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i.Sound tries to chill with Ice Speakers

Posted in Speakers by Nino Marchetti on January 15th, 2009

i.Sound Ice Speakers

Some interesting looking new portable speakers were on display from i.Sound last week at the Consumer Electronics Show. The Ice Speakers price around $40 and are available now.

The Ice Speakers are designed to work with any audio device which uses a 3.5mm audio jack. These speakers are housed in crystallized PC plastic and provide an interesting look alternative to traditional computer speakers. They also glow with blue LED lights when in use.

New high end PC speakers from Sony

Posted in Speakers by Conner Flynn on January 12th, 2009

New high end PC speakers from SonySony introduces a new high-end PC speaker line-up with superior sound quality. The design is pretty interesting too. One of the high-end PC speakers is the SRS-DF30, which is a 2.1 Speaker for your PC with a built-in FM Radio Tuner. Other models include the SRS-D25, SRSZ50 and SRS-Z100.

The slim size Sony SRS-Z50 is a pair of speakers that feature a bass reflex duct, while the three-way SRS-Z100 speakers feature bass boost. The Sony SRS-D25 2.1 speaker system sports a subwoofer for strong bass.

Yorozu Audio universal speaker kit

Posted in Speakers by Conner Flynn on December 17th, 2008

Yorozu Audio universal speaker kitThe Yorozu Audio universal speaker kit asks, “Got milk?” And if you do, you too can have this speaker. In fact, you can turn just about anything lying around into a speaker. This device relies on a vibrating sonic transducer that takes audio from your portable media player or sound system, then sends it to an attached inanimate object.

It’s all about resonance, but don’t expect great audio. It will cost you $56.30 to impress all your milk drinking friends, but if you ask me it just looks like a fancy heart monitor for dairy products.

Jamo A 804 wall-mounted speaker

Posted in Speakers by Conner Flynn on December 16th, 2008

Jamo A 804 wall-mounted speakerJamo has announced the A 804 wall-mounted speaker. The A 804 will help you out by not having to buy separate home theater audio components when one model will do it all for you, with good performance in a slim speaker.

The A 804 sports a contemporary design that will match most flat panel TV’s. It can be mounted horizontally and vertically, so it works well as a center channel or a front left or right, even rear surround speaker. Under the hood, the A 804 shows off Danish audio design. The .75-inch silk-dome tweeter featuring Jamo’s proprietary WaveGuide technology makes for clean, clear highs, while the 4.5-inch midrange and two 4.5-inch woofers provide stirring midrange and deep bass.

Cuckoo clock speaker rocks you out of bed

Posted in Speakers by Conner Flynn on December 9th, 2008

Cuckoo clock speaker rocks you out of bedImagine waking up to this thing blaring out tunes. Designed by French artist Stephane Vigny, the loudspeaker clock pretty much does what you’d expect it to do. It just does it without a cuckoo bird.

When the appropriate time comes, the doors flip open, the bottom woofer extends out and music is played loudly as you are shocked awake and take a hammer to the thing. It will wake up even the deepest of sleepers. I’ve never had the pleasure of waking up to this monstrosity and already I want this concept dead.

I-Dog KISS Kollection

Posted in Speakers by Conner Flynn on December 7th, 2008

I-Dog KISS KollectionSo you are a member of that ultra elite rocking corp, known as the KISS army. You watch Gene Simmons’ show and you feel required to buy any and all merchandise. Feast your eyes on this little monstrosity. It’s the Demon from the I-Dog KISS Kollection. This little guy will rock all night and party every day, never taking off his make-up.

This portable KISS pooch plays back music through his built-in speaker or your headphones. He’ll also entertain you with colorful electronic lights, expressive movements and sounds based on the music you play. Sadly, his tongue won’t roll out and hit the floor, before assaulting your girlfriend.

Harion Glass Speakers for $168,000

Posted in Speakers by Conner Flynn on November 30th, 2008

Harion Glass Speakers for $168,000If you are looking to drop a ton of dough on speakers, it should probably be on speakers that you won’t drop and shatter in a million pieces. These Harion speakers are made of Heat-resistant glass and are pretty sweet looking despite their fragile nature. They’ll cost you $168,000.

You get a center speaker, a sub woofer, a couple of tweeters and mid-range speakers. It took three years, eight months and 23 subcontractors to dekiver a finished product. Which probably explains the cost. No word on what they sound like, but we have an idea. We’re guessing they sound like any other glass that’s ever hit the floor, followed by you weeping and wondering why, dear God, why did you have to pay so much for something so fragile?

The new I-Dog is a speaker you can cuddle with

Posted in Speakers by Conner Flynn on November 17th, 2008

The new I-Dog is a speaker you can cuddle with
Burns: “Gentlemen we can rebuild him. We can make him cuddlier in shades of white, blue and pink that should appeal to teen girls.”

Smithers: “Yes, these teen girls…Their parents have money. We’ll be giving them the exact same product. It’s just wearing a snuggly jacket”

Burns: “Damn if that’s not a perfect way of introducing ‘something new’ during this economic crisis. Get on it right away”

Smithers: “One thing sir. How should we handle the marketing?”

Burns: “Let the blogs take care of that.”

Smithers: “Brilliant as always sir.”

Best Buy’s holiday gift cards are also speakers

Posted in Speakers by Conner Flynn on November 11th, 2008

Best Buy’s holiday gift cards are also speakersBest Buy isn’t content to let Target get away with unique gift cards this holiday season. That’s why their gift cards for the holidays will double as speakers with a 3.5mm hookup. This way you can rock out while contemplating what to buy with your card.

Is it gimmicky? Sure. Will suckers fall for it? Enough will bite to make them happy they thought of it. And if it takes batteries like Target’s new gift card/camera, they might really make out great. The question is, how muc does it cost them to produce these cards? Bottom line, even though it’s gimmicky, it beats a wool shirt from grandma. Check out a cheesy video below.

Universal iPod/iPhone speaker from Maxell

Posted in Speakers by Conner Flynn on November 4th, 2008

Universal Apple speaker from MaxellMaxell Japan has just released a successor to the MXSP-1000 cradle speaker for all of Apple’s DAPs. It measures in at 425mm x 75mm x 61mm and weighs 630grams. This latest MXSP-1100 is compatible with all versions of the iPod and iPhone and offers an output of 2 x 4.2Watts with a frequency response of 80Hz to 20kHz. It doesn’t look half bad. No word on pricing just yet.

3-in-1 USB Speaker sports cool Trek looks

Posted in Speakers by Conner Flynn on October 28th, 2008

3-in-1 USB Speaker sports cool Trek looksThose who have been trying to make their desks look like Spocks science station will like this one. Plus you’re getting three gadgets in one; a speaker, a 4-port USB hub and a digital alarm clock with 12 or 24 hour mode.

Some other functions include a Loudspeaker, Blue Color Back Light, Speaker On/Off Switch and Volume Control, Built-in Audio Jack to connect to PC, MP3/MP4, iPod/iPhone or other audio device with 3.5mm audio jack. It uses 4 AAA Batteries. The only thing missing is Spock’s “Disk” wafers to load into it. Only $17.99. It might just impress Uhura in the next cubicle.


Headphonies are cute 3 inch portable speakers

Posted in Speakers by Conner Flynn on October 27th, 2008

Headphonies are cute 3 inch portable speakersIf you need some friends for your desk to help you crank out the tunes, check these little guys out. These limited edition Headphonies are cute and eye-catching. The set includes 5 figures created by different artists and 2 blank versions that you can do up yourself any way you like.

You might expect that the sound wouldn’t be too good with such little speakers, but people who have heard them are saying that they are “surprisingly good.” Each vinyl speaker will be sold in 500 to 1000 limited quantities beginning on November 30th. Thankfully, they won’t break the bank at only $30 apiece

Trace Audio Helmet with speakers

Posted in Speakers by Conner Flynn on October 8th, 2008

Trace Audio Helmet with speakersIf you’re in the market for a helmet that will protect your head while pumping out the tunes, the R.E.D. Protection Trace Audio Helmet features DJ-quality low profile-speakers. It can connect to your iPod or other Mp3 player.

The helmet itself features an injected ABS shell, removable Goggle Clip, removable Goggle Gasket, and front vent plugs. And it’s not stylish at all for $90, though it does come in black or white. Hopefully having speakers in your helmet won’t distract you enough to land you in the hospital, but if does at least you’ll have tunes while waiting on the ambulance.

Klipsch, Best Buy team on new speakers

Posted in Speakers by Nino Marchetti on October 8th, 2008


Best Buy is teaming with home audio speaker manufacturer Klipsch to distribute exclusively a line of the latter’s speakers. It is the latest five-model Icon V Series and prices range from around $280 to $950.

The Klipsch Icon V Series consists of two floorstanders (VF-36 and VF-35) and single bookshelf (VB-15), center channel (VC-25) and surround (VS-14) models. These speakers were developed in part based upon feedback from Best Buy’s employees and customers about wanting “superior, value-priced sound in the lifestyle speaker category.”

Midnight Mexico Minigod speakers

Posted in Speakers by Conner Flynn on October 5th, 2008

Midnight Mexico Minigod speakersWe told you about the Minigod speakers awhile back. They’re an excellent way to worship sound and should you have a spare virgin or two lying about, they will gladly accept sacrifices. Not that you can actually find a virgin. More likely you’ll have to get yourself a small volcano to complete the theme. Marka27 is back with some new Minigod speakers. A limited edition of the Midnight Mexico Minigod speaker.

These are 2 inches taller then the originals at 17 inches tall. The MG2 will cost you $119.95 and even comes with a bonus mix CD by DJ Plan B. Your Minigod even sports an external AC adapter port so you can play music without batteries. They come in a limited edition of only 200, so get ‘em fast.