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Seura Television Mirror

Posted in Home,Home Theater by Quagmire on December 5th, 2006

Seura Television Mirror
The Television Mirror from Séura uses a specially formulated mirror designed exclusively for LCD TV’s that can be discreetly hidden when the display is turned off.

The Seura Mirrors come in two product lines: the Premier Series and the Enhanced Series. The Premier HDTV Series TV mirrors are designed for larger rooms and feature 32″, 37″, 45″ and soon 60″ liquid crystal displays that include a widescreen HDTV tuner with CableCARD technology. The EDTV Enhanced Series features 15″ or 20″ liquid crystal displays and are better suited for smaller rooms such as a bathroom, kitchen, or home gym.

Both product lines are available in recessed or surface-mounted configurations. The recessed models blend nicely into the wall, giving the illusion that the TV is simply a mirror. The surface-mounted units mount on a wall like a painting or picture and feature side panels that can be finished …

Belkin Cable-Free Ultra-Wideband USB Hub

Posted in Accessories,Belkin by Paul Patterson on December 5th, 2006

Belkin USB HubBelkin recently announced that their Cable-Free USB Hub will be available for purchase starting in mid-December. According to Belkin, the hub is the first Ultra-Wideband (UWB) product on the U.S. market.

Utilizing Freescale’s Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology, the Belkin Cable-Free USB Hub gives you wireless connectivity to your USB devices. UWB solutions promise to provide higher data transfer rates, low cost, low power consumption, and less interference.

The Hub is positioned to give PC users with many multimedia-centric products the freedom to place their USB devices anywhere in the room without running long cables. The hub connects up to 4 high or low-speed USB devices from up to 30 ft. away.

The package includes a CableFree USB 4-port Hub, a USB Dongle that you connect to your computer, a Dongle stand for better wireless reception, and a power adapter. You can expect transfer rates of up to …

Toshiba 1.8 Inch 100GB HDD

Posted in Hard Drives,News,Toshiba by Darrin Olson on December 5th, 2006

Toshiba 100GB 1.8 Inch HDDTokyo – Toshiba has announced the release of a new 1.8 inch hard drive with a capacity of 100GB. That is a density of 155.3 gigabits per square inch, and is the most of any current 1.8 inch drive.

The new small hard drive (MK1011GAH) uses perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) technology and an improved error correction code to help obtain the high density in the small drive, and it also complies with energy conservation laws consuming a low amount of power.

Drives like this are key in continuing to provide smaller technology gadgets that can continue to hold more information. The press release mentions that this innovation will help move forward with smaller and lighter notebooks, but the iPod also uses this size of a hard drive, which could mean even greater capacity for it or similar devices.

The new 1.8 inch 100GB …

Samsung Releases Ultra Messaging i600

Posted in Mobile Phones,News,PDAs,Samsung,Smart Devices by Darrin Olson on December 4th, 2006

Samsung Ultra Messaging i600 SmartPhoneHong Kong – Samsung along with Microsoft today launched a new mobile device boasted as the the thinnest 3G phone in the world with a full QWERTY keyboard. The Ultra Messaging i600 weighs only 99 grams and is just 11.8 mm thick, sporting HSDPA support and runs on Windows Mobile 5.0. This release marks the first smartphone in Europe and Asia-Pacific that supports HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) , WiFi and Bluetooth.

Running Windows Mobile 5.0 with Direct Push, users are able to take advantage of instant updates to emails, meetings and tasks through your hand held phone in the same manner as you would using Outlook from the desktop. The Windows Mobile OS also of course amkes office documents more easily accessible and supports Office application formats such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint as well as viewing PDF’s. This i600 smart …

New Nokia 1325 and Nokia 1265 Mobile Phones

Posted in Mobile Phones,News,Nokia by Chetz on December 4th, 2006

Nokia 1325 And Nokia 1265 CDMA PhonesHong Kong – Today Nokia has released two new mobile handsets into the CDMA market. The Nokia 1325 and the Nokia 1265 are both entry level models with limited features, targeting those new to mobile phones in China, Asia-Pacific, the Middle-East, Africa and Latin America.

According to Larry Paulson, Vice President of CDMA, Nokia, “With the new features of the Nokia 1265 and Nokia 1325, consumers are getting functionality along with ease of use,”. Paulson continues, “The features most of us take for granted on our phones are front-and-center on these new products for first-time mobile phone users. These two new products expand the range of Nokia models consumers can choose from at an entry level.”

The Nokia 1325 is a slim phone with a color display, a built in voice recorder, speaker phone and customizable ringtones and wallpaper. It …

Hynix 200MHz 512Mb Mobile DRAM is World’s Fastest

Posted in Memory,News,Storage by Paul Patterson on December 4th, 2006

Hynix 512Mb mobile DRAMHynix, a Korean memory semiconductor supplier, today announced it has developed what it claims to be the worlds fastest and smallest 512Mb mobile DRAM. Meeting the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council (JEDEC) standards and operating at 200MHz, it is the fastest in the industry.

The Hynix 512Mb mobile DDR SDRAM processes 1.6Gbytes of data per second, making it approximately 1.5 times faster than speed of the company’s existing mobile DRAM line.

This speedy memory is sure to boost Hynix’s competitiveness in mobile applications as the trend towards miniaturization (8mm x 10mm) continues. Hynix is expected to combine 512Mb mobile DRAM and NAND Flash modules into a multi-chip package that will further enable the design of slimmer mobile phones.

“The product will deliver the memory capacity and speed required for third generation mobile phones that provide new services, such as DMB (Digital Media Broadcast), to

Wife and Daughters Found Alive – James Kim Still Missing

Posted in News by Darrin Olson on December 4th, 2006

CNET Kim FamilyKati Kim and the Kim children (Sabine and Penelope) were just found alive in Oregon in their car; they apparently flagged down a search and rescue helicopter hired by the family that was hunting for the missing family.

James Kim is still missing, however. From what we understand he left two days ago in search of help wearing tennis shoes. We do not yet know the details of the whole situation or the condition of Kati and her children, although she and the children have been airlifted to a local hospital.

For those unfamiliar, CNET editor James Kim and his family have been missing in Oregon for over a week now. All our previous coverage can be found here.

CNET has more information here. A press conference will be held at 5:00PM PST today.

Logitech Harmony 890 Advanced Universal Remote

Posted in Home Theater,Logitech by Quagmire on December 4th, 2006

Logitech Harmony 890Imagine a world in which you control all your home entertainment and advanced lighting systems using only one remote. Such a world could be yours with the Logitech Harmony 890 Advanced Universal Remote. The Harmony 890 allows you to wirelessly control your home entertainment system without direct line-of-sight to the components.

The Harmony 890 uses both radio frequency (RF) and infrared (IR) wireless signals to control the parts of your home-entertainment system that may be hidden behind walls or cabinet doors. The 890 breaks the line-of-site barrier by sending RF commands to a wireless A/V bridge receiver. The receiver serves as a bridge by converting RF signals to IR commands, and then broadcasts infrared signals to the components allowing you to achieve true wireless bliss.
Logitech Harmony 890 Screen
Programming the 890 is easy; just connect the remote to your …

Coffee Cup Lock

Posted in Home,Security by Chetz on December 3rd, 2006

Coffee Cup LockSo you get tired of drinking coffee from the tiny Styrofoam cups that they have at work and you bring in your own cup. It can hold more coffee, keeps it warmer longer, and just looks nicer on your desk. One of the subtle things that make your day just a little bit better.

Now, after a week or so you come in to work and cannot find your cup. After searching the office you find it dirty in some conference room. Someone else had actually used your own very special cup. You may contemplate never using it again, throwing it away and just buying another.

All this could have been avoided with this secure coffee cup with a lock in it. No, it does not lock out anyone from getting a hold of the cup, or stop anyone from pouring anything into it. But, …

Sony DCR-SR40 HDD Handycam Reviewed

Posted in Camcorders,Digital Video,Review,Sony by Darrin Olson on December 3rd, 2006

Sony DCR-SR40 HandycamThe DCR-SR40 Handycam is a small camcorder with a large capacity for video. This video camera holds it’s multimedia with a 30GB hard drive instead of using a tape or miniDV.

After shooting with this camera for a couple of days the best part of it, especially compared to non-HDD camera’s, is the fact that you can view and manage the video files with the touch screen LCD interface. Each time you start and stop the recording, the camcorder creates a new file. The files are automatically organized into dates when they are saved to the hard drive, so navigating them is fairly easy. Also, the files are represented on the screen by the first frame of the video. A few times I would forget to remove the lens cover before shooting, and those videos would all be identified as black, but aside from …

Sharp SD-SP10 1-Bit Virtual Surround Sound System

Posted in Home Theater,Sharp by Paul Patterson on December 3rd, 2006

Sharp SD-SP10Surround sound systems don’t always need to be complicated and the Sharp SD-SP10 Virtual Surround Sound System is a great example of such a system. The SD-SP10 incorporates a simple, two-component design that takes just minutes to set up and gives you many options for setup with rooms of varying shapes and sizes.

Sharp’s 1-Bit audio technology makes the most out of this minimalist home theater system. The 2.1 Channel Home Theater System simulates 5.1 Channel Surround Sound from just one speaker box.

Sharp incorporates two technologies to create and enhance the virtual surround sound experience. The Dolby Virtual Speaker delivers 5.1 surround sound by using a unique digital signal processing technology and with the Audistry by Dolby technology you can customize your sound depending on your personal preferences.

The slender profile and small footprint of the SD-SP10 offer many flexible setup options and there is …

Motorola Bluetooth Car Kit

Posted in Automotive,Bluetooth,Motorola by Chetz on December 3rd, 2006

Motorola IHF1000 Bluetooth Car KitMore vehicles are being produced with Bluetooth integration built into the car, so you can speak and listen through your vehicle audio system when you have your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone with you. For the many other cars that currently do not have this integration built in, Motorola has a pretty nice solution.

The Motorola IHF1000 Bluetooth Car Kit is a package of components, most of which are hidden away, that allow you to have wireless and hands-free mobile phone use and conversations in your car. There is a small device pictured here that you mount within reach of the driver which allows you to do basic functions on your Bluetooth enabled phone with voice commands or simple touches to the buttons. In fact, the device will allow you to integrate with up to four different phones that have Bluetooth capabilities.

The Motorola …

HotSeat Surround Sound Video and Gaming Chassis

Posted in Accessories by Quagmire on December 3rd, 2006

Hotseat Flight SimThe HotSeat Video Gaming Chassis is about as close as many of us will ever come to a real cockpit. Fully capable for pilot training and upgrade training, the HotSeat Flight Sim is a complete gaming chair that works with many different gaming platforms. You just supply the flight controls, monitor, and PC, or allow HotSeat Chassis Inc. supply it for you.

The HotSeat chassis is made from welded steel tubing and high-grade aluminums that will stand up to the most extreme gaming conditions. The adjustable sliding seat accommodates gamers from 3′ tall up to 6’6″ and folds into a clamshell for easy storage and transport. The chassis includes a durable, welded steel pedal mounting system that will firmly hold your pedals in a lifelike driving position.

Multimedia features on the HotSeat include a 6-speaker Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound system with a powered subwoofer …

ASUS Motherboards Equipped with TeleSky Skype Adapter

Posted in ASUS,Skype,VoIP by Paul Patterson on December 2nd, 2006

ASUS TELESKYASUSTeK Computer Inc. has announced that the ASUS TeleSky telecom adapter will now be available with the M2N/TeleSky and the P5B/TeleSky motherboards.

The TeleSky adaptor transforms your ordinary house phone into a multi-functional Skype phone. The adaptor allows you to make both traditional PSTN and Skype VoIP calls using your existing home phone.

As illustrated in the following diagram, the system works by having one jack connected to the house phone and the other linked to the ground telephone line. The TeleSky adapter then switches the house phone connection between PSTN and VoIP networks as necessary. Consumers will be able to use the house phone to perform Skype functions such as SkypeIn, SkypeOut, Skype Conference, call waiting, speed-dial, and 3-way telephoning.

TELESKY Illustration

The motherboards will be available from ASUS for both AMD (M2N/TeleSky) and Intel (P5B/TeleSky) platforms.

Nintendo Wii Released In Japan

Posted in Games,News,Nintendo,Wii by Darrin Olson on December 2nd, 2006

Nintendo Wii Japan ReleaseJapan – In an uncommon fashion the Nintendo Wii was released to consumers in Japan this Saturday after it’s release to the US two weeks ago. Nintendo stated that the earlier release to the US was to capture more of the holiday shopping season, and speculations are that the timing was to also rival the PS3 release which was only days prior. Previous Nintendo releases have usually been done in their home country of Japan first, and then to the US.

Nintendo has 400,000 units available for sale in Japan and has already sold over 600,000 in the US. The price for the game console to consumers in Japan is about $216 USD, or 25,000 yen which is about half the price of the PS3, and about four times the number of consoles were available at the launch date.

According to reports, thousands …