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Fujitsu F705i: world’s slimmest waterproof 3G Cellphone

Posted in Fujitsu,Mobile Phones,Waterproof by Conner Flynn on January 22nd, 2008

world’s slimmest waterproof 3G Cellphone
The F705i is the world’s slimmest, waterproof 3G cellphone at 13.7mm thick. The Fujitsu handset can survive in up to 1-meter of water submersion for 30 minutes.

The F705i features Super Clear Voice and Super Clear Mike technology, therefore it automatically adjusts volume settings in response to ambient noise levels. It will also feature a 1.3MP camera with Quick Zoom functionality, allowing users to increase and decrease on-screen text size with a single button. The F705i is 106×49×13.7mm tall, weighs in at 111g and will give you 170-minute of talk time, or 100-minutes of video calling, all on a single charge. No one is sure yet if we will see this in the States, but if you plan on spending a lot of time underwater it might be worth tracking one down.

Olympus Stylus 1030 SW endures water, shock and cold

Posted in Digital Cameras,Olympus,Waterproof by Darrin Olson on January 22nd, 2008

Olympus Stylus 1030 SW is waterproof, drop-proof and freeze proofAny fans of the rugged Olympus Stylus models will be happy to hear that they’ve giving the Stylus 720 SW an upgrade with a couple new models. The 10.1 megapixel Olympus Stylus 1030 SW is the tougher of the two and comes encased in an all-metal chassis with the ability to withstand drops from 6.6 feet.

Not only can the 1030 take a hit but its frame can withstand 220 pounds of pressure. It’s also rated as waterproof for taking photos underwater at up to 33 feet below the surface and can stand cold of down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit (remember that water freezes at 32).

Ion-Mask waterproofing your gadgets

Posted in Science,Waterproof by Reuben Drake on December 31st, 2007

Ion-mask technology used to waterproof gadgetsAnytime waterproofing is added to a gadget it just seems to make it that much more cool, but unfortunately not many electronic devices are able to live through being accidentally dropped into your Mai Tai or withstand a simple vodka resistance test because the the difficulty and expense of making small seals for all those cracks and crevices.

Well, thanks to some scientists at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory in Porton Down, Wilts. who originally developed the technology, gadgets may soon be getting something called an Ion-Mask coating to provide waterproofing to all sorts of devices. The Ion-Mask was a military technology originally designed to protect soldiers clothing from chemical attacks but soon could be used to protect mobile phones and media players from moisture, rain and the occasional drop in the drink.

Twinbird waterproof music player with internal USB

Posted in CD Player,Media Players,Twinbird,Waterproof by Reuben Drake on December 1st, 2007

Waterproof MP3 player, CD player and FM radio from TwinbirdTwinbird has another splash-proof, portable music player available giving you more options to bring you tunes into the bathroom This one has an internal USB port to connect your thumb drive loaded with MP3 or WMA files to play in the bathroom or other damp areas that would otherwise brick a normal media player. One the drive is plugged in the case can be closed and the music can be selected from the outside.

In addition to playing digital music from a portable drive the Twinbird CD ZABADY AV-J189S also houses a CD player and an FM radio. It runs on internal batteries that can bring up to 7 hours of radio, 5.5 hours of MP3 playing or 4 hours of CD playback. It also has built-in speakers and a convenient handle on top to port it around. Internal picture of the player after the jump.

iPod waterproof music in a tube

Posted in iPod Accessories,Speakers,Waterproof by Reuben Drake on October 4th, 2007

Music Tube waterproof iPod speaker dockThis iPod speaker dock from Taiwan’s Nova has a transparent, waterproof covering that looks like a tube of some sort of lotion or gel, complete with a whole in the end where it would hang on display at the store. The idea is to provide a waterproof speaker system for your iPod that lets you bring it into the shower. It also looks like you might even be able to control the iPod through the case but in reality to us it looks like just a cheap way to try to make a waterproof dock.

Rugged hands-on with the Casio G’zOne Type-S

Posted in Casio,Mobile Phones,Outdoors,Review,Verizon,Waterproof by Reuben Drake on September 30th, 2007

Casio G’zOne Type-S is a rugged mobile phone that can take wet, shock and outdoor exposureThis past June we wrote about Casio’s tough G’zOne Type-S mobile phone when it was released and we recently got a chance to get our hands on one to see just how tough this thing really was and what “water resistant” really meant. What we found is that the G’zOne Type-S lives up to its hype on standing against the elements and also had some nice surprises we were not expecting.

Taking a seat in the iSpa with your iPod

Posted in iPod Accessories,Outdoors,Waterproof by Nino Marchetti on September 24th, 2007

Moonlight Spa Music SystemUnless you are using a waterproof case taking your iPod into your spa is probably not a smart idea. Hot Spring Spas believes it has a solution for you though by unveiling its Moonlight Spa Music System.

The Moonlight Spa Music System, which includes an iPod docking station, wirelessly transmits music from any audio source to four weatherproof speakers which surround you as you make sweet love in the spa. You can control tracks on the iPod and adjust audio volume with a floating, waterproof remote control. This remote also lets you control most electronic spa features while in the water.

Waterproof mDrive Flash Drive from Gidis

Posted in Flash Memory,USB,Waterproof by Reuben Drake on September 3rd, 2007

Waterproof Mdrive USB flash drive from GidisWaterproof electronic devices just always seem kind of cool for some reason. Anytime you can take some electronic gadget under water and it still works, even when there is no need, automatically moves it up the “cool” list a few points.

A good example is the mDrive waterproof USB Flash drive from Gidis. The slim drive comes packaged in a CD jewel case with a smooth looking black and red Taegeuk design, but what’s most noteworthy is that its waterproof. We’re not sure just how many things you’re going to be able to actually plug this thing into when your under water but when a device comes along with a functional, underwater USB port, Gidis will be ready. Then again, this of course could be handy right after you’ve downloaded the secret documents onto it while on your secret spy reconnaissance mission, and then have to dive into the ocean in a narrow escape.

Iron tough drive

Posted in Flash Memory,USB,Waterproof by Chetz on September 1st, 2007

Ironkey USB ThumbdriveIf you are looking for the ultimate in security for a new thumb drive take a gander at the IronKey, the military’s solution to keeping their secrets safe. The IronKey is made to be both tough physically as well as data attacks.

For starters it encrypts your password using 256-bit AES and then encrypts that info a second time using 128-bit encryption. It may sound like overkill but heck why not do it? If a hacker wants to try and guess your password they only get 10 tries before the IronKey destroys all of the data it contains. If the villain tries to pop the drive open and get at the chips inside he will have a next-to-impossible task pulling it out in one piece since the guts are coated with an epoxy and would gum up the removal process.

AquaPod splash-proof MP3 player spkeaker case

Posted in iPod Accessories,Speakers,Waterproof by Chetz on August 23rd, 2007

Aquapod splash proof ipod or other MP3 player speaker and caseThis splash-proof speaker/case provides a dry sanctuary for your media player allowing you to listen to it in places that aren’t so dry such as at a pool, in the shower or in the rain. The sound is heard through a single speaker, and similar to the iPod shower dock we saw earlier this year, once your player is enclosed in the case there is unfortunately really no way to control its functionality without taking it out.

Inside the case there’s a standard headphone jack to connect the player to the external speaker and the cases speaker volume can then be adjusted from the outside. The case provides a padded interior and measures 6.25″H x 3.5″W x 2″D, retailing for $14.99.

AquaPod via 7Gadgets

Life vest with built-in two-way radio

Posted in Outdoors,Two-way Radios,Waterproof by Darrin Olson on August 22nd, 2007

Life vest with built-in two way radioIt’s probably tough for anyone to hang onto a two way radio when your out skiing in a lake or accidentally falling off a boat at sea, but it sure would be handy to have one sometimes. This life vest from Hammacher Schlemmer comes with two, 2-way radios; one of them integrated into the vest.

The radios span 14 channels and cover a distance of 1.8 miles to allow the wearer of the life vest to communicate with the person on the other end, (who is hopefully not also in the water) without the worry of dropping the radio. They’re water resistant up to 3 feet down and are powered by 3 AAA batteries.

The life vest itself is U.S. Coast Guard approved and is made from a 100% PVC interior covered by neoprene (the same stuff wetsuits are made of). The …

Homer Simpson Shower Radio

Posted in Radio,Shower,Simpsons,Waterproof by Darrin Olson on August 20th, 2007

Homer Simpson shower radioWhat, you ask, could be better than a radio shaped like Homer Simpson’s head? It would have to be a shower radio shaped like Homer Simpson’s head, no less. What’s also better about this model is that it’s a talking Homer Simpson radio that will say one of six shower-related phrases when you press his ear. So now you can have Homer with you in the shower, too. How cool is that?!?

Homer’s right eye controls tuning in the AM or FM stations and the left controls the volume with the speaker appropriately at his mouth. With a hook to hang over the shower head the Homer radio is of course water resistant and is powered by three AAA batteries. retailing for $39.95.

Product via GeekAlerts

Boblbee Waterproof, Shockproof, Solar iPod Dock

Posted in Chargers,iPod Accessories,Solar Powered,Waterproof by Darrin Olson on August 18th, 2007

Boblbee solar powered, waterproof ipod dock and chargerIt’s always refreshing to see an iPod accessory that actually looks useful; case in point: the Boblbee solar-powered iPod case. The Boblbee case completely encloses your iPod protecting it in a waterproof, shockproof cocoon of safeness. The case also acts as a charger drawing its electricity from the sun for you outdoor enthusiasts, miles away from any power outlets.

It’s not the most streamlined looking case and will definitely add some bulk to your MP3 player, but it will also potentially give you continuous, uninterrupted listening time outdoors, sun permitting. According to the company, the Boblbee can charge an iPod in around 8-10 hours when the solar panel on it’s back is exposed to the sun. If your player can last through the dark hours then the music would never stop. The device also has two 3.5mm headphone jacks to allow …

iS2 Waterproof iPod Shuffle Case

Posted in iPod Accessories,Waterproof by Reuben Drake on August 14th, 2007

iS2 waterproof iPod Shuffle case from H20 AudioFor about $250 you can get a modified 2nd generation iPod shuffle with the waterproofing built in but that doesn’t help you if already have a Shuffle that you want to take in the pool.

For this situation you can hook yourself up with this iS2 waterproof case from H20 Audio. The case goes for $39.95 and will keep the Shuffle running at depths up to 10 feet.

The price isn’t really too bad but in order for this case to actually keep the water out it has to be paired with a set of H2O Audio Waterproof Headphones which will run you another $39.95. The water tight case allows operation of the iPod through the case and also comes with a lightweight armband.

The iS2 is available for pre-order right now and will start shipping on August 25.

via …

SeaLife EcoShot Digital Camera

Posted in Digital Cameras,Waterproof by Nino Marchetti on July 31st, 2007

SeaLife EcoShotFinding a rugged digital camera which is waterproof can prove to be a challenge at times. A company by the name of SeaLife Cameras thinks it may have solved your search with the new SeaLife EcoShot.

The SeaLife EcoShot is a six-megapixel digital camera which is reportedly waterproof up to 75 feet. It makes use of technology SeaLife says lets it capture “action under varying elements with virtually no shutter lag and a fast recycle time.” It is also compact and shockproof up to six feet, being able to handle being run over by a SUV and still work.

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