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Trends UD-10.1 USB Audio Converter

Posted in Home Theater,USB by Nino Marchetti on August 1st, 2007

Trends UD-10.1 USB Audio ConverterTrends Audio, a consumer electronics brand out of Hong Kong, announced plans to begin selling a USB device which will act as a bridge between a computer and a home entertainment system. The new Trends UD-10.1 USB Audio Converter is priced at around $120.

The Trends UD-10.1 USB Audio Converter can link a Windows or Mac machine with coaxial, optical and standard AES/EBU(110 Ohm via XLR) and S/PDIF (75 Ohm via RCA or BNC). This permits a computer, said Trends Audio, to act as a high-end digital-playback device for passing digitally encoded signals into a receiver or signal pre-processor/pre-amplifier for high-end audiophile applications.

Keyspan USB 2.0 Server

Posted in Peripherals,USB by Nino Marchetti on August 1st, 2007

Keyspan USB 2.0 ServerKeyspan said today it is now shipping a new USB server for connecting USB devices to networks. The Keyspan USB 2.0 Server is priced at $129 and is available through a variety of retailers.

The Keyspan USB 2.0 Server lets one access two USB 2.0 devices over a local network through an Ethernet connection. It also acts as an extender in that it lets a host PC make use of the USB device as long as both are connected to the network. The USB 2.0 Server is compatible with most USB devices such as printers and storage devices and also allows for bi-directional communication with printers.

USB Eye Massager

Posted in USB by Reuben Drake on July 31st, 2007

USB Eye MassagerThe number of seemingly useless products you can connect to your USB port is not even coming close to ending. Case in point is this USB Eye Massager from ThisNext. I mean seriously, how do things like this come to be?

Did someone sitting at their desk really wish they had a USB powered device shaped like two little fingers that vibrated so they could massage their eyes? Or, did someone have access to a few components they couldn’t sell and decided to combine them into one kick-ass vibrating USB eye massager?

Either way the device comes in four colors and vibrates at two different speeds to provide you with eye-relaxing massaging action when just rubbing your eyes with your softer and non-electric fingers just won’t do. We couldn’t find an actual price on this device but then again, I can see how it would be …

Casio USB Label Printer

Posted in Casio,Office Gadgets,Printers,USB by Reuben Drake on July 31st, 2007

Casio egg-shaped USB label printerBrando has an interesting looking USB powered label printer which is kinda’ cool in itself, but they had to take it a step further and make the device egg-shaped. The Casio USB label printer, like it sounds, is powered by the USB connection from your computer and comes with some driver software to allow you to print out your own self-stick labels.

You can print in any TrueType font from your computer as the device uses a thermal printer head to create the your custom labels. The egg-shaped printing gadget is 79mm tall including the little stand its on and is a nice change in color and shape from most of the peripherals on a persons desk. The Casio USB label printer runs $29 from Brando.

via Gizmodo

Brando Chromatic USB Hub

Posted in USB by Reuben Drake on July 30th, 2007

Chromatic USB Hub from BrandoBrando has unveiled a new colorful and unique design for a four-port USB hub. The square (comes in circles, too) chromatic USB hub is USB 2.0 compatible and provides you with 3 additional ports through colorful squares that can make various shapes.

The square blocks are connected together and offer ports at alternating ends to provide additional room to plug in your USB gadgets. The blocks can be shaped in a variety of positions or simply stacked together to keep them neat. If nothing else the chromatic USB hub can add a little color to your desk filled with Paraphernalia of black, gray and silver.

Brando via UberGizmo

IronKey flash drive locks your data down

Posted in Flash Memory,Storage,USB by Nino Marchetti on July 30th, 2007

IronKey flash driveHow secure would you like your USB flash drive and its data to be? How about if it self-destructs (in the virtual sense) if tampered with? That’s the idea behind the new IronKey, a metallic flash drive available in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB storage capacities.

The IronKey offers on board hardware encryption which requires a password to unlock it. If someone attempts to tamper with it, the drive’s maker claims, “it will trigger a self-destruct sequence, ensuring data is kept confidential.” The drive itself is also secure, sporting a metal casing filled with epoxy to make it waterproof.

USB Heating Gloves

Posted in Apparel,USB by Darrin Olson on July 29th, 2007

USB Heating GlovesWinter is still a little ways off here in the US but I’ve worked at some places that keep the air conditioning on a little strong on these hot days where these could have come in “handy”. Not unlike the USB slippers these USB gloves will warm your hands by simply plugging them into any USB port on your computer, game console or even through an adapter in your car. The gloves are made of wool and are able to rise 10 degrees in temperature in a matter of 5 minutes depending on which of the two warming settings you use. They have a mitten-style cover over your fingers that folds back to allow you to type freely.

You can get your cold hands on a set of these for about $16 from MobileFun.

via TechDigest

LaCie debuts 2TB triple interface external HDD

Posted in Computer Components,Hard Drives,Storage,USB by Nino Marchetti on July 20th, 2007

LaCie debuts 2TB triple interface external HDDLaCie is thinking big with its latest external hard drive. 2TB big that is. Stomping through the computer lowlands now is the LaCie Big Disk Extreme+. It’s priced at between $350 and $850, depending upon the total storage size you need.

The LaCie Big Disk Extreme+ is available in 1TB, 1.5TB and 2TB capacities. It supports the three major interfaces for transferring files from a Mac or Windows machine to its storage, using FireWire 800, FireWire 400 and USB 2.0. It also comes with backup software which can be launched via a one-button press on the body of the drive.

USB Flash Drive Wrist Band

Posted in Flash Memory,USB by Reuben Drake on July 19th, 2007

USB Flash Drive Wrist BandBrando’s put out a new design twist on stylish looking USB Flash drives with this USB Flash Drive wrist band. No longer do you have to have a lanyard around your neck if you want to wear your flash drive around since this one disguises itself as a wristband that comes in six different colors of red, yellow, blue, green, orange and purple.

The USB port doubles as the connector to hold the strap together when wearing it and it sounds fairly durable as the catalog page boasts that the drive is shockproof and moisture proof (we’re assuming moisture from sweat). It comes in one size of 210 mm long which should fit most geek wrists, and comes in one capacity of 512MB for a $25 price tag.

via Krunker

SanDisk Ducati USB Flash Drive

Posted in Flash Memory,SanDisk,USB by Darrin Olson on July 18th, 2007

SanDisk Extreme Ducati USB Flash DriveUSB Flash based drives come in so many packages now that it’s getting hard to come up with something new that actually looks somewhat cool. It appears that SanDisk and Ducati have come through on that front with the SanDisk Extreme Ducati Edition USB Flash drive.

This flash drive which looks like the tank cover of a Ducati bike comes as part of the Extreme Ducati Edition of Flash memory products from SanDisk, teaming up to reflect the speed of Ducati motorcycles in Flash memory products. Along with the USB drives are CompactFlash and SD cards branded with the Ducati colors, but of course must keep their original shapes. Speed is the name of the game with this line of Flash Memory as the 4GB USB drive shows off a 20MB/second read and write speed, which is the fastest that SanDisk currently has …

USB Fan Blows You Off

Posted in Concepts,USB by Chetz on July 16th, 2007

Capsule USB Fan conceptIf you are looking for ways to beat the heat as you slave away in front of your workstation we’re here to tempt you with things that you can’t get just yet. What you’re looking at is a USB capsule fan that can be carried around in your pocket, a proposed design that we saw floating around on the web.

Snap off the plastic top, connect the fan into a free USB port, attach the device to your monitor or use the base to position it somewhere on your desk and then have some cool air blow at you as the mini fans oscillate back and forth. It’s a great idea and we especially love the compact design of the device. There’s no other details for this invention or whether it’s being actively pushed by its inventor(s) but it’s something that we would definitely …

Kingston DataTraveler 100 retracts

Posted in Kingston,Storage,USB by Nino Marchetti on July 16th, 2007

Kingston DataTraveler 100Kingston Technology is looking to put its own little spin on USB drives by offering up a new series sporting a retractable USB connector. The Kingston DataTraveler 100 line ranges in size from 1GB to 8GB and is priced from $19 to $116.

The Kingston DataTraveler 100 USB drives have a “thumb-action” slide set on the side of the drive that is used for retracting and protracting the USB connector in a single handed operation. This retractable design reduces the drive’s overall size, making it easier for transport.

Ion Audio debuts new USB turntables

Posted in Digital Audio,MP3,USB by Nino Marchetti on July 16th, 2007

Ion Audio iTTUSB10 USB turntableIon Audio gets how important it is to back up your vinyl collection to a digital format. The company announced today two new USB turntables designed to help convert your LPs into MP3s.

The Ion Audio iTTUSB05 ($150) and iTTUSB10 ($250) turntables come with a USB port for single-cable connection to a Mac or PC and allow for playing albums while at the same time copying them. Both come with software for copying music off the vinyls, including a program for converting tracks directly to iTunes. Other features of the new USB turntables include dust covers to protect the record, stylus and slip mat; built-in pre-amps eliminating the need for an audio receiver with phono-in jack; integrated RCA cables; and 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM playback speeds.

USB Powered Vacuum Cleaner

Posted in USB,Vacuum by Reuben Drake on July 15th, 2007

USB powered vacuum cleanerWhen it’s time to do a little cleaning around the cubical on your annual office clean-out day or just when things are getting a little too messy you can pull out this handy little USB powered vacuum cleaner and go to work. It’s completely USB powered and plenty small enough to fit in just about any desk drawer. The end looks like some type of crevice tool to get narrow spaces and corners and it comes with a brush attachment to get all those crumbs and dust out of your keyboard.

This could also be handy to clean the dust out of your computer case as a nice alternative to the can of compressed air that shoots dust everywhere. You can pick yourself up a little USB vacuum cleaner at FunUSB for $12.

Brando USB Can Cooler/Warmer

Posted in Coolers,USB by Reuben Drake on July 14th, 2007

USB can cooler and warmer from BrandoIt appears that finding a good and efficient cooling mechanism for a single canned beverage at your desk is a little hard to come by. We’ve seen the little USB Mini Fridge and that little “cold plate“, but neither can get anything real cold, real fast.

This USB Can Cooler and Warmer from Brando looks like a noble attempt but its unclear just how good of a job of warming or cooling it really does. It’s completely USB powered which is nice and it can warm things up to what appears to be 65 degrees, which really isn’t too warm, unless that means 65 degrees above the room temp. Same with the cooling which says it can drop the temp of your can up to 20 degrees below the room temperature, so if its 85 in your room again we’re …