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McAfee Update shutting down Windows XP computers

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on April 21st, 2010

Looks like a bad McAfee update for Windows XP has shut down thousands, maybe even millions of computers around the world. Uh oh. The news is all over Twitter and apparently California sent an email to state workers a warning them of the problem.

Engadget says that “DAT update 5958 deletes the svchost.exe file, which then triggers a false-positive in McAfee itself and sets off a chain of uncontrolled restarts and loss of networking functionality.”

Did Gizmodo pay $10,000 for “lost” iPhone 4G

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on April 19th, 2010

The Internet is on fire today with Gizmodo’s hands on preview of what appears to be Apple’s next-gen iPhone. In case you missed the story, someone found an iPhone in a bar in Redwood City. The device appeared to be an iPhone 3GS, but when the cover was removed, it was clear that this was no ordinary iPhone. It appeared to be Apple’s next-gen iPhone. And it looks like that is exactly what it is.

The guy who found the iPhone sent pictures of it to Engadget. Later Gizmodo actually obtained the iPhone in question, which has given Gizmodo over 2.5 million page views on that story alone. Then came word that Gizmodo had paid 10 grand for the iPhone prototype. Did they? We don’t know. Were they and Engadget in a bidding war? We don’t know.

TSA says Netbooks, e-readers and iPads can be kept inside bags during airport checks

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on April 8th, 2010

The American Transportation Security Administration has informed travelers via it’s blog, that when traveling to, from, and within the USA, portable computers smaller than “the standard sized laptop” don’t have to be removed from their bags.

So what is the standard sized laptop? Well, they don’t really say. However, Kindles, iPads, Sony Readers, Nooks, and “Net Books” are named as being exempt from the requirement to unbag your computer for the X-ray scanners. Of course, there’s the disclaimer that staff might want to take a second look at odd-looking devices, but for the most part you can leave that e-reader in your bag.

TSA says E-readers, Netbooks and iPads Can Stay in Their Cases

Posted in News by Darrin Olson on April 8th, 2010

TSA employee looks inside laptop bag.Blogger Bob with the TSA announced recently that electronic items smaller than the standard size laptop should not need to be removed from their bag or case when going through airport security. They didn’t say specifically what that standard size is, but did name a few items specifically that would fall below the size threshold have having to be removed, namely iPads, Kindles, Neos, Nooks, Sony Readers and Netbooks.

This certainly doesn’t mean that you don’t need to take things out of your bag if asked when going through security, but it is good news to hear since removing and donning all your gear again is sometimes tough enough.

TSA via Engadget

Police unveil new metal detecting glove to find hidden knives

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on April 5th, 2010

In between donuts and coffee and giving out tickets, police officers face some dangerous situations. The bad guys never sleep. And most of them are armed.

Enter the e-Glove. It can be worn discreetly and will help police detect hidden knives during a pat down. When it detects metal on a person’s uh person, the glove vibrates silently to warn the officer. It costs about $153 per glove right now and is bound to make police safer.

Dairy Cows watching large LCD TVs

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on March 23rd, 2010

There is something very wrong with a world where cows are watching TVs larger than yours. So what gives? The deal is that some dairy cows owned by a Russian dairy farmer are living the life that most of us dream of. Eating, pooping and watching TV all day.

The farmer installed 40-inch LCD TVs in the barn, which constantly show a video of a nice peaceful nature scene. The question is, do TV-watching cows produce more milk? Do they dream of starring on those big screens?

Get messages from the grave, to your phone

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on March 21st, 2010

Phoenix-based company, Objecs has come up with the Memorial RosettaStone Tablet which allows visitors to the cemetery to access text and images from graves simply by touching their cell phone to the headstone. The Memorial RosettaStone Tablet has a microchip inside, and uses near-field communication to stream personal information. Yes, talking to the dead.

That info could be photos and even a pre-recorded message from the dead. It isn’t super expensive either. Only $225. Might as well spend the money, you can’t take it with you, right?

Universal to cut CD prices to between $6 and $10

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on March 18th, 2010

The music business continues its downward spiral. Universal, one of the big four record labels, is now planning to cut the prices of almost all of its CDs to between $6 and $10.

This new test is called the Velocity program. The average price for CDs has been between $10 and $12 for awhile. And if they stick to this, other labels will do the same. Great for music lovers, bad for them. Could this really make actual CDs cheaper than downloads? Are Cds even worth making anymore?

Typeface personalized font

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on March 17th, 2010

We all like to stand out from time to time. We have our own personal style, etc. Now you can have Typeface personalized fonts that are based on how you look. It’s a new business concept that will analyze what your face looks like and convert it into a personal font.

So, if your font is unreadable, does that make you unattractive? If you have a beautiful font, are you beautiful? What if it’s a cat face? So many questions.

South Korean scientists transmit broadband signals through a human arm

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on March 16th, 2010

Need a hand with your data? How about an arm? Turns out that human skin is a very energy-efficient conduit for transmitting data. And why not? It can transmit electricity. In fact, a recent experiment achieved a rate of 10Mbps. In the experiment they used small, flexible electrodes.

The news might lead to new medical devices that can monitor blood sugar or electrical activity in the heart. Devices that could cut energy needs for a monitoring network by about 90 percent compared to wireless devices that run on batteries.

Pink Floyd wins legal battle over digital sale of individual songs

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on March 11th, 2010

Pink Floyd has won a legal battle with its record label EMI over whether the label should be allowed to distribute digital versions of the band’s material on a song by song basis as it does through Apple’s iTunes Store. Pink Floyd is just one of several bands that have objected to the splitting up of what it considers to be single pieces of work.

And any Pink Floyd fan knows that you can’t just listen to one track and get the full experience. And if you only want one song, you clearly don’t get it anyway. The band has been signed to EMI since 1967 and said that their contract meant their albums could not be split up without their permission. A judge agreed and said that the contract contained a clause to “preserve the artistic integrity of the albums”.

Chatroulette Map shows you where they live

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on March 11th, 2010

So you just saw a penis or some couple doing the nasty on Chatroulette and you want to know where these freaks are located. Understandable I guess. I would want to make sure they don’t live next door to me. And if they do, I might want to move.

Chatroulette connects you with a stranger directly rather than routing you both through another server, so you can see the IP address of everyone you connect to. And an IP address can tell you where that person is on a map. Pretty simple.

Virgin America dumps Flash due to lack of iPhone support

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on March 3rd, 2010

Apple’s feud with Adobe has been making headlines and this latest news should make Apple happy. Virgin America has ditched Flash on its website because of lack of iPhone support. The new website was launched on Monday and will be replacing Flash with HTML so that customers can easily check in using their iPhones.

Of course the site will also be moved to HTML5, once the standards have been ratified. We aren’t sure if the loss of Flash will help Virgin America with increased web traffic or not, but we are assuming that they know their customers and if they do, this may be a great move for them.

Cool Leaf button-less flat input devices

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on March 3rd, 2010

Cool Leaf is an input system that is both flat and mirrored. It comes from a Japanese company called Minebea who have demonstrated it with a keyboard, calculator, and remote control that are all completely free of keys.

Sure they look amazingly futuristic, but they also make a lot of sense. The devices would be easier to clean with no keys that will gather dust and crumbs. Minebea has done a great job. The devices have backlights, force sensors, and a film from a company called Toray Industries that is the world’s first “electrostatic capacity type touch panel and a load sensor.”

43-year-old woman seduces 14-year-old boy on PlayStation Home

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on February 22nd, 2010

Here’s an interesting story involving Playstation Home. The police are looking for a 43-year-old mother of three in Oklahoma City for seducing a 14-year-old kid on PlayStation Home. No offense to the suspect, but looking at this pic, I’m hoping her avatar was a real knockout.

Annamay Alexander of Deltona, FL apparently met the kid on Playstation Home and started sending him messages and even a picture of her in her underwear. After that the nutjob traveled to Oklahoma to see him and met with his mom, though she claimed to be there to talk about the kid wanting to marry her daughter. Yes, she’s clearly not playing with a full deck.