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Google Health to come next year

Posted in Google,Health,Healthcare,News by Conner Flynn on October 19th, 2007

Google Health will be available sometime early next year.The internet giant is never content to sit back and let anyone else take a large piece of the pie. Hey, that’s how they got so rich! That’s why they are following Microsoft’s lead where health and medical records are concerned. They plan to roll out Google Health sometime early next year if they keep to their schedule.

It makes sense since users all begin at the Google page to search for health and medical information anyway. So they will be applying Google’s expertise in indexing, searching, and managing vast amounts of information to the idea. It also doesn’t hurt that they will have the health industry targeted with their Adwords program. If Google’s history has shown us anything, it should be a huge success and give the giant still more dominance in the industry.

Environmentalists saying iPhone contains toxins, threaten suit

Posted in Health,iPhone,News by Darrin Olson on October 16th, 2007

Environmental activists threatening suit over toxic materials in iPhoneThe Center for Environmental Health (CEH), a California environmental activist group, has filed a complaint Monday against Apple for the iPhone saying that it is constructed using toxins that are prohibited in California. According to the CEH the iPhone is violating Proposition 65 which requires products that expose any reproductive toxins or carcinogens to have a warning label or it cannot be sold in the state. They are giving Apple 60 days to comply before they launch a law suit.

According to a recent Greenpeace report the parts in question of containing toxins are the plastic earphone wiring cover. The report claims the coating contains phthalate esters which have been linked to birth defects. Greanpeace gave Apple only a 2.7 out of 10 in “greenness” in their report which was less than most other major corporations. “The phthalates found in the headphone cords are classified in Europe as ‘toxic to reproduction’ because of their long-recognized ability to interfere with sexual development,” Greenpeace scientist David Santillo said in the report. Brominated compounds were also found in half the samples tested which could create dioxin when burned, according to the study.

Healfast electric bandage concept

Posted in Concepts,Health by Reuben Drake on October 13th, 2007

Healfast bandage concept provides weak electric field to prevent infectionThis interesting bandage design by Donn Koh uses a weak electric charge contained within the bandage itself to help heal wounds. The concept is targeted to diabetic patients who are often plagued with ulcers and pressure sores, but could possible be used for anyone with dermal injuries where infection would be especially bad. Once the bandage is applied and activated the light electrical charge doesn’t actually heal the wound but helps to prevent the growth of any infection in order to allow the body to more quickly heal itself.

Pillow stops snoring and gives you a massage

Posted in Health by Conner Flynn on October 4th, 2007

Pillow that stops snoring and also gives you a massage while you sleepThe Germans are always innovating. And while the typical person doesn’t normally think about cutting edge pillow technology, Daryoush Bazargani does. He’s the German scientist responsible for the latest computerized pillow that can stop you from snoring. The pillow acts like your mate and gives you a nudge by inflating and deflating different chambers. The result is that it adjusts your head and by doing so, clears your airways. It knows when you snore thanks to the encyclopedia sized computer that rests on your bedside table.

This pillow comes with an added bonus. The ability to give you a neck massage. That’s always welcome, by itself. But I have to say, the computer itself, along with the hose, looks a bit too much like life support to me.

Whiten your teeth with your iPod

Posted in Health,iPod Accessories by Conner Flynn on October 3rd, 2007

new iWhitening iPod accessory helps whiten your teethI kid you not. The first step is applying peroxide strips on your teeth. Then just put the mouthpiece in your mouth, plug it into your iPod, and crank up the tunes. This is the latest(and only) iPod teeth whitening system. It promises a whiter smile after just 30 minutes of music time.

If I understand the physics of this iWhitening, the music conducts through bone, creating vibrations that make the strips work. I wouldn’t give up regular dental checkup’s just yet, but it’s cool to think that music can magically “rock” your teeth whiter. You’ll want to use it indoors, as the weird mouthpiece will insure that people maintain as much distance from you as possible.

The Rave massage chair: a party for your back

Posted in Furniture,Health by Nino Marchetti on August 15th, 2007

Tranquil Ease The RaveWhy go to a rave when you can have one from the comfort of your very own massage chair? That’s the idea at least behind The Rave, a new “synchronized” massage/music chair available for around $900.

The Rave, designed by Raffel Comfort Sciences, gives you four pre-programmed massage treatments which run for 15 minutes. All can be adjusted for intensity and such. This massage chair also serves as an iPod accessory with two full-range speakers mounted in the back. The Rave helps your massage get down when your iPod or other connected audio device is playing by synching your restful vibrations to the bass notes.

Particle Emitting Printers Causing Cancer Concerns

Posted in Health,News,Printers by Chris Weber on August 1st, 2007

Study shows that some printers emit particles that could cause lung damage or cancerAs if there aren’t enough things we’re exposed to in our day-to-day lives that could potentially cause cancer, a recent study done by researches at Australia’s Queensland University of Technology suggest that some printers in the office place could be emitting particles that are small enough to be a health risk to workers near them.

In the study the researches found that of 62 printers studied, 17 of them they considered “high particle emitters” with one of them putting out tiny, potentially dangerous particles at the same rate as a burning cigarette. According to professor Lidia Morawska who authored the study, the particles being emitted from the printer are similar in size to those that come from cigarettes. The tiny particles are able to make their way to the smaller parts of the …

iPods in Thunderstorms Deemed Bad By Doctors

Posted in Health,iPod,News by Chris Weber on July 12th, 2007

Physician report says iPods in thunderstorms are a bad ideaIt’s got to be difficult to carry the fame that the Apple iPod enjoys without getting some bad press once in a while. A couple months ago we saw that the player can adversely affect pacemakers, and today an article was published in the New England Journal of Medicine stating that wearing your iPod in a Thunderstorm might not be the best idea.

The report cited a case at a hospital in Canada where a man was out jogging during a thunderstorm when lightning struck a tree that was next to him. As a result, the man was thrown about 8 feet, suffered some burns, a jaw fracture and blown out eardrums.

The physicians that treated the man concluded that the injuries he sustained were due to the iPod he was wearing. The burns were found on his …

Pulse Monitoring Glove

Posted in Exercise Gadgets,Health by Reuben Drake on July 6th, 2007

Pulse monitor glove from BeurerIt’s not exactly a glove and I don’t know if I’d classify it as a watch either, but it is something new that will be shown off at the Wearables Technologies Congress in Munich, Germany this month. This exercise gadget is like a second skin according to Beurer, the makers of the device. It wears on your wrist and hand similar to a glove and monitors your pulse without the need for a chest belt like most heart rate monitors.

Instead of reading the electric pulses from your heart, this this pulse monitoring glove uses plethysmography to detect your hear rate. This makes a simple, one-piece device that athletes can use to monitor their heart rate during exercise. The only downside to this device compared to the more traditional monitors that pick up a wireless signal from the belt is that exercise …

No More Needles

Posted in Concepts,Health by Chetz on June 18th, 2007

Lima blood sugar analyzer conceptAsk anyone that is a diabetic how much fun it is to test their blood throughout the day, poking their self, drawing blood and then placing it on a sensor to see whether you need to boost or lower their blood sugar level. No kidding, it’s no one’s idea of fun. So why isn’t the Lima, a concept design for a outdoor blood sugar analyzer created by Damian Mackiewicz, already a reality and not just a sketch?

According to Mackiewicz’s notes the Lima works by sensing the blood sugar level just by resting your hand on the surface of the unit. The Lima can then detect what the level is in your blood through infrared radiation. There is no irritating pinprick and you don’t need to draw blood. With over six million people alone suffering from diabetes in Germany (which we guess is …

Measure Your Dog’s Body Fat

Posted in Health,Pets by Chris Weber on June 14th, 2007

Body fat meter to measure your dog’s body fatMeasuring your pets body fat isn’t always as easy as lining the paws up on a body fat meter for people but having an overweight (or underweight) pet can be an issue and something you might want to keep tabs on.

This Kao Dog Body Fat measuring gadget for dogs is painless and works by being placed on pre-defined areas of your pets back. It measures the percent of body fat and shows it on a digital LCD screen to compare against the ideal amount of body fat for your pet depending on where you measure.

Once you get the right diet figured out for your dog you can use your automatic pet feeder to dole out the right amount of food and keep a remote eye on his eating habits.

via Ubergizmo

Heart Start Beer that lowers cholesterol

Posted in Health,News by Darrin Olson on June 6th, 2007

Heart Start light beer actually lowers cholesterolThose Canadians are always thinking, and according to an article on the Beeradvocate they are now brewing a beer that promises to lower cholesterol. Why waste time and money buying both beer and medicine for your high cholesterol when you can take care of both at once?

Last week this Heart Start Premium Light Beer was launched in the U.S. containing two special ingredients that the FDA concluded reduces total cholesterol. The special items are 1 gram of barley beta glucan and 1 gram of plant sterols. According to a study at the U. of California, Davis, subjects given 1 gram of plant sterols twice daily for an eight-week period resulted in total cholesterol reduced by around 8 percent. Beta glucan itself is clinically proven to to reduce cholesterol and provides help in managing blood glucose levels.

No word on the actual …

Hello Kitty Body Fat Monitor/Scale

Posted in Health,Hello Kitty,Scales,Tanita by Reuben Drake on June 2nd, 2007

Hello Kitty Body Fat Monitor/ BF-071-KT ScaleOf all the rooms in your house that could suffer from a lack of Hello Kitty paraphernalia, you can rest assured that Hello Kitty can help it from being your bathroom. Tanita manufactures a wide range of quality scales and body composition monitors and it looks as if they’ve got a Hello Kitty branded version as well.

The Hello Kitty Body Fat Monitor (model BF-071-KT) shown here uses bioelectric impedance analysis when stepping onto the pads to measure what percentage of your body is made up of fat, and of course it also measures your weight. Aside from body fat monitors being kind of cool, the scale itself is not anything special compared to the Hello Kitty health-conscious “An apple a day..” slogan that you get to look down at every morning.

The Hello Kitty body fat monitor runs about $49, …

Twilight Sleep Therapy System with Mini Ultra Blue Light

Posted in Health,Sleep by Reuben Drake on May 30th, 2007

Twilight sleep therapy system using mini ultra blue lightThe Discovery Channel store advertises this special blue light as a natural remedy to help you go to sleep at night. The Twilight blue light therapy sleep system exposes your body to the soothing powers of blue light in order to re-calibrate a persons Circadian rhythm, that is if you truly want your rhythm re-calibrated.

Turn on the Twilight Mini blue light about 30 to 60 minutes before you hit the sack and the translucent lens will deliver to you the right amount of UV-free light for a total of up to 10,000 hours from one bulb. The Twilight blue light promises to help you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly once you do, all for the un-cheap price of $89.95.

Discovery via Red Ferret

Inada W.1 Massage Chair

Posted in Health,Home Theater by Nino Marchetti on May 30th, 2007

Inada W.1 Massage ChairHere’s a chair you might find worth adding to your home media room layout. The Inada W.1 Massage Chair, claims its manufacturer, is the world’s first massage chair which synchs music and sound from a home entertainment system with massage.

The chair, which has a built-in amplifier as well as speakers integrated into the head rest, connects to your home entertainment system. It takes the music and sound playing from that system and tries to time the massage to the bass range, while also doing tapping and back vibration for the treble range and leg vibration. It comes complete with up and down buttons to adjust the bass and treble levels and is designed to provide you “deeper mental relaxation.” I’m not sure about that last part though – can you imagine trying to relax as an action scene from a movie like Miami Vice …