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Loki Coffee Mug

Posted in movies by Tam Yue on May 12th, 2014

Loki Marvel MugLoki, Loki, Loki, why is it always about Loki? Well, here is a super cool way to proclaim whom you truly support.

This Thor / Loki Marvel mug features the character in all his glory. The mischievous Loki is featured wearing his iconic helmet and that snide little grin on his face making you believe he is up to no good. This coffee mug will definitely make a strong statement in the break room and show coworkers where your allegiance lies.

10 Silverlight Movies Coming To Windows Phone 7

Posted in movies by Conner Flynn on May 20th, 2011

Paramount Digital Entertainment has announced that it will be bringing ten new movies exclusively to Windows Phone 7. The first of these films are available to download today, from the Windows Phone Marketplace. The new Silverlight Enhanced Movie applications will allow users to watch, share and interact with popular Paramount Pictures movies.

A new movie app will launch every week and these include : True Grit, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, Waiting For “Superman,” The Last Airbender, Zoolander, Gi Joe: The Rise Of Cobra, Beowulf and The Italian Job. They will be available in the U.S., Canada, UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. Most of those are not the best movies and not that new, but at least there should be something for everyone to like.

HBO Go app for Android & iOS

Posted in movies by Conner Flynn on April 19th, 2011

HBO has a ton of great original programming. So it is good news that it has announced the HBO Go streaming service is finally going to go mobile. If you are a subscriber, you will get “instant and unlimited access” to “every episode of every season” of every HBO show. How awesome is that?

The app for Android and iOS will also include a wide range of great movies, over 3G and WiFi. It’s for the US only though. Good news for us, not so good for everyone else.

VUDU Launches In-Browser Movie Streaming

Posted in movies by Conner Flynn on April 13th, 2011

VUDU has announced that it will be starting a new movie streaming service from their website that will allow users to watch content directly from their browsers without requiring a VUDU set-top box, DVD player or VUDU enabled device. This should get the company more customers.

To use the new VUDU streaming service all you have to do is visit vudu.com, check out the selection available and purchase. Then you can start watching immediately. This will help VUDU compete with Netflix and Amazon, who both already have web browser streaming. The service will have the same titles found on the VUDU digital storefront but the quality of the video will be lower through web browsers.

Crackle now streaming free movies to PS3

Posted in movies by Conner Flynn on March 30th, 2011

Sony’s Crackle service has now received an update that will allow it to provide a full range of ad-supported full-length movies and television series to a variety of devices. The update will now stream content to the Sony PlayStation 3, Roku streaming players, Sony’s Blu-ray players, BRAVIA televisions and Streaming Player with wifi, along with Google TV. This is great for PS3 owners as it’s yet another thing the console can do, but we already have plenty of video streaming services.

You can find Crackle in the Channel Store on Roku, on the PlayStation 3 Internet Browser home screen and on all BRAVIA Internet Video devices including Sony Blu-ray players and BRAVIA televisions.

Warner Brothers introduces iOS app for Online Movie Purchases

Posted in movies by Conner Flynn on February 17th, 2011

Here’s something for movie lovers. The launch of ‘App editions’ of some Warner Brothers movies. They will offer downloadable and streaming versions of films with extra features and expanded content. The first two offerings are The Dark Knight and Inception.

They offer free apps with some bonus content and the first five minutes of the movie, then charging $9.99 and $11.99 to unlock the rest. The extras include Twitter and Facebook integration, plus the ability to offer the digital version in countries where iTunes doesn’t sell movies yet, like China, Brazil and the Netherlands.

Redbox planning subscription streaming movie service

Posted in movies by Reuben Drake on February 17th, 2011

President of Redbox, Mitch Lowe told analysts that its upcoming online movie service would be subscription-based like Netflix and Hulu Plus instead of charging for each movie like others including iTunes, Zune or Amazon.

Users would pay a monthly fee to stream to devices and access discs at kiosks. Redbox will have a partner in the service and the Seattle Times is thinking that it is Walmart Vudu and Amazon. So if you are a Redbox fan, this is good news.

Sears, Kmart launch Alphaline Entertainment movie download service

Posted in movies by Conner Flynn on December 28th, 2010

Sears and Kmart are launching Alphaline Entertainment, a new venture to sell downloadable movies online. It’s powered by Sonic’s RoxioNow backend just like Best Buy and Blockbuster, and the price is $3.99 rent / $19.99 new release.

There are plans to embed the service in a variety of connected Blu-ray players, mobile devices, TVs and more. So, would you use this service? Or are you happy with the one you are currently using?

Avatar is the most pirated movie of 2010

Posted in movies by Conner Flynn on December 23rd, 2010

Avatar was one of the biggest movies of 2010, and as such, it is a prime target for piracy. I’m sure james Cameron isn’t happy about it, but according to Torrent Freak, Avatar is the most pirated movie of 2010, with a total of 16,580,000 illegal downloads just on Bittorrent alone.

The more popular a movie is, the more people want to see it both legally and illegally. There were also large numbers of downloads of the Blu-ray version of Avatar in 2010, with Torrent Freak reporting a total of 200,000 illegal downloads in just 2 days.

Kaleidescape 100-disc Blu-ray movie server

Posted in movies by Conner Flynn on December 14th, 2010

Do you have 100 Blu-Ray discs in your collection? If so, then check this out. Kaleidescape has announced the launch of the first Blu-ray movie server. The Kaleidescape System stores copies of your Blu-ray Discs on its hard drives and can rip, store, and stream copies of Blu-ray movies throughout your home. However, there are some restrictions. Each disc vault has to be connected to an individual player, and the discs have to remain in the vault for the player to stream their ripped copies over the network.

You’ll get high resolution cover art combined with a brief synopsis of each film and other details, to easily explore your collection of movies. Video bookmarks and triggers allow the system to start a movie instantly and automatically adjust lighting, curtains and screen masking. With over 145,000 titles, Kaleidescape’s Movie Guide is the largest database of its kind to date.

Blockbuster Express Kiosks test $2.99 a night rentals

Posted in movies by Conner Flynn on December 8th, 2010

Poor Blockbuster will try anything to keep up with Netflix. With movie studios keeping new release DVDs and Blu-ray discs out of instant rentals for 28 days after release, Blockbuster has come up with a way to hopefully bolster DVD/BD sales.

Some studios have relaxed those terms a bit as the DVDs for Warner Bros’ Inception and 20th Century Fox’s Knight and Day are being offered by NCR’s Blockbuster Express kiosks, rented for a $2.99/night rate. Will it pay off?

Kaleidescape Cinema One DVD movie server

Posted in movies by Conner Flynn on December 5th, 2010

Kaleidescape’s Cinema One is the company’s most affordable movie server to date, but still costs $4,999. It can store up to 225 DVDs or 2,500 CDs for instant access and sports some kid-friendly features, like an included junior remote in addition to the standard version, which triggers a simplified system UI.

Support for toddlers is nice, but there’s no Blu-ray support or Netflix streaming for that price. At least rich kids can feel important with their junior remote as they navigate this $4,999 box and watch some Spongebob.

Flix on Stix video-rental kiosks would replace DVDs with USB drives

Posted in movies by Conner Flynn on December 4th, 2010

Flix on Stix is looking to take on Redbox by making DVD rentals available on USB memory drives. Flix on Stix would allow renters to either rent at a Flix on Stix kiosk with their own memory drive or get one from the kiosk. The company is hoping to start service within the next several months and they plan to grow to 20,000 kiosks in a year.

The touchscreen kiosk will let users select the movie, pay with a credit card, and then insert their own or get a provided USB drive for their rental. The company says that USB 3.0 drives can take as little as 14 seconds for transferring the file and USB 1.0 drives can take as long as 6 minutes. Pricing varies by the number of days you want to rent, and after the rental period expires the video will delete itself.

Boxee gets a movie library

Posted in movies by Conner Flynn on August 27th, 2010

Boxee users who want movies just got their wish. Boxee has just improved the service by adding a new Movie Library which will complement the existing TV Show Library. The new Movie Library offers thousands of films from all four launch partners: EZTakes, Indie Movies Online, MUBI*, and Openfilm.

Don’t worry about cost, most movies will be available for free, supported by ads. The Movie Library is currently available in for Mac, Windows, and Linux, while a version of Apple TV will be arrive next week.

Redbox getting $1.50 per night Blu-ray rentals?

Posted in movies by Shane McGlaun on June 4th, 2010

I think it serves Blockbuster right that all of their stores are starting to go out of business. At one time, there were no less than six locations in my town of 100,000 people. Over the last year, they have all gone out of business. I thank Redbox for killing off Blockbuster and their late fees.

One thing I am not a big fan of on Redbox, other than the fact that I can never remember to return the flicks I rent, is that it offers no Blu-ray titles. Redbox president Mitch Lowe has now stated that Blu-ray rentals are coming in the next few months for $1.50 per night.

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