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Apple limits iPhone sales and accepts no cash

Posted in Apple,iPhone,News by Darrin Olson on October 28th, 2007

Apple limits you to two iPhones and won’t accept cashApple started placing new restrictions on the sale of its iPhones last week in the U.S. and reports are saying that the restriction will apply in the U.K for next months launch as well. When purchasing an iPhone, consumers are no limited to purchasing two per person and must use a credit or debit card to make the purchase. According Apple spokesperson Natalie Kerris, the restrictions are to ensure there are enough iPhones available for everyone through the holidays, or everyone that’s willing to play by the rules, that is.

“Customer response to the iPhone has been off the charts, and limiting iPhone sales to two per customer helps us ensure that there are enough iPhones for people who are shopping for themselves or buying a gift,” Kerris said. “We’re requiring a credit or debit card for payment to discourage unauthorized resellers.”

Apple suspects 250,000 iPhones could be unlocked

Posted in Apple,iPhone,News by Darrin Olson on October 24th, 2007

Apple estimates over 250,000 iPhones are unlocked for use with other networksApple has released some numbers on iPhone sales and came to the conclusion that a lot more iPhones than most had suspected were actually purchased with the intention of unlocking and running on networks other than AT&T, likely overseas.

In the report, Apple guessed that as many as 250,000 of the 1.4 million iPhones sold were purchased by those with the intention of unlocking them and possibly reselling them to overseas customers to use on other networks. AT&T is currently the only approved carrier in the US to provide service for the iPhone.

Apple opens up the iPhone

Posted in Apple,iPhone,News by Darrin Olson on October 17th, 2007

Steve Jobs announced that Apple will be opening up the iPhone for third party applicationsAfter Apple iPhone developers have already had a couple of volleys with hackers who want to run 3rd party applications on the new phone Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, has today let the hacking community know that they can stop, or at least slow down for a few minutes. Jobs has announced that Apple is going to open up both the iPhone and the iPod Touch for third party application development on the device in February of 2008.

Prior to this the only way to get any third party applications on the iPhone was through an “open” platform on the Safari web browser which runs on the device and was still fairly limiting. Jobs attributed the these development restrictions to security issues stating that open development increases risks of viruses. He also states that these security risks are also why it will take until February to release an SDK for developers.

Environmentalists saying iPhone contains toxins, threaten suit

Posted in Health,iPhone,News by Darrin Olson on October 16th, 2007

Environmental activists threatening suit over toxic materials in iPhoneThe Center for Environmental Health (CEH), a California environmental activist group, has filed a complaint Monday against Apple for the iPhone saying that it is constructed using toxins that are prohibited in California. According to the CEH the iPhone is violating Proposition 65 which requires products that expose any reproductive toxins or carcinogens to have a warning label or it cannot be sold in the state. They are giving Apple 60 days to comply before they launch a law suit.

According to a recent Greenpeace report the parts in question of containing toxins are the plastic earphone wiring cover. The report claims the coating contains phthalate esters which have been linked to birth defects. Greanpeace gave Apple only a 2.7 out of 10 in “greenness” in their report which was less than most other major corporations. “The phthalates found in the headphone cords are classified in Europe as ‘toxic to reproduction’ because of their long-recognized ability to interfere with sexual development,” Greenpeace scientist David Santillo said in the report. Brominated compounds were also found in half the samples tested which could create dioxin when burned, according to the study.

Red iPhone in time for X-Mas?

Posted in Apple,iPhone,Rumors by Chetz on October 15th, 2007

Rumors of a red iPhone from AppleSo an anonymous tipster sent in a purported AT&T internal inventory sheet which lists off an Apple iPhone in red with 4GB and one with 8GB. No price, no delivery date, nothing else except that this thing supposedly exists to AT&T. This is the first report that has surfaced of any kind of alternative color to the iPhone and of course it should be noted that Apple hasn’t said anything about its iPhone coming in another color besides white. Still, bear in mind the color variance of the Nano; did anyone out there really think that Apple wouldn’t release different color iPhones eventually? But why no mention of a black iPhone?

Here’s the other thing to bear in mind: will this “deep red” iPhone be out in time for the holiday shopping season?

Hackers continue cycle, unlock iPhone after 1.1.1

Posted in Hacks,iPhone,News by Reuben Drake on October 14th, 2007

Hackers find a way around the latest update for bricked iPhones unlocked by softwareFor those who have iPhones unlocked by third party software hacks and were foiled by Apple’s 1.1.1 firmware release, it looks like the game is back on. SimFree version 1.6, from the same company that created the original hack to unlock Apple’s iPhone outside of the exclusive and required AT&T service plan, is a new countermeasure hack that gets around the new firmware update and will once again unlock those iPhones “bricked” by the 1.1.1 update.

According to iphoneSimFree, this new iPhone “jailbreak” will let anyone who has rightly been a little leery to update after Apple’s warning to safely go ahead and apply the 1.1.1 update and SimFree will keep the phone usable, at least until Apple comes out with another update.

iPod touch now runs iPhone applications

Posted in iPhone,iPod,iPod Touch by Conner Flynn on October 12th, 2007

Ipod Touch users everywhere are rejoicing. Well, until apple decides to brick them at least.Those of you still following this saga will be happy to know that the hackers who have been dismantling the iPod touch have apparently now decrypted the ramdisk and installed applications. That means your iPod Touch can do all kinds of nifty things, like run mail, Google Maps, and many other 3rd party apps.

Ipod Touch users everywhere are rejoicing. Well, until apple decides to brick them at least. Also, it remains to be seen how well these apps truly run. It’s a fascinating technological and cultural event at any rate, as devices get hacked, bricked and hacked again in an endless circle. I say just cut out the middle man and let these guys work for Apple.

iPhone firmware update not good for unlocked phones

Posted in Apple,iPhone by Darrin Olson on September 27th, 2007

Apple releases iPhone 1.1.1 firmware update with threats of bricking unlocked iPhonesApple released the expected version 1.1.1 update to the iPhone firmware today with fixes for some critical bugs and the additions to support the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store. But what makes this release such big news are the less-known things in the update that threaten to brick unauthorized, unlocked iPhones.

Prior to the update Apple put out a warning to those with unlocked iPhones which basically stated that the next firmware update may render these unlocked phones useless, and the result is not covered by the warranty. With the new firmware update iPhone owners were presented on screen with the same message before installing the update:

Apple sends warning on unlocking iPhones

Posted in Apple,iPhone,News by Chris Weber on September 25th, 2007

Apple warns that unlocking iPhone may result in the phone being unusable after updateYesterday Apple sent out a short and to-the-point message about using software hacks to unlock the iPhone, in which they basically warn not to do it. Apple has a new software update coming out for the iPhone in a couple weeks that among other things will contain the new iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store and could very possibly have something that will “take care” of hacked iPhones, intentional or not.

According to the statement issued by Apple, hacks that unlock the iPhone could cause the phone to be irreparably damaged after installing the update that Apple is planning on sending out, and these unlocking hacks are not covered under the iPhone warranty. Press release after the jump:

Orange gets iPhone in France

Posted in iPhone,News,Orange by Chris Weber on September 20th, 2007

France Telecom’s Orange wireless provide will be the carrier for the Apple iPhone in FranceTo complete the last part of Apple’s iPhone roll out to Europe, France Telecom announced today that its wireless company Orange will be the provide for the iPone in France.

The French company said that they would start selling Apple’s iPhone in November, but did not give an exact date. Both the UK and Germany have set an iPhone launch date of November 9, and a nearby date for France is likely. No word yet on the price of he iPhone in through Orange yet, either.

T-Mobile Carrying iPhone to Germany November 9

Posted in Apple,iPhone,News,T-Mobile by Reuben Drake on September 19th, 2007

Apple announced the launch of the iPhone in Germany with T-Mobile for November 9Today Apple made an announcement, as expected, that the iPhone would be coming to Germany with T-Mobile as the carrier. What we weren’t as sure about is the launch date since the release for Germany wasn’t announced at the same time as the UK. But it looks like Apple isn’t going to let Germany go around iPhone-less any longer than its neighbors and the mobile gadget will launch on the same day – November 9.

There were some differences in todays announcement compared to Yesterday’s. Like everywhere else, the German version of the iPhone will not support 3G, however there was no mention of the hundreds of Wi-Fi hotspots that will be scattered around to provide data connections like O2 is planning for the UK. Also no service plan rates were announced, but they did say the the iPhone itself will be going for €399 (about $550 USD).

iPhone Will Hit the UK Nov. 9 With O2

Posted in Apple,iPhone,News by Darrin Olson on September 18th, 2007

iPhone coming to the UK on November 9 with carrier O2Apple made their announcement earlier today that the iPhone is indeed coming to the UK and as expected O2 will be the carrier. The iPhone is expected to be available on November 9 and will go for 269 pounds (about $540 USD).

There were a couple of surprises in the announcement however. There was no news about which carriers would have the iPhone in other European areas such as Germany and France, but announcements for these are expected to happen later this week. Also, that 3G support we were thinking we would see for the UK folks is not going to be available. To try to overcome some of this, O2 will work with The Cloud to install over 7500 free Wi-Fi hotspots that the iPhone can connect to for data. Nothing too exciting…

iPhone Hitting Europe This Week?

Posted in Apple,iPhone,News by Chris Weber on September 16th, 2007

Apple is planning an announcement in London on Tuesday which could be announcing the iPhone launch for EuropeApple has announced a press conference in London scheduled for Tuesday, having sent invitations with its usual shrouded itinerary titled only, “mum is no longer the word”. Most speculate that this press conference is set to announce the launch of the iPhone and its carriers in Europe.

Apple has planned a European launch in the 4th quarter of this year for the iPhone with its sleek look and sought after multi-touch interface. Many analysts are speculating on the carriers for the iPhone to most likely be Spanish Telefonica’s O2 for the UK market, Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile for Germany and Orange for France. These carriers are also of course remaining tight-lipped about any related information regarding the iPhone launch while rumors swirl that they might not only be sharing data revenues …

Apple Store $100 iPhone Credit Now Online

Posted in Apple,iPhone,News by Darrin Olson on September 14th, 2007

iPhone $100 store credit for early iPhone ownersIf you’re one of those on the cutting edge of Apple technology and got yourself an iPhone soon after the launch, that $100 Apple Store credit Jobs offered you in lieu of a $200 price reduction is now available online. The process is pretty simple and gives instant gratification (no snail mail involved); just follow the instructions on the website and enter in your iPhone phone number and serial number and then Apple will message you with a special access code. Once you enter that in you’re good to go.

If you’re wondering if you qualify, the $100 credit applies to anyone who bought the iPhone from AT&T or Apple at full price prior to August 22. But, rumor has it that some of those who have purchased the new price-reduced iPhones have been able to enter their number and get the credit anyway. No confirmations on that on – you might expect some recourse if you do get that to work but hey, it’s worth a try.

iPhone for Europe right around the corner?

Posted in Apple,iPhone,News by Chetz on September 11th, 2007

iPhone may be coming to Europe soonAccording to an industry analyst Apple may be on the verge of announcing a 3G compatible iPhone, possibly before the weekend arrives. That would be welcome news to our European cousins that have been wanting an iPhone of their own that isn’t unlocked and that is covered by a warranty.

Analyst Will Strauss of Forward Concepts made the statement based on circumstantial but compelling evidence including a deal brokered last week between Interdigital and Apple. The terms of the seven-year deal allows Apple to use Interdigital’s IP for iPhones and any future Apple mobile phone products.