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R/C Snooper robot is a spy

Posted in R/C Toys,Robots,Toys by Conner Flynn on December 31st, 2007

R/C Snooper robot is a spy

This six wheeled r/c Snooper Robot is kinda cute, but I’m scared because the color scheme is that of a stormtrooper. This is exactly the kind of little robot that would listen in on your conversations and report to Darth Vader. It can transmit them to up 150 feet away to the listening receiver. Though, I’m skeptical about how stealthy this thing is, despite the fact that they say it can enter a room undetected.

The controller allows the user to steer the robot left, right, forward and reverse. The vehicle measures 23 cm Long x 25 cm tall to tip of antenna x 10 cm wide. With this little guy, you’ll always be in the know and secrets will be a thing of the past. Get all kinds of dirt on your siblings and rule through fear. All thanks to your little unethical stormtrooper-like buddy. He’s available for about $80 USD.

Giant r/c Mario Kart racer “Lets-a-go!”

Posted in Nintendo,R/C Toys,Toys by Conner Flynn on December 31st, 2007

Giant r/c Mario Kart racer

If you’re a huge fan of Mario,(who’s not?) you’ll want to put away your Mario Kart slot car set and order yourself this giant Mario Kart racer pronto. It’s yet another way to bring the game into real-space and bring back memories of the N64. Mario and his Kart are over 12″ long and feature various sound effects from the game. Which is probably a good thing, since your cat will have some warning as Mario speeds down your hallway. You wouldn’t want Mario to run over Fluffy and spin out like he hit a banana peel.

Comes with a Nintendo GameCube style controller with five functions: Right, Left, Forward, Reverse and Turbo. Runs on 1 9V Battery and 8 AA Batteries. Check out a somewhat dorky video of it in action here. You can buy one online for $49.99.

Slip sliding “Risky Business” fun on your carpet

Posted in Home,Toys by Conner Flynn on December 28th, 2007

Carpet skates for sliding action

Cue classic Bob Seger song. Put on your shades. Have your fake mic ready. Then do the “Risky Business” slide and be just like Tom Cruise…On your carpet.

Sliding is easy with socks and a smooth floor. It’s damn near impossible on carpet. Thanks to the carpet skates from fun slides, it’s easy to slide across a carpet with ease. In fact, this puts an entirely new spin on indoor horseplay. Think of all the trouble you can get into. Think of all the breakables. The skates have a friction resistant and foam foot grip. Just strap them onto your shoes and slide with ease. They come in 6 colors. Just $19.99.

Life Bank ties your wealth to a virtual family

Posted in Home,Toys by Conner Flynn on December 27th, 2007

Save money with Life Bank

It’s hard to save money these days, no matter the size of your family. Plus there’s all those cool gadgets to buy. You could use some help, right? What if your families wealth was tied into that of a virtual family? Would you let them suffer or share the wealth with them? The virtual family in question lives inside Jinsei Ginko (“Life Bank”) and they start off in relatively modest conditions.

As you add money to the bank, their lives get better, progressing through milestones like marriage and (if you provide enough coin) to a life of luxury. Presumably it will be pretty damn sweet for them until you decide to empty the bank. Poor virtual fools. You are a vicious and petty God.

Doctor Who R/C voice command Dalek

Posted in R/C Toys,Robots,Sci-Fi,Toys by Conner Flynn on December 26th, 2007

Doctor Who R/C voice command Dalek

I wish I had known about this one before Christmas. I would have put it under the tree for myself. He would be a great companion to the Dalek Web-cam or K-9 remote controlled dog. As any Doctor Who fan knows, Daleks are out to destroy all life in the universe and generally hover around saying “Exterminate. Exterminate.”, before firing lasers at you and sending you to the great beyond, despite the fact that their arms are basically an egg whisk and a sink plunger.

This remote controlled Dalek is a foot and a half tall and able to track moving objects. Plus, you can direct him by radio control. The best part is that he responds to over 30 voice commands. He comes loaded with sound, movement and heat sensors, a bunch of sound and light effects, and his memory stores over 50 Dalek phrases. He’ll cost you about $180 but when you consider that this is probably the best R/C dalek ever, that’s a fair price.

Yujin Kaomiji cell phone emoticon toys

Posted in Mobile Accessories,Toys by Conner Flynn on December 26th, 2007

Yujin Kaomiji cell phone emoticon toys

Yujin has just released these Japanese cell phone emoticon toys and they are possibly the cutest ever. If you are looking for an after Christmas gift to give to yourself, these are as geeky as you are likely to get. Use them in your e-mail exchanges and they will laugh hysterically, cry, go into rages and more. With a combination of letters, symbols, slashes. and dashes, they produce a wide variety of expressions and emotions.

Take a look at this video here, for some cuteness overload. You are bound to go into a coma after seeing this slightly creepy cartoon. Fans of Japanese toys will love these and they are nice and cheap. You can get them for about .90 cents U.S.

Track racing grannies slot car set

Posted in Humor,Toys by Conner Flynn on December 26th, 2007

Track racing grannies slot car set

Track Racing Grannies. Or as I like to call it Geriatric Kart racing. If you ever wanted to pit two elderly knitting machines against one another in a nail-biting slot car race, here’s your chance to see what happens. The only way this could possibly get any better is if they said things like, “Just a minute, let me count my change.” or if there were a few more “cars” on the track like old coots in rocking chairs maybe and nurses.

Basically, Edna and Betty are ready to race in their wheelchairs and on occasion careen off the track due to your need for speed. Each granny has an individual speed controller and the set will require 4 x AA Batteries (not included). The track measures 64.5 x 48 cm.

Rechargeable RC Beetle Battle is strange fun

Posted in Toys by Conner Flynn on December 19th, 2007

Rechargeable RC Beetle Battle is strange fun

Real live Beetle battling has been big in Asia for some time. Here in the states, not so much. It must be because it’s hard to train beetles. Yoko Ono tends to distract at least one of them. These RC beetles have 4 degrees of movement and can even lift up to try to flip their enemy.

You get 1 beetle per pack, with a training target for practice. The remote takes 4 AA batteries and will also charge your beetle. The contenders weigh in at 50 x 90 x 145mm. Just imagine all of the fun you will have as you try to rise to the top of the Fake Insect Fighting league or FIF. “John has Ringo on the ropes. What’s this? Paul has entered the ring illegally. Have you ever seen a pincher hold so effective?”

The USB exercise mouse tests your typing speed

Posted in Toys,USB by Conner Flynn on December 10th, 2007

USB exercise mouse

We’ve all seen mice running round and round on their treadmill in cages. This is a similar concept. But in this case the mouse is fake and it peddles on an exercise bike instead of running wildly in a circular carousel. Just plug this little guy into your USB port and the faster you type, the faster he pedals. The speed is displayed on an LCD display screen

This is a fun way to improve your typing speed. Just don’t make it your life’s goal to turn this guy into Lance Armstrong. And try not to abuse him too much. I can see great office competitions, as people vie for the fastest speeds.

Mario Kart gets the slot car treatment

Posted in Nintendo,Toys by Conner Flynn on December 7th, 2007

Mario Kart Slot Car Set

Now you can play Mario Kart in the real world away from your screen and in slot car form. The set includes 2 cars, a transformer, straights, curves, narrowing set, 2 hand controllers, guardrails and spare contact brushes, guide keels plus a track link.

Race Mario’s B-Dasher against Wario’s Brute on twenty feet of track. This should be a fun way to enjoy the classic game in a whole different way. I can only assume that more cars are forthcoming, since racing Mario against Wario could get boring after awhile. Some of us prefer Toad’s well balanced ride. This is a great fun concept. I’m surprised it’s taken them this long to bring it to market.

Snow Chuck gives you an arm

Posted in Outdoors,Toys by Reuben Drake on December 7th, 2007

Snow Chuck makes snowballs and throws themAlthough it’s likely to lead to some sort of trouble, this snowball making and throwing toy could make a normal kid rival that of Buddy the Elf. We’ve seen plenty of salad tong-looking devices that will make snowballs but not many of them will help you make them and launch them. The extended arm gives more reach to increase your throwing speed and distance, but not necessarily your accuracy.

The Snow Chuck has a scoop on the end that helps you scoop up some snow, pack it into a ball and then throw it, all without getting your hands in it. The plastic snow thrower retails for just under $10. Imagine the threat a person could be with one in each hand.

Let It Snow executive sandbox

Posted in Office Gadgets,Toys by Conner Flynn on December 4th, 2007

Let It Snow executive sandbox

Let’s say you’re trapped in the office, but you would rather be out playing in the snow. Well, you can’t just say screw the job and go make snow angels. Better yet, what if you live in a climate where you don’t get snow at Christmas time? Worse still, what if you live in the year 2587 and global warming has made it so that you will never have a white Christmas again?

The Let It Snow Executive Sandbox has the cure for what ails ya. Just play in the snow right at your desk. Snowmen, sleds, shovels, a tree…this sandbox has it all. You’ll be singing Frosty The Snowman in no time. And if you crank up the AC, your fingertips might just get frost bit. This is alot of winter cheer for the low price of $9.99.

Star Wars rubber ducks put the force in your tub

Posted in Humor,Star Wars,Toys by Conner Flynn on November 30th, 2007

Pond Wars Ducks

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water.(And just when you thought it was safe to assume that there were no original Star Wars/toy ideas left) You’ll have some bathtime fun with these strange Pond Wars ducks from a galaxy far far away.

You can get Luke Pondwalker, Pondtrooper, Duck Fader, or Princess Layer. What? No Obi-Quack Kenobi? They light up in a strange way when in contact with water and automatically switch off when out of the water. This may not be exactly how George Lucas envisioned things, but you can get them for £6.95 each.

USB Christmas tree

Posted in Toys,USB by Chetz on November 27th, 2007

usb-christmas-tree.jpgHow do you spruce up your office space around the holidays? Is there a Christmas tree in the lobby of your building? Christmas lights hung down the corridors with care? Are there paper cut-outs of snowflakes adorning the windows? Screw that. You want to show off your holiday flair the 21st century way using your knowledge of all things tech, right? And if you want to be the envy of your department then the easiest way to do it is by getting your own USB Christmas tree.

This 6-inch tall clear plastic sign of merriment plugs into your computer’s USB port via its 40-inch cord. Upon feeding it power the tree will instantly light up and begin to cycle through an array of festive colors, instantly brightening up a corner of your desk with its cascading glow. Best of all it’s easy to put away when the holidays have gone; disassembly time is roughly 10 seconds or less.

Doctor Who R/C K9 robot dog companion

Posted in R/C Toys,Robots,Toys by Conner Flynn on November 22nd, 2007

Doctor Who R/C K9 robot dog companion

K-9 The ultimate robot dog companion. Maybe it’s just me, but I have always had a special place in my heart for K-9. There have been many a robot dog to come onto the market, but none are nearly as cool as K-9. And he was built in the late 70′s.

You can now own this 1/4 Scale replica of the Doctor Who robot dog. He can speak 7 different phrases, has an extendable Nose Blaster(Which has blaster firing sound effects), a removable side panel as well as lights in side panel and on back. His ears even wiggle when he moves and of course his eye unit lights up. As far as batteries, he uses 4 AA and a 9V. Check out a neat video of K-9 in action here, kicking the butts of some evil R/C Dalek robots.