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HTC P3600 PDA Phone

Posted in Mobile Phones,PDAs by Darrin Olson on September 8th, 2006

HTC P3600The HTC P3600 PDA Phone is another of 4 devices recently released from HTC to be available for the big shopping season coming in not too distant future, and no doubt this would make an excellent gadget gift.

This device is doing a little more towards targetting the multimedia buffs with 3G, and the ever growing popular Quad band GSM, EDGE, WiFi, Bluetooth and is HSDPA ready, which should be a little faster than 3G.

It has the Windows Mobile 5.0 OS with Outlook, IE, Media Player and all the features that come with the MS Mobile OS. The P3600 also includes a 2.0 mega-pixel camera with video.

If you are looking for a little more fun in your PDA, this device with the speedy internet, media player and camera allows a little more play in your business day.

HTC P3300 PDA Phone

Posted in GPS,HTC,Mobile Phones,PDAs by Darrin Olson on September 8th, 2006

HTC P3300One of the 4 new devices recently released from HTC is the P3300 PDA Phone and personal mobile navigator.

One of the coolest things about this mobile gadget has got to be the built-in stand-alone GPS navigation system run by the new TomTom Navigator 6. This makes the P3300 a great device for traveling in unknown territories where you need to get your exact current location and directions to wherever you are going, instantly. The large 2.8″ LCD screen doesn’t hurt, either.

The HTC P3300 runs on Microsoft Mobile 5.0 PDA Phone and has wireless connections with the GSM/GPRS, BlueTooth 2.0 and WiFi. Microsoft’s Direct Push technology makes it a nice business phone getting instant emails and meeting information sent to you while on the go.

This model also has an FM Radio tuner which is a little uncommon for PDA Phones, but …

HTC S620

Posted in HTC,Mobile Phones,Smart Devices by Darrin Olson on September 8th, 2006

HTC S620This is one of 4 devices that have been release by HTC recently. This one is called the HTC S620.

The S620 has the full qwerty keyboard for fast emailing and IMing. It comes with the Windows Mobile 5.0 and has a big 2.4 inch display that can be switched to landscape mode.

It is another device with Quad-Band access featuring the EDGE technology and has built in WiFi and BlueTooth 2.0. This device is definitely up to speed with all the built in wireless access technology, unlike many similar devices which always seem to have all but one.

It has something HTC calls the HTC JOGGR navigation bar. This is the first device to feature the JOGGR, which is a small touch sensitive bar that is intended to allow one-handed access to navigate applications, which seems to often be difficult to do with any …

Iomega 320GB eSATA/USB 2.0 Desktop Hard Drive

Posted in Hard Drives,Iomega by Paul Patterson on September 8th, 2006

Iomega 320GB Desktop Hard DriveIomega recently announced the availability of the new eSATA/USB 2.0 320 GB Desktop Hard Drive. This drive is specifically designed for those power users who want to close the gap between internal hard drives and the fastest external hard drives.

The new eSATA interface features three times the transfer rate of USB 2.0. This kind of performance makes this drive a viable option for any application, from video editing to super-fast backups. Iomega’s eSATA drive gets its speed advantage by utilizing the same type of high-speed interface as an internal hard drive.

The drive ships with a eSATA PCI card and cable that can upgrade most PC motherboards to eSATA capability, giving existing computers the same high-speed interface that now appears on new high-end personal computers.

Users can easily add multiple Iomega eSATA drives by stacking or mounting the …

BlackBerry Pearl 8100 SmartPhone

Posted in BlackBerry,Mobile Phones,PDAs,Smart Devices by Darrin Olson on September 7th, 2006

BlackBerry PearlResearch In Motion has come out with a new BlackBerry called the Pearl. The Black Pearl sounds familiar, but I cannot imagine pirating has anything to do with this.

Anyway, this smartphone is smaller than BlackBerry’s previous devices, which have been just a little on the bulky side lately compared to similar gadgets, so I guess this was probably due. You can see by the photo that to shrink down the keyboard, there are two letters per button. It has a small “pearl like” trackball navigation that is supposed to set a new standard for a new generation of “ease of use” interfaces.
This ads another quad-band smart device to the list of recently released devices and this one is going exclusively to T-Mobile.

The BlackBerry Peral can handle 10 email accounts and 4 instant messaging (IM) networks with an internal mapping program (no GPS) and …

Discover the Serenity of a Quiet PC

Posted in PCs by Paul Patterson on September 7th, 2006

Quiet PCThe whiny buzzing noise from my old PC just about drove me to insanity. I built my own Shuttle PC from a barebones kit a few years ago. The PC itself has performed flawlessly for years but the noise emanating from this demonic beast started making my eye twitch and eventually got the best of me. I tore the case apart looking for the source of the noise but I never really got the noise down to a satisfactory level. After that horrific experience I have definitely learned to appreciate a quiet PC and vowed to get a quiet PC the next time around.

EndPCNoise.com is a hardware reseller that specializes in building ultra-quiet PCs and parts. They stock a bevy of quiet power supplies, case fans, hard drives, CPU fans, and silent PC cooling solutions. They have a nice selection …

The Chillow Pillow

Posted in Home,Sleep by Darrin Olson on September 6th, 2006

ChillowThis is little sleep assisting gadget is called a Chillow from Soothsoft, a pillow that keeps you chilled. Even if it didn’t work I like it for the name and the idea.

This chillow is designed to eliminate the need for you to flip your pillow over and over at night to find the cool spot. If only my pillow would stay cool, or chilled?

It’s made out of some sort of foam or gel material, and you need to add water. There is no mechanical parts or electricity that keep it cool. You just insert it into your pillow case and it automagically draws heat away from your head and keeps it cool for hours.

earBuddy Case for iPod earbuds

Posted in Accessories,Headphones,iPod by Darrin Olson on September 6th, 2006

earBuddy iPod Earbud Case
If you thought you have seen every possible accessory for your iPod, think again.

This is the earBuddy, a hard carrying case for you iPOD ear buds. It comes in the pictured orange and silver, or in a plain black. This little case has a specialized form inside the case to hold the iPod earbuds in what seems like the smallest area possible and still get everything inside.

It has a detachable keyring and the case can withstand up to 200lb of force.

The white earbuds that come with he iPOD are an unmistakable indicator of an iPod owner, and this case will keep them organized and protected for a long time to come.

Train like a Pro with the Suunto X9i GPS Sport Watch

Posted in GPS,Watches by Paul Patterson on September 6th, 2006

Suunto X9i GPS Sport WatchA GPS is a smart addition to a watch and Suunto does a superb job of packaging it into a great-looking watch that I don’t feel ridiculous when wearing.

The Suunto X9i is the ideal trekking partner for all outdoor enthusiasts who want to plan and monitor their adventure carefully and accurately. Equipped with GPS, a compass, chronograph, altimeter, and barometer. The Suunto X9i has everything you need for a successful journey. Regardless whether you’re hiking, climbing, skiing or heading off for a fishing trip, Suunto X9i will take you through even the toughest situations.

The Suunto X9i is also the ultimate training partner for those athletes who need accurate information on their performance to improve training. The X9i also records and stores data for further analysis. The sophisticated PC software allows you to analyze …

Palm Treo Adds An X

Posted in Mobile Phones,Palm,PDAs,Smart Devices by Darrin Olson on September 5th, 2006

Palm Treo 700wxPalm has released a new version of the Treo, or at least I think it’s a new version. It looks a lot like the old version to me, but it has an ‘x’ on the end of the name.

One thing that is different for sure, is that you can get this new version through Sprint Nextell instead of the Verizon, which is where you can get the version without the ‘x’.

This new version does have at least one new feature, which is an EvDO high speed connection so that you can use the Treo 700wx as a modem for laptops through a USB connection. It also has double RAM of the 700w, but I think that is it.

Don’t get me wrong, this Treo 700w and Treo 700wx are both awesome smart devices. The both have the Windows Pocket PC OS, 1.3 megapixel …


Posted in Digital Video,Sling Media,Television by Darrin Olson on September 5th, 2006

SlingBoxThe Sling Media Slingbox is a must have for those of you on the road that want to keep up on your recorded shows at home. If you haven’t ever seen this, you really need to take the time to read this post.

The Slingbox allows you to watch your home television on any PC connected to the internet from anywhere in the world. They even have a Sling Mobile Player for Windows based smartphones. Here’s how it works:

You connect the slingbox to your cabe, dish, DVR, TiVO, security camera feed or any TV input that you have. You have to also have an internet router to connect it to, either with a cable or wireless. Then you install the player software on your PC or Windows mobile device. You …

MetroNaps – The Future of Workforce Productivity

Posted in Services by Paul Patterson on September 5th, 2006

MetroNapsAfter a long lunch at my favorite Chinese buffet I can always use a nice powernap. Unfortunately, in my office naps are generally frowned upon – until now. MetroNaps is a New York-based company that provides mid-day rest facilities: a clean, comfortable place to take a nap. MetroNaps was founded the premise that many employees spend significant amounts of their day dozing at their desk or catching powernaps, often in odd places.

The MetroNaps concept began in 2003 through research and testing at Carnegie Mellon University. MetroNaps developed a process and facility to aid in maximizing the rejuvenating effects of a quick nap. The MetroNaps Method and the MetroNaps Pod may just provide you with the quick recharge needed to do more with your day, both professionally and personally.

MetroNaps opened its first location in the Empire State Building in May 2004 and plans …

ASUS P525 Quad-Band PDA Phone

Posted in Mobile Phones,PDAs,Smart Devices by Darrin Olson on September 4th, 2006

ASUS P525ASUS already has some pretty cool gadgets, and they’ve added another one to the ‘cool’ list.

Here they have come out with what they call a “Total Wireless Solution”. It’s a PDA phone with a nice color interactive display and an alpha numeric keypad as apposed to the qwerty keyboard that is often found on this type of device. The thing I like about the alpha numeric keypad is that I can do it with one hand, which for me seems pretty much impossible with the qwerty type.

Some functional features for the ASUS 525 include email with real-time sync with an MS Exchange Server, instant messaging, Skype In and Out, a 2M-pixel camera and business card recognition.

The business card recognition is something pretty cool for this gadget. You can take a picture with the camera, and the software on the ASUS P525 is able to …

Reef Bottle Opener Sandals – Convenience Under Foot

Posted in Reef,Sandals by Darrin Olson on September 3rd, 2006

Bottle Openers SandalsHow many times have you been somewhere and gotten a bottle that’s not a twist off when you don’t have an opener?

I do not routinely carry an opener and I have been faced with this predicament many times. I would usually spend the next few minutes searching around the area for some fixture or hardware that even remotely resembles an opener and the whole time contemplating using my teeth against my better judgment.

Well, those days may be over with these new Men’s Bottle Opener Sandals by Reef. These cool flip-flop style sandals have a handy bottle opener on the bottom of the sole that works perfectly for removing the cap from your bottle, even without having to take them off if it’s your first or second. ;-)

If you are anything like me, you are probably wondering how well this really …

SanDisk Sansa c200

Posted in Digital Audio,SanDisk,Sansa by Darrin Olson on September 2nd, 2006

SanDisk Sansa c200SanDisk has come out with a cool new MP3 player. This player, which is not far behind the iPOD works off of flash memory of course, since SanDisk is way into the flash memory business, and is available in a 1GB and a 2GB version.

The Sansa c200 has a color screen and allows you to play music, view photos and listen to FM radio. The Sansa supports MP3, WMA and WAV files and syncs up to Microsofts PlaysForSure subscription music. It interfaces to your PC with USB and has a MicroSD slot for additional memory.

This is a nice MP3 player and at the time of this post is under $100 which makes it relatively affordable. One thing to note is that the Playforsure music subscription from Microsoft will require Windows XP and Windows Media Player 10+. If you don’t have these you …