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Xbox 360 Resident Evil bundle

Posted in Xbox 360 by Conner Flynn on January 26th, 2009

Xbox 360 Resident Evil bundleIf killing Zombies is your favorite pastime (And who hasn’t enjoyed a good head shot that permanently kills them dead?), you’ll want to pay attention here. Microsoft is coming out with a Red 360 console and matching controller to celebrate Resident Evil 5.

The bundle comes with Resident Evil 5, a Red Xbox 360, matching controller and a Resident Evil NXE (NEw Xbox Experience). No word on official pricing yet or hard drive size. Also no word on whether “red” means “Zombie blood red” or just red.

Xbox Live Gold subscription at Amazon for $29.97

Posted in Xbox 360 by Conner Flynn on January 19th, 2009

Xbox Live Gold subscription at Amazon for $29.97Yep, you read that right! Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold subscription, which normally costs you $50 annually, is being sold by Amazon right now for $29.97. We have no idea what it means, but a similar discount was apparently happening at Buy.com last week. Could it mean that Microsoft might be moving toward a lower price for the subscription?

We have no idea. Who cares about “why” or “how”, we just think it’s awesome. Any 40% markdown that leaves us some extra cash for games is fine by us.

Xbox 360 modded car

Posted in Xbox 360 by Conner Flynn on January 1st, 2009

Xbox 360 modded carApparently, this modder hated the thought of leaving his console home alone while he was out and about in the world. Separation anxiety no doubt. Yes, this is an Xbox 360 Console and the Controllers Modded in a car! An Xbox 360 in a car, you ask? Yes. And look how well the car and the Xbox get along. It’s like they were meant for each other.

The XBox 360 has been embedded in to the dash while 1 controller rests in the steering wheel and the other sits comfortably in front of the gear shift. It’s a great idea, but the one fatal flaw is that at some point, you will have to park that car and walk away. At which time a thief throws a rock through the window and makes off with your console. It really is a beauty though.

Xbox 360 shoved into a PS3 case

Posted in Xbox 360 by Conner Flynn on December 30th, 2008

Xbox 360 shoved into a PS3 caseLast night we told you about the Wii winning the console wars this holiday season. The Xbox 360 did well too. But nobody wanted the poor PS3. There’s apparently at least one modder who the likes the PS3. The outside of it anyway.

This modder shoved an Xbox 360 into a PS3 case. It wasn’t a perfect fit, with a large hole cut into the front to allow access to the tray. It’s for those gamers who can’t make up their mind and love both consoles along with some neon.

Xbox 360 with a cool Domo-kun paint job

Posted in Xbox 360 by Conner Flynn on December 29th, 2008

Xbox 360 with a cool Domo-kun paint jobWhile this isn’t the most mind blowing console mod we’ve ever seen, this paint job gives your Xbox 360 a bit of Japanese flair. It was painted by deviantART member Ricepuppet and it looks like a pretty faithful Domo-kun themed console.

The console is pretty cool all by itself, but it even has it’s own matching controller, which we assume is functional. Hopefully the user won’t mess up the paint job while playing a shooter. It looks hungry and I bet it’s eyes seem to watch you while you are playing.

Microsoft confirms Xbox 360 Arcade memory upgrade

Posted in Xbox 360 by Darrin Olson on December 3rd, 2008

Xbox 360 Arcade to get memory upgradeMicrosoft has now confirmed rumors about upgrading the internal memory for its Xbox 360 Arcade game console to have 256MB of internal storage. The upgrade will allow more games and media to be stored inside without the need for an external memory card.

In the current 360 Arcade models, users were required to use an external 256MB card to store information. This worked well for the most part but left the memory open to being removed at the wrong time giving the system adverse effects, and to just plain losing the memory card.

Walmart offers sweet Xbox 360 bundle for Cyber Monday

Posted in Xbox 360 by Shane McGlaun on December 1st, 2008

Walmart Xbox 360 Arcade BundleThose brave enough to venture into stores Friday were able to get their hands on some great electronics deals. Today is Cyber Monday when deals are offered by many retailers online. If you have an Xbox 360 on your shopping list to give to a loved one, Walmart has a deal for you.

Walmart is offering an Xbox 360 bundle today that includes an Xbox 360 Arcade console, Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock Game, Guitar Hero World Tour game, and a Wireless Gibson Les Paul controller. Other games are included in the bundle too like Sega Super Star Tennis, and five arcade games including Luxor 2 and Pac-Man.

Xbox slims down, won’t play 360 titles

Posted in Xbox 360 by Conner Flynn on October 12th, 2008

Xbox slims down, won’t play 360 titlesWhen a company like Microsoft won’t deliver a slimmer console, a modder will show them how it’s done. Coca627 modified his original Xbox into the Xbox Slim, measuring a trim 10.2″ x 2.3″ x 9″ compared to the original measurements of 12.5″ x 4″ x 10.5″. It’s undergone some weight loss too, weighing in at just 4 pounds. The original was a hefty 8.5 pounds.

Inside the Xbox Slim, you won’t find the gooey remnants of slimfast. Instead there’s a new DVD/CD-R slim combo drive, 2.5″ 60GB hard drive and integrated Wi-Fi networking, plus a built-in receiver for a Logitech wireless controller. The only downside is that it plays only the original Xbox games, but what are you gonna do? It looks pretty sweet.

Microsoft announces new 360 bundles for the holidays

Posted in Xbox 360 by Conner Flynn on October 10th, 2008

Microsoft announces new 360 bundles for the holidaysMicrosoft isn’t messing around this holiday season. They want consoles in homes. They dropped the price on all Xbox 360 SKU’s a few months ago, and it just got better. Microsoft has announced that later this month the new 360’s will hit store shelves with some free games included.

With the $199 Arcade, you’ll get 6 games, which includes SEGA Superstars Tennis, Uno, and Pac-Man. If you choose to spend more for either the $299 Pro or $399 Elite version, and you’ll get Lego Indiana Jones and Kung Fu Panda. Plus, all three will come with a trial subscription to Netflix. That might seem odd, but beginning next month you’ll be able to stream Netflix movies to your 360.

Mad Catz Rock Band portable drum kit for Xbox 360 now on sale

Posted in Xbox 360 by Conner Flynn on September 23rd, 2008

Mad Catz Rock Band portable drum kit for Xbox 360 now on saleThe Rock Band Portable Drum Kit for Xbox 360 is a complete skins kit designed to travel with you and be played on almost any solid surface. Apparently the rubber pads can handle over a million strikes, but be careful what you lay these on. You don’t want to be banging away on expensive furniture. This is the perfect way to play if you don’t have room for the full kit. It only costs $59.99 and ships soon.

First pics of 360 and PS3 motion controller

Posted in PS3,Xbox 360 by Conner Flynn on September 16th, 2008

First pics of 360 and PS3 motion controllerIn2Games, developer of motion sensing gaming technology for the PS3 and Xbox 360, has released the first picture of their 360/PS3 motion controller. The Wii Nunchuck-like Gametrak Freedom is described as, “a remarkable ultrasonic 3D motion sensing technology which delivers performance, control and flexibility far in excess of that offered by existing technologies.”

In other words, they seem to be claiming that it beats a Wii-Mote. The device can be used with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, and features “proprietary and cutting-edge patent-pending ultrasonic technology to provide a true motion capture gaming experience. Unlike other motion sensing gaming systems, Gametrak Freedom accurately tracks the true 3D position and precise movements of up to four players, anywhere within a given environment, giving total control and unrivaled game play opportunities.” We’ll see what kind of software shows up for this device. For now the only game to make use of the controller is Squeeballs.

Xbox 360 dashboard update in November

Posted in Xbox 360 by Conner Flynn on August 25th, 2008

Xbox 360 dashboard update in NovemberMicrosoft has confirmed that the Fall Xbox 360 Dashboard Update will be arriving in November. I guess that’s still fall, but it’s pushing the limit. Previous updates have also been released in November so it’s not that unusual, and all the new features might have caused it to be delayed even more, so consider it a good thing that they have announced a date. In the meantime those sick of waiting for their avatars always have the Wii.

Xbox 360 Dark Knight edition

Posted in Xbox 360 by Conner Flynn on August 6th, 2008

Xbox 360 Dark Knight edition
And Dark Knight mania continues. If we aren’t spotting a DIY Tumbler or learning how Batman spends his nights, we are coming across some other Batman inspired Doodad.

In this case we’ve got an Xbox 360 under protective plastic with the Dark knight logo branded onto it. This is apparently a “limited edition” or one of a kind Dark Knight Xbox 360 shown off by Microsoft over in Taiwan. That’s about all we know. Zip,zero,zilch, nada. One can only drool and imagine batwing controllers.

Xbox 360 motion controller in action

Posted in Xbox 360 by Conner Flynn on July 14th, 2008

Xbox 360 motion controller in action
After all of the rumors and waiting, we finally get to see the Xbox 360 motion controller in action. Motus, the company that’s supposedly developing the controller for the console has some new videos showing how the device will work with existing games.

It’s being called Darwin and is of course completely wireless and can be split in two depending on the game you’re playing, or if another player wants to join in. Check out the videos below. Maybe it’s just me, but it looks like there’s a bit of a delay in motion in the Lego Star Wars game.

Red & green limited edition Xbox 360 controllers

Posted in Xbox 360 by Conner Flynn on July 14th, 2008

Red & green limited edition Xbox 360 controllers
Microsoft is dropping some limited edition green and red Xbox 360 controllers at the end of September, priced at $64 each. The red one comes with black accents and even comes with a bundled Play & Charge with red battery pack.

If red and green seem like odd color choices, I agree. Red and green says Christmas to me. I guess they would be an ideal pair for playing a Christmas Eve game of Halo with some holly adorning your controllers and a bunch of new games under the tree.