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Denon X-SPACE Surround Bar

Posted in Denon,Home Theater,Speakers by Darrin Olson on July 5th, 2007

Denon introduce DHT-FS3 X-SPACE Surround BarDenon’s launched a new surround sound speaker system that they say will produce great quality surround sound without having to run speaker wire through your walls or resort to so-so quality wireless systems.

The Denon DHT-FS3 X-SPACE Surround Bar is a single bar that puts out 150 watts using six speaker drivers and seven digital amplifiers along with a matching shiny black subwoofer to put out the additional base that the bar alone doesn’t. TechDigest is also reporting that Denon will be launching another piece in September to bring WiFi audio streaming to the speaker system, but until then you can get the X-SPACE surround bar for a little over $1400.

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iPod Shuffle Speakers

Posted in iPod Accessories,Shuffle,Speakers by Reuben Drake on July 5th, 2007

iPod Shuffle SpeakersHere’s a nice little set of speakers custom made for the iPod Shuffle. They come in five exact-match colors that the Shuffle comes in and provide a measly .5W output from each, but do allow you to share the music.

These little portable speakers are from a Japanese company called Corega and are custom made to fit the Shuffle connecting through the headphone/data transfer jack. When docked, you can connect to a computer with a USB cable which will also charge the shuffle. The speakers themselves can be powered through the USB connection or through two AAA batteries to make this mini sound system truly portable.

Corega is planning on launching the Shuffle speakers later this month with a sticker price of about $30.

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Creative X-Fi Sound System Z600

Posted in Creative,Speakers by Nino Marchetti on July 3rd, 2007

Creative X-Fi Sound System Z600It looks as if Creative has finally brought one of its nicer looking speaker systems to American shores. The Creative X-Fi Sound System Z600 is priced at around $300.

The Creative X-Fi Sound System Z600 is targeted towards owners of Creative’s Zen Vision:M portable media player. A dock for the player comes as part of the package and is capable of charging the PMP as it plays. Also part of the package are two two-way satellite speakers, each with a large 3.5″ driver and soft dome tweeter, and a 130-watt subwoofer.

iRiver Clix Cradle

Posted in Dock,iRiver,Speakers by Darrin Olson on July 1st, 2007

iRiver Clix CradleCompanies are more often making it easier now to share you music from personal media players with speaker accessories, which I have to say works much better than having to put your heads together and each take an earbud.

This desire to share the sound grows along with more media players that show video since multiple people can watch and naturally would like to hear what’s going on, too. iRiver has a new accessory for the Clix 2 called the iRiver Clix Cradle, and consists of basically little more than an attachable speaker. The Clix Cradle connects directly to the player through a headphone jack and puts out the sound with a 1 watt speaker.

The speaker accessory draws it’s power for an internal, rechargeable battery that can be powered up through a USB connection or from the player itself to deliver around 7 hours of …

Altec Lansing Delivers Wireless Speakers

Posted in Altec Lansing,Speakers by Nino Marchetti on June 28th, 2007

Altec Lansing Wireless Speakers PT8051Altec Lansing looks to be going more high end with its speaker systems via today’s unveiling of the Powered Theater Series. Two wireless models make up this new line – the two-speaker PT8051 ($1,000) and the one-speaker PT7031 ($600).

Both wireless speaker packages take the form of nice looking bar-style speakers. They are designed to match the look of flat panel televisions. The PT8051 supports Dolby and DTS listening modes and is capable of providing surround sound through left, center and right channels within one front speaker as well as left and right channels included in a rear speaker.

Cuby iPod Shuffle Dock / Speakers

Posted in Dock,iPhone Accessories,Shuffle,Speakers by Darrin Olson on June 26th, 2007

Cuby dock and speakers for the second generation iPod ShuffleMeasuring only 59mm tall and weighing 95 grams, a Japanese company has come up with a dock that can match the second generation iPod shuffle in its tiny-ness.

The Cuby dock will hold the iPod shuffle similar to how its standard dock connects through the headphone jack where it can charge the iPod sync up files via a USB connection. The dock also has two tiny speakers putting out 0.5 watts. The Cuby from Princeton will retail for around $33 in Japan and is expected to be available sometime in July.

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Cuby iPod Shuffle dock from Princeton

iPod Bicycle Speaker/Dock

Posted in Dock,iHome,iPod Accessories,Outdoors,Speakers by Chris Weber on June 26th, 2007

iH85B iPod Bicycle Speaker for iPodiH85B iPod speaker/dock for bikes with mounting bracket and remoteThe iH85B iPod speaker/dock from iHome is a water resistant, impact resistant cylinder that houses your iPod to mount onto your bike to enjoy your music through a built-in speaker on the go.

Slide the iPod speaker chamber apart and the iPod fits snugly inside the center where it’s protected from the elements while still outputting sound through a speaker in the end of the device. Special inserts accommodate the different sizes of iPods, and a cap protects the speaker when not in use and can be mounted on the bottom of the cylinder during playback.

The speaker/dock also includes a disc-shaped wireless remote control that fits into the other end of the cylinder when not being used, to easily manage playback while riding. Both the iPod bike speaker and remote control …

TravelSound Zen Stone Speakers

Posted in Creative,Speakers by Darrin Olson on June 24th, 2007

TravelSound Zen Stone Speakers for sharing musicCreative has added an equally stylish way to share the music from their new Zen Stone Plus media player with these TravelSound Zen Stone speakers.

They’re a small hand-sized portable speaker set with a dock built-in that custom fits the Zen Stone and the Zen Stone Plus using micro-drivers to deliver a decent sound to hear your music without headphones. The speakers run on 2 AAA batteries for up to 21 hours which is cool but the Zen Stone players themselves run only 9-10 hours. The speakers also have the ability to run without the batteries at a lower volume level and include a flip-out stand to hold the player upright. The Zen Stone speakers are expected to be available in July retailing for $69 in colors of black or white.

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Plug and Play Wireless Speaker System

Posted in Concepts,Speakers by Chetz on June 21st, 2007

Plug and play wireless speaker system conceptThe wireless revolution isn’t fully here just yet. When the day finally arrives that you don’t need to hook up your stereo, DVD player, TV and computer in a Monster Cable circuit the government should immortalize the moment by making it a national holiday.

One design firm that sees that day coming is Per Brickstad, makers of the Plug & Play wireless speaker system. The design borrows from minimalist movement and features a transparent speaker system so you can show off the color of your wall underneath the item. The cooler feature is that you can plug in any audio device, be it your mobile phone, MP3 player or computer via one of the connectors and the stream music wirelessly to the speaker. There is also a LCD display in the speaker unit which can show song info just in case you …

Beatmix Bumblebee Speaker

Posted in Speakers,Transformers by Reuben Drake on June 10th, 2007

Beatmix Bumblebee Speaker for iPod moves and flashes lightsSimilar to gadgets like the iDog, iFish and the I-CY Penguin, Sharper Image has moving and flashing robot, Transformers-style with the Beatmix Bumblebee Speaker. Connect the Beatmix Bumblebee to your iPod or other MP3 player and it moves its arms, flaps its wings and its eyes lights up bright. It also plays some music back to you distinctive of sounds from the Transformers movie.

Bumblebee is one of the main characters in the 2007 Transformers movie set to premier July 4th. This “dancing” speaker stands about 10″ tall, runs on batteries and goes for $59.99.

Podxtreme Super Mini Sound Box

Posted in iPod Accessories,Speakers by Nino Marchetti on May 29th, 2007

Podxtreme Super Mini Sound BoxWould you like your iPod or other MP3 player to BOOM? We can’t guarantee this device will do that exactly as the ad claims but the design intrigues us so here we go talking about the Podxtreme Super Mini Sound Box ($30).

The Podxtreme Super Mini Sound Box attaches to the headphone port of your favorite digital audio player. Unlike some portable speakers which draw their power from the attached player the PodXtreme Sound Box has its own built-in rechargeable battery to let you draw upon internal power. This gets what is claimed to be more volume.

The internal battery is joined by an interesting design for bass boost which includes a “secret resonator” and expanded tunnel to create a “deeper bass and richer sound.” We wonder if, based upon the tunnel, the speaker could collapse back into the body of the Sound …

DOC Portable Speaker Dock for iPod nano

Posted in Dock,iPod,Speakers by Darrin Olson on May 20th, 2007

DOC portable speaker dock for iPod nanoWe have to wonder about a lot of the iPod accessories we’ve come across lately, but here’s a handy looking little portable speaker with a built-in dock for 2nd generation iPod nanos. It comes in colors to match the different nano colors (pink, green, black and white), and has a custom-sized dock that fits nicely inside the device while still exposing the navigation controls of the nano.

The DOC speaker dock also has a carrying case and runs on 3 AAA batteries. This portable speaker system appears to be a reasonable solution for those who want portable music without having to wear headphones all time, and it also has a pretty reasonable price. You can pick up the DOC portable speaker dock from Brookstone for $39.99.

via popgadget

HouseParty Blu Blutooth Stereo

Posted in Bluetooth,Dock,Speakers by Chetz on May 14th, 2007

Houseparty Blue Bluetooth speakers and iPod dockWhat you’re looking at is the HouseParty Blu by Gear4, a Bluetooth-enabled stereo speaker system for your portable music player or mobile phone of choice. Just make sure that your media player supports A2DP or V1.2 or, if you’re into that visual style thing, dock your iPod into the top base and you’re all set to play your tunes over the Blu.

Each speaker produces 300 watts of power. There’s also a remote control, an auxiliary line for hooking up a second MP3 player, touch-screen controls on the display, backlighting done with LEDs, and it can charge your iPod while the device is docked. It also helps that the Blu has a nice look to it and would look sharp stationed beside your home entertainment system. $160 or thereabouts will get your own house party started.

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Portable Motion Speakers

Posted in Speakers by Chetz on May 2nd, 2007

eRevolution Portable Motion SpeakerLooking like something out of “The Fifth Element” comes the Portable Motion Speakers from e-Revolution. When you want to adjust the sound level you don’t reach for the volume knob since there isn’t one there; instead you raise your hand up or down and the volume level is raised or lowered accordingly.


It turns out that there’s an integrated motion sensor embedded inside the units that detects your hand movement, but don’t tell your friends that when they see you do it: instead tell them that you’re using your Jedi powers. You can also change the tuner frequency (they pick up FM radio) the same way.

As for that light, it alternates between blue, green and red to give you some mood atmosphere. You can plug and power the 0.7 watt speakers directly to your computer via USB cable or they take 4 …

FX5051 Powered Audio System via PC USB

Posted in Speakers,USB by Chetz on March 10th, 2007

Altec Lansing FX5051 Surround sound speakers via USBIf the thought of owning a tricked out speaker system for your PC but not wanting to shell out for a expensive sound card excites you, Altec Lansing has a plug and play audio system that should sound sweet to your ears.

The FX5051 Powered Audio System has four satellite speakers, a base unit and a center speaker that delivers 5.1 surround sound by connecting directly into your PC’s USB port, then streaming out 6 channels of sound. You also get a headphone jack for those times that you don’t want to share your “Supreme Commander” gaming sessions with the rest of your housemates and jacks to connect to your iPod, MP3 player or CD player. There’s also a wireless remote and control pod which gives you complete command over three volume levels, the bass and treble.

With the sharp …