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BigDog Quadruped Robot

Posted in Robots by Chetz on November 16th, 2006

BigDog Quadruped RobotBoston Dynamics has some pretty cool robots designed primarily for military type purposes, but their flag-bot design is the called the BigDog.

The BigDog is a gas powered quadruped that is about 1 meter long, weighs 75 Kg and can carry 120 pounds of cargo at 3.3 mph and climb a 35 degree slope. When “running” it looks kind of like two guys facing each other carrying a long pack, and it continually “trots” to keep it’s balance. It can navigate through rugged, muddy and snowy terrain and keep itself from getting into a jam. It can also take some external blows without losing it’s balance.

The 4 legged robot has an on-board computer that controls it’s movement through servo motors and sensors to maintain direction, balance and make decisions about moving through it’s terrain. It even can absorb energy back from steps to make …

iRobot Dirt Dog has some Neat Tricks

Posted in Home,iRobot,Robots by Quagmire on October 18th, 2006

iRobot Dirt DogiRobot released a new model to its line vacuuming robots. The iRobot Dirt Dog can be commanded to clean your garage by sweeping under workbenches, cars and other hard-to-reach places. This friendly Dog picks up all the nasty debris such as: nuts, bolts, dirt, and any other fragments from your shop floor.
Dirt Dog Features
The Dirt Dog sports high-speed, counter-rotating brushes to keep your workspace clean. The specially designed brushes sweep up dirt and debris that clings to rough surfaces. Cleanup is easy as the Dirt Dog features an easy-to-empty oversized Bagless Debris Bin which means there are no bags to worry about.

The Dirt Dog is powered by a 14.4 Volt Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery which can be fully charged in seven hours.

The Dirt Dog uses the iRobot AWARE Robot Intelligence System, Stair Avoidance System. Stair Avoidance System to keep your faithful …

Yeah, I’d Do Her

Posted in Robots by Chetz on October 9th, 2006

Actroid Der2So she’s a robot, there’s some advantages.

This is actually an Actroid Der2 from Kokoro in Japan. They specialize in animatronics and robots and rent out these actroids for “special events”.

They have various types of actroid robots and animatronics aside from hot females, and use them for shows and productions. The site describes and rents out a “working girl” robot that is described as “Elegant, feminine, and lively at times…”. You can choose from different costumes including a business suit, nurse, maid and traditional japanese clothing.

This actroid, fembot type robot from Kokoro has lifelike skin made of silicone, has facial expressions, talks and can move it’s limbs and torso. The actroid rents for around $700 a night day.

FemBot Rental [Kokoro]

Join the Rabbit Community with Nabaztag

Posted in Robots,Smart Devices by Paul Patterson on September 28th, 2006


Ahhh, what could be more adorable than a little bunny that reads your email?

The Nabaztag is a very curious piece of technology appearing at this week’s DEMOfall 2006 conference. DEMOfall is a showcase of the world’s most promising new technologies and a sneak peek at the future of the technology business.

Nabaztag is the creation from French company Violet. Nabaztag is a 9 inch tall plastic white bunny that connects wirelessly to your home computer network. Some of the bunny’s key features include:

Its ears can spin or move up or down to notify you of incoming e-mail or the rise and fall of stocks.
Read email or news headlines aloud by converting the text to speech.
Announce the current time or play songs from your digital music collection.
Issue a weather report by mean of color lights that glow from inside its belly.
Performs according …

Hot Girl Robot vs PC BOT

Posted in PCs,Robots by Darrin Olson on September 18th, 2006

Hot Girl RobotWhite Box 914 PC BotAlthough I think that a robot shaped like the top one might have been a better choice for White Box Robotics to use for the injection moldings template for their robots, I think the 914 PC-Bot they ended up with is not too bad looking, in a Star Wars kind of way.

The 914 PC-BOT (the one in white) is a 21″ tall XP Home PC with a number of other features and an API to allow you to develop against it for a wide range of custom behaviors to make your bot a little more life-like, such as navigation, speech recognition and some artificial intelligence algorithms.

The White Box 914 runs on batteries to power the two wheel drive train and the Mini-ITX driven PC. IT comes with a Gig of RAM, 40 Gig hard drive, …