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Palm Treo 680 Smartphone

Posted in Mobile Phones,Palm,PDAs,Smart Devices by Darrin Olson on October 12th, 2006

Palm Treo 680

Palm has announced the Palm Treo 680 smartphone, a GSM/GPRS/EDGE quad-band world phone with PDA features. The new Treo 680 comes with applications for email, web browsing, messaging, multimedia, calendar, contacts and quite a bit more. The feature set looks quite a bit like the 700p model, exept for the price which is a little less.

Palm is targeting the price savvy who want a more competitive mobile computing device at a more competitive price. With the introduction of this new device Palm plans to reach new users in the growing smartphone and feature-phone markets with the Treo 680.

Palm’s U.S. stores will be offering a GSM version in 4 new colors – crimson, copper, arctic and graphite. For a limited time they will come with a music bundle from Yahoo with a 30-day free trial to its music service.

The Treo 680 …

Samsung Card Phone II

Posted in Mobile Phones,Samsung,Smart Devices by Darrin Olson on October 6th, 2006

Samsung SGH-P310 Card Phone II

Slim like a credit card. Samsung has done a great job of improving their previous Card Phone with the new Card Phone II, which is officially called the Samsung SGH-P310. The distinguishing feature of this mobile phone is obviously it’s thickness, or the lack of thickness, actually. At only 8mm thick, this is a seriously thin phone, and with the new design of a shiny black case it is perfect for travelers who want to have the smooth sharp look with their mobile device.

Aside from the sleek look, the included case that comes with the Samsung SGH-P310 actually adds battery life, and if you really don’t loose too much in the way of features. I would not label this phone as a mobile office, nor would I call it a multimedia phone, but it falls somewhere in between. It has a …

Street Smart Nokia 5200

Posted in Mobile Phones,Nokia,Smart Devices by Chetz on October 5th, 2006

Nokia 5200Nokia says their new 5200 mobile phone has a street smart design, and I have to agree with this one. This phone has a simplistic look that makes it easy to use and straight forward. No excessive bling or anything that will bring on any unnecessary attention. It almost looks like a phone you might use for talking.

Of course, the Nokia 5200 is a new mobile phone that has been recently released, so you know it’s not just for talking. Behind this unassuming exterior is a mobile phone that has all the features you would expect from a phone these days. It covers the big three frequencies (900/1800/1900), so you can go places, lots of places. And it travels well at only 85cc and 92mm tall.

The Nokia 5200 has a VGA camera with 4x zoom, along with a built in landscape camcorder and video …

Twist with the Nokia 3250 XpressMusic

Posted in Mobile Phones,Nokia,Smart Devices by Chetz on October 2nd, 2006

Nokia 3250 XpressMusic

This is what I like to see. Another mobile phone that is breaking the mold. Too much emphasis has been placed on being so thin and it’s nice to see Nokia tout the full-figured look with their 3250 XpressMusic. Another credit to their design ingenuity for not making this phone with a clam shell design, but more so for taking a different angle and making the design so that the base of the phone twists to perform different functions.

In the normal forward mode, the Nokia 3250 operates like a regular phone with the keypad in front for dialing and common functions. Twist the base 90 degrees and you are using the camera to take a picture at 2 megapixels or to record a short video. Turn it the same direction another 90 degrees and the multimedia controls are facing the front to play …

Join the Rabbit Community with Nabaztag

Posted in Robots,Smart Devices by Paul Patterson on September 28th, 2006


Ahhh, what could be more adorable than a little bunny that reads your email?

The Nabaztag is a very curious piece of technology appearing at this week’s DEMOfall 2006 conference. DEMOfall is a showcase of the world’s most promising new technologies and a sneak peek at the future of the technology business.

Nabaztag is the creation from French company Violet. Nabaztag is a 9 inch tall plastic white bunny that connects wirelessly to your home computer network. Some of the bunny’s key features include:

Its ears can spin or move up or down to notify you of incoming e-mail or the rise and fall of stocks.
Read email or news headlines aloud by converting the text to speech.
Announce the current time or play songs from your digital music collection.
Issue a weather report by mean of color lights that glow from inside its belly.
Performs according …

Nokia N75 – The Smaller New Multimedia Computer

Posted in Mobile Phones,Nokia,Smart Devices by Darrin Olson on September 27th, 2006

Nokia N75

As the smallest of the new “multimedia computers” that have been announced recently by Nokia, the N75 mobile phone does not lack in it’s multimedia features. The N75 has a clam shell design with a pretty slick multimedia interface and screen that is viewable and runs when the device is closed, which makes it real handy to navigate music, pictures and video without having to even open it up. The 2 megapixel camera on the Nokia N75 mobile phone has a dedicated button to allow for quick capture of photos, as well.

The N75 also has a web browser built in to support viewing the original format of web pages and can download rss feeds with a reader to allow for reading news and information right on your phone. You can also stay connected with features for setting up email accounts or SMS and MMS. And …

Nokia N95 is Sliding in Large and in Charge

Posted in N95,Nokia,Smart Devices by Chetz on September 27th, 2006

Nokia N95
Here we go. I like to see a little innovation with some different designs in phones. The clam shell is overdone and the slide is so last month.

Nokia has come out with a new multimedia-centric mobile phone called the N95. This phone, although not real large, is not following the slim down trend of many of the other new phones. So what’s the innovation of this phone, you say? It’s the slide. Not only does the Nokia N95 slide open to expose a keypad for dialing, but it slided the opposite direction as well to expose multimedia keys on the other side. Finally a phone that goes both ways. Who would have thought?

Some other key points that makes this phone site large above the rest is it’s 5 megapixel camera, built in WiFi and integrated GPS with built in Map software with over 100 countries. …

The Story of the iLiad

Posted in ebooks,Smart Devices by Paul Patterson on September 22nd, 2006


The iLiad is an electronic reader product from iRex Technologies. The iLiad allows you to read digital content with easy navigation based upon your personal reading behavior. In addition to reading, the iLiad allows you to write comments, mark or underline sections and comment within articles.

Weighing in at just under a pound (390 grams), the iLiad is a very lightweight and mobile device. The footprint of the iLiad is the size of an A5 document (folded letter sized document) with a screen large enough to accommodate most content. The iLiad has been designed for outdoor use including outdoor reading in full sunlight.

The iLiad operates on very low power requirements. You can read for approximately three hours a day for more than one week without recharging the battery.

Content can be delivered to the iLiad through many interfaces including:

USB type A connector for USB memory stick.
CF …

My Name is Mylo

Posted in Digital Audio,Smart Devices,Sony by Paul Patterson on September 21st, 2006

Sony MyloIn an attempt to win over the minds and money of generation Y consumers, Sony released its latest gadget, Mylo. The Mylo is a Web browser, messaging program, wireless phone and digital music player all rolled into a single handheld gizmo.

The Mylo works on any Wi-Fi wireless Internet connection allowing you to surf the web wherever you can find an 802.11b hotspot.

The Mylo weighs in at just over 5 ounces and has a bright 2×1.5 inch backlit screen running at 320×240 resolution. Some of the other key features of the Mylo include:

1GB of internal storage for music, photos and MPEG-4 video files. The Mylo also includes a slot to add a Memory Stick.
Surf the web using Mylo’s Opera Web browser.
Contact friends using Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk or Skype.
Read your Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft email.
The photo browser can interpret JPEG, PNG and BMP …

Motorola Flattens Out with the Q

Posted in Mobile Phones,Motorola,PDAs,Smart Devices by Darrin Olson on September 20th, 2006


Motorola has gone anorexic with the Moto Q SmartPhone. This is a super thin lightweight smart phone that was slightly spread out when it was flattened to allow for a full QWERTY keyboard and a thumb wheel for easy navigation.

The Moto Q runs on Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 with full email integration to sync up all your messages. It has connectivity via Bluetooth and a mini USB connection and works with a variety of Motorola Bluetooth headsets. I also see infrared and 3G internet as wireless ports to the world, but I’m not seeing WiFi. If you are in a city I don’t think this will be a problem, but WiFi is nice to have. Hopefully you are not roaming too close to nowhere either, since analog roaming isn’t making the list.

The Motorola Moto Q has a 1.3 Megapixel camera, and …

HP iPAQ hw6940 Mobile Messenger

Posted in Mobile Phones,PDAs,Smart Devices by Paul Patterson on September 9th, 2006

iPAQ hw6940

HP first introduced the hw6900 Mobile Messenger Series in February at the 3GSM show in Barcelona, Spain but delays prevented the communicator from shipping this summer. Now comes word from HP that the cellular-wireless handheld may finally ship after all.

The 6900 series models look very similar to previous Mobile Messenger offerings. This series features the same 240 x 240 resolution, 64k color display, and a QWERTY thumb-styled keyboard. The big difference in this series is the four types of wireless networking: cellular, GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. This combination is still not commonly found together on smart phones released in the U.S.

iPAQ hw6940 Specifications [HP]

HTC S310 SmartPhone

Posted in Mobile Phones,Smart Devices by Darrin Olson on September 8th, 2006

HTC S310 SmartPhone The HTC S310 SmartPhone from HTC is one of the 4 newest cool gadget devices that they have released recently.

This one isn’t quit as featured as it’s sibling HTC devices but does feature the sought after Quad-Band wireless access. It has a standard keypad to allow one-hand access, but not quite as friendly for typing emails as the qwerty type.

Like the other 3 devices it is being released with, the HTC S310 runs on Windows Mobile 5.0 and allows you to manage contacts and emails. It also has Bluetooth wireless connection and a 1.3 megapixel camera. It has a mini SD card slot for expanded memory to transfer your pictures or music, and the Bluetooth has wirelss stereo for playing the music.

If you are looking for a smart device that doesn’t have all the beef in size and price of a …

HTC S620

Posted in HTC,Mobile Phones,Smart Devices by Darrin Olson on September 8th, 2006

HTC S620This is one of 4 devices that have been release by HTC recently. This one is called the HTC S620.

The S620 has the full qwerty keyboard for fast emailing and IMing. It comes with the Windows Mobile 5.0 and has a big 2.4 inch display that can be switched to landscape mode.

It is another device with Quad-Band access featuring the EDGE technology and has built in WiFi and BlueTooth 2.0. This device is definitely up to speed with all the built in wireless access technology, unlike many similar devices which always seem to have all but one.

It has something HTC calls the HTC JOGGR navigation bar. This is the first device to feature the JOGGR, which is a small touch sensitive bar that is intended to allow one-handed access to navigate applications, which seems to often be difficult to do with any …

BlackBerry Pearl 8100 SmartPhone

Posted in BlackBerry,Mobile Phones,PDAs,Smart Devices by Darrin Olson on September 7th, 2006

BlackBerry PearlResearch In Motion has come out with a new BlackBerry called the Pearl. The Black Pearl sounds familiar, but I cannot imagine pirating has anything to do with this.

Anyway, this smartphone is smaller than BlackBerry’s previous devices, which have been just a little on the bulky side lately compared to similar gadgets, so I guess this was probably due. You can see by the photo that to shrink down the keyboard, there are two letters per button. It has a small “pearl like” trackball navigation that is supposed to set a new standard for a new generation of “ease of use” interfaces.
This ads another quad-band smart device to the list of recently released devices and this one is going exclusively to T-Mobile.

The BlackBerry Peral can handle 10 email accounts and 4 instant messaging (IM) networks with an internal mapping program (no GPS) and …

Palm Treo Adds An X

Posted in Mobile Phones,Palm,PDAs,Smart Devices by Darrin Olson on September 5th, 2006

Palm Treo 700wxPalm has released a new version of the Treo, or at least I think it’s a new version. It looks a lot like the old version to me, but it has an ‘x’ on the end of the name.

One thing that is different for sure, is that you can get this new version through Sprint Nextell instead of the Verizon, which is where you can get the version without the ‘x’.

This new version does have at least one new feature, which is an EvDO high speed connection so that you can use the Treo 700wx as a modem for laptops through a USB connection. It also has double RAM of the 700w, but I think that is it.

Don’t get me wrong, this Treo 700w and Treo 700wx are both awesome smart devices. The both have the Windows Pocket PC OS, 1.3 megapixel …