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Windows Mobile 6.5 OS unveiled

Posted in Windows by Conner Flynn on February 16th, 2009

Windows Mobile 6.5 OS unveiledIt’s been long overdue and at long last Microsoft has redesigned the Windows Mobile interface. No doubt users will like the honeycomb layout and the Zune-like feel. There’s more to like with no-waiting voice mail, cloud-syncing MyPhone online service, and a new app store. Hey, where have I heard this before?

Things are not only meant to be finger friendly, but are designed to be used with one hand. The design on some of the screens has clearly been inspired by Windows Media Center and much of the information can be accessed by simply swiping up/down, left/right.

Microsoft Security Bulletin Watch: January 2008

Posted in Microsoft,Microsoft Security Bulletin Watch,Windows by Nino Marchetti on January 9th, 2008

windows-logo.jpgWelcome to January 2008. Amongst all the CES coverage we’ve been doing we failed to notice yesterday, being the second Tuesday of the month, revealed to us on our Windows desktops that monthly ritual all Microsoft customers must endure: security patches. We’ve decided here at SlipperyBrick to implement the Microsoft Security Bulletin Watch – a basic way of us providing you information about new patches Microsoft is releasing.

For January 2008 Microsoft has released one Critical, One Important and seven Non-Security, High-Priority updates on the Microsoft Update site. You may not of course need all of these – it depends upon your machine’s specific Windows OS flavor and what you already have installed on your PC. Check after the jump for a summary of the most important updates.

Vista tops PCWorld disappointments list

Posted in Vista,Windows by Darrin Olson on December 17th, 2007

Windows Vista tops PC World top 15 tech dissapointments“No Wow, No How: Windows Vista” titles the number 1 spot on PCWorld’s list of the 15 biggest tech disappointments of the year and we can’t really disagree. Heck, I personally upgraded a machine from XP to Vista earlier this year and was unable to use Internet Explorer on it for months, and I still cannot get Windows Media Player to work correctly with MPEGs.

Just as PCWorld had pointed out there are a lot of cool things in Vista that are an improvement over the previous OS, but it just “…isn’t all that good.” The article goes on to note that hardware incompatibilities seemed to be over the top early on, it runs slower than XP and the new user account controls caused more irritation than a feeling of safety. PCWorld could not finish up the article without at least mentioning that the fastest notebook they tested with Vista running on it was a MacBook. We also cannot refute that Vista will eventually have its dominate day in the sun, but it’s unfortunately not this day.

Microsoft extends its media reach with Extenders

Posted in Microsoft,Windows by Chetz on September 6th, 2007

Microsoft to launch Extenders for the Vista Media Center to enhance the multi-room television experienceIf you keep hoping that the day will come when you can stop your TV broadcast in mid-stride and pick it up again from a different room there is a company located in Redmond, WA that you should know about. It’s called Microsoft.

The software giant is hoping on the day after the big Apple news to steal a little bit of the tech crowd’s attention with its announcement of Extenders for Windows Media Center, a range of applications for Windows Vista that Microsoft promises will make it easier for you to have media convergence in your home.

Microsoft Announces Plans for Vista SP1

Posted in Microsoft,News,Vista,Windows by Chris Weber on August 30th, 2007

Windows announce schedule for Vista SP1 releaseMicrosoft has announced that it will release Service Pack 1 containing updates and fixes for the new Windows Vista operating system in the first part of 2008, putting a date to a milestone that many companies look for when upgrading Microsoft products.

The company, consistent with earlier announcements, is planning on releasing a beta version of the SP1 for Vista in a few weeks to a limited number of users in somewhat of a cautious manner.

“A small group of testers has been putting a preview of the SP1 Beta through its paces to help prepare for broader release. We made the choice to start with a very small group of testers because we think it’s better for both our customers and for Microsoft to keep the beta program small at the start.”, wrote Nick White, a Microsoft product manager.

The Vista …

Keyspan RF Remote for Windows Vista

Posted in Keyspan,Remotes,Vista,Windows by Chetz on August 7th, 2007

Keyspand RF remote for windows vista media player can go through walls and furnitureKeyspan has announced the release of the RF Remote for Windows Vista. The remote is used to run the Vista media player for watching TV, movies, photos or listening to music or the radio on both Vista Home Premium and Vista Ultimate. The real “key” in this remote from Keyspan is the “RF” part, however.

The RF remote uses radio frequency signals to control the Vista media player which is unlike most remote controls that use infrared (IR). The RF remote control does not require a line of sight to operate and the signal can go through walls and furniture. This gives you more flexibility in designing your home entertainment system since you can place your PC with the USB-connected RF receiver inside a cabinet or in a closet and out of the way and …

Microsoft Boasts Vista Sales Count

Posted in News,Vista,Windows by Chris Weber on July 28th, 2007

Windows Vista sells 60 million copiesAt the annual Microsoft fninancial analysts meeting in Redmond last Thursday Kevin Turner, Microsoft COO, stated that the company has shipped over 60 million copies of its new Vista operating system since its release. Since the Vista global launch at the end of January Microsoft says it had shipped 20 million copies in the first week and 40 million in the first 100 days.

“By our math, we eclipsed the entire installed base of Apple in the first five weeks that this product shipped,” Turner said.

Microsoft had a bit of a rough start just getting Vista out the door, taking over 5 years to bring it to market releasing it to business users last November and then to the general public in January. Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer stated about a month after the launch that sales expectations for the OS were possibly …

Windows Vista SP1 Not Quite Yet

Posted in Microsoft,Vista,Windows by Chris Weber on July 20th, 2007

Microsoft is not releasing Windows Vista SP1 anytime real soon as previously thoughtInformation, or “misinformation” as Microsoft is calling it, was passed around the net earlier this month that Microsoft would be releasing the first service pack for Windows Vista sometime earlier this week. Well, the week is almost out and we’ve seen no SP1 show up anywhere, and now Microsoft has released a statement regarding the issue:

“There will be a Windows Vista service pack and our current expectation is that a beta will be made available sometime this year. Service packs are part of the traditional software lifecycle — they’re something we do for all Microsoft products as part of our commitment to continuous improvement, and providing early test builds is a standard practice that helps us incorporate customer feedback and improve the overall quality of the product.

Service packs are just one example of

Security Flaws Found in Safari for Windows

Posted in Browsers,Safari,Windows by Reuben Drake on June 12th, 2007

Bugs found on Safari web browser for windows within hours of launchYesterday among a number of other announcements Steve Jobs unveiled the release of the Safari web browser for Windows as a public beta version. The browser had previously only been available for the Mac. If you were one of the likely thousands like me that downloaded the browser to try out on a Windows box, you may want to be careful with it for a little longer.

Within only a few hours, (some within a few minutes) of its release as many as six bugs were found in the browser were found and reported by independent researchers. The flaws included memory corruption errors and denial of service crash’s. All three of the reports were on Windows based versions of the Safari browser, but it was neither confirmed nor denied if these same flaws existed in the …

Windows Live Hotmail

Posted in News,Services,Windows by Chris Weber on May 7th, 2007

Windows Live Hotmail Beta launches in more languages and more featuresMicrosoft had recently launched a beta version of its web-based email client MSN Hotmail, called Windows Live Hotmail beta. The new Live Hotmail starts rolling out of beta today where users can sign up for a new Hotmail account, and existing uses can choose to upgrade their current MSN Hotmail account by clicking an upgrade button in the upper left of their screen once they are logged in.

The Live Hotmail has the most significant improvements in the Hotmail client since it launched in 1996, boasting a safer and more user-friendly experience than previous versions. One of the biggest improvements in the expansion of supported languages, as Live Hotmail is launching worldwide and supporting 36 different languages.

One of the most significant features for us was the return of remote HTTP access from the Microsoft Outlook client. MSN …

Twelve Microsoft Security Patches Tuesday, and More

Posted in Microsoft,News,Security,Windows by Darrin Olson on February 11th, 2007

Microsoft has 12 updates coming TuesdayYou may want to set a side a little time for some updates and rebooting on Tuesday, February 13th. Microsoft has 12 security updates scheduled in their monthly security bulletin communication that list out various Security Bulletins affecting Microsoft software products.

Eight of the security bulletins scheduled to be released Tuesday affect Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office with seven of them having severity rating of ‘Critical’ with the rest rated as ‘Important’. The remaining four bulletins range from ‘Important’ to ‘Critical’ and will affect Windows with Visual Studio, Step-by-Step Interactive Training, Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) and multiple security applications that run on Windows including OneCare, Antigen, and Wiindows Defender among others.

Along with these high-security updates, Microsoft will be releasing another update to the Malicious Software Removal Tool and 10 additional non-security related high-priority updates.

These security updates from Microsoft are a common …

Shout Hacking Windows Vista

Posted in Hacks,Microsoft,News,Vista,Windows by Darrin Olson on February 4th, 2007

Shout Hackers attack Windows VistaAn novel security hole presented itself last week with the new version of Windows Vista released by Microsoft to customers around the world.

George Ou, and online blogger, reported on Tuesday through ZD Net that he was able to access the Start Menu on Vista and could potentially run programs through voice command audio files played through the system speakers. This type of functionality could allow a hacker to run programs, delete files and any number of other harmful processes accessible through the voice command functionality of Windows Vista.

Microsoft has attempted to downplay the issue slightly, and has addressed the Speech Recognition Issue on their Security Response Center blog. “While we are taking the reports seriously and investigating them accordingly I am confident in saying that there is little if any need to worry about the effects of this issue on your …

Microsoft Windows Vista Available

Posted in Microsoft,News,Vista,Windows by Chris Weber on January 30th, 2007

microsoft windows vista releasedThe consumer versions of Microsoft Windows Vista are finally available today around the world. Vista is available both at retail outlets and, in a first, via download. Microsoft’s tag line for Vista is The “Wow” starts now. And most consumers will be “Wowed” by the ridiculous number of different versions to choose from. Do you want Home Basic, Business, Home Premium or Ultimate? Good question. Most of the decision depends on knowing what you want to do. Unfortunately the technology experts in every family will end up answering many questions about Vista and most of them will not be happy about it. How many of them will answer, “Buy a Mac,” remains to be seen.

New Windows releases have been an event ever since Microsoft hired the Rolling Stones to perform for the Windows 95 release. …

Are you and your PC ready for Windows Vista?

Posted in Microsoft,Vista,Windows by Darrin Olson on January 26th, 2007

Are you ready for Windows Vista to launchCustomers with business accounts have had Windows Vista available to them for almost two months, and the launch to general consumers is just a few days away, scheduled for the 30th of January.

Even with the limited exposure the new OS has had, there have already been reported issues with drivers, some anti-virus software and Quickbooks to name a few. To help with this, Microsoft has created a page to help you get ready for Windows Vista, walking users through the different editions of Vista, a product guide, and upgrade information. An upgrade advisor is available, which is a tool that can be downloaded to run on your PC to help identify compatible and non-compatible device and software issues. Be sure when you run it to have any devices that you want …

Vista Adoption Will Be Slow In South Korea

Posted in Microsoft,News,Windows by Chris Weber on January 25th, 2007

windows vista could run into problems in south korea because of problems with activex and internet explorer 7Microsoft may again be a victim of its own success. Many companies in South Korea rely on ActiveX, a technology built into Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, that enables users to run arbitrary applications in their browser. However, IE7 (Internet Explorer 7) breaks some of the functionality that companies rely on to run their ActiveX plugins in user’s browsers. Because of this the South Korean government through its various ministries has advised users to be cautious about upgrading.

So why has South Korea taken a shine to the ActiveX technology that many American companies have shied away from because of its proprietary nature? The answer lies in encryption. The US maintains a very strict export policy in regards to certain technology. Back in the nineties, US …