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Clear to launch two new VoIP-enabled WiMAX modems

Posted in WiMAX by Conner Flynn on January 15th, 2010

If you live in the magical land of WiMAX service, Clear has two new modems for you. Both feature built-in ATA compatibility which means if you have Clear Voice VOIP you can jack your phones straight in. The Gemtek Series G is available in Vegas, and the Motorola CPEi 725 Series M is available in Portland.

Both cost $69.99 or $5 per month on lease. Both modems will be available to new Clear customers but it is unknown if they will be available as an upgrade for current customers.

Comcast launches High-Speed 2go WiMax service tomorrow in Portland, other cities to follow

Posted in WiMAX by Conner Flynn on June 29th, 2009

Comcast launches High-Speed 2go WiMax service tomorrow in Portland, other cities to followCitizens of Portland are about to get a first shot at Comcast’s High-Speed 2go service. Based on Clearwire’s WiMAX service, Comcast High-Speed 2go is available in what they are calling a “Fast Pack Metro” bundle which includes home internet service, a WiFi router and the WiMAX for $50 a month, with another $20 tacking on nationwide Sprint 3G (along with the appropriate 3G / WiMAX combo card).

Existing Triple Play customers need not worry. They can add the WiMAX by itself for $30. Comcast plans to launch a similar service in Atlanta, Chicago, and Philadelphia before the end of 2009.

Sprint Nextel and Nokia to Deploy WiMAX

Posted in Nokia,Sprint,WiMAX by Paul Patterson on January 5th, 2007

Sprint Nextel and Nokia to Deploy WiMAXSprint Nextel today announced that Nokia has been chosen as a key infrastructure and device provider for its 4G WiMAX mobile broadband network. Jointly, the companies will develop mobility services and applications and conduct co-marketing efforts to drive global adoption of WiMAX.

The partnership involves a commitment from Nokia to provide network infrastructure, mobile consumer electronic devices, and various market development commitments. Nokia is slated to be a major supplier to Sprint for WiMAX network infrastructure – namely the Nokia Flexi WiMAX base transceiver stations. Nokia will also have commitments to develop and market WiMAX-enabled mobile devices, including multimedia Computers and Tablets.

Sprint Nextel’s goal is to have a broad array of mobile WiMAX-enabled product offerings available from multiple vendors that all work seamlessly among Sprint’s network offerings. The Sprint Nextel investment in the 4G WiMAX mobile broadband network is …

Intel Demos Mobile WiMAX Baseband Chip

Posted in Intel,WiMAX by Paul Patterson on December 9th, 2006

IntelIntel recently demonstrated the completed design of its first mobile WiMAX baseband chip at the keynote address of the 3G World Congress and Mobility Marketplace in Hong Kong. The new chipset is dubbed the Intel WiMAX Connection 2300 and marks another major step in Intel’s efforts to “drive innovation in mobile broadband access”.

The demonstration was preformed with an Intel Centrino Duo mobile technology-based laptop with mobile WiMAX (IEEE 802.16e-2005), Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11n), and high-speed downlink packet access (HSDPA) 3G capabilities.

The demonstration illustrates the capabilities of WiMAX for handling content-rich applications without interference from other wireless technologies residing on the same system. The baseband chip uses the same software for Intel’s WiMAX and Wi-Fi products which will help ensure unified management for connectivity. The low power requirements means increased battery life and less heat to support smaller and thinner designs.

Intel will next focus on validating …

Alvarion Enables Voice Services over WiMAX with BreezeMAX

Posted in News,WiMAX by Paul Patterson on October 30th, 2006

AlvarionAlvarion, a leading provider of wireless broadband and specialized mobile networks, today announced the availability of a primary voice service over WiMAX networks enabled by the latest edition of BreezeMAX.

Primary voice over WiMAX capability is of particular interest to pioneering service providers looking to offer voice services and broadband to areas with little or no existing telecom infrastructure.

Alvarion voice and broadband data WiMAX networks can be built quickly and without heavy investments in a complete VoIP implementation as it can be deployed using the existing TDM infrastructure capacity of V5.2 legacy switches. This is particular interest to incumbent (ILECs) and competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) who can now adopt WiMAX as their basic network strategy.

“Alternative and incumbent carriers can now use WiMAX to open their networks to major technology evolution in terms of applications,” said Rudy Leser, Alvarion’s corporate

D-Link Enters WiMAX Fray with 802.16-2005 Compliant Router

Posted in News,Routers,WiMAX by Paul Patterson on October 19th, 2006

DLinkD-Link recently announced its entry into the WiMAX market with the release of the D-Link 802.16-2005 WiMAX Router. This new router is designed to give service providers a competitively priced option for fulfilling the expensive “last mile” segment for wireless residential service.

The D-Link WiMAX router combines WiMAX and Wi-Fi technologies to provide a single solution for in-house wireless coverage. The router features easy installation and remote administration features for service providers making it an ideal, cost-effective option for delivering a fast and secure broadband connection to consumers who are not reachable by DSL or Cable broadband services.

WiMAX is a practical alternative for broadband access that has previously been unavailable in areas without pre-existing physical cable or telephone networks. WiMAX also has potential uses in connecting Wi-Fi hotspots with each other and providing high-speed mobile data and telecommunications services (4G).

The D-Link 802.16-2005 WiMAX Router will …

Alvarion Announces BreezeMAX WiMAX Devices

Posted in WiMAX by Paul Patterson on October 4th, 2006

Alvarion, the world’s leading provider of wireless broadband and specialized mobile networks, today announced the availability of its BreezeMAX 2300 and BreezeMAX 2500 to North America and Other WiMAX Markets Worldwide.

Employing the IEEE 802.16e standard, Alvarion plans to extend the popular WiMAX platform to new frequencies by extending the BreezeMAX platform to address the 2.3 and 2.5 GHz bands available in North America and the rest of the world.

The BreezeMAX 2300 and BreezeMAX 2500 are extensions of Alvarion’s successful BreezeMAX platform which was one of the first WiMAX systems to launch in 2004.

The BreezeMAX devices are expected to begin shipping in the fourth quarter of 2006.

BreezeMAX [Alvarion]