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Timex Ironman iControl

Posted in Exercise Gadgets,iPod Accessories,Watches by Nino Marchetti on August 2nd, 2007

Timex Ironman iControlAnd here we thought people had finally run out of “i” words associated with iPod accessories? Guess not since watch maker Timex today announced the $125 Timex Ironman iControl.

The iControl, which functions as an “advanced sports watch,” is designed to wirelessly operate your Apple iPod. How it does this exactly we aren’t clear on – assume there will probably be an attachment for your iPod. Anyhow, the watch will let you control functions such as play/pause, volume and track forward/backward.

Nixon Lodown – 15 Years of Tidal Info at 200 Beaches

Posted in Nixon,Watches by Darrin Olson on July 7th, 2007

Nixon LoDown watch has tidal information for 200 beaches for 15 yearsThe Nixon Lodown watch carries tidal information on your wrist for 200 different popular beaches for the next 15 years. We have to say that it would be nice if there was a way to update the information beyond the set number of years or beaches. But, for those that do spend a lot of time in the surf at different places around the world this is way more convenient than carrying a chart or looking it up on the internet.

The Lodown shows the tidal height in numbers and graphically with little gray on black representation on the LCD screen. It will also tell you the date and time, has an alarm, timer and can be set to dual timezones since you’ll be likely traveling a fair amount to catch these beaches. It’s water resistant up …

Nike Triax Vapor 300

Posted in Exercise Gadgets,Outdoors,Watches by Nino Marchetti on July 2nd, 2007

Nike Triax Vapor 300You are a serious athlete. You want something which will make the other athletes around you jealous with gadget envy. You want the Nike Triax Vapor 300.

This uber-cool digital training watch has a pre-curved ergonomic design and band which make it easy to wear and use while you are training for your marathon. It’s got a one-touch backlight for a quick glance while jogging at night. Features on this timepiece are plentiful and include a 300-lap chronograph, five segment interval timer and two alarms.

Catapult Watch

Posted in Watches by Reuben Drake on June 24th, 2007

Catapult WatchIf you’re looking for a new reason to get kicked out of class Backyard Artillery might be able to help you with this Catapult Watch. Instead of just flicking small objects at classmates this device uses and spring-loaded arm and trigger to beef up your accuracy with a range of up to 8 feet.

Aside from just making it difficult to tell what time it is, this gaudy stainless steel contraption uses a small cup on the end of the arm sized for BB’s, dried peas, popcorn kernels or any other similarly sized objects that may inflict an annoyance on your peers. In fact they will even throw some ammo into your $49 order.

via OhGizmo

Reactor Trident Never Dark Watch

Posted in Outdoors,Reactor,Watches by Chris Weber on June 11th, 2007

Reactor Trident Watch features Never Dark illumination technologyReactor has added a new model to their lineup of tough and stylish sport watches, this one designed for use 24/7 in any type of lighting conditions, including no lighting conditions.

A new Never Dark dial illumination technology takes glow-in-the-dark watches to a new level and keeps the Reactor Trident dial visible in the darkest of conditions. In its first stage of defense against the darkness the watch utilizes phosphorescent paint on the dial and hands which keep it bright for hours after exposure to any light source is gone. To back this up the Trident has tritium filled gas tubes which give off a fainter glow but will keep the dial illuminated enough to read the time for as long as 7 years.

The Reactor Trident is designed for the outdoor enthusiast with a scratch and shatter resistant glass face, …

i-Wrist Free Talker

Posted in Two-way Radios,Watches by Reuben Drake on June 3rd, 2007

i-Wrist Free Talker Two-way radioSure, just because it has the ‘i’ prefix on it doesn’t necessarily mean that this is a device that’s jumping on the iPod accessory bandwagon, and it’s sad that it makes us cringe with the thought that this is something marketed with some obscure, remote integration to the famed MP3 player.

Luckily that is not the case here, and the i-Wrist Free Talker is most likely got its name due to it’s personal use on your wrist. This walkie-talkie from Vavolo has a small design, almost small enough to look like a slightly over-sized wrist watch. Aside from telling the time, (yes it does have a time display) it’s main purpose is that of a two-way radio.

The i-Wrist supports communication through 22 different channels from up to just a little over 1.5 miles away. Probably the most interesting feature on this walkie talkie is …

Medicine Man Watch From Dolce & Gabbana

Posted in Dolce & Gabbana,Watches by Darrin Olson on May 23rd, 2007

Medicine Man Watch from Dolce & GabbanaDolce & Gabbana has a new time piece that the folks at T3 says is designed after the “test card” that used to be shown on television late at night when all the shows ended. Yes, there was a time when there were only three channels on TV and they all actually ended broadcasting by 11 PM.

This new stainless steel creation has been named the Medicine Man for some reason, and you can see it along with a number of uniquely designed watches at the D&G Time website if you have the necessary tolerance and patience for the site.

The Medicine Man watch is water resistant to 50 meters, has a stainless steel construction and a custom D&G butterfly clasp all centered around the colorful 1970′s reminiscent face. You can get down with this watch for around $345 (£175) from …

MP4 Player Watch

Posted in MP4,Watches by Chetz on May 21st, 2007

MP4 Player WatchDoes your favorite watch play MP3/4 or WMA songs or display images in addition to telling you what time it is? Vavolo’s OLED Digital Leather wristwatch does all that and can offer you more gimmicks like allowing you to read ebooks or have up to 8 hours of tunes delivery thanks to its 1GB of internal memory.

The 1.5-inch OLED screen (128 x 128 pixels) lets you watch your favorite videos or photos whenever you check to see what time it is. It’s compatible with Windows 98 and above, supports 9 languages, has a stainless steel casing, multiple time display modes and all you need to program it is a USB connection, the software it comes with and enough brainpower to figure out what each of its seven buttons do.

Charging is as easy as finding a wall socket or plugging it into a USB port …

Golf Watch Analyzes Your Swing

Posted in Golf,Watches by Darrin Olson on May 18th, 2007

Golf Swing Analyzing WatchThis golf swing analyzing watch from Hammacher Schlemmer uses 3 accelerometers built into the small frame to analyze your and improve your swing, and without a doubt looks better to us than some big contraption you wear to constrict your movements.

This golfing watch has measurements of tempo, rhythm, the length of your backswing and the speed of you club head for multiple clubs, and does it all from your wrist. The watch can also keep score for two golfers and when entering the information you can specify if the shot was a shot off the tee, in the fairway or putting for statistics on your strokes later on. Since it is a wrist watch the couldn’t design it without a clock along with a calendar, alarm and stopwatch. This way you’re not needing to wear a real watch on your other wrist.

An …

Seiko’s Electronic Ink Watch

Posted in Seiko,Watches by Chetz on April 24th, 2007

Seiko Electronic Ink WatchLooking to give your lady love (or yourself) something special to catch the eye of passersby? Perhaps you’ve found the gift when you lay your eyes on Seiko’s brand new Electronic Ink watch for ladies.

This gorgeous bracelet uses a proprietary material that undergoes an electrical charge, separating the white microcapsules from the black ones to generate the time that’s displayed on its surface.

The Electronic Ink watch has two modes: “efficiency”, which the time is displayed in an easy to read manner, and “mystery” mode which shows the numbers in a more exotic, elegant manner. It looks more like a piece of expensive jewelry than a watch, but the price tag ($2,000) for this titanium covered beauty is in the same altitude as other high end bling. Still, it’s certainly nice to look at on the wrist of someone you (and your credit …

Timberland Outdoor HT2 Watch

Posted in Outdoors,Timberland,Watches by Darrin Olson on March 27th, 2007

Timberland Outdoor HT2 WatchTimberland has long been known as a brand catering to the outdoor types by providing rugged and quality boots, outdoor apparel and watches. Recently Timberland teamed up with Swatch to create a testosterone-ridden outdoor watch called the HT2.

Available in brown and two styles of tough-guy black, this rugged chronograph watch packs a large array of outdoorsy technology and will dwarf the wrist of a lesser man. The Timberland Outdoor HT2 has both both a digital and analog interface allowing a total of 4 different time zones to be entered. The altimeter (available in feet and meters) keeps track of your altitude, the thermometer (Celsius and Fahrenheit) and barometer track weather conditions and a digital compass keeps you on track.

The Outdoor HT2 surprisingly does not come with a knife, but is shock proof and water resistant, of course, and will set you back about £199 …

MainNav MW-705 GPS Watch

Posted in GPS,Watches by Chetz on February 21st, 2007

Mainnav MW-705 GPS watchLooking for a new watch that will catch the eyes of passersby? Then feast your retinas on the MW-705, Taiwan-based MainNav’s latest watch with an attitude.

This baby not only will tell you the local time but it also has GPS with incorporated Bluetooth and a SiRF Star III LP chipset. You can also tell what your current heartrate is, your speed and distance traveled, and what the temperature is – on the ground or splashing around in water. The only drawback is its bulk: rising an inch above your wrist, this 69 X 55 x 28 mm black box of technology will make people wonder if it runs off of fusion battery (for the record, it’s a Li-ion cell.)

Right now price, availability and weight info on this puppy isn’t being released by MainNav but a distributor for those of us living in the …

OV-Watch Tells You When To Do It

Posted in Watches by Darrin Olson on December 31st, 2006

Fertility WatchWe’ve written about a number of cool gadgets in the form of wrist watches, and the OV-Watch is a unique addition to the list. The OV-Watch is a fertility prediction gadget that can be worn on the wrist to predict what days are the most likely to become pregnant. This in turn let’s you know what days to have sex, or not have sex depending on what your goals are.

The OV-Watch senses the increase in amount of chloride ions on the skin of the wearer, indicating up to four days in advance when they are going to be fertile. Due to this method, simply putting on the watch would not immediately indicate fertility since it needs to establish a trend to identify the increased chloride.

This OV-Watch inherently has some advantages over other fertility detection methods since it doesn’t measure temperature or require …

FMP3 Watch is MP3 Player with FM Transmitter

Posted in FM Transmitters,MP3,Watches by Quagmire on November 15th, 2006

FMP3 Watch has MP3 player and FM transmitterAt first glance the FMP3 Watch appears to be just another watch that plays MP3s. Upon closer inspection we find that this watch includes a handy FM transmitter which allows you to transmit your MP3′s to FM radio. The FM transmitter will playback music on FM radio frequencies between 88.1MHz, 88.5MHz, and 88.9MHz with an approximate range of 6m-10m.

The FMP3 watch also contains an MP3 Player, Voice Recorder, and Line-in Recording capabilities. With the watch, you can control common operations such as play, stop, next, and back. Transfer your MP3 files to the watch via USB with memory capacities of 512MB and 1GB. Like a secret-service agent the hidden, built-in microphone allows you to discretely record your voice or sound directly to the device, and line-in recording is possible by connecting to an external source. Enjoy a continuous …

Humminbird SmartCast Watch Fishfinder

Posted in Outdoors,Watches by Darrin Olson on October 26th, 2006

HumminBird SmartCastIt’s not too often that we see many fishing gadgets, but if you are looking for a gift for the fisherman that has everything, they might not have the Humminbird SmartCast Watch Fishfinder.

This wireless fishfinder utilize a transducer called a Remote Sonar Sensor (which adds a new definition to RSS). The sensor weighs only about one ounce and is cast into the water with your normal rod and real as if it were a regular lure or bobber attached to your line. The small Hummingbird fishfinder sends and receives sonar signals to find the water depth, the presence of fish and any underwater structures, and then uses a wireless link to transmit that data to the display on your wristwatch.

The floating fishfinder can transmit up to 75 feet from the watch, and can read accurately to depths …