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Tiny and cheap RazorBook 400 now available

Posted in Linux,Notebooks by Shane McGlaun on May 29th, 2008

RazorBook 400If you are in the market for a new ultra portable and you want something a bit more off the beaten path than the Asus Eee that shares its small dimensions, 3K Computers may have your laptop in its new and tiny RazorBook 400.

The RazorBook 400 promises a boot up time for its Linux OS of less than 8 seconds and 3K says it was designed to be instant on and off just like any other appliance in your home. The tiny notebook measures 8.25-inches L x 5.5-inches W x 1.25-inches D. The machine has 4 GB of internal flash memory for storage.

CES 2008

FreeScale LimePC:iPod nano sized UMPC

Posted in CES 2008,Linux,UMPC by Conner Flynn on January 9th, 2008

iPod nano sized UMPC
The FreeScale LimePC is an iPod nano sized Linux UMPC based on Freescale’s MPC5121e mobileGT processor, which is a so called “motherboard-on-a-chip” device. MPC5121e can be used for many applications in various industries. The LimePC runs LimeOS which is based on Debian Linux OS.

The Chinese company Tsinghua Tongfang is developing the LimePC line of computers, which is supposed to ship in 2008. In China at first, and in the fall in the United States.

FIC Neo1973 From OpenMoko Now Available For Developers

Posted in FIC,Linux,Mobile Phones,neo1973,News,OpenMoko by Darrin Olson on July 8th, 2007

FIC Neo1973 OpenMoko open source mobile phone running Linux now available targeting developersThe OpenMoko website has now started taking orders for the Neo1973 open source mobile phone, a phone running an completely open source, Linux-based platform that will be available to consumers in the very near future.

Although anyone can order the Neo1973 they are targeting the open source developer community to use the device to make mobile applications for it. OpenMoko will start targeting the general public with the phone sometime in September. For both the developers and consumers, the Neo1973 will come with some upgraded hardware compared to the original specs including a bigger 400MHz Samsung processor, 256MB of internal memory, WiFi and graphics accelerators.

There are two different packages available now aimed at the developers on the OpenMoko website. The Neo Base developer preview package comes with a battery, stylus, charger, pouch, lanyard, headset, …

TurboLinux Wizpy on sale worldwide this month

Posted in Linux,MP3,Turbolinux by Darrin Olson on June 3rd, 2007

TurboLinux Wizpy with an MP3 player and linux OS going on sale worldwideTurboLinux has announced that its media player / OS host, the TurboLinux Wizpy, will be going on sale worldwide in June to primarily English speaking countries including the U.K., U.S., Canada, Australia, India and Singapore.

The Wizpy has features similar to an average media player with a 1.7″ OLED display and supports Ogg, MP3, WMA, XviD MPEG4 and JPEG files. It also has an FM tuner and can direct-record sound inline to MP3. The TurboLinux Wizpy is more than just an average PMP, though.

This media player, which is already available in Japan, contains a PC-bootable version of the Linux operating system. By connecting the Wizpy to a PC through a USB interface the user is prompted to boot up and run the Linux OS straight from the device. Personal settings are also saved back to the …

Dell Customers Want Linux and Open Office

Posted in Dell,Linux,PCs by Paul Patterson on February 26th, 2007

Dell Customers Want Linux and Open OfficeA Dell PC loaded with the Linux operating system may be a viable option in the near future, according to a statement posted Friday on the company’s Web site.

Dell’s decision to go with a Linux option is undoubtedly due to the overwhelming popularity of a suggestion on Dell’s new IdeaStorm website. Ideastorm is a community website where Dell customers can submit feedback and offer suggestions on how to improve the overall Dell experience including products, services, and operations.

The popular suggestion was to “Offer the 3 top free Linux versions for free pre-installation on all Dell PCs.” As of Monday the suggestion had over 75,000 “promotions” which are marks of approval from visitors to the IdeaStorm web site.

Dell’s response on the matter sums it up succinctly, “We are listening, and as a result, we are working with …