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Green Bamboo Bottle keeps plastic from the landfill

Posted in Green by Shane McGlaun on August 10th, 2010

If you are the green type, the thought of drinking your water out of a plastic bottle probably curls your toes. What you need is something along the lines of the Bamboo Bottle.

This reusable bottle is made from renewable and recyclable materials. The inside of the bottle is made from glass and can be washed in the dishwasher. The outside of the bottle is renewable bamboo.

Grape-DR supercomputer uses less power than the typical light bulb

Posted in Green by Shane McGlaun on July 13th, 2010

Generally, a supercomputer brings to mind a power-sucking vortex of raw performance crammed inside a slick and simple cabinet that hides most of the hardware. The Grape-DR supercomputer isn’t your typical supercomputer model though.

The little beastie lacks the cabinet to hide all the hardware. Instead of that cabinet, the Grape-DR has a tangled mess of wires that will one day give a system admin a nightmare. The machine has super computer power though.

EVO-001 electric bike is limited edition and handmade

Posted in Green,Green Gadget by Shane McGlaun on April 28th, 2010

I wish I were rich; I would buy any car/gadget/cool item that tickled my fancy. I would need a second house just for all the gadgets I would end up with and a massive garage full of cars and other toys. What I don’t think I would spend money on is an electric bike.

A company called M55 has a sweet electric bike that anyone into that sort of thing might be interested in. The bike is called the EVO-001 and is handmade with a single piece of aluminum for a frame. The electric motor is placed for stability.

RadioShack starts recycling program for electronics

Posted in Green by Shane McGlaun on October 28th, 2008

RadioShack LogoAlmost everyone is trying to be more environmentally responsible today. One way that geeks can do their part is by recycling their old used electronic gear rather than tossing it into the trash can when you have had your way with it. The catch is that many recycling programs don’t offer any scratch in exchange for your old gear.

Recycling electronics for many programs isn’t something done merely to help the environment. The gadgets are recycled and with enough bulk, recyclers can get as much gold and other precious metals from the electronics as you get from a small gold mine. RadioShack has announced a new electronic recycling program that takes back certain electronic items like cell phones, MP3 players, laptops and more and gives people some loot on a gift card for their trouble.

Green Machine powered from waste heat

Posted in Green by Conner Flynn on June 1st, 2008

Green Machine powered from waste heat
The folks over at ElectraTherm have a 50-kilowatt machine that uses industrial waste heat for fuel, providing even more options for green energy. They’re calling it the ElectraTherm Green Machine, not to be confused with that Huffy Green machine you had as a kid.

Get this. With this unit, you can actually get back the money you spent within three or four years. That’s with electricity costing approximately three or four cents per kilowatt-hour. They use an organic Rankine cycle to heat liquids, then the liquids are transformed into a vapor, at which point it will move the turbine thus generating electricity. Looks like heat-to-electricity can be successful on a small scale, since this is capable of powering up to 40 homes at once.

Stimulus payment questions answered = more gadgets

Posted in Green by Darrin Olson on May 5th, 2008

Stimulus payment questions answered on Wealthy ReaderOften the most sought-after gadgets are a little on the spendy side, and to help out a little with your consumer electronics addiction the IRS has started issuing Stimulus Payment checks recently. The event has raised seemingly numerous questions from tax payers wondering mostly how much their check is going to be and of course when it’s going to arrive. You can find answers to these and a whole lot of other questions at our sister website, WealthyReader.com.

Ecoffins let you die green, look like wicker

Posted in Green by Conner Flynn on April 21st, 2008

Ecoffins let you die green, look like wicker
While many Funeral Directors would try to sell you the most expensive hermetically sealed casket to bury your loved one in, it’s actually a natural process that our bodies return to the Earth and decompose.

Why not choose a biodegradable casket from Ecoffins. Sure, it looks like something that Ewoks built. Kinda looks like wicker too. But looks aren’t everything. It’s all about a healthy respect for the environment. These are built from renewable natural woods like bamboo and willow, with no toxic glues and metal fittings, and many Ecoffins are made in a fair trade factory in China. They even pack them inside of each other with different sizes to reduce the environmental effects of shipping. Ecoffin also makes environmentally friendly pet sized caskets too.

Wave energy converters to go live in California

Posted in Green,News,Science by Darrin Olson on December 18th, 2007

Wave energy converter buoy to be put to use to produce electricity in CaliforniaSome California residents might be receiving electricity from a more novel, environmentally friendly and source in the coming years. PG&E has announced that it is going to team up with Finavera Renewables to build a “wave farm” off the coast of California in order to generate electricity.

The wave farm consists of “wave energy converters”, or basically large buoys like Finavera’s Aquabuoy pictured here. As the buoy moves up and down on top of the waves that pass by it drives a piston which is anchored on the ocean floor. The piston creates pressure which drives a turbine and in turn creates electricity. A single full-scale Aquabuoy can generate 250 killowatts which can power approximately 80 homes. The initial plan is to create a farm of these buoys that will generate 2 megawatts of electricity by 2012, and if things go well they will ramp up the farm to produce 100 megawatts.