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Nerf Maverick Six-Shooter Sidearm

Posted in Toys by Reuben Drake on June 20th, 2007

Nerf Maverick sidearm six-shooterBoasting unparalleled accuracy in the realm of foam, suction-cup darts this Nerf Maverick sidearm gives you more than a fighting chance in any inter-office skirmishes. It hold six rounds of the foam ammo and will fire them off in rapid succession. Check out the ThinkGeek FPS video below to see the true power of the Nerf Maverick in action:

Remote Controlled Floating Water Cannon

Posted in Toys by Darrin Olson on June 18th, 2007

Remote controlled floating water cannonYou can add a little strategy to your in-pool battles with this remote controlled water cannon. It can be directed from up to 40 feet away and can launch a stream of water up to 20 feet. Dual Kort nozzles propel the rechargeable battery powered device to make tight turns and the cannon will elevate and lower its angle to get the right trajectory.

It comes in colors of yellow and orange which each run on different frequencies and sells for about $130. The remote controller is waterproof as well for complete in-water operation. If only there were a way to attach it to a large bottle of your favorite beverage and you could have a nice portable, remote-controlled drink dispenser… I love summer.


Walkie Bits turtles are kinda cool

Posted in Toys by Reuben Drake on June 16th, 2007

Walkie bits turtleAt first glance these little Takara Walkie Bits turtles that crawl around your desk look like just another silly little toy, but they may actually be a little sillier than you originally thought. Packed into the tiny case is a tiny bit of intelligence that allows these turtles to interact with you and with each other. While we here at the Brick are a little too tough and manly to be interested in colorful little turtle toys we thought someone out there might be, but not us ’cause we’re, ummm… really like manly.

With that said, the Walkie Bits turtle can simply walk and make unique sounds effects as it wags its head and tail back and forth as it goes but by pressing its shell it can do a little more. The tiny turtle can remember a pattern of up to 15 taps by pressing …

More Than Meets the Eye

Posted in Toys,Transformers by Chetz on June 4th, 2007

Spy Shot 6 Transformers as a cameraIn one month the mega-budget live-action “Transformers” movie will finally be upon us. Some are already calling it the biggest movie of the summer even though “Spider-Man 3” and the new “Pirates of the Caribbean” are making oodles of money at theaters right now.

Hasbro, the owners of the toy line that started the whole thing off, are cashing in on the buzz surrounding the movie by releasing not just a line of movie tie-in toys but also a wave of mini-Transformers that harken back to the days when all Transformers fans had to watch of their Autobots and Decepticons were weekday afternoon cartoons.

Transformers Spy Shot 6 as a robotFor a measly $6.99 you can pick up a Transformer that changes into a digital camera, Game Boy, camcorder, cell phone, MP3 player or binoculars. For those of …