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Slaudiolab SRS-200BD Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

Posted in Accessories,Bluetooth,iPod by Chetz on April 19th, 2007

Slaudiolab Bluetooth iPod Audio Transmitter SRS-200BDThe FCC has approved a Bluetooth audio transmitter accessory for the Apple iPod so you can rock away without your earbuds. Developed by Korean manufacturer Slaudiolab, the SRS-200BD has built-in SRS WOW HD audio enhancement capability so the music that will be delivered will be clear and shaped for the acoustic environment.

The device docks into the base of the iPod and will be compatible with all the different versions of Apple’s music box as well as come in both black and white models. Price and availability of the SRS-200BD haven’t been announced yet but this one should be in stores by the summer.

via Gizmodo

WiFi iPod From Apple This Year?

Posted in iPod,Wi-Fi by Darrin Olson on April 14th, 2007

WiFi iPodAccording to a recent report from DigiTimes, Apple has plans to launch a WiFi enabled iPod that could be available to ship by Q3 of this year.

The report states that as soon as this month Universal Scientific Industrial (USI) will be shipping the components that will make the WiFi capabilities possible to Foxconn, who will then assemble the new device. Foxconn would then have enough of the devices assembled and ready to go by the 3rd quarter of this year, which would mean that these new WiFi iPods would be ready to go in plenty of time for the holiday rush.

This seems to makes sense for Apple to do in order to stay competitive with the Zune and its WiFi capabilities. There has also been rumors that Sony and Samsung are preparing a WiFi enabled DAP, and Sandisk has already shown offer a similar device. One …

iWalk or Run, It’s Your Choice

Posted in Headphones,iPod by Chetz on April 11th, 2007

iWalk iPod HeadphonesNow that Apple has sold 100 million iPods the third party market for this consumer base will show no sign of slowing down. Witness the latest fashion statement/iPod accessory that you can now own: collapsible iPod headphones.

Novac is bringing these 150 gram babies to market and they come in a choice of white or black (sorry, your red/blue/green nano gets left out.) Slide your first or second gen iPod into the iWalk (yes, that’s it name) and you’re good to go. You can access the scroll wheel easily since that section of the iWalk is left open.

A second iWalk headset can also be connected to yours just in case a friend would like to listen to your tunes but they better not walk too far behind you, right? Also, the iWalk is compatible with other MP3 players or your PC via the …

iPod Sales Total 100 Million

Posted in Apple,iPod,News by Chris Weber on April 9th, 2007

100 million iPod’s soldApple today announced the sale of the 100 millionth iPod since its inception over 5 years ago in November of 2001. Apple has introduced 10 different iPod models over the years, including the shuffle, the nano, the mini and 5 revisions of the standard iPod. The iPod music player along with iTunes have played a very large part in transforming how people obtain and listen to music.

The iPod has also sparked an industry of seemingly countless accessories for the iPod player; over 4000 accessories by Apples count which the Brick can attest to as well. Apple also states that over 70% of 2007 US autos support the iPod connectivity.

The popularity of the iPod seems to be continuing, but it will be interesting to see if the following continues as the iTunes DRM disappears.

Bravia Finally Meets the iPod

Posted in Dock,Home Theater,iPod,Sony by Chetz on April 5th, 2007

Sony Digital Media Port iPod Dock TDM-IP1Two months after releasing its first docking station for Apple’s iPod, Sony is back to show off a new adapter that connects your ‘pod to Bravia home theaters. The Digital Media Port iPod Dock, a.k.a. TDM-IP1, acts as the middleman between the two technology titans, a move that Sony had been putting off for some time.

The sleek black appearance weighs about 220 grams and is 90 x 78 x 65 mm, so it doesn’t take up too much space somewhere close to your TV. The TDM-IP1 is compatible with the more recent iPods (like the first and second generation nanos and the fourth and fifth gen iPods/iPod minis), but does anyone still have an older model kicking around anyway?

Sony has priced the adapter at a penny under $100 which doesn’t make it the cheapest iPod adapter out there, but …

When iPod met iShirt

Posted in Accessories,iPod by Chetz on March 22nd, 2007

iShirt for iPodFor all those iPod owners that have wished upon a star for an easier, more fashionable way to carry your mobile tunes around rather than the inside of a coat or pants pocket, we’ve got a solution to your music blues.

Urban Tool has the iShirt, a top specially designed to carry your iPod (or mobile phone) in an elastic, partially hidden pocket. No more worries about dropping your iPod while running or trying to find it in your coat pocket as your keys jingle about and do a number on the screen.

The iShirt comes in orange, white and black and also features a special loop that secures your earbud line from swishing around. You can order the iShirt from Urban Tool’s website and it will cost you just under $50, far less than getting a bill for replacing your broken iPod.

SwimMan Waterproof iPod Shuffle

Posted in iPod,Outdoors by Darrin Olson on February 14th, 2007

Waterproof iPod ShuffleThat’s right, this is a second generation iPod shuffle that is waterproof! This waterproof Shuffle does not require a case, but has the waterproofing applied on the inside allowing normal use of the device at its original size.

This Shuffle is water resistant for depths up to 10 feet which makes it safe for showering, bathing or swimming as long as you keep it relatively shallow. SwimMan, the originator of the modified waterproof Shuffle, also has waterproof headphones to go along with it for your underwater listening enjoyment.

The iPod Shuffle with applied waterproofing is available now, and $250 gets you the 1GB Shuffle, the waterproofing technology and a set of waterproof headphones along with a limited warranty (Apple’s warranty is most likely void with this).

SwimMan via Engadget

Locking iPod Case

Posted in Accessories,iPod,Security by Darrin Olson on February 11th, 2007

iPod Locking CaseIn keeping up with the regular installments of iPod accessories, we ran across this locking iPod case from Elecom via Akihibara News.

We’ve seen some strange iPod accessories in the past months, including the iDisguise and a bullet proof case which both have different angles on protecting the player.

This iPod accessory appears to be a combination lock with a wire cable which can lock the audio player to another object to prevent it from being stolen. Simply remove the top, slide the iPod into the case and replace the top while securing the cable to a stationary object.

I’m struggling coming up with a reasonable situation where something like this would be necessary, but I’m starting to think that necessity is not the mother of iPod accessory inventions. You could probably lock the device to something at home to keep your little brother from …

Sony Makes iPod Docking Station

Posted in Accessories,iPod,Sony by Darrin Olson on February 3rd, 2007

Sony iPod Docking Station CPF-IP001Sony seems to have had a change in their policies by producing a competitor product accessory. Calling Sony and Apple competitors might not be the best description of their relationship, but they do both produce portable audio players.

Sony has added to this definition when they started shipping the Sony iPod Audio Docking Station, which is the first accessory Sony has made for the Apple product and aptly named it the CPF-IP001.

The actual product from Sony appears to be a nice docking station stereo system. Designed specifically for the Apple iPod, the docking station is compatible with the nanos and minis as well as the full size iPods from the 4th generation on. The player works by simply docking the iPod and pressing play, and the song selection and volume can be controlled with an included remote control.

The iPod stereo system is a compact …

Best Earphones Ever

Posted in Headphones,iPod,music,Review by Chris Weber on February 3rd, 2007

M Audio IE 20 XB Reference Earphones headphonesIn a twist on the Comic Book Guy’s famous catch phrase, we are giving praise to some of the best, if not the best, earplug style headphones that we have seen lately. The M-Audio IE-20 XB Reference Earphones are professional grade in-ear style earphones, but they are more than that. They have a large bass driver that makes these earphones really stand out.

Usually earphones lack the low end oomph that larger head phones have. This is not the case with the IE-20 XB, however, as they deliver great bass performance, as well as high-end and mid-range. The XB stands for Extended Bass and M-Audio means it. The IE-20 XB has two dedicated speakers built in, one for low frequencies and one for mid-range and high frequencies. The earphones themselves are …

Logic3 i-Station Traveller iPod Dock

Posted in Accessories,iPod,Speakers by Darrin Olson on February 1st, 2007

i-Station Traveller iPod Dock from Logic3A day would not be complete if an Apple iPod accessory didn’t come across my desk. This one is called the i-Station Traveller from Logic3 and is a pocket-sized portable speaker system which allows you to share your tunes with others wherever you go.

The i-Station is pictured with an iPod (not included) and has the indicative ‘i’ in the name, but in actuality this portable speaker system can work with just about any digital audio player since the sound is through a line-in cable. The design and name of this speaker gadget from Logic3 certainly do lend it to be associated with iPod, however.

The i-Station Traveller runs off of 4 AAA batteries delivering 4 watts of output, comes with a protective travel case and comes in six colors; green, red, white, blue, purple and black. Running at around £20 ($39 USD) the …

iPod shuffle Now in Five Colors

Posted in Apple,iPod,News by Darrin Olson on January 30th, 2007

iPod Shuffle from Apple now has 5 colorsApple announced today four additional colors that are available for the iPod shuffle, adding pink, green, blue and orange to the original silver color to make a total of 5 different colors available.

“iPod shuffle is the world’s most wearable digital music player,” said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide iPod Product marketing in a press release. “Music fans can now choose iPod shuffle in one of five brilliant colors, or they can buy one of each.”

The iPod shuffle contains 1GB of memory, weighs only one ounce and is half a cubic inch in size. The new colors are available immediately worldwide from the online Apple store and from Apple retailers and come with a shuffle dock and earbuds.

Ultrasone iCans

Posted in Headphones,iPod by Chris Weber on January 29th, 2007

ultrasone icans headphones for ipodAre you in the market for headphones for your iPod or any portable device really? Do ear-plug like headphones bother you? Do you want something that looks good and is portable? Well, I may have the headphones for you. The Ultrasone iCans are designed to give big sound to little players.

The iCans feature Ultrasone’s S-Logic technology. S-Logic is Ultrasone’s speaker technology. What makes S-Logic unique is that allows headphones to direct sound to the outer ear instead of the inner ear. But don’t you want music to go into your ears? Yes you do, but if you’ve experienced most headphones, especially the ones meant to fit inside your ears you know that sometimes the sound can be a little too close….

Mic up your iPod Nano

Posted in Accessories,iPod by Darrin Olson on January 21st, 2007

iPod Nano microphone Micro MemoThis little iPod accessory is a microphone and speaker attachment for the iPod Nano that allows direct stereo recording into WAV file format.

The microphone speaker combo attaches directly onto the bottom docking port of the Nano extending it’s height a little, and the microphone is actually flexible to change the angle while recording. The recordings can be saved in a high or low quality mode and an 8GB Nano can hold 51 hours of recording in the low quality setting.

The design on this looks pretty nice as it extends the original size and shape of the iPod Nano, but we’re not sure just how much juice this device will use up while recording and playing back with the speaker since it’s drawn from the iPod itself. In the full scheme gadgets that interface with the iPod this appears to be one of …

Ion iProjector for Video iPod

Posted in Accessories,iPod,Projectors by Darrin Olson on January 19th, 2007

ion iProjector for Video iPodThe iProjector video projector for the Apple iPod is a video projector from Ion Audio with a native 800×600 resolution and has a built-in dock for the iPod, among additional input ports.

The key feature of the iProjector is the docking station which supports the iPod Video, iPod Photo and the iPod Nano to interface video, still pictures and music to the projector as well as charging the iPod battery. The iPod projector also has video inputs for Composite, S-Video, Component and VGA. There is also an audio out jack for the sounds from the iPod.

The 800×600 native resolution display supports 24-bit color and has a brightness of 800 ANSI Lumens projecting to sizes from 30″ up to 90″.

A majority of accessories designed for use with the iPod are not really meeting any needs, but this accessory appears to be an exception. …