP’s, but it comes at a price.

The price is actually what makes this announcement most interesting. Apple, who seems to have previously been with the belief that all series shows are priced equally, seems to have made a concession with HBO. The series episodes of the Sopranos is priced at $2.99 each, which is a whole dollar more than the usual $1.99 rate for a TV show.

Samsung AnyCall Haptic with 22 types of touch

Posted in Mobile Phones by Darrin Olson on March 25th, 2008

Samsung AnyCall Haptic mobile phone with multiple types of touch feedbackSamsung is jumping in the market joining the ranks of LG, Apple and others who have put out mobile phones featuring a touchscreen interface with the new AnyCall Haptic SCH-W420 mobile phone. Touchscreens have been all the rage for the past year or so, and already there are enough that companies have to come out with some unique features to help one stand out from the other.

To the AnyCall Haptic, Samsung has added some vibrating tactile feedback to the touchscreen. In fact, they’ve added 22 different types of feedback to your fingers from the screen, depending on what you’re doing with the phone such as dialing a number, moving objects around or spinning a dial. Whether or not your fingers are able to distinguish between 22 different type of vibrations is another story, but at least some feedback helps quite a bit if you’ve every tried to quickly dial a number on a flat touchscreen.

JVC offers up new 1920×1080 HDD camcorders

Posted in Camcorders by Nino Marchetti on February 1st, 2008

JVC GZ-HD6JVC offered up earlier this week for consumer consumption some new high definition hard disk camcorders which deliver 1920×1080 recording. These are the JVC GZ-HD6 and GZ-HD5, priced at around $1,400 and $1,200 respectively.

The JVC GZ-HD6 and GZ-HD5 can record up to 10 hours or 5 hours respectively of “full HD 1920 x 1080 MPEG2 Transport Stream video with MPEG 1 Layer 2 audio.” They use three 1/5-inch CCDs to accomplish this, also featuring an F1.8-F1.9 10x zoom lens and 1080 progressive 60fps HDMI output.

JVC said both camcorders will be available in March. You can get the full details after the jump.

MacWorld 2008

ezGear 7-speaker XL90 Sound Bar for iPod

Posted in iPod Accessories,MacWorld 2008,Speakers by Darrin Olson on January 16th, 2008

ezGear XL90 Sound Bar for iPodezGear launched a new speaker system today designed to work with ALL of Apple’s iPod players called the ezGear XL90 Power Bar or the XL90 Sound Bar, depending on which product advertisement from ezGear you’re looking at.

We’re going with the XL90 Sound Bar sine it seems like a better name to us and will have less confusion with energy foods, but either way this speakers system features an iPod dock, 7 speakers and a remote to bring your iPod music to a place you can share with others. The speakers are driven by a 35 watt amp and consist of 2 high-range tweeters, 4 midrange and a seperate subwoofer. The included remote control runs the adjustments of the speaker sounds as well as navigating the docked iPod menu.


iPod nano, classic 1.0.2 firmware upgrades released

Posted in Apple,iPod,iPod Classic,iPod Nano,News by Reuben Drake on October 7th, 2007

Apple releases firmware update 1.0.2 for the iPod classic and 3rd generation iPod nanoApple made a quiet release of a firmware update for both the iPod classic and the 3rd generation iPod nano on Saturday. The new version 1.0.2 mostly consists of bug fixes according to Apple but ended up revealing a little bit more once installed. Aside from some improvements on calender and contact synchronization MacNN reported installing the new firmware through iTunes updates and finding upgrades to the Cover Flow making it more similar to iTunes 7.4. The new firmware also had another “Ask” option added to the TV output option which allows users to turn on the TV out mode when the iPod is connected to a device capable of showing video output from the iPod. Nothing too spectacular but little surprises like these are always nice.

Verizon unveils flashy new phones for the holidays

Posted in LG,Mobile Phones,News,Samsung,Verizon by Darrin Olson on October 3rd, 2007

Verizon releases the LG Voyager, LG Venus and Samsung Juke and Blackberry Pearl mobile phones in a new lineup for the holidays to take on Apple’s iPhoneVerizon went ahead and unleashed four new phones all at once targeted at the fall shopping season trying to get a share of AT&T’s iPhone dollars. The new lineup includes the Voyager and Venus from LG along with the narrow Samsung Juke and the Blackberry Pearl sporting EV-DO.

The headliner of this Verizon release party is the LG Voyager looking very similar to the iPhone from the outside with a large touchscreen on the face. Once you get your hands on the Voyager you’ll see that it’s a little bulkier than the iPhone and that touchscreen face actually hinges open to expose another display inside that faces a large QWERTY keyboard, hence the thickness. The Voyager also has V CAST Mobile TV, a microSD slot and a modest 2 megapixel camera.

Amazon fires up public music download service

Posted in Amazon,MP3,News by Nino Marchetti on September 25th, 2007

Amazon launches public music download service DRM freeAmazon.com went full steam into downloadable MP3s today, unveiling a beta version of Amazon MP3, its new digital music download store. Most songs will range in price from 89 to 99 cents, while albums will run you $5.99 to $9.99.

Amazon MP3 features over 2 million songs from more than 180,000 artists represented by over 20,000 major and independent labels. All downloads will be MP3s which are DRM-free, meaning there’s no restrictions on what device or music management software is used to play them. Songs can even be burned to CD.


Posted in Mobile Phones,Sony,Sony Ericsson by Chetz on September 13th, 2007

Sony Playstation mobile phoneApple’s done it and the rumor is that so will Google early next year. How about it: would you like to see a Sony PlayStation branded mobile phone or is your head now swimming with thoughts of the diabolically disastrous N-Gage?

According to the prestigious Financial Post newspaper Sony Ericsson is considering making a PlayStation phone to appeal to the gamer savvy market. The statement was said by the company’s outgoing president, Miles Flint, who added “We need to make sure that it is a credible phone, and be sure we are justified in putting that identity on it.”


Microsoft extends its media reach with Extenders

Posted in Microsoft,Windows by Chetz on September 6th, 2007

Microsoft to launch Extenders for the Vista Media Center to enhance the multi-room television experienceIf you keep hoping that the day will come when you can stop your TV broadcast in mid-stride and pick it up again from a different room there is a company located in Redmond, WA that you should know about. It’s called Microsoft.

The software giant is hoping on the day after the big Apple news to steal a little bit of the tech crowd’s attention with its announcement of Extenders for Windows Media Center, a range of applications for Windows Vista that Microsoft promises will make it easier for you to have media convergence in your home.

NBC Intends to Pull iTunes Content

Posted in Apple,Digital Video,iTunes,NBC,News by Chris Weber on August 31st, 2007

NBC has stated that it is going to pull its content from Apple’s iTunesNBC was an early-adopter of Apple iTunes, being the second major company back in 2005 to sign on with Apple to provide video content for the download service. Now, a short two years later NBC has announced its intentions to end their relationship with Apple and discontinue providing content for iTunes citing that they are unhappy with iTunes pricing policy and piracy control, or lack thereof.

NBC has over 1500 hours of TV and movies currently on iTunes, and according to a NYT report the two companies are in negotiations which may mean that NBC could be doing a little bit of muscle-flexing might not really upset enough yet to want to pull all of its content.

UK Gets iTunes Video

Posted in Apple,iTunes,News by Chris Weber on August 29th, 2007

iTunes video comes to the UK with content from ABC, Disney, MTV, Nick and ParamountApple iTunes has finally begun offering something that the folks in the UK have been anticipating for some time – iTunes video. The Cupertino-based company recently signed a deal with a number of studios including ABC, the Disney Channel, MTV, Nickelodeon and Paramount Comedy to bring video content to the mammoth online media downloading site.

Prior to this move, UK users of iTunes where only able to download trailers and some music videos. Now they’re being treated to video content from 28 different …

Beatles Yellow Submarine iPod

Posted in Apple,iPod,Rumors by Reuben Drake on July 15th, 2007

Beatles Yellow Submarine iPodNow that the the dust is settling a little bit from the iPhone launch it looks like it’s time to ramp up the rumor mills again around the the Beatles and the potential of a special, limited edition version of the Apple iPod. Pictured here is a mocked up version of what a Beatles Yellow Submarine iPod just might look like from TechDigest. It sports simply a bright yellow-submarine color and comes pre-loaded with every Beatles album ever made.

This special edition iPod has been rumored for quite a while now and we really …

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