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HGST Launches Helium-Filled 6TB Hard Drive

Posted in Hard Drives by Darrin Olson on November 4th, 2013

HGST Helium filled hard drive He6HGST, a subsidiary of Western Digital, announced on Monday the launch of its first helium-filled hard drive. The new Ultrastar He6 drive comes with a 6TB capacity in a 3.5-inch drive enclosure.

According to HGST, having helium in the enclosure has significantly less friction than air, allowing for less energy needed to physically move platters around inside the drive resulting in more platters with an acceptable performance. More platters mean more drive space with a general increase by three quarters over a standard air-filled hard drive.

The challenge has been to create a chamber in the drive that was tight enough to avoid leaking the helium, and HGST assures us that it is a safe volume with “less helium than a balloon”. Pricing was not initially available, however the company stated that it will “…cost-effectively extend the capacity and …

Apricorn SATA Wire upgrade kit makes adding a new drive easy

Posted in Hard Drives by Shane McGlaun on November 19th, 2009

satawire-sgOver the last few months, there have been several new upgrade hard drives and SSDs that have been announced for notebooks and netbooks. One of the common issues for computer users wanting a larger hard drive is getting the data from their computer over to the new drive.

Apricorn has announced a new upgrade kit called the SATA Wire that is a cable that connects to the SATA SSD or HDD and to your PC USB port. The kit also includes software for Mac and Windows machines to migrate data to the new drive.

Chocolate bar SATA hard drive case

Posted in Hard Drives by Conner Flynn on September 14th, 2009

Chocolate bar SATA hard drive caseMmmm chocolate. Whether you like a silky smooth chocolate bar mouse or a creamy chocolate DS case, nothing says sugar addiction like a chocolate case for your gadgets.

Here’s one for your SATA Hard drives. These silicon cases will hold your 2.5″ SATA hard drives and protect them from scratches and shocks. They come in Chocolate Brown, White Chocolate or Strawberry flavors. Each has a standard USB connector that lets you connect to a PC or Mac for delicious data transfer.

Hitachi expands “Tera Era” with a more efficient 1TB drive

Posted in Hard Drives by Darrin Olson on July 9th, 2008

Hitachi launches more energy efficient 1Tb internal hard drive with the Deskstar 7K1000.BIf you were excited when Hitachi came out with the first 1TB internal hard drive early last year then be prepared to be just slightly more excited. Hitachi today introduced that same 1TB Deskstar drive but now using 43% less power consumption, naming it the Deskstar 7K1000.B.

The “.B” means that you can buy this whopping internal hard drive with less concern that it’s going to sit there and suck loads more power than your old 80GB drive, which it will, but not as much as it used to according to Hitachi. The drive is actually available in sizes from 160GB up to the largest 1TB capacity.

WD unveils very fast SATA hard drive

Posted in Hard Drives by Nino Marchetti on April 21st, 2008

WD VelociRaptor fast SATA Hard Drive

Western Digital (WD) unveiled today what it is calling the world’s fastest SATA hard drive. It is known as the WD VelociRaptor and you can expect it to cost you around $300 when it hits retail.

The WD VelociRaptor hard drive is a 2.5-inch, 300 GB model which WD says is 35 percent faster then the previous fastest model. Technical features of this upgrade from the WD Raptor include 10,000 RPM, SATA 3 GB/s interface and a 16 MB cache.

Fujitsu’s new 320GB notebook HDD spins at 7200 RPM

Posted in Hard Drives by Shane McGlaun on March 24th, 2008

Fujitsu 320GB 7200 RPM Notebook HDDA notebook hard drive sporting 320GB isn’t a new capacity and there are larger notebook drives available right now. However, what is interesting about the new 320GB Fujitsu MHZ2 BJ series notebook drive is that it spins at 7200 RPM.

Typically when a notebook hard drive gets into higher capacities it has to slow down to 5400 RPM or even less for some drives. Not so with the new Fujitsu drive, it gets to spin at full speed. Fujitsu says that the drive has an average latency time of 4.17ms and has a read seek time of 10.5ms and a write seek time of 12ms.

Turn an old notebook HD into a USB drive for $10.99

Posted in Hard Drives,Notebooks,USB by Conner Flynn on January 24th, 2008

Turn an old notebook HD into a USB drive for $10.99
Let’s say you pulled that old 40GB hard drive out of your notebook and replaced it with 160GB of storage. Ever wish you could do something else with the leftover drive, instead of throwing it away? Now you can. Just stick it in an enclosure and turn it into a portable USB hard drive.

Meritline.com has an enclosure for just $10.99 shipped (after entering coupon code HW1971413OFF, which expires 1/25). It’s compatible with all 2.5-inch IDE and SATA drives, and includes both IDE and SATA external interfaces (with cables). You also get a carrying case and a little screwdriver so you can open and close the enclosure. The drive itself is powered entirely by the interface, so you don’t have to use an AC adapter. Best of all you’re recycling and not throwing the old drive away and crapping up the environment.

NewerTech USB 2.0 Universal Drive Adapter

Posted in Adapters,Hard Drives,USB by Reuben Drake on January 14th, 2008

NewerTech USB 2.0 Universal Drive adapter connects SATA and IDE drives to your computer via USBWe’ve seen some pretty handy adapters to connect your internal drives, externally to your computer with things like the Stage Rack and this USB to SATA adapter but none of them match the convenience of the USB 2.0 Universal Drive Adapter from NewerTech. This adapter not only connects SATA drives to your computer’s USB port, but it will handle ATA/IDE drives as well.

Anytime I upgrade computers or just upgrade my drive I always keep the old one because inevitably a day will come where I want something off of it that I thought I would never need again. Opening up the computer case is a real pain and adapters like this are well worth the money in the time it saves alone. The adapter works with all 2.5″ laptop drives, 3.5″ desktop drives and will connect any existing 5.25″ drives such as CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs or removable Iomega Zip drives.

CES 2008

Hitachi ups notebook HD storage to 500GB

Posted in ASUS,CES 2008,Hard Drives,Hitachi,Notebooks by Nino Marchetti on January 3rd, 2008

hitachi-500gb.jpgHitachi is upping the stakes in notebook hard drive storage sizes as CES approaches by unveiling today the world’s highest capacity 2.5-inch mobile hard drive. Expect to see the new 500GB Travelstar 5K500 showing up in laptops sometime in February.

The Hitachi Travelstar 5K500, which will also be available in a slightly smaller 400GB model, is the company’s fourth generation mobile drive to use perpendicular magnetic recording technology. In exact storage terms you can fit on the 500GB drive up to 500 hours of digital video, 178 feature length movies, 250 games or 125,000 four-minute songs. These drives will be available with a 3.0Gb/s Serial ATA (SATA) interface and will include vibration protection technology against bumps which might impact system performance.

Apricorn DriveWire – HD cloning made easy

Posted in Apricorn,Computer Components,Hard Drives by Conner Flynn on December 28th, 2007

Apricorn DriveWire - HD Cloning Made Easy

Most of us have replaced a hard drive and have been forced to reinstall the OS and everything else. It’s a time consuming process when you think about all o. Typically only big companies have the software to clone your old drive to the new. Apricorn wants to change that. That’s why theyre bundling their DriveWire universal hard drive adapter with their EZ Gig II cloning software.

The DriveWire HDD adapter allows you to connect any drive, SATA or PATA to your computer through the USB port and access the data on the drive. The big difference here is that their EZ Gig II software is a bootable CD and lets you clone the drive connected via the HDD adapter.

Pexagon adds personalized 250GB hard drive

Posted in Hard Drives by Nino Marchetti on December 27th, 2007

store-it-color.jpgPexagon Technology, a developer of personal storage solutions, is offering now for sale what it is describing as the world’s first personalized 250GB portable hard drive. This offering is part of Pexagon’s Store-It Colors hard drive line and it is priced at around $200.

This Pexagon 250GB hard drive can be customized via a free custom laser engraving service. With it one can put personalized text or a logo to create a “unique and identifiable solution.” The drive itself is a pocket sized model which holds a 2.5-inch hard drive and is USB 2.0 compatible.

IVY external HD with OLED display is art

Posted in Hard Drives,OLED by Conner Flynn on December 18th, 2007

IVY external HD with OLED display is art

This isn’t your typical external HD design, by any means. With this USB HD concept from Green Banana you won’t just be storing your info mindlessly. You will have something cool to occupy your eyes. The drive has an OLED screen, the design on the screen changes depending on the contents of the drive. Each file is represented on screen by a shape that is proportional to the filesize.

As you add more files, the shapes diversify. It doesn’t just look pretty, it can help you manage your drive better, allowing you to see how much space is left on your drive easily, and how it is being used. Think of it as art created from your data. For the moment, it remains but a concept, but if you like the idea, you can download a free copy of the software that the display is based on.

HyperDrive4 RAM HD is lightning fast

Posted in Hard Drives by Conner Flynn on December 18th, 2007

HyperDrive4 RAM HD is lightning fast

The HyperDrive4 SSD is the fastest internal HD in existence. It fits into a standard 5.25″ bay using an IDE or SATA connector. No conventional NAND flash ram here, it uses up to 8 DDR sticks at 2 gigs each.

Not impressed? To quote Yoda, “You will be.” The manufacturers claim that the HyperDrive4 can get files 8,000x faster than a 10,000 RPM HD, and serve them 125x faster. What that means is you can fully install Windows XP in about 7 minutes. It will go from boot to desktop in 2 seconds flat. There is one large drawback though, not including the $5000 price for the 16 GB version. The memory is volatile, which means in order to retain data, it has to be powered on all the time.

The chocolate bar portable HDD

Posted in Concepts,Hard Drives by Conner Flynn on December 13th, 2007

The chocolate bar portable HDD

Sang Hoon Lee has designed a new portable hard disk drive that truly looks good enough to eat. Mmmmm Chocolate. The chocolate bar hard drive is non-edible and comprised of modular flash drives, and the central hub features a built in touchscreen. The touchscreen can be used to view and organize all of your various files.

The idea here is that files could be organized any way you want and you can take the sections with you in your pocket, to use on another computer. That’s nothing we can’t do already, but it’s the design that’s cool. It’s a fun and unique concept. Whether it is worth using in the real world remains to be seen, but it sure makes me hungry.

eRazer erases hard drives with no computer

Posted in Hard Drives,Storage by Conner Flynn on December 10th, 2007

eRazer erases hard drives

Maybe you’ve got a thing for Hannah Montana websites. Or maybe you’re just super paranoid. To protect your data, you could take apart the hard drive and have some pretty cool parts to remember it by. A better answer is the eRazer. It could be your new best friend.

It’s a stand alone device that doesn’t require a functioning computer to use it. It can erase all the files on a drive by writing a data pattern over the entire disk. They claim it will clean a 250GB drive in just short of two hours. The price is $100. If you are still paranoid that someone will discover your dirty secrets, you can spend an extra $50 to get one that makes multiple passes on the disk and writes random characters over all of it.