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iSkin shipping new iPod classic case

Posted in iPod Accessories,iPod Cases,iPod Classic by Nino Marchetti on December 24th, 2007

iSkin eVo3 classiciPod case maker iSkin has unveiled a new case for the iPod classic which is made of silicone. The iSkin eVo3 classic is priced at around $35.

The iSkin eVo3 classic is described by iSkin as being “precision-molded with premium silicone” to provide “maximum 360-degree protection without added bulk.” It is also coated with a special finish over the screen which iSkin says leaves the iPod classic fully viewable while protecting against scratches.

New iPod classic case coming from PDO

Posted in iPod Accessories,iPod Cases,iPod Classic by Nino Marchetti on November 16th, 2007

PDO TopSkin for iPod ClassicAs surely as new days dawn so do new iPod cases regularly make their way to market. This time around we have the quiet, recent introduction of the PDO TopSkin for iPod Classic, priced at around $20.

The PDO TopSkin for iPod Classic is in many ways your typical, somewhat stylish iPod case. It fits the 80GB or 160GB iPod classic model and comes in four body colors. There’s a clear plastic screen protector which sits in a groove inside the case to keep it in place. A layer of “silicone protection” keeps your player relatively safe, with a “play-through design” so that functions like the Click Wheel can be interacted with.

iPod nano, classic 1.0.2 firmware upgrades released

Posted in Apple,iPod,iPod Classic,iPod Nano,News by Reuben Drake on October 7th, 2007

Apple releases firmware update 1.0.2 for the iPod classic and 3rd generation iPod nanoApple made a quiet release of a firmware update for both the iPod classic and the 3rd generation iPod nano on Saturday. The new version 1.0.2 mostly consists of bug fixes according to Apple but ended up revealing a little bit more once installed. Aside from some improvements on calender and contact synchronization MacNN reported installing the new firmware through iTunes updates and finding upgrades to the Cover Flow making it more similar to iTunes 7.4. The new firmware also had another “Ask” option added to the TV output option which allows users to turn on the TV out mode when the iPod is connected to a device capable of showing video output from the iPod. Nothing too spectacular but little surprises like these are always nice.