Limited Edition LRG Sidekick 3

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Limited Edition LRG Sidekick 3The Sidekick 3 has been out for few months now, but T-Mobile has brought some attention back to the popular device by bringing out two special editions. The Features have remained the same as the original Sidekick 3, but the designs are what’s new. There is one model designed by each of the Lifted Research Group and Diane von Furstenberg in green and black, respectively.

The T-Mobile Sidekick 3 provides an array of communications options, including common phone capabilities, built-in support for three instant messaging clients, e-mail, and Web browsing to allow you to communicate on your own terms with those who matter most to you. The limited edition T-Mobile Sidekicks includes a …

Agile Audio with Belkin TuneCast 3 FM Transmitter

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Belkin TuneCast 3Belkin has released its new universal FM Transmitter, the TuneCast 3. With the TuneCast 3 you can enjoy your music and movies through any FM stereo receiver.
Listen to any of your gadgets with a 3.5mm headphone jack such as: MP3 players, portable DVD players, PSPs, CD players, and laptop computers.

The TuneCast 3 is perfect for long car rides, especially when there are kids in tow. Families with multiple MP3 and audio devices will find it a perfect solution to keep everyone entertained – just plug your portable DVD player into the TuneCast 3 and the whole car can listen to the movie. Once everyone has fallen asleep, connect your MP3 player to the TuneCast 3 to listen to your music and enjoy a moment of solitude.

Other features include:

Transmits on FM channels 88.1MHz 107.9MHz with 2 memory presets.
Cable management and status …

Sony Ericsson James Bond Mobile Phone

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Sony Ericsson James Bond Phone

Sony Ericsson has announced two special new phones – the K800 and K790, which are both a Cyber-shot camera phone as used by James Bond in the awaited new Bond movie, Casino Royale.

The silver K800 and K790 phones will no doubt be type casted from now on with the cool, sophisticated style of James Bond. Both mobile phones have a 3.2-megapixel camera with auto-focus, Xenon flash for lowlight conditions some cool software called BestPic, which allows the user to take multiple pictures of moving objects simultaneously and then pick the best shot to keep.

Each version of the James Bond mobile phone also comes with Picture Blogging for uploading photos to a personal online blog website and PictBridge for printing directly to a printer.

The convenient high speed 3G data transfer allows the fast transfer of data to to share …

Tiny Samsung CLP-300 Desktop Color Laser Printer now Available

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Samsung CLP-300If you are looking for a compact color laser printer, the Samsung CLP-300 series may be the rig for you. The CLP-300 is ideal for those people who want the benefits of color printing but do not have the real estate for the typical color laser printers. The CLP-300 features a trim footprint of 15.4″ w x 13.5″ d x 10.4″ h and weighs a wispy 30lbs.

The CLP-300 printers are positioned for a wide variety of customers including home users, small businesses and even students who may currently use an ink jet printer for their everyday printing. Some of the features of the CLP series include:

Easy to install toner bottles, instead of larger, cumbersome cartridges.
Print speeds of up to 17-ppm in black and white, and 4-ppm in color.
600 x 600 dpi optical resolution which can be enhanced up to 2400 x 600 …

Special Edition iPod nano to Help Fund AIDS Fight

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Apple iPod nano red

Today Apple announced the release of the iPod nano Red Special Edition. The iPod Red SE was developed by U2 lead singer Bono and Bobby Shriver to assist in the fight against AIDS in Africa. Apple will contribute $10 from the sale of each iPod nano RED Special Edition to the Global Fund which provides funds for programs for women and children affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa. Customers will soon be able to purchase a $25 iTunes RED gift card at Apple’s retail and online stores next month.

The new iPod is encased in a super-sharp apple red aluminum enclosure and features 24 hours of battery life. The wafer-thin design highlights Apple’s innovative Click Wheel design.

“We’re ecstatic that Apple is giving their customers the choice to buy a red iPod nano and help women and children affected

Palm Treo 680 Smartphone

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Palm Treo 680

Palm has announced the Palm Treo 680 smartphone, a GSM/GPRS/EDGE quad-band world phone with PDA features. The new Treo 680 comes with applications for email, web browsing, messaging, multimedia, calendar, contacts and quite a bit more. The feature set looks quite a bit like the 700p model, exept for the price which is a little less.

Palm is targeting the price savvy who want a more competitive mobile computing device at a more competitive price. With the introduction of this new device Palm plans to reach new users in the growing smartphone and feature-phone markets with the Treo 680.

Palm’s U.S. stores will be offering a GSM version in 4 new colors – crimson, copper, arctic and graphite. For a limited time they will come with a music bundle from Yahoo with a 30-day free trial to its music service.

The Treo 680 …

Artec T14A Mini USB 2.0 Digital TV Tuner

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Artec T14AEnable HD Digital TV on your PC or laptop anytime, anywhere with the Artec T14A Mini USB 2.0 Digital TV Tuner. Just connect the TV Tuner into your USB port with the USB extension cable and antenna provided, and install the software required – and bam! You are ready to view HDTV. Make sure your PC or laptop supports this function.

Artec T14A Mini USB 2.0 Digital TV Tuner $59.99 with Free Shipping. [ZipZoomFly]

iPod is Ultimate Stereo Remote with Belkin TuneStage II

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TuneStage IILooking for an easy way to listen to your iPod through your home stereo? The Belkin TuneStage II turns your iPod into the ultimate remote control so you can play the music from your iPod through your home stereo wirelessly via Bluetooth technology. You can have complete control over all iPod functions: change playlists, search for artists or individual songs, and adjust volume – all with the iPod click wheel.

Featuring advanced Bluetooth v2.0 technology, TuneStage II provides enhanced audio quality, improved rejection of interference, and lower power consumption. TuneStage II is fully backward-compatible with Bluetooth v1.2 and v1.1.

Some of the features of the TuneStage II include:

Bluetooth Version 2.0 with EDR
Access your playlists and all iPod features from up to 30 ft. away
Makes your iPod into a wireless remote
Up to 7 hours of playtime on a fully charged iPod3
Requires no batteries, …

Sony Walkman Noise Canceling Headphones

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Noise Canceling Sony Walkman

The noise canceling feature is what is being boasted by Sony’s new NW-700 series Walkman‘s, but there is more in this new offering than just that.

First things first, the new MP3 player Walkman has a tiny specialized microphone in the ear bud that it uses to pick up external noise and apply noise canceling sound. This is great when in a plane, car or in a busy place so you can better hear just want you want to hear. Noise canceling headphones are great, and ear bud styles make it even better.

The NW-700 Walkman Noise Canceling headphones come in an array of colors including black, brown, a couple shades of blue and pink, and you can get it with capacities of either 1G or 2G.

One really neat feature on the new Walkman’s aside from the noise canceling feature is the Electroluminescence display. This …

Novogo Car Navigator GPS

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Novogo GPS

The Novogo Car Navigator GPS V Series system has an offering of a much more sleek design compared to many of the GPS systems on the market to day. Shown here with a nice car docking mount, it also detaches to be a stand alone hand held device not much bigger than many mobile phones. It also comes in many colors to fit your style or to match the interior of your car.

Seamless maps come for regional or for the US or Pan-Europe. The Novogo allows for voice commands, which makes this a lot safer GPS system than some so you are not fumbling with on screen buttons while trying to drive, along with voice guidance and speaker. This is all great in the car, not always so cool when walking in public.

Some cool accessories for the Novogo V Series GPS include interchangeable face plates …

Orb Networks MyCasting For Your Phone

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Orb MyCastingNokia is hooking up with a place called Orb Networks to make what seems to be a little competition for the SlingBox with something called MyCasting. The product will be software that will allow people to stream media from your home PC to your mobile phone, and specifically they are rolling it out with the Nokia N80 internet enabled mobile phone.

The software will allow users to seamlessly work with different media files on your PC at home, such as record television shows and watch them on the mobile phone, view videos, music and pictures. THe Slingbox’s main focus is television shows streaming to laptops without the need of a home PC to facilitate it, but Orb Networks and Nokia have a little different spin on this. It really takes a decent size step forward to being more mobile with more types …

80KHZ Frequency Response with Sony Altus Headphones

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Sony AltusToday Sony announced the upcoming Altus portable stereo headphones. These new headphones are designed to give those finicky listeners the high-fidelity audio they demand in a portable headset that can be used at home, in the office or on the go.

The high-definition driver units on this headset deliver up to 80 kilohertz frequency response, which enables the Altus headphones to deliver pristine, high-quality sound previously unavailable in a portable headphone.

“We named this product Altus to represent the incredibly high frequencies and natural-sounding audio the headphones deliver,” said Jim Leahey, Sony’s general manager for peripherals and enhancements.

The Altus headphones will be available in November and will retail for about $150. You can pre-order the headphones at sonystyle.

Altus Headphones [Sony]

I want “Frickin’ Laser Beams” on my TV

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Laser TVOK, anytime I hear anything about laser beams anymore I can’t help but think of evil geniuses.

Mitsubishi has manufactured a prototype of a television based on the technology of two other companies that uses a type of laser beam projection instead of plasma or liquid crystal displays (LCD). This is still in development but they think something might be ready for production towards the end of 2007.

The Laser TV is intended to be a replacement, or at the least direct competition to the reigning plasma televisions for brightness and picture clarity. Makers boast that the new laser projection television will have a better quality with more detail, consume less power and cost significantly less than plasma or LCD TV’s.

If the new laser TV’s do all that then I guess you really can’t go wrong with that. Is it really to much to ask to …

Kingston 1GB SD Memory Card $14.95 after Rebate

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Kingston 1GBStop trying to cram all those movies on your puny 512MB SD card that came with your digital camera. $14.95 gets you a Kingston 1GB SD memory card from – after a $13 mail-in rebate naturally.

Hey, at least shipping is free. Expires 10/14 Kingston SD Card []

Ultra Portable Snow Leopard

Posted in Notebooks by Paul Patterson on October 10th, 2006

CompAmerica Snow Leopard
Since I lug my laptop with me pretty much everywhere I go, I like to my portables lightweight and rugged. Weighing in at a nearly imperceptible 2.8lbs, the Snow Leopard by CompAmerica is a great solution for those road warriors like me who need a super-lightweight laptop.

The Snow Leopard features Ultra Low Voltage, Ultra Long Battery Life, Intel Core Solo CPU, Intel Centrino Mobile Technology, 12″ WXGA LCD Active Matrix Display, 4-IN-1 Flash Memory Reader, Built-In Fingerprint Reader, Intel® Pro/Wireless Lan, and Optional Bluetooth.

The case is an ultra light and ultra durable magnesium alloy which will standup on all those bumps along the road.

The Snow Leopard is available now with a starting price of $1399.

Snow Leopard [CompAmerica]