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Microsoft Notebook Mouse

Posted in Mouse by Darrin Olson on September 13th, 2006

Microsoft Notebook MouseMicrosoft has a new multipurpose mouse on the market for those doing digital presentations often, whether it be on the road in in the meeting room. It’s called the Notebook Mouse, and is a slide presenter, laster pointer and a media remote control all in one. Oh yeah, and it works as a mouse as well.

The Microsoft Notebook mouse is wireless and will operate for up to 30 feet away from it’s receiver. It connects wirelessly with 2.4 Ghz Bluetooth and has a led battery life indicator so there will be no unexpected power losses during a presentation.

The additional controls are tucked away on the under belly of the mouse and include a button in the center to navigate through slide presentations, some media control buttons to control a presentation or other digital entertainment from just like a regular remote control, and …

Scal Pal Home Lasik Device

Posted in Ficticious by Darrin Olson on September 13th, 2006

Scal Pal Home Lasik DeviceThis interesting hand held gadget is called the Scal-Pal Scanning Adjusting Laparascopic Personal Laser from LASIK@Home. It’s used for performing visioin correcting lasik surgery in the privacy of your own home.

What’s extra-unique about the Scal-Pal (aside from enabling you to perform detailed laser eye surgery on yourself at home) is that this home lasik device is a femtosecond laser and excimer laser all in one. What does that mean you say? The femtosecond laser is used to cut a small flap off the top of your eye to allow the laser surgery underneath. The excimer laser is what does the intricate and detailed laser surgery to correct your vision without causing any damage to any surrounding tissue.

With this device you get the LASIK@Home kit of items, including:

The Scal-Pal Laser Device
A mild sedative of diazepam
Some special eye drops
An instruction guide
A post-op sleep …

Garmin Mobile 10 GPS Receiver

Posted in Garmin,GPS by Paul Patterson on September 13th, 2006

Garmin Mobile 10I can’t imagine a trip without my trusty GPS at my side. The only problem with my GPS is that it is yet another device that I have to carry with me – until now. The Garmin Mobile 10 allows us urban outdoorsmen to add wireless navigation to our Bluetooth-enabled laptops, smartphones, and Pocket PCs or PDAs.

The GPS 10x receiver combines a high-sensitivity GPS receiver with Bluetooth technology in a very small, sleek footprint. The receiver is both portable and wearable allowing you to mount the GPS 10x in your car or clip it to your clothes for navigation by car or foot. The receiver has a respectable battery life of up to 20 hours of use.

The Garmin Mobile 10 package also includes all the software you need to begin navigating. The package comes with the Garmin Mobile XT …

New iPod nano 8GB

Posted in Apple,Digital Audio,iPod by Darrin Olson on September 12th, 2006

iPod nanoApple has come out with its updated version of the iPod Nano that can hold up to 8GB of data. That’s twice as much as the maximum size 4GB of the previous model. That means that the number of estimated songs it would hold doubles too, bringing it up to around 8,000.

The size of the new iPod nano is as small as ever but it has a slightly new design, with more rounded edges. The colors have expanded. Previously all that was available was the black or white. Now you can get bright colors in the new anodized aluminum frame with pink, green, silver, blue and black.

Along with the extended potential playlist also came an extended battery life. The batter in the new iPod nano will let you play music continuously for up to 24 hours, and will charge back to 80% of …

Movies Now Playing on iTunes

Posted in Apple by Paul Patterson on September 12th, 2006

iTunes 7Seeking further domination of all digital media, Apple Computer has finally launched its online movie service Tuesday. Apple CEO Steve Jobs showed off the new device that will make it easier for consumers to watch the videos on television. iTunes is now offering over 75 movies from Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar, Touchstone Pictures and Miramax Films. Customers can purchase and download movies to watch on their computers and iPods, and shortly on their flat screen televisions with Apple’s forthcoming iTV player.

Initially iTunes will only carry movies from The Walt Disney Co. where Jobs is a board member.

iTunes [Apple]

Samsung 32GB NAND Flash Memory

Posted in Flash Memory,Memory by Darrin Olson on September 12th, 2006

Samsung NAND Flash Memory
Samsung has released new 32GB NAND flash memory with smaller circuit elements of only 40 nanometers wide. The company said this new design enables them to scale better to continue to make larger and larger memory cards and continue to keep the overall size down and performance up.

What this means for the rest of us is the ability to hold over 64 hours of DVD movies or over 1300 hours of MP3 songs on one small flash drive of up to 64 GB. Some may say that this is a little much, but I remember years ago thinking that my 3GB harddrive was more room that I would ever use!

Along with scalability, Samsung says that the reliability of the memory will be increased as well due to the new structure. Reliability becomes increasingly important to me at the same rate as …

Acer Ferrari 1005WTMi Laptop

Posted in Notebooks by Paul Patterson on September 12th, 2006

Acer Ferrari LaptopThe sleek Acer Ferrari line of products is about to welcome a newer, faster member to the team. The new Ferrari 1005WTMi is an ultra-compact notebook that features sleek ergonomics, exquisite detailing, and sports the trademark Ferrari colors.

The Ferrari 1005WTMi notebook draws its horsepower from an AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-60 processor with the ATI XPRESS 1150 Chipset. Some of the other key features include:

12.1″ WXGA high-brightness Acer CrystalBriteâ„¢ TFT LCD
2048MB DDR2 667 MHz RAM Memory
160GB SATA Hard Disc Drive
ATI Radeon® Xpress 1150 integrated 3D graphics, with up to 512 MB of HyperMemory™ (256 MB of dedicated memory, up to 256 MB of shared memory)
External IEEE 1394 bus-powered 8X slot-load DVD-Super Multi double-layer drive
5-in-1 Card Reader
Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi CERTIFIEDâ„¢ Solution
56K ITU V.92 modem with PTT approval, Wake-on-Ring ready
Bluetooth® 2.0+EDR, 1.3MP Acer OrbiCam™, Acer Bluetooth® VoIP phone
Wireless Bluetoothâ„¢ Optical …

Sony DSC-T50 Camera

Posted in Digital Cameras,Digital Imaging by Darrin Olson on September 11th, 2006

Sony DSC-T50

The new Sony DSC-T50 cyber-shot digital camera has stuck with the same anorexic trend as many of the new cell phones, which is good for those of you who are into really skinny gadgets like that.

The new 7 mega-pixel camera boasts a nice new feature of a 3″ touch screen. The purpose of the touch screen is to be able to remove a lot of the buttons necessary to run the menu and different fuctions, and be able to replace that room with the larger screen that you can touch to make your menu choices. (No eating with your fingers while photographing.)

The DSC-T50 also has a 3x zoom and 56MB of internal memory and takes Memory Stick Duo and Memory Stick Pro Duo media cards for additional storage (currently up to 4G). Battery life is expected to support up to 400 shots on a …

Thomson SpeedTouch 780WL Wireless Router

Posted in Routers,VoIP by Paul Patterson on September 11th, 2006

Thomson SpeedTouch 780WLThe SpeedTouch 780WL finally brings support for VoIP into Thomson’s SpeedTouch line of broadband routers. The 780WL is targeted towards residential users and offers wireless connectivity with basic 54Mbps 802.11g operations. Both IADs support ADSL2/ADSL2+ and are backward compatible to ADSL offering auto-negotiation capability.

The SpeedTouch 780WL also supports powerful security mechanisms such as Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) and Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) encryption.
The 780WL may not be packed with the bleeding-edge features but it is one of the few broadband routers offering VoIP support at a low price point. The wireless performance is lacking but the router is very easy to manage making it a great choice for residential and home office use.

Thomson SpeedTouch 780WL Wireless Router [speedtouch]

Uniden MapTrax GPS

Posted in GPS by Darrin Olson on September 10th, 2006

Uniden MapTrax GPSThe most common consumer item I have seen from Uniden in the past is cordless phones, so when I saw that they Uniden was coming out wtih a line of GPS products I had to take a look. Uniden also makes some walkie talkie type items and marine radio devices, so I guess GPS systems are not too far off the mark for them.

The makers of the MapTrax focus on the fact that is has a large, colorful, easy to read touch screen. This is to improve safety while driving by avoiding have to fumble with buttons or dials.

The devices also are to feature Bluetooth integration and text to speach audio, which is almost a must now to compete with other popular mobile GPS devices; right, right? (My feeble attempt at making a reference to the Tom Tom GPS, if you

On-Target Urinal Helps You Pee Accurately

Posted in Bath,Humor by Darrin Olson on September 10th, 2006

On TargetPictured here is the “On Target” urinal from Marcel Neundorfer.
In an effort to improve male customers aim and subsequently the overall hygiene in the restroom this high tech interactive urinal was developed. It has a screen inside that responds interactively to the pressure of a liquid stream, displaying different sounds and pictures depending on how accurate the user is.
This is a definite improvement from the normal made up peeing games you might have had while using a public urinal, but in my mind still does not beat the Great American High Wiz my neighbors would perform from their rooftop when we were all kids.

Sony Micro Vault USB Flash with Virtual Expander

Posted in Flash Memory,Memory by Darrin Olson on September 10th, 2006

Micro Vault with Virtual ExpanderThe Sony Micro Vault with Virtual Expander is a flash memory device with a USB 2.0 compatible interface. They are tiny little devices with memory ranges from 256MB up to 2G. (Early press releases state memory up to 4G but I was unable to find any Micro Vault’s that actually have 4G for sale anywhere.)

They come in a handfull of different flashy colors and you can also get a small carrying case that hooks on a keychain or on to a notebook with a clip.

The Virtual Expander software is utility that compresses and decompresses data that is placed on the device, sometimes to as little as 1/3 it’s original size. This makes a 2G drive potentially able to hold 6G of compressed data.

Tiny USB drive gadgets like this are extremely handy to carry data with you, such as any spreadsheets or …

HP iPAQ hw6940 Mobile Messenger

Posted in Mobile Phones,PDAs,Smart Devices by Paul Patterson on September 9th, 2006

iPAQ hw6940

HP first introduced the hw6900 Mobile Messenger Series in February at the 3GSM show in Barcelona, Spain but delays prevented the communicator from shipping this summer. Now comes word from HP that the cellular-wireless handheld may finally ship after all.

The 6900 series models look very similar to previous Mobile Messenger offerings. This series features the same 240 x 240 resolution, 64k color display, and a QWERTY thumb-styled keyboard. The big difference in this series is the four types of wireless networking: cellular, GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. This combination is still not commonly found together on smart phones released in the U.S.

iPAQ hw6940 Specifications [HP]

New Olivetti Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Ink Jet Printers

Posted in Printers by Paul Patterson on September 9th, 2006

Olivetti WiFi PrinterOlivetti, an Italian manufacturer of computers, printers and other business machines featured its new line of printers at the 2006 IFA in Berlin, September 1-6. The ANY_WAY plus, the SIMPLE_WAY and the portable photo printer MY_WAY plus complete this new line of printers featuring Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features.

A quick breakdown of the printer models uncovers some impressive features:

ANY_WAY: The multi-functional colored photo printer, with printing, copying (even without a PC) and scanning functions.

LCD picture display measuring 2.4″ and has 65,000 colors.
Improved printing speed. 20 pages per minute b/w and 18 colored pages per minute and only 75 seconds for a 10×15 photo printing.
Image improving software helps revitalize old pictures.
ANY_WAY has a Magic Button which analyses the photo and automatically selects the correct color, light and contrast modifications.
The photo fax model includes a fax machine, operating in black and white …

HTC S310 SmartPhone

Posted in Mobile Phones,Smart Devices by Darrin Olson on September 8th, 2006

HTC S310 SmartPhone The HTC S310 SmartPhone from HTC is one of the 4 newest cool gadget devices that they have released recently.

This one isn’t quit as featured as it’s sibling HTC devices but does feature the sought after Quad-Band wireless access. It has a standard keypad to allow one-hand access, but not quite as friendly for typing emails as the qwerty type.

Like the other 3 devices it is being released with, the HTC S310 runs on Windows Mobile 5.0 and allows you to manage contacts and emails. It also has Bluetooth wireless connection and a 1.3 megapixel camera. It has a mini SD card slot for expanded memory to transfer your pictures or music, and the Bluetooth has wirelss stereo for playing the music.

If you are looking for a smart device that doesn’t have all the beef in size and price of a …