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Philips unveils GoGear Luxe and Mix MP3 players

Posted in MP3 by Conner Flynn on June 7th, 2009

Philips unveils GoGear Luxe and Mix MP3 playersPhilips just unveiled a bunch of new products, everything from new digital audio players, to all in one remotes, to iPhone speaker systems and landline handsets. There are a few that stand out from the crowd. Like the clip-on GoGear Luxe MP3 player with Bluetooth headset. It lets you switch from music to calls with just a click. It also features a music shuffle mode, a 100 hour battery life, FM radio with 20 presets, and its display shows caller ID and numbers. It retails for $79.99.

The Philips GoGear Mix has a push-out USB connector, a clip-on design, and a 4GB capacity, for $44.99. Other features include an FM radio with presets, WMA support, a full color display, and a 25 hour battery life.

Miffy bunny DAP with adorable dock

Posted in MP3 by Conner Flynn on June 2nd, 2009

Miffy bunny DAP with adorable dockMeet Miffy. This little bunny is all set to give Hello Kitty a run for her money. Apparently Miffy is from Dutch children’s books or something, and has now been made into an mp3 player. The grassy dock is what really sells you on the cuteness.

It’s made by MobiBLU. We don’t have a price or capacity yet, but it should be available this month. Choose this over the evil Hello Kitty, won’t you?

Pill MP3 player to be produced later this year

Posted in MP3 by Conner Flynn on May 26th, 2009

Pill MP3 player to be produced later this yearWe’ve seen some crazy pill shaped concepts as well as actual pill shaped products, but this may be the strangest. An MP3 player/pill that is actually going into production later this year. You should see it by years end.

It’s for those who love pharmaceuticals a little too much. Which is half of America, so they likely will have a hit on their hands. At this point in our culture, if it even resembles a pill, people will want it. And this pill has no side effects like numbness in the limbs, stroke or even death. It measures 2.7 inches long and is about an inch in diameter. It pulls apart to unveil the controls, allowing you to twist forward and back to skip tracks.

Activetrax AM/FM radio, MP3 speaker

Posted in MP3 by Conner Flynn on May 6th, 2009

Activetrax AM/FM radio, MP3 speakerWe’re always on the lookout for MP3 speakers, so we had a chance to check out this one from Seattle Sports Co. “Activetrax On the go audio”. It’s designed for camping situations and features AM/FM, weatherband and also serves as an MP3 speaker. It comes with it’s own protective case and can operate by either solar or crank power. So it would seem to be ideal for camping.

As an MP3 speaker, it does the job, but don’t expect high quality sound. It gets pretty loud, but as with most of these type of speakers, the louder you crank it, the more sound problems you have.

iRiver T5 gets official

Posted in MP3 by Conner Flynn on April 28th, 2009

iRiver T5 gets officialiRiver Japan has announced the T5, a pen drive sized MP3 player that takes quite a pretty picture. The DAP comes with a monochrome display, FM tuner and a microphone.

You can get it in 2GB and 4GB flavors and it supports MP3 and WMA playback. The device measures just 78×25×14mm and weighs only 26.3 grams. The 4GB model sells in Japan for $65.

Novac MV-CM001U cassette-to-MP3 player

Posted in MP3 by Conner Flynn on April 16th, 2009

Novac MV-CM001U cassete-to-MP3 playerHere’s yet another option to convert music from cassette to MP3. They must be selling these things, because we keep seeing more. Listen, if you are still using cassettes, then you are probably still rocking an 8-track and wearing polyester. Unless you are time-travelling this is no longer acceptable.

Anyhow if you can’t seem to break away from the cassette, maybe the Novac MV-CM001U Cassette-To-MP3 Player can help. Transferring the content on all your cassettes into MP3 format. Just place the cassette into the box, press “Record” and you’re done.

iRiver LZR Racer Aquabeat for underwater tunes

Posted in MP3 by Conner Flynn on April 14th, 2009

iRiver LZR Racer Aquabeat for underwater tunesIt’s that time of year again. iRiver has teamed up with Speedo to introduce the LZR Racer Aquabeat, an underwater MP3 player. The DAP can handle 3 meter depths and up to 30 minutes of underwater swimming.

The Aquabeat features 2 GB of internal memory and supports playback of MP3 and WMA files. There’s no display, but it has the basic controls like play,stop, change track and volume control. The Aquabeat is available in Japan only for about $145.

LG releases MP3 player and USB drive with touch-interface

Posted in MP3 by Conner Flynn on April 9th, 2009

LG releases MP3 player and USB drive with touch-interfaceiPod haters have yet another option with the release of LG’s new UP3 Neon. Sort of looks like a Trek phaser and a fancy remote in one. You won’t see many new features, but you’ll get a unique design

We’re talking a combination MP3 player and USB drive that offers a touch interface, voice recording and between 2 and 4 gigabytes of data. We think this one is going to be a hit when it arrives on the Korean market for $41.

TapeWriter turns cassette tapes into digital MP3

Posted in MP3 by Conner Flynn on April 5th, 2009

TapeWriter turns cassette tapes into digital MP3Much like the Ion Dual, the TapeWriter is a cassette transfer system that converts your old cassette tapes to digital MP3 format on your computer. Just plug it into your USB port, put a tape in and press play. That’s it.

It comes with an integral speaker so you can listen while you are transferring. It will cost you $119.95. But hey, it’s worth it to hear your old music again. Once you get them all transferred, you can toss all those old tapes for good.

Ribbit MP3 player from Toys R Us

Posted in MP3 by Conner Flynn on April 5th, 2009

Ribbit MP3 player from Toys R UsWell, this is certainly the strangest MP3 player we’ve seen this week. Too bad they didn’t go all Kermit the Frog with this guy. They may have actually sold more. The Toys R Us ‘Ribbit’ MP3 player comes with five play modes (normal, repeat one, repeat all, folder, repeat folder). And an eight-mode equalizer.(normal, rock, pop, classical, bass, jazz, soft, and SRS WOW)

It also sports a high-speed USB 2.0 interface, play-list function, and support for seven languages. A built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery is the power source. Not bugs. You’ll get up to six hours of continuous playback with a fully charged battery.

Coby’s MP600: A $20 Nano competitor

Posted in MP3 by Conner Flynn on March 29th, 2009

Coby’s MP600: A $20 Nano competitorCoby’s MP600 Video MP3 Player takes some obvious inspiration from the iPod Nano. It features a 1.44″ LCD screen that will play back all of your MTV video files, JPG photos, read text files as well as MP3 and WMA files. You’ll also get FM radio.

The best part is that they didn’t clone the price, which is just over $20 for the 2GB version. The 4GB version will cost you $29.99. So if you’re looking for a cheap alternative for the Nano, you might want to check it out.

EverGreen’s Chinese Horoscope MP3 players

Posted in MP3 by Conner Flynn on March 15th, 2009

EverGreen's Chinese Horoscope MP3 playersAre you ready for an invasion of adorable animals? The invasion has begun with these cute alternatives to all things Hello Kitty. The new Chinese Horoscope MP3 players from EverGreen are big on cute, small on usability. Buy them all and you’ll have an animal for every month.

The controls are on the rear, forcing you to fiddle with an animal’s butt, however on the up side, you get 2GB of storage space, with just five hours of play time.

Retro cassette MP3 player uses the power of your finger

Posted in MP3 by Conner Flynn on February 18th, 2009

Retro cassette MP3 player uses the power of your fingerRemember the joy of owning audio cassettes? Tape unraveling everywhere as your tape deck tries to eat your music, questionable sound quality, the tape being too tight and requiring your finger to advance it…Mix tapes…Good times. Thank god it’s over.

Well, it’s back. But don’t worry, it’s better. The NVDRS Tape is a concept MP3 player that limits you to just 45 minutes of music, or 10 songs. And yes, it really channels the spirit of the cassette tape. You fast forward and rewind by sticking your finger in the cassette hole and twisting, just like you did decades ago.

Acorn MP3 player for music loving squirrels

Posted in MP3 by Conner Flynn on February 13th, 2009

Acorn MP3 player for music loving squirrelsThis Acorn MP3 player, which they are calling the “Pine Cone MP3 Player” is to be purchased, buried in the backyard in a small hole that you have dug by hand, then dug up to help to get you through a harsh winter when music is scarce.

This MP3 player comes with 1GB of storage, and features a controller on the top so you can select your tracks easily. It goes with all of your other wood gadgets, like the Scrabble keyboard and your wooden earbuds.

Tokyoflash MP3 Tower

Posted in MP3 by Conner Flynn on February 13th, 2009

Tokyo Flash MP3 TowerLooks like our friends over at Tokyoflash got tired of making hard to decipher watches. And so the Tokyo Flash MP3 Tower was born. It features an integrated speaker on the base and a USB port to hook up USB flash drives with music files.

Red LEDs display the time straightforward for once, with volume and control buttons on top of the case. The device is powered by three AA batteries. And since the MP3 Tower is waterproof, so you take it with you in the shower. Just remember that you’ll need a waterproof USB flash drive too.