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T-Mobile Germany cuts iPhone price to 99 euros

Posted in iPhone by Darrin Olson on April 6th, 2008

T-Mobile Deutsche Telekom in Germany cuts iPhone price to 99 eurosIn anticipation of a new iPhone model coming to Germany, T-Mobile has drastically slashed the price of the existing 8GB model from €399 to just €99 for German customers. This lower price equates to approximately $155 USD, where the 8GB iPhone is currently going for $399 with a 2 year contract in the United States.

The €99 iPhone is being offered for a limited time from April 7 through June 30 and comes with a 2 year plan for 89 euros a month. The 16GB model price appears to remain untouched with a price of €499. Apple has been rumored to have a new, faster 3G version of the iPhone in the works and this promotion may be a way to unload some of the older models prior to the launch. Alternatively it could also just be a promotion for Apple and T-Mobile to unload some of their inventory due to poor sales of the iPhone in the area due to the heavy competition of mobile handsets that are 3G enabled.

Microsoft to buy Sidekick maker Danger

Posted in News by Darrin Olson on February 13th, 2008

Microsoft to buy Danger, maker of the SidekickMicrosoft announced Monday that it is going to acquire Danger, software maker for the popular consumer-targeted Sidekick mobile device. Reportedly the purchase came after months of negotiations, with Danger receiving a number of different offers and Microsoft doubling their original offer to keep Danger out of others hands. That offer has been rumored to be as much as $500 million, but no official terms of the deal have been revealed.

While Microsoft has done well making software for smartphones the company mostly targets business users and fewer general consumers. The Sidekick from Danger is almost the opposite and is aimed at the younger consumer-based market in which Microsoft seems to be keen on getting into. Microsoft also recently made a $44.6 billion offer to Yahoo to help build a larger online, consumer-facing presence and could have Danger in mind to be part of that overall strategy, working against dominate competitive figures like Google and RIM.

MacWorld 2008

MacWorld 2008 keynote today with Steve

Posted in MacWorld 2008 by Darrin Olson on January 15th, 2008

MacWorld Expo 2008 keynote by Steve Jobs todayJust in case you haven’t been paying attention, Steve Jobs is going to deliver the keynote speech for MacWorld 2008 today in San Francisco at 9am PST/12pm EST. Apple usually reserves this time to make its biggest announcements of the year in which they usually do a pretty good job of keeping under wraps until this time. As usual there are a number of rumors floating around with the more prominent that we know of being an SDK for the iPhone, movie rentals on iTunes and some type of super-portable MacBook. None of this we know for sure but we’re going to find out shortly after 9 this morning and pass it on.


iPhones simply unlocked by iTunes in Germany

Posted in Apple,iPhone,iTunes,News by Darrin Olson on November 26th, 2007

iPhone unlocked by iTunes in GermanyIn a recent report from MacNotes.de, unlocking an iPhone sold by T-Mobile Germany is simple, done in only a few seconds and is handled by none other than Apple’s own iTunes. Due to a temporary injunction against Apple, the company has been forced to sell the iPhones with the ability to be unlocked in Germany. Apple will also be forced to sell them unlocked in France in six months after their launch on November 29.

In case you’re not familiar with what “unlocking” means exactly, it prevents the iPhone from being “locked” to a single network provider such as AT&T in the U.S., and allows the phone to accept any SIM card. Up until now there have been a number of hacks to unlock the iPhone and allow it to be used on other networks and other countries, and Apple has been in a constant battle to thwart the hacks and keep the phone locked-in with only approved providers.

Google announces Android and the Open Handset Alliance

Posted in Android,Google,Google Phone,News by Darrin Olson on November 5th, 2007

Google and 33 other companies announce the Open Handset Alliance and AndroidThis morning Google had a phone open phone conference and made the much anticipated announcement that they along with 33 other companies are starting the Open Handset Alliance. The first and main project of the newly formed alliance is called Android, an open development platform for mobile handsets. The ultimate goal for Google with this is to overall make a better, more usable phone with more features where consumers will benefit, and of course to show advertisements on it where Google will also benefit.

Eric Schmidt was present on the call leading things off, with a number of other captains of industry including Paul Jacobs of Qualcomm, Peter Chou from HTC and Ed Zander from Motorola. The members of the Open Handset Alliance include some big names like Google, HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sprint, T-Mobile, eBay, Intel, NVIDIA and many others. Some notable big names we’re not seeing on the member list are Microsoft, Apple, AT&T and Verizon.

Google phone announcement coming soon

Posted in Google,Google Phone,Mobile Phones by Reuben Drake on October 30th, 2007

Google-PhoneIn what is the most solid information we’ve seen so far amidst a slew of rumors surrounding Google and the potential of a Google Phone, today some reliable sources of Reuters and the WSJ have reported that Google is planning an announcement. Sources say that Google plans to unveil plans for their own mobile phone operation system in mid-November with possible plans to roll it out with an existing mobile phone carrier sometime next year.

For a number of months rumors ran that Google had plans of making its own mobile phone but later the information turned to Google just making mock-ups of mobile phones that would run a Google operating system for an example to carriers and manufacturers. The latest talks is that Google is looking for a carrier who will bring a mobile device to market with the Google OS on it, possibly offering the device or service for free or at a very low cost in turn for users putting up with advertisements on the phone.

Red iPhone in time for X-Mas?

Posted in Apple,iPhone,Rumors by Chetz on October 15th, 2007

Rumors of a red iPhone from AppleSo an anonymous tipster sent in a purported AT&T internal inventory sheet which lists off an Apple iPhone in red with 4GB and one with 8GB. No price, no delivery date, nothing else except that this thing supposedly exists to AT&T. This is the first report that has surfaced of any kind of alternative color to the iPhone and of course it should be noted that Apple hasn’t said anything about its iPhone coming in another color besides white. Still, bear in mind the color variance of the Nano; did anyone out there really think that Apple wouldn’t release different color iPhones eventually? But why no mention of a black iPhone?

Here’s the other thing to bear in mind: will this “deep red” iPhone be out in time for the holiday shopping season?


Google to take on Windows Mobile, not iPhone

Posted in Google,Mobile Phones,News by Darrin Olson on October 8th, 2007

Eric Schmidt and Google plan to make software to rival Windows Mobile, not a Google PhoneAccording to a report from the NY Times, Google says that despite extensive rumors of a Google Phone the company does not have plans to make any mobile hardware that would compete with Apple’s iPhone or any other mobile device for that matter. Google does confirm however that they have been secretly working on a mobile phone project over the past couple years but targeting advertising and software, not hardware. They also admit to making some mobile phone prototypes, but only for testing and examples to manufacturers.

Google’s goal with their mobile phone project is to further extend their reach of online advertising into the mobile internet through mobile phone software. This software would be a Linux based version that would have multiple mobile applications beyond just maps and search, and would compete directly with mobile operating systems such as Windows Mobile from Microsoft.

Zune 2 and flash Zune are now official

Posted in Microsoft,News,Zune,Zune 2 by Darrin Olson on October 3rd, 2007

Images of the second generation Zune 2 and Flash-based Zune players from MicrosoftToday Microsoft has officially launched the next-generation Zune media player which consists of three new models launching in November, two of which house flash memory. The release also brings updates to the Zune Marketplace and an associated online social networking site centered around the player and sharing music.

The rumors leaked yesterday turned out to be pretty accurate for the most part. Microsoft is releasing two flash memory-based players in 4GB and 8GB capacities that look similar to the new Nano’s and will retail for $149 and $199 respectively, which is also similar to Apple’s Nano pricing. There is also an smaller, thinner 80GB Zune with a hard drive that will retail for $249 which comes only in black and has a 3.2-inch display. The flash-based models come in black, red, green and pink, no more brown.

iPhone Hitting Europe This Week?

Posted in Apple,iPhone,News by Chris Weber on September 16th, 2007

Apple is planning an announcement in London on Tuesday which could be announcing the iPhone launch for EuropeApple has announced a press conference in London scheduled for Tuesday, having sent invitations with its usual shrouded itinerary titled only, “mum is no longer the word”. Most speculate that this press conference is set to announce the launch of the iPhone and its carriers in Europe.

Apple has planned a European launch in the 4th quarter of this year for the iPhone with its sleek look and sought after multi-touch interface. Many analysts are speculating on the carriers for …


Posted in Mobile Phones,Sony,Sony Ericsson by Chetz on September 13th, 2007

Sony Playstation mobile phoneApple’s done it and the rumor is that so will Google early next year. How about it: would you like to see a Sony PlayStation branded mobile phone or is your head now swimming with thoughts of the diabolically disastrous N-Gage?

According to the prestigious Financial Post newspaper Sony Ericsson is considering making a PlayStation phone to appeal to the gamer savvy market. The statement was said by the company’s outgoing president, Miles Flint, who added “We need to make sure that it is a credible phone, and be sure we are justified in putting that identity on it.”


T-Mobile Germany Leaks Europe iPhone Launch Info

Posted in iPhone,News,Rumors by Darrin Olson on September 8th, 2007

An ad from T-Mobile Germany leaks information about a Europe launch of the Apple iPhoneA leaked advertisement from T-Mobile Germany gives some inside information that the iPhone may be launching in Europe in November, with tri-band HSDPA and a larger storage capacity.

According to the ad the iPhone will have a launch date of November 12 with T-Mobile, which we knew Apple was planning a launch before the holidays but not exactly when. The iPhone will go for 499 Euros, or about $687 USD, which is higher than the US original price of $599 and way higher than the recently cut price of $399. But, it looks like this model will have 16GB of memory which is twice the largest 8GB model available in the US. It wouldn’t be surprising if Apple started offering this larger capacity in the US before the holidays as well, which would make sense with the lower price on the 8GB and the discontinuation of the smaller 4GB version.

New iPod Nano Launched With Video

Posted in Apple,Digital Video,iPod Nano by Darrin Olson on September 5th, 2007

Apple launched new iPod Nano with videoToday Apple launched the much anticipated, “fatter-style” iPod Nano with a 2-inch, 320×240 resolution video screen at 204 pixels per inch, more than any other current iPod device. The new design is surprisingly similar to the rumored pics that were floating around.

The new iPod Nano measures just 0.26″ thick and weighs 1.74 ounces with a battery that will give up to 24 continuous hours of audio playback and 5 hours of video. It comes in Flash drive capacities of 4GB ($149) or 8GB ($199) and in a choice of 5 different colors, but the 4GB model will only be available in silver.

U-Suit Case for Non-Existent iPod?

Posted in iPod Accessories,iPod Nano,Rumors by Reuben Drake on September 3rd, 2007

iPod case manufacturer releases case for new video iPod before its announcedAccording to iLounge, a manufacturer named Uniea that makes cases for Apple products such as iPods and MacBook’s has now released a U-Suit branded case for an iPod that has not been announced yet..

The advertisement says the case is designed for the “New iPod” and bears the short, fat design that we’ve seen in a number of the rumored pictures. According to the report, the case “features a soft leather exterior, hard plastic interior with scratch-resistant inner lining, and a front hole sized for a roughly 2.3-inch screen and iPod nano-sized Click Wheel.” Maybe that screen won’t be too small to watch video’s on?

John Lennon Solo Catalog Hits iTunes

Posted in iTunes,music,News by Chris Weber on August 16th, 2007

John Lennon’s solo catalog of music now available on iTunesApple has announced that 16 solo works by John Lennon through EMI are now available for download through iTunes. These songs will also be offered as part of the iTunes Plus program where you can pay an extra 30 cents to get the songs DRM-free and at 256 kbps AAC encoding.

“John would have loved the fact that his music will now be available in a format suited to a new generation of listeners,” said Yoko Ono in the Apple press release

Lennon marks the second of …

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