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Infinitec infinite USB memory device

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on February 18th, 2010

Infinitec’s new flash drive is one pretty unique flash drive. It’s a USB stick that packs an 802.11n module which can create an ad hoc network through any device’s USB port. Even though it looks like just a flash drive. Put simply, it will let you stream media to devices that don’t like you streaming media.

For example, inserted in a DVD player, you don’t have to worry about the player’s supported network standards or your PC’s sharing settings. All you have to do is set the Infinitec stick anywhere from 1GB to 1TB+, then load MPEG4s right from the stick, streamed from your PC which is loaded with accompanying software. It will work with anything with a USB port, including game consoles.

USB Electronic Key Impressioner could help thieves

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on February 5th, 2010

This device could be a thieves new best friend. It’s called the Electronic Key Impressioner. You insert it into a car door and it scans the position of the tumblers inside. It then sends that info back to a PC over USB when you are told the car’s model, which can provide the necessary information to cut the perfect key on the first try.

At the moment, it only works on Fords with simple metal keys, but the hope is to expand it so that it supports other manufacturers and maybe even electronic keys someday soon. It’s for locksmiths and authorized security professionals, but thieves will be using it as well, we are sure.

The Zamboni Vacuum cleans your desk

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on January 19th, 2010

Hockey fans will like this one and what the hell, it’s been snowing lately everywhere, so this product seems very timely. This Zamboni ice resurfacer truck vacuum is the perfect way to clean those crumbs from your desk.

That’s where you eat right? Of course it is. And those orange cheetos crumbs are starting to pile up and create a martian beach. There’s no price listed yet, but whatever it costs, I’m sure it’s worth it.

Triple USB Foot Switch

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on January 18th, 2010

If you’re looking for a new way to control your devices, then check this out. It takes a page out of your grandmother’s sewing book and lets you control things with a foot switch. The triple USB foot switch allows you to control your peripherals using foot pedals.

Is it faster than a keyboard shortcut? I doubt it. But maybe you feel like you need to put on the gas and go all vroom vroom on your peripherals. Each pedal can be pre-programmed with unique keys or multiple keys with the included software.

24-Port USB Hub

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on December 31st, 2009

If you’re like me you have way too many USB gadgets and not enough spare ports. Well, for those who like to rock your USB ports, here’s a 24 port solution. Now you’ll have room for all of your drives, humping dog toys and Christmas lights.

It comes bundled with an AC adapter too. The 24-Port USB Hub will set you back $69.99. If you still don’t have enough USB ports, then you have too many toys and are obviously not getting any work done.

Warpia USB Adapter connects your PC to your TV wirelessly

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on December 30th, 2009

Warpia has unveiled a handy USB audio/video adapter that allows you to hook up any PC to your TV using a USB PC adapter and a display base station that’s attached to your TV through VGA or HDMI. This is just what many of you have been looking for since the ports on your PC and TV probably don’t match.

The package comes with a wireless PC adapter and the display adapter and retails for $179.99. The adapter has about a 30-foot operating range, and supports video only up to 720p resolution, so you won’t be getting High Definition video.

USB 3.0-to-SATA adapter gives your HDD super speed

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on December 28th, 2009

You will want to get one of Brando’s new USB 3.0-to-SATA adapters which enable any SATA hard drive to be accessed externally at USB 3.0 speeds. You won’t have to carry around a dock. It’s just a simple dongle that you can take anywhere.

It plugs directly into the port side of your HDD. Of course, you’ll need a USB 3.0 capable PC or expansion card to get that extra speed boost. So how much will it cost you to start using that old drive again? Only $48.

Wooden Cannon USB speaker

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on December 22nd, 2009

You just don’t see the ole cannon as much these days, what with our machine guns and killer robot drones, but if you have a special place in your heart for the cannon, then check this out. It’s a wood USB speaker. In the shape of a cannon.

The Wooden Cannon USB Speaker plugs into your computer via the USB port and has a 3.5mm headphone jack, which allows it to work with other MP3 players. The speakers will deliver 2.5W + 2.5W output. So how much is a wooden cannon USB speaker? Only $22.

USB hub with switches

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on December 17th, 2009

USB hub with switchesThis USB hub may look different, even retro, but it’s just a standard USB hub. Well, yes and no. It does let you know which USB cable is connected just by looking at it, thanks to an LED which lights up.

Each connection has it’s own switch, so you’ll have full control over whether it’s connected or not. It’s pretty cool just because it looks like it came out of the 1970′s. $88 seems a bit steep, but hey, we’re talking switches and LEDS.

USB Surgeon flash drive

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on December 14th, 2009

USB Surgeon flash driveMedical enthusiasts will dig this flash drive because it is in the form of a tiny USB surgeon. On the other hand if you hate surgeons, you also will love this. Because you can decapitate him.

After a little pretend surgery, you can attach the head once again and hope the little guy has health insurance. If you buy a few of these guys, you’ll be re-enacting scenes from MASH and Grey’s Anatomy in no time. It’s a drive and an action figure.

StarTech USB 3.0 ExpressCard

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on December 1st, 2009

StarTech USB 3.0 ExpressCardStarTech has unveiled its USB 3.0 ExpressCard which features a couple of ports to get you all started with USB 3.0. But there are a few problems though. These SuperSpeed USB ports won’t have the juice to supply a full 900mA for each port.

And an optional AC adapter will be needed which adds up to more stuff to carry. The dongle itself is too vulnerable also. When laptops are dropped and land on the side of the ExpressCard, it will instantly break. At $50, you might want to think twice on this one.

Sharkoon USB LANPort puts your USB drives on your local network

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on December 1st, 2009

Sharkoon USB LANPort puts your USB drives on your local networkPogoplug may have been the first to make this type of gadget, but now it’s time for some less well known names to offer up similar devices for less money. Sharkoon has now developed their own USB LANPort, which effectively puts USB storage like your flash drives, external hard drives, etc. onto a local network.

Looks like it’s mainly for making multiple drives available to a different machines via customized permissions though. The USB LANPort 100 converts a single drive into a device that can be streamed from locally. The USB LANPort 400 handles up to four USB devices. Both devices support automatic and manual IP address contacts and are available now for €22.99 ($34) and €36.99 ($56).

USB Inserts for advertising

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on November 30th, 2009

USB Inserts for advertisingThis is either a great idea or a bad idea. It’s hard to say which. That depends on how you feel about being assaulted by these when you open a magazine and find one of these paper-thin USB key ads. Mind you, that’s along with those paper re-subscribe slips and perfume pages.

But it is a neat concept. They can be made to order, are super slim, and can fit in small places. But chances are you won’t be interested enough in any ad content to actually load up what’s on it. At least I wouldn’t be motivated.

USB Pet Rock is still useless

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on November 25th, 2009

USB Pet Rock is still uselessRemember the old Pet Rock craze of the 1970s? Well, it’s back and with a USB upgrade no less. I never understood the appeal of Pet Rocks myself, but maybe that’s because I’m not a sucker. This USB-powered update just sits there, like it’s predecessor and does nothing.

Much like the Tauntaun sleeping bag, the USB Pet Rock was an April Fools Day joke that has turned into a real product. For some reason.

ROCCAT Apuri USB hub

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on November 23rd, 2009

ROCCAT Apuri USB hubLooking for a USB hub that’s futuristic and unique? The ROCCAT Apuri USB hub may be the one. It features four easily accessible USB 2.0 ports. The device stands on three legs, making it look like a robot from the future.

It’s high profile also lets you manage cables cleanly and to complete the whole futuristic vibe, there’s even an LED light that beams down from the underside. It’s blue glow matches ROCCAT’s other peripherals nicely. The futuristic Apuri will cost about $47.