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A-Data SD Duo / USB Card

Posted in A-Data,Flash Memory,USB by Chetz on November 8th, 2006

A-Data SD Duo TurboA-DATA Technology makes some pretty cool stuff, and this Turbo SD Duo flash memory card is one of them.

The SD card works like any other SD card, and comes in capacities of 512 MB, 1 GB and 2 GB, and it complies with the SD 1.1 standard.

What makes this SD card cooler than the others is that it is two-faced, or two-interfaced I should say. This is a dual interface SD card that also connects to a USB port while complying with USB 2.0 standards, too.

An inconvenience I have always found with SD cards is that you need a reader, and sure there are many different “78 in 1″ card readers out there but in this case you don’t need any card reader with you when you want to get data off of you card, just a USB port.


Cool your Bawls With the USB Beverage Cooler

Posted in Coolers,USB by Chetz on September 25th, 2006

USB Beverage Cooler

It’s not uncommon for me to be staring “blinklessly” for hours into my monitor, whether gaming or writing code. I’ll reach without looking away for the cold drink I brought in, seemingly minutes ago and haven’t opened yet, only to find out that it’s somehow slightly warmer than room temperature.

This USB beverage cooler would solve all my warm beverage problems. Working like a hot plate to make things cold, and running off of your USB port of your PC or notebook, you can keep your Bawls or anything else you want cool like your chillow.

Bawls Chiller [xoxide.com]

Recharge Batteries with Your USB – No Cables

Posted in USB by Darrin Olson on September 20th, 2006

USBCell Rechargeable USB Batteries

OK, so I use wireless mouse, and about every 6 months or so it starts getting flaky and I realize that I need new batteries. Of course I do not have any spare ones because I loaned the other two spare I had from my 4 pack battery purchase to the guy in the cube across from me for his MP3 player; and no, he does not have any spare batteries now either.

If only I could have recharged the batteries that I have without having some bulky battery recharging station thing that I had to buy and keep in my drawer or something….

Well, for me the picture here says it all: USB rechargeable batteries.

No wires, no charging station, no running to the store for batteries (provided I remember to charge them periodically). You can also charge these USB batteries in a approved nickel …