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Stewart Golf X3 Remote Golf Cart

Posted in Games,Golf,Outdoors,Personal Transport by Chetz on December 18th, 2006

Stewart Golf X3 Remote TrolleyThe Stewart Golf X3 Remote Trolley is the ultimate cart for carrying your clubs. Not only is this trolley motorized, but it is designed to be controlled by a remote control to allow you to direct it from up to 50 meters away.

The remote control allows you to run it forward and backward at 4 different speeds, as well as turn right and left. You can define the speeds yourself ahead of time and they are remembered the next time you use the cart. With the remote you can send the cart away after you get your clubs and bring it back when you are ready.

The X3M is a trolley built with the same frame but without the remote control. The functionality is pretty much the same, but you have to do it from the cart. You can however send the …

Segway Moves Forward with x2

Posted in Personal Transport,Segway by Darrin Olson on August 30th, 2006

Segway Personal Transporter X2
Segway has continued to “move forward” from its original product – the Segway Personal Transport (PT). They now have come out with the Segway Personal Transporter x2. This product is designed to provide enhanced personal transport performance on rugged terrain.
The changes to the Seqway x2 version of the PT from it’s original include:

All-terrain low-pressure tires
More robust fender design
Lithium ion batteries
Specially tuned internal software rugged terrain
Increased track width
Aluminum fender frame for easier loading and unloading
New Leansteer technology

Versions of the Segway x2:

x2 Police – includes accessory bar for mounting lights and sirens.
x2 Adventure – has handlebar bag for water bottle and other items.
x2 Golf – comes with a golf bag carrier attachment.