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Clarion MAX973HD does it all – except for windows

Posted in Automotive,Clarion,GPS by Nino Marchetti on October 12th, 2007

Clarion MAX973HDHow’s this for one sweet looking navigation and DVD in-car entertainment system? The Clarion MAX973HD certainly is a radical design step from your typical in-car systems, though we at this point have no scheduled release or pricing info.

The Clarion MAX973HD sports a seven-inch touch panel control. All data is stored on a 30GB hard drive. This device lets you enjoy entertainment via a variety of methods, be it compatibility with DVD±R/DVD±RW/CD-R/CD-RW discs, a TV tuner, a SD card slot or your iPod. There’s also Bluetooth support and a microphone so you can talk handsfree while driving or issue voice commands to the system.

Deluo MouseGPS doubles as mouse, GPS receiver

Posted in Deluo,GPS,Mouse,USB by Reuben Drake on October 7th, 2007

Deluo MouseGPS combines a laptop USB mouse and GPS receiver into one deviceDeluo, the same company that recently brought us the Bluetooth GPS for smartphones, also has available the Deluo GPSMouse. As the name implies the GPSMouse combines a GPS receiver and a travel mouse into one product.

This 2 in1 gadget first works as a normal, USB-powered optical travel mouse with a lightweight design for taking with you on the go. It even has a retractable USB cord built-in to help keep it compact. In addition, through a flick of a switch on the bottom it instantly transforms into a GPS receiver connected to your computer through the same USB cable and offering positional assistance without having to have a separate device. The MouseGPS can also optionally come packaged with Microsoft Streets & Trips giving you both pointer and street navigation in one device. What we’d really love to see is the next version of this MouseGPS to be wireless Bluetooth as well.

DeluoGPS debuts Bluetooth GPS for Smartphones

Posted in Deluo,GPS by Nino Marchetti on October 3rd, 2007

Deluo Bluetooth GPS with Live Search for Windows MobileDeluoGPS debuted a new product today which combines a wireless GPS unit with Live Search for Windows Mobile technology. The Deluo Bluetooth GPS with Live Search for Windows Mobile unit should be available now.

The Deluo Bluetooth GPS with Live Search for Windows Mobile is designed to work with Windows Mobile Smartphone users. It uses Internet connectivity to access Live Search for Windows Mobile so information can be collected on local listings. One can then use the Bluetooth built into a Smartphone to access the Bluetooth GPS unit and gain real-time navigation as well as turn-by-turn directions.

Mio DigiWalker C230 handheld GPS hits the U.S.

Posted in GPS,Mio by Reuben Drake on September 27th, 2007

Mio Digiwalker C230 handheld GPSMio Technologies unveiled the Mio DigiWalker C230 handheld GPS today bringing an affordable, no-frills, entry level GPS device to the market in plenty of time for the holidays. The GPS device comes pre-loaded with maps of the U.S. and will speak out turn-by-turn directions and actual street names along your route.

The DigiWalker C230 is a SiRFstarIII device that has a decent sized-3.5″ touch screen display, 1GB of internal memory and a memory expansion slot that supports SD and MMC cards. The text-to-speech capabilities make navigating with this device very simple, allowing the driver to keep their eyes on the road while the voice guides upcoming turns.

Mio selling new GPS unit at Radio Shack

Posted in GPS,Mio by Nino Marchetti on September 24th, 2007

Mio DigiWalker C320Mio Technology announced today the exclusive unveiling of its new DigiWalker C320 at Radio Shacks nationwide. The GPS device is priced at around $300.

The Mio DigiWalker C320 offers up a 4.3-inch color screen which is touch sensitive. It is preloaded with maps of the United States, including Alaska and Canada. It offers up a split-screen interface, voice-guided directions and information on over 1.7 millions points of interest.

ASUS GPS capable media player

Posted in ASUS,GPS,MP3,MP4,Portable Meda Players by Matt on September 17th, 2007

ASUS GPS capable media playerThe ASUS R300 and R700 GPS receiver touchscreen media players are planned for European release in November. Both units share the same primary functionality with subtle advantages for the R700.

There are two differences between models. Pictured right is the R700 with a 4.3 inch screen while its R300 counterpart sports a 3.5 inch display. The R700 model includes a RDS-TMC GPS receiver for obtaining traffic data in GPS mode while the R300 does not. The remainder of publicized features are identical.

Navman Launches S90i GPS with Real-Time Traffic

Posted in GPS,Navman by Darrin Olson on September 16th, 2007

Navman S90i GPS unit features real-time traffic and routing, bluetooth and text-to-speechNavman recently launched their new S-series GPS devices in the European market consisting of four units led by the S90i. The units feature a slim and sleek design measuring just 20mm thick, and the S90i comes packed with features to making traversing your way through the country easier.

Probably the most impressive feature of the new S90i is that it comes with Real-time traffic and routing. While you might be thinking that there are plenty of GPS units available that now offer this service, what’s impressive here is that Navman offers this as a lifetime service for free with the device.

The unit features a SiRFstarIII GPS receiver along with European Tele Atlas maps. It houses Bluetooth for hands-free calling, a nice 4.3 inch color touch screen, 2GB of memory which is expandable with an SD/MMC card slot, …

HP Launches iPAQ 310 Touchscreen GPS

Posted in GPS,HP,iPAQ by Reuben Drake on September 6th, 2007

HP launches iPAQ 310 Travel companion handheld GPS unitToday HP launched its 300 series portable GPS units through the iPAQ 310 Travel Companion, featuring a 4.3-inch touchscreen interface on a 3D, turn-by-turn navigation system.

The iPAQ 310 shows off some fast response times by housing a Centrality Titan 600MHz processor and 128MB SDRAM with 2GB of Flash ROM, running on Windows CE 5.0. The memory can be expanded with a microSD card slot to hold your additional media of pictures, songs and video to look at during those special, non-navigating moments with your GPS. It also has built-in Bluetooth which allows you to use the unit has a hands free phone answering system through its microphone and speaker along with your Bluetooth enabled phone.

The navigation software features turn-by-turn directions announcing the actual street names along the way with text-to-speech to help keep your eyes on the road. …

Tom Tom updates ONE portable navigation unit

Posted in GPS,TomTom by Nino Marchetti on August 30th, 2007

Tom Tom ONE 3rd EditionTom Tom said today it has updated its popular ONE portable navigation device and is now calling it the ONE 3rd Edition. This new spin on Tom Tom’s best selling GPS unit is priced at around $250 and should be available now.

The Tom Tom ONE 3rd Edition has a lightweight design and sports a 3.5-inch color TFT LCD touchscreen. It features what is being called an enhanced user interface and includes the ability to let users mark changes on maps displayed on the GPS unit for later uploading to a community Web site for sharing with other Tom Tom users. These updated maps can be downloaded by others for use on their travels.

Garmin Edge 705 keeps cyclists well informed

Posted in Exercise Gadgets,Garmin,GPS by Nino Marchetti on August 29th, 2007

Garmin Edge 750Garmin unveiled today two new integrated personal training systems for recreational and advanced cyclists. The more interesting of these is the Edge 705, priced at around $550 and expected to be available in December.

The Garmin Edge 705 wlll let users monitor, in some cases wirelessly, GPS position, power, heart rate, speed, cadence, altitude and gradient on the same 2.2-inch color display. Street navigation is available, cyclists can share data wirelessly and data collected by the Edge 705 can be shared online with others through the Garmin Connect Web site.

Pioneer AVIC-N4: a welcomed in-car distraction

Posted in Cars,GPS,Pioneer Electronics by Nino Marchetti on August 29th, 2007

Pioneer AVIC-N4Pioneer Electronics is now making available a mother of all in-car navigation systems which could easily make you crash as you fiddle with features. The Pioneer AVIC-N4 is priced at around $1,600.

The Pioneer AVIC-N4 is an in-dash DVD based navigation system which offers detailed mapping and guidance for the entire United States, Canada, Alaska and Hawaii utilizing two regional DVD ROM discs. Pioneer outlined features in this unit as including “nearly 12 million points of interest, XM NavTraffic integration, voice prompting, telephone number search, CD, DVD and compressed audio playback, iPod audio and video integration and expanded Bluetooth capabilities including wireless audio streaming.”

Provia A1 GPS Navigator

Posted in GPS,HTMS by Chetz on August 27th, 2007

Provia A1 GPS NavigatorIt looks like a navigation system from the year 2020 but this baby will be soon on the market for lucky South Koreans. Made by HTMS it’s called the Provia A1. The GPS component sports wicked looking 3D models so you can actually reference the real-life topography with what’s being shown on the screen. For map-challenged people like myself, that alone is worth this thing’s weight in gold.

The images are displayed on a 7-inch 800 x 400 resolution touchscreen which can also display a movie as a picture-in-picture. That’s right, you can look for landmarks while watching that DVD you just picked up from Best Buy. There is even a DMB receiver so you can view digital television broadcasts while on the road. We recommend that you have your collision insurance paid up before using one of these babies.

The Provia A1 runs off …

Nokia Intros the 500 Auto Navigation

Posted in GPS,Nokia by Reuben Drake on August 27th, 2007

Nokia 500 Auto Navigation is Nokia’s first dedicated personal in-car navigation GPS systemToday Nokia announced the introduction of its first dedicated in-car personal navigation device called the Nokia 500 Auto Navigation. The 500 utilizes Nokia Maps to provide turn-by-turn, spoken directions, integrated hands free Bluetooth calling and the ability to listen and view multimedia.

The navigation software provides spoken directions which can be enhanced through an on-board FM transmitter and sent through your car stereo. The directions also include the spoken street and city names and the system can identifying points of interest along your route.

These points of interest can then be called directly through your Bluetooth-enabled phone connected to the 500 Auto Navigation, or you can get directions to addresses stored in your phones contacts. The GPS device also has a Traffic Message Channel service which provides a real-time overlay of traffic upcoming on your route …

Sony Go!Explore GPS for PSP

Posted in GPS,PSP,Sony by Reuben Drake on August 27th, 2007

Sony Go!Explore GPS nav for Sony PSPSony has announced that they’re going to start offering Go!Explore, a new GPS navigation system add-on for their handheld PSP game console starting this holiday season. This is great news for those living in UK/Ireland, Iberia, France, Germany/Austria/Switzerland, Italy, Benelux, and Scandinavia where they will initially have maps available, but the rest of the world is going to have to wait a little longer.

The system includes a some GPS receiver hardware that will mount on the top of the PSP and UMD based software for the maps. The navigation software is provided by NavNGo and the maps will be from TeleAtlas providing navigation along with 3D city and landmark rendering on the PSP.

Go!Explore will come in languages of English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and will support updating the POI via WiFi.

via TrendyGadget

iRiver NV

Posted in GPS,iRiver,Media Players by Chetz on August 13th, 2007

iRiver NViRiver has released some more detailed specs about the GPS device/media player formerly known as the M10, but now would like to be called the iRiver NV.

The NV has some cool features in a nice looking package which helps it stand out of the crowd a little bit. It’s a SIRF Star III GPS device along with a audio and video media player and houses DMB-T and FM tuners. According to MobileWhack the iRiver NV supports an impressive list of media formats: “AVI (Divx, Xvid, MPEG-4 720×480 @ 30fps) /H.264 (352×288 @30fps), ASF, WMV, MPG, MPEG, DAT, MP3, WMA, OGG, AC3, BSAC”. It even has a GPS tagging 1.3 megapixel camera built in.

Aside from not yet knowing what this thing will retail for the only real bad side we see to this nice list of features is that the NV is only shipping in Korea …