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The Force is With the Post Office

Posted in Stamps,Star Wars by Chetz on March 30th, 2007

Star Wars Stamps from the US Post OfficeOn May 25 it will have been 30 years since the first “Star Wars” film opened in theaters and amazed audiences worldwide with its fantastic special effects, sweeping epic story and imaginative visions of droids, aliens and Dark Lords of the Sith. To commemorate the anniversary the United States Postal Service will sell a sheet of 15 41-cent stamps showcasing some of the unforgettable characters from all six “Star Wars” films.

The painted artwork has been designed by Drew Struzan, the illustrator behind the posters for the three prequels as well as the special edition versions of the classic trilogy. The “Star Wars” stamp sheet will go on sale at post office outlets on May 25.

The post office has launched a website where the public can vote on their favorite stamp from the 15 until May 23. The …