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Coffee Cup Lock

Posted in Home,Security by Chetz on December 3rd, 2006

Coffee Cup LockSo you get tired of drinking coffee from the tiny Styrofoam cups that they have at work and you bring in your own cup. It can hold more coffee, keeps it warmer longer, and just looks nicer on your desk. One of the subtle things that make your day just a little bit better.

Now, after a week or so you come in to work and cannot find your cup. After searching the office you find it dirty in some conference room. Someone else had actually used your own very special cup. You may contemplate never using it again, throwing it away and just buying another.

All this could have been avoided with this secure coffee cup with a lock in it. No, it does not lock out anyone from getting a hold of the cup, or stop anyone from pouring anything into it. But, …

Orange Stink Balls

Posted in Security by Chetz on November 11th, 2006

Orange Stink BallsThese orange stink balls, pronounced “bohan” in Japanese, are balls filled with stinky orange colored liquid and are used for deterring and catching criminals in Japan.

They come in different colors, but the orange is the most popularly used. They are widely available for purchase online, and are most commonly found in Japanese banks gas stations and convenience store type places, next to each employees station. When someone is caught stealing or engaging and criminal activities, the tellers or attendants at the store will throw these at criminal.

The balls are filled with a thick fluorescent fluid that glows in the dark and stinks like rotting pineapples. The color staining the criminal if hit with one of these balls makes them stand out in a crowd, and the stink will too. Also, police dogs are trained to sniff out this particular oder and associate with …

ZoneAlarm Z100G Router is Complete Security Solution for Home Networks

Posted in Routers,Security by Paul Patterson on November 7th, 2006

ZoneAlarm Z100GZoneAlarm has paired with Check Point to develop the first complete security solution for home networks. The ZoneAlarm Secure Wireless Router Z100G features a firewall, a customizable gateway antivirus solution, an integrated print server, intrusion prevention, and a wireless, remote access point all into one device.

The Z100G includes the same Check Point security technology chosen by 98% of the Fortune 500 companies. In addition, you can enjoy of the freedom of extended range (XR) technology and wander up to 982 ft indoors from your access point. Support for Super G lets you share files at wireless network speeds of up to 108 mbps over your newly secure network. Other features include:

Firewall – Check Point’s patented stateful packet inspection (SPI) technology.
Gateway Antivirus – Blocks viruses before they reach your network.
Remote Access VPN – Enable secure remote access to your home PC using Virtual …

Seagate Adds DriveTrust Security To Notebook Drives

Posted in Hard Drives,Seagate,Security by Darrin Olson on October 30th, 2006

Seagate Momentus Drive with DriveTrust SecurityHave you ever bought a used PC or used hard drive and found someone else’s old data on it? Or worse yet, have you ever sold or lost a hard drive not being completely sure your data was erased before hand? This among other issues requiring an increased level of security has prompted Seagate to unveiled their DriveTrust security software. The technology will come built into the Momentus 5400 FDE.2 and the DB35 series hard drive and will encrypt the data on the drive without requiring external software or hindering the hard drive performance.

There are multiple situations that cause hard drive security to become and important issue, and having the encryption easily and cost-effectively implemented will improve the overall level of security with sensitive information. Everything from your own personal family pictures and financial information to health care organizations …

P903i Mobile Phone Kicks Security Up A Notch

Posted in Mobile Phones,News,Security by Chetz on October 27th, 2006

P903i from NTT DoCoMoA Japanese phone company – NTT DoCoMo – has taken mobile phone security to a new level with it’s new P903i Mobile Phone. The P903i has a couple new, unique and very secure features that are pretty interesting.

The first of the features involve carrying around a small black electronic card that communicates wirelessly with the phone. The phone senses it’s proximity to the card and locks itself if it gets too far away. It then cannot be used to make a call or obtain information at that point. The owner of this extra-secure phone can keep the small card in a purse or pocket so that it is always close. Distances for the mobile phone from the card can be configured for 26 feet, 66 feet or 130 feet away.

If the owner of the phone loses this security card, they can enter …

eEye Digital Security to Offer Free Blink Personal

Posted in Security,Services by Chetz on October 23rd, 2006

eEye Digital Blink PersonaleEye Digital Security has announced the release of it’s Blink Personal software product, which is a free version of its existing Blink endpoint security solution. This product is for use on Windows based PC’s and is free for non-commercial use only. This creates some competition for similar PC security products from companies like Norton and the free version of ZoneAlarm.

What contributes to making the Blink Personal product unique, aside from being free for non-commercial use, is that in a single product it offers a combination of multiple layers of technology that protect against identity theft, worms, trojan horses and other hacker attack methods.

The free eEye Blink Personal product solution contains the following technologies:

A Protocol-based Intrusion Prevention System which stops both known and unknown attacks from reaching your OS.
Application Protection that prevents buffer overflow attacks.
A System Firewall to protect inbound and outbound …

Keep Security under your Thumb with Privaris plusID

Posted in Security by Paul Patterson on October 2nd, 2006

plusIDThe plusID line of secure, wireless devices is dubbed as the world’s first personal biometric fingerprint fobs. The plusID provides secure access to multiple facilities, computers, and networks. Security with biometrics has never been easier, more economical, or widely accepted.

The plusID works with select off-the-shelf logical access / single sign-on software applications, and can be easily configured to support one-time password functionality. The plusID can be added to existing physical and logical security environments with no changes to installed infrastructure.

plusID [Privaris]

Doberman Bag Protector – 100 Decibels

Posted in Security by Darrin Olson on September 14th, 2006

Doberman Bag Protector This security gadget is called the Doberman Bag Protector and is used as a security alarm to protect items from theft, such as a computer bag, backpack or anything else you hook it to.

The Doberman Bag Protector was recently featured on HGTV and is a small lightweight security device weighing only 105 grams, is only 9″ long, water resistant and comes in blue or orange.

The Bag Protector works by a dual triggered alarm. You set the alarm or deactivate it using the keypad on the front with a special code that you set. The Bag Protector alarm has a motion sensor that will sound if it is moved in any way for a predetermined number of seconds. The alarm will also occur if the pin is pulled that connects the alarm to the bag attachment.

The Doberman Bag Protector emits it’s security …