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Xbox 360 Gets Extended Warranty

Posted in Microsoft,News,Xbox 360 by Darrin Olson on July 5th, 2007

Microsoft Extended the warranty of the Xbox 360 to 3 years for hardware issuesMicrosoft is standing behind their product in response to growing complaints of hardware failure in their game console. Starting over the next few days globally, they are extending their warranty to 3 years. This warranty will cover and Xbox 360 that is newly purchased or has purchased one in the past, and is good for three years from the date of the purchase.

The extended warranty period however only applies to hardware issues identified by 3 flashing red lights on the console, which Microsoft has found and corrected issues for future Xbox’s, and covers the repair and any shipping costs. If you’ve already had your Xbox 360 repaired due to the 3 red light issue, Microsoft will also reimburse you any fees incurred for the repair.

This new extended warranty was announced through an open

Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition Makes You a Mugging Target

Posted in Games,Xbox 360 by Nino Marchetti on June 27th, 2007

Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition packageDie hard fans of the uber violent game series Grand Theft Auto are certainly looking forward to getting their hands on Grand Theft Auto IV when it ships later this year. They may even get more excited when they check out the Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition just announced for around $90.

The Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition looks like a sweet package. You obviously get the game plus some other swag, all delivered to you in a customized metal safety deposit box. This box holds an art book showcasing scenes from the game, a soundtrack CD with tunes exclusive to it, a Rockstar key chain which holds the keys to the box and a duffel bag to hall around your stolen goods in.

Ace Combat 6-Branded Ace-Edge Flightstick

Posted in Accessories,Controllers,Xbox 360 by Darrin Olson on June 18th, 2007

Ace-Edge Flightstick game controller for the Xbox 360 branded for the Ace Combat 6 gameNamco Bandai is partnering with game controller maker Hori to offer a bundled package for the release of Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. The bundle will include the game along with an Ace Combat 6 faceplate for the Xbox 360 and the Ace-Edge Flightstick accessory, which is the first flight simulator accessory made for the Xbox 360.

The Ace-Edge Flightstick controller consists of two pieces; a throttle controller and a separate flight stick. Both will be branded with the Ace Combat 6 design. This will be a limited edition bundle planned for this coming holiday season retailing for $149.99. Ace Combat 6 by itself is planned for release later this year for $59.99.

via Kotaku

Report hints at Xbox 360 price drop

Posted in News,Xbox 360 by Chris Weber on June 8th, 2007

Report from Bloomberg hints that a price drop in for the Xbox 360 may be comingThere’s some proof in numbers when it comes to recent game console sales and lately the Nintendo Wii seems to have the magic formula. It looks like Microsoft may have been taking some notes on the Wii’s success and in a report from Bloomberg they hint at a price cut coming for the Xbox 360.

“We are well aware that the sweet spot of the market is really 199 bucks,’” said David Hufford, director of Xbox product management, in the Bloomberg report. The current Xbox 360 sells for $300 to $400 depending on the model, and the Xbox 360 Elite goes for $480.

Microsoft also says it has plans of bringing on more family-targeted games and re-organizing retail displays to bring more attention to these types of titles, which also falls in …

The Return of Pac-Man Fever

Posted in Pac Man,Xbox 360 by Chetz on June 6th, 2007

Pac-Man championship edition through Xbox LiveJonesing for some old school pellet munching gameplay? Have you found yourself reminiscing about chasing after flashing blue ghosts? Finally, do you have an Xbox 360? If you’ve answered yes to all these questions then $10 will get you a download of “Pac Man Championship Edition” via Xbox Live. Starting today the new Pac Man game is available from Microsoft’s online game service. It’s the final farewell given to fans by the original game’s creator, Toru Iwatani, who is retiring at the ripe old age of 52 to teach the next generation of game designers at Tokyo’s Polytechnic University.

“Pac Man Championship Edition” was created by Iwatani for the finalists competing at the Xbox 360 Pac Man World Championship in New York City which ended yesterday. The new game updates the original Pac Man but still keeps the action in a …

Xbox 360 firmware hack prevents banning consoles

Posted in Hacks,News,Xbox 360 by Reuben Drake on May 31st, 2007

iXtreme firmware change for the Xbox 360 prevents Microsoft from banning moded consolesA couple of weeks ago Microsoft started banning mod’d Xbox 360 game consoles from Xbox Live (just the consoles, not the user accounts). The modified consoles were able to play copies of games which Microsoft felt was not fair to everyone. Due to this Microsoft started detecting the game consoles when users would log on, and banning them from Xbox Live when found.

Now, in just a matter of days the hacker community has volleyed back to Microsoft with firmware called called iXtreme Firmware 1.0 which when installed will prevent Microsoft from detecting the modified game console and hence avoid any potential banning. I’m sure it’ll now just be just a matter of time until Microsoft retaliates. Game on!

Source: Xbox360FanBoy

Xbox 360 Mods Banned From Xbox Live

Posted in Microsoft,News,Xbox 360 by Darrin Olson on May 20th, 2007

Modified Xbox 360 game consoles are being banned from Xbox LiveUntil recently Xbox 360 owners were able to download a firmware hack which allowed them to play backed-up games and essentially boot-legged copies of games on their game console. They were also able to participate with them on Xbox Live seemingly without any notice from Microsoft, but that appears to have changed.

Apparently with the recent Spring Update earlier this month and coinciding with the beta release of Halo 3, Microsoft has shown that they are able to detect and ban those consoles with modified firmware. When consoles with the modified firmware is detected users will receive an error code (Status Code: Z: 8015 – 190D). As a result, Microsoft is permanently banning modified console from the Xbox Live service, but they are not banning the individual user account. When trying to connect through the modified …

The Simpsons Xbox 360

Posted in Simpsons,Xbox 360 by Darrin Olson on May 12th, 2007

Simpsons Xbox 360Now that the Simpsons have a new feature film heading for the big screen Fox has teamed up with Microsoft to make a shiny yellow Simpsons-themed Xbox 360 to help promote the movie. The 360 case and controller have been given a glossy coat of Simpsons-yellow paint along with a big picture of the top half of Homer’s head on the side.

For those of you that are Simpsons collectors or Xbox Collectors, actually getting your hands on one of these Simpson’s Xbox’s might prove to be difficult as Microsoft is only making 100 of them. The units that they do make will be used to be given out and different events and promotions for the Simpsons movie.

According to Engadget the Simpsons game will actually not be coming with the unit as you might think, and Microsoft has skimped a little bit on the …

Xbox 360 Spring Update

Posted in News,Xbox 360 by Darrin Olson on May 9th, 2007

Microsoft Xbox 360 Spring Update brings improved dashboard, Messenger and moreMicrosoft has released the Spring Update for the Xbox 360 which is now available for 360 owners to download through their console. The Spring Update promises to increases communications through integrating with Windows Live Messenger and cut down on downloads that are not intended for your geographical area.

With the Messenger compatibility, Xbox 360 owners will be able to add up to 600 Messenger contacts to their Live account in addition to the 100 gamertag contacts. Up to 20 contacts can be on the same conversation and as many as six conversations can be held at one time.

Some other features in the updated dashboard include achievement pop-ups that contain more details such as showing what the achievement was and it’s value right in the pop-up. Microsoft has improved on providing downloadable content, including the ability to watch …

Pac-Man Championship coming to Xbox Live Tournament

Posted in News,Pac Man,Xbox 360 by Chris Weber on April 19th, 2007

Pac-Man Championship on Xbox Live TournamentNow that you’ve had some time to brush up on your skills with your old-school arcade games, Xbox Live is planning a worldwide Pac-Man championship on Xbox Live Arcade.

Microsoft, along with Namco Bandai Games and Quiznos as a sponsor, will be presenting the first ever Pac-Man championship beginning April 25th and ending May 9th. Finalists will judged by the best Xbox Live Arcade leaderboard scores in 7 different countries around the world. One additional finalist will be named not necessarily by their game skills, but by how convincing they are in a video that shows why they are the biggest Pac-Man fan ever.

The finalists will be flown to New York City on June 5th for the final competition, and one person will be crowned the first Pac-Man world champion by Toru Iwatani, who is the original creator of ‘Pac-Man.’

As if …

The 360’s Keyboard Arrives in Summer

Posted in Keyboards,Remotes,Xbox 360 by Chetz on April 11th, 2007

Controller for Xbox 360 with QWERTY keyboardMicrosoft has revealed its plans to launch a QWERTY style handheld keyboard add-on for its Xbox 360 game controller. In a company press release Microsoft said that the keyboard will connect directly into the Xbox 360 controller to support text and instant messaging even though they released a photo of what appears to be a keyboard/game controller that’s one unit. Maybe there will be both the keyboard add-on and a keyboard controller? It seems that we’ll know in a month or two.

In any case Microsoft is making this move because it will be launching its Windows Live Messenger service on Xbox 360 the week of May 7. Now the console gamers can chat with those that have MSN on their PCs and WMAs. However, before you start having visions of chatting away to your buds while playing “Gears of War”, …

Microsoft Unveils Xbox 360 Elite

Posted in Microsoft,News,Xbox 360 by Darrin Olson on March 28th, 2007

Microsoft Xbox 360 EliteAny day now” was right when the Brick reported a week ago that a press release would be coming soon from Microsoft announcing a release of the highly anticipated, upgraded Xbox 360. The new console will be called the Xbox 360 Elite and comes with some upgrades to both the feature set and the price.

In an attempt to further improve the overall appeal of the Xbox 360 Microsoft has upgraded the game console by increasing its hard drive capacity 6 fold bringing it to 120 gigabytes, as well as adding an HDMI video connection to send out high definition video content. The 360 Elite will also hold true to rumors by shipping with a black case, black wireless controllers and black Xbox Live headset.

The new 360 Elite will retail for $480 (up $80 from the 20 gigabyte version) and will …

“GRAW 2” For Xbox 360 Now Out

Posted in Games,News,Xbox 360 by Chetz on March 28th, 2007

GRAW 2 out for Xbox 360Xbox 360 fans of last year’s tactical military shooter “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter” are celebrating the news that UbiSoft has shipped the sequel and it’s in stores now.

While the 360ers enjoy the game, the PC and PlayStation 3 crowds will have to wait until June when their versions ship to retail, but they’ll also get the added satisfaction of having some exclusive maps made solely for their consoles. Ubisoft will be calling for beta testers for one of the PC exclusive player maps shortly, and you can find out more by hitting the official game site.

The sequel picks up 24 hours after the ending of the first “GRAW” game. It’s 2013 and the Ghost Recon team has just successfully eliminated a threat to the lives of the Mexican and American Presidents. Now, in the aftermath of this first …

Microsoft offers increased memory for Xbox 360

Posted in Microsoft,News,Xbox 360 by Darrin Olson on March 5th, 2007

Microsoft offers increased memory for the Xbox 360There are probably a number of you out there that went ahead and bought their Xbox 360 without the hard drive in it and saved some dough, only to find out when you got home that your really probably did need that hard drive to keep you from starting over at the beginning of your game every time. The drive also is needed to have somewhere to download games and demos.

Your options were either to live with it, or get a 64MB memory unit to at least save some things. Well, Microsoft has heard your concerns and coming April 3rd they will be offering a $49.99 512MB memory unit for sale that will hold a lot less than the 20GB hard drive that would have cost you twice as much, but it’s better than nothing. It’s also better than the …

Microsoft to show off IPTV on Xbox 360

Posted in IPTV,Microsoft,News,Xbox 360 by Darrin Olson on February 25th, 2007

IPTV to debut on Xbox 360 in LondonIn a speech by Bill Gates at CES earlier this year, Gates talked about upgrades to the Xbox 360 including live IPTV service. Microsoft is now planning on showing off this service integrated with the Xbox 360 and the Connected Home show in London the week of March 5th.

IPTV in the game console will be demo’d by Ed Graczyk, Worldwide Director of Marketing and Communications for Microsoft TV, during his keynote speech at the event. “Separately the Xbox 360 and Microsoft TV IPTV Edition deliver unique and exciting entertainment experiences, but IPTV on Xbox 360 delivers a real value proposition for consumers, service providers and content and game developers alike. By integrating these industry-leading solutions, we continue to drive innovation and enable new connected entertainment experiences for consumers.”, said Graczyk. This will be the first …