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Nintendo 3DS Teardown

Posted in Nintendo 3DS by Conner Flynn on February 21st, 2011

The Nintendo 3DS was torn apart before it was even official and now a Chinese site has been able to get their hands on another 3DS before the official release in Japan. They have done their own teardown, revealing all its secrets.

Tearing apart devices is fun and can’t be done too many times after all. The official launch of the Nintendo 3DS will be March 27 in the US with the console priced at $249.99. Europe will get it a few days earlier, for an unknown price.

Nintendo 3DS to be most durable DS yet

Posted in Nintendo 3DS by Conner Flynn on February 6th, 2011

You may be buying a 3DS to play 3D games glasses-free, but the 3DS has another bonus in store for you too. Nintendo has made it tougher than all of their other DS consoles. The 3DS is now easier to open than the DS Lite and it doesn’t have to worry about cracked hinges since there are now 3 layers. This also makes it easier to grip, thus preventing you from dropping the 3DS.

There’s also a new glass-fiber resin to reinforce the 3DS case. Even the insides have been rearranged so that if you drop it, damage will be minimized. Sounds like they went above and beyond with this one. Let’s hope it is as good as it sounds.

Nintendo 3DS now available for pre order on Amazon

Posted in Nintendo 3DS by Conner Flynn on January 20th, 2011

We know that you can’t wait for the Nintendo 3DS. Good news Nintendo fans. You can now pre-order the device on Amazon. It won’t be long until you are playing 3D games without glasses and connecting to other 3DS gamers online.

It will be launched in Europe on March 25 and the US on March 27. 30 games will be available at launch. You can buy it on Amazon at $249.99, but they are limiting the order to one console per household until the launch date.

Nintendo 3DS users in Japan feeling sick

Posted in Nintendo 3DS by Conner Flynn on January 18th, 2011

Just like when Avatar came out in theaters, there are reports of Nintendo 3DS users feeling ill after using the new 3DS console in Japan. Some user have reported feeling sick after just a couple of minutes using the console.

As you probably know, the Nintendo 3DS features a glasses free 3D display, and Nintendo has recommended that it be used only by children over 6 years old and that the 3D time be limited. We aren’t sure yet if these are just isolated incidents, but it will be interesting to see how many users have the same problem when it goes on sale. Maybe everyone will be cross-eyed ten years from now.

Nintendo 3DS could get 3D video recording in the future

Posted in Nintendo 3DS by Conner Flynn on January 14th, 2011

In a recent interview about the 3DS, Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that the company wants to include 3D video in the future. Obviously that’s no guarantee that this feature will be added to the handheld’s 3D camera, but we might just find ourselves shooting low-res 3D video with the 3DS at some point in the future if all goes well.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather have them concentrate on battery life, so we can play for longer.

Nintendo 3DS gets disassembled

Posted in Nintendo 3DS by Conner Flynn on January 12th, 2011

Man, it’s been quite the week for gadget teardowns. Seems like half the world must have their tables littered with parts. Now it is the Nintendo 3DS’s turn. Looks like a unit has prematurely left Nintendo’s care only to suffer a terrible fate.

There isn’t much new to learn here. We already knew about the 1300mAh battery, for instance. But if you just like to watch things get torn limb from limb, hit the link for a real treat. You sicko.

Nintendo wants to sell 4 million 3DS consoles by the end of March

Posted in Nintendo 3DS by Conner Flynn on January 10th, 2011

Nintendo has some high hopes for their 3DS. And well they should since they had impressive sales last year. Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata has laid down some ambitious goals for the company’s latest portable. He expects the 3DS to sell 4 million units by the end of March.

That would mean about 1.5 million units in Japan and another 2.5 million units everywhere else. The 3DS should be available in Japan on February 26th, with the US and European markets following in March. We are gonna go out on a limb and say they meet their goal and have an earlier US release.

Nintendo 3DS only offers 3 to 8 hours of play per charge

Posted in Nintendo 3DS by Conner Flynn on January 8th, 2011

If you buy the 3DS you might want to consider a wall charger as well. Nintendo has unveiled figures for the 3DS’ battery life, and compared with its predecessors, it doesn’t look good. The official numbers are three to five hours per game, or five to eight hours if playing an older DS title. It takes up to three hours 30 minutes to fully recharge.

The DS gave us 10 to 14 hours, DS Lite 15 to 19 hours, DSi 9 to 14 hours, and DSi XL 13 to 17 hours. It’s safe to say you won’t be having any all-nighters playing a 3D Mario game on this thing unless you are plugged in.

Nintendo 3DS may be hazardous to young childrens’ eyesight

Posted in Nintendo 3DS by Conner Flynn on December 29th, 2010

Nintendo Japan has issued a safety warning on its website about the potential dangers of viewing images in 3D mode on its 3DS handheld console. The warning advises young children under the age of 6 to avoid using the device in 3D mode entirely.

According to the warning, “Vision of children under the age of six has been said [to be in the] developmental stage.” Since 3D content is delivered stereoscopically with different left and right eye images, the eyesight of children under 6 could be harmed since their eyesight is still developing.

Nintendo 3DS pre-orders begin at GameStop

Posted in Nintendo 3DS by Conner Flynn on December 26th, 2010

You can now reserve a Nintendo 3DS at any GameStop store, despite the fact that there’s no word on an official US price. How much money you will need seems to depend on the location A New York store wanted a deposit of $50, while an Arizona store said $25.

Whatever the case is in your location, your money will go directly towards your 3Ds, which is likely $300. Then you just need to wait patiently for the handheld to arrive in March.

Nintendo 3DS will have shorter battery life than DS

Posted in Nintendo 3DS by Conner Flynn on October 8th, 2010

It’s no surprise really. Adding all of that extra power under the hood, providing a glasses-free 3D display on top, a wireless “tag mode,” and automatic wireless updates to the 3DS all add up to less battery life. Satoru Iwata himself says “it is inevitable that Nintendo 3DS will be a device which requires more frequent recharging than Nintendo DS” and that is the main reason that a charging cradle will be bundled into the new console’s retail package.

Iwata suggests that users deposit the 3DS into its cradle as soon as they get home. You will be charging this device a lot.

Nintendo will auto-update 3DS to prevent piracy

Posted in Nintendo 3DS by Conner Flynn on October 3rd, 2010

How does Nintendo intend to protect itself from piracy with the 3DS? Well, according to Nintendo, the 3DS will auto-update itself to block and prevent pirated games and content from loading onto the device.

The company intends to use its sleep-WiFi capability and SpotPass to deliver automatic updates and fight piracy on the platform. It remains to be seen how well this will work, but it’s a good plan.

German tabloid reveals Nintendo 3DS Japanese launch date, pricing

Posted in Nintendo 3DS by Conner Flynn on September 27th, 2010

We’ve all been waiting for some more details on Nintendo’s 3DS and now a German tabloid has leaked the launch date of the portable 3D gaming system. We aren’t sure how reliable these leaks are, but word is that Japan will get the 3DS on November 11.

This will be followed by a European launch in the Spring for about 200 EUR, or U.S. $270. An official announcement should come from a Tokyo press event by Nintendo on September 29th.

Nintendo 3DS Hardware Specs revealed

Posted in Nintendo 3DS by Conner Flynn on September 22nd, 2010

Nintendo’s next handheld, the Nintendo 3DS, will be much more powerful, as it’s hardware specs are a vast improvement over the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo DSi. IGN is reporting on these new specs, citing “persons familiar with the hardware who spoke to us under the condition of anonymity,”.

Here are the specs: CPU: 2 x 266MHz ARM11, GPU: PICA200 133MHz GPU by DMP, RAM: 64MB, Video RAM: 4MB, Storage: 1.5GB Flash-based.

Nintendo 3DS may hit Japan on November 20

Posted in Nintendo 3DS by Conner Flynn on September 13th, 2010

We can thank Japanese accessory creator keysfactory for a slip that may have revealed Nintendo’s plans in regard to the 3DS release date. A designer with the firm posted some Twitter updates (now deleted) that 11 add-ons for the game console would ship on November 20 and, apparently the 3DS itself. Nintendo has implied an end-of-year launch in at least Japan but hasn’t given us a firm date so far.

It’s not confirmed, but the details line up with Nintendo’s recent launch history. The Wii, DSi and DSi XL were all released on a Saturday, and Nintendo often prefers weekend launches.