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Keep Track Of Yourself With the Trackstick II

Posted in GPS by Chetz on May 11th, 2007

Trackstick II GPS tracking deviceIf you want another way to have your family and friends relive every moment of your vacation besides the usual photographs and home movies the Trackstick II gives you what you need to bump your travel journal up to the next level.

The size of a USB drive, the Trackstick II maintains contact with GPS satellites and keeps a record of your movements and records the information on its 1 MB Flash memory stick. When you get back home all you need to do is stick it into the USB port on your computer, load up Google Earth and voila, your exact route that you took will appear on the map on your screen (and there’s no extra fees for using this service.)

The Trackstick uses 2 AAA batteries which will give it the power it needs to run on for a …

Garmin RINO 530HCx GPS and two-way radio

Posted in Garmin,GPS,Two-way Radios by Chetz on May 11th, 2007

Garmin RINO 530HCx two way radio and GPSThese Garmin RINO GPS handhelds are really some pretty cool gadgets. Not only is the RINO 530HCx a powerful GPS device, but it also acts as a two way radio.

You really need two of these devices to take full advantage of all the features, and with two of them the parties can communicate up to 14 miles away and see not only their own position but the position of others you know also who are also using a RINO product. This communication combined with locating is a great feature for safety on hunting trips, skiing outings or really any outdoor activities or jobs where you might be temporarily separated.

The RINO 530HCx model also has a seven channel weather receiver with the ability to catch weather alerts, and has a built-in compass and barometer (altimeter). A microSD card slot loads …

Pocket LOOX N100 GPS

Posted in Fujitsu,GPS by Darrin Olson on April 22nd, 2007

Pocket LOOX N100 GPS from Fujitsu SiemensThe Pocket LOOX N100 navigation device from Fujitsu Siemens offers the rare combination of the NAVIGON MobileNavigator software long with an SiRF star III chipset to deliver both the benefits of comprehensive navigation software in a fast and powerful system.

There were a few features of this GPS device that really caught our eye here at the ‘Brick. The first was the the the NAVIGON software that runs on the LOOX N100. This offers real-time views of not only the roads and upcoming turns, but also the individual lanes. The device can tell you when turns are coming and can determine in advance if you need to change lanes to successfully make your next move.

Some other points which aren’t quite as cool but still worth noting is the size and customization. The LOOX N100 has a 2.8 inch TFT touchscreen in a …

Mio DigiWalker C220 GPS

Posted in GPS,Mio by Chris Weber on April 11th, 2007

Mio DigiWalker C220 GPSToday Mio Technologies officially released an new entry level personal GPS device called the Mio DigiWalker C220.

The new GPS device from Mio looks to be an impressive deal with a 3.5 inch TFT touchscreen display, audible turn-by-turn directions and a preloaded US map with over 3 million points of interest such as hotels, restaurants, bars and sporting arenas. All of this with a price tag at around $250 makes the DigiWalker C220 a pretty decent bargain.

The US map comes stored on a 1GB SD card and makes the GPS ready to go out of the box. It also comes with software to warn you of locations with potential speed cameras and “mobile traps”, which is frequently updated and a free subscription to this service is available with the device for the first year.

Traveling on foot is not a problem, either. The Mio DigiWalker C220 …

Garmin nuvi 200 GPS

Posted in Garmin,GPS by Darrin Olson on March 19th, 2007

Garmin nuvi 200Garmin recently announced the release of the nuvi 200 series GPS devices, offering a less expensive option for in-dash navigation systems with the nuvi 200, 250 and 270.

The nuvi 200 series works similar to most GPS devices, offering the ability to find destinations by address, business name or even by category, then offering voice-prompted turn by turn directions that automatically recalculate your route if you venture off the designated route.

The design of the GPS device has a built-in antenna and a slim design not much larger than a deck of playing cards, and comes ready to go out of the box with maps pre-loaded. The price conscious nuvi 200 also comes with the Garmin Travel Kit of handy applications and the Garmin
Travel Guide and SaversGuide content. This series of navigation systems also has some added security allowing the owner to lock the device, which can …

NAVIGON 7100 Navigation Device

Posted in GPS,NAVIGON by Chris Weber on March 16th, 2007

NAVIGON 7100 GPS Navigation DeviceNAVIGON, a long time provider of navigation software, has unveiled a consumer facing GPS device of their own to go along with their software product offering.

Today, NAVIGON has announced the release of the NAVIGON 7100 (pictured here) and the NAVIGON 5100, two sleek looking personal navigation GPS devices that of course include the NAVIGON navigation software along with some additional “Wow” features, according the NAVIGON.

“We’ve been in the business of making navigation software for the better part of two decades and believed that we were in a powerful position to take the category to a higher level,” says NAVIGON General Manager, Andreas Hecht. “Every detail of these systems — from hardware to software to content — was designed to bring something new and compelling to the category.”

The new GPS devices have the common graphical interface that can map routes and provide audible turn-by-turn …

GPS Embedding Sniper Rifle

Posted in GPS,Spy Gear by Reuben Drake on March 9th, 2007

GPS Sniper RifleThe Danish company Empire North is currently working on a special kind of sniper rifle. When gamers hear the words ‘sniper rifle’ they immediately think of some first person shooter game or another. However, this is not the case with this particular rifle.

Empire North is working on a GPS-based sniper rifle dubbed ID Sniper that is built to embed a tiny GPS tracking device on a target up to 1.1km away. This rifle will also be able to take pictures of the ‘target’ with the scope. Straight from the movies, the target will not feel the GPS device hit him/her/it.

Empire North states that, “it feels like getting a small mosquito bite and that [the] pain is absolutely minimal.” This rifle, taken directly from Hollywood, is sure to have some useful purposes.

via CruchGear

MainNav MW-705 GPS Watch

Posted in GPS,Watches by Chetz on February 21st, 2007

Mainnav MW-705 GPS watchLooking for a new watch that will catch the eyes of passersby? Then feast your retinas on the MW-705, Taiwan-based MainNav’s latest watch with an attitude.

This baby not only will tell you the local time but it also has GPS with incorporated Bluetooth and a SiRF Star III LP chipset. You can also tell what your current heartrate is, your speed and distance traveled, and what the temperature is – on the ground or splashing around in water. The only drawback is its bulk: rising an inch above your wrist, this 69 X 55 x 28 mm black box of technology will make people wonder if it runs off of fusion battery (for the record, it’s a Li-ion cell.)

Right now price, availability and weight info on this puppy isn’t being released by MainNav but a distributor for those of us living in the …

Stranded Mt. Hood Climbers use Mountain Locator Units

Posted in GPS,News by Paul Patterson on February 19th, 2007

Stranded Mt. Hood Climbers use Mountain Locator UnitsThree climbers stranded on Oregon’s Mt. Hood after falling from a snowy ledge on Sunday are equipped with Cellular Phones and Mountain Locator Units to aid rescuers.

The three climbers – two women, a man, and a Labrador – are able to maintain contact with rescue officials with a cell phone. The climbers also have at least one mountain locator unit with them to assist rescuers.

Mountain locator units or Personal Locator Beacons (PLB) are lightweight devices that attach to clothing and emit a signal which can help rescuers pinpoint the location of missing or stranded climbers. When activated, the beacons send out a distress signal that allows the beacon to be located by the satellite system. The devices can transmit GPS coordinates in the emergency satellite transmission.

The devices can be rented for as little as $5 at mountaineering outfitters …

Dandella GPS Wands Point Where To Go

Posted in Concepts,GPS by Darrin Olson on February 18th, 2007

Dandella GPS points in the direction to goThis GPS concept locating device is a concept from Singapore designers Yong-kai Tan and Priscilla Lui which won the top prize at a recent International Design Competition. The device is called Dandella and could be used for finding your way home or to another person holding a Dandella.

The concept GPS wand, when activated, lights up and physically points in the direction to its home, or too another Dandella wand depending on what it was programmed to do. The idea is that the GPS device would connect in a wireless charging unit that looks like a pen holder cup, and could be programmed with its home location or what other wand it should try to find. It would be programmed with the appropriate settings from a computer through a wireless Bluetooth connection. An embedded GPS chip would be aware …

Garmin GPSMAP 5212

Posted in Garmin,GPS,Marine by Paul Patterson on February 14th, 2007

Garmin GPSMAP 5212The GPSMAP 5212 is the flagship model in Garmin’s new GPSMAP 5000 Series of multifunction displays designed for marine use.

The 5212 features a large, waterproof 12.1-inch diagonal XGA touchscreen display (1024 x 768 pixels). Navigating the 5212 is accomplished through “virtual buttons” that change depending on the function and therefore eliminates the need for “hard” buttons, a valuable space saver on smaller helms.

The GPSMAP 5212 comes pre-loaded with detailed U.S. coastal charts – including Alaska, Hawaii and the Bahamas. The optional BlueChart g2 Vision SD data card provides high-resolution aerial reference photos to aid you in navigating harbors and channels or locating marinas, fuel stops or restaurants.

All of the 5000 series units employ the capabilities of the Garmin Marine Network, a system that combines GPS, radar, sonar, XM WX Satellite Weather, and other data.

The GPSMAP 5212 has a suggested …

Garmin and GolfLogix GPS Device for Golfers

Posted in Garmin,GPS by Paul Patterson on January 25th, 2007

Garmin with GolfLogix Enters GPS Golf MarketGolf is a game of distance and direction, so it’s no surprise that handheld GPS devices represent one of the fastest growing products in the golf business. Also helping this burgeoning market is the recent USGA and R&A rulings that sanction the use of distance measuring devices for golf. The ruling states that GPS-based systems and laser rangefinders are allowable.

To take advantage of this tremendous growth area, Garmin and GolfLogix have partnered on a new GPS device designed specifically for golfers. The partnership puts GolfLogix’s proprietary golf software on Garmin’s popular eTrex line of GPS receivers. The new device may even help the most hapless hacks squeeze a few strokes from their game.

The GolfLogix software gives you exact distances to hazards and the hole to help you select the correct club. Distances can be found …

Garmin Astro 220 – Let the Big Dogs Hunt

Posted in Garmin,GPS by Paul Patterson on January 19th, 2007

Garmin Astro 220The Garmin Astro 220 is a GPS-enabled dog tracking system that helps hunters pinpoint their dog’s position and monitor its activity during a hunt.

The Astro system includes a handheld GPS device and a wireless transmitter. The transmitter attaches to your dog using a neoprene harness (included) or by threading it onto an existing 1 inch e-collar.

The dog’s transmitter broadcasts his position to the handheld GPS allowing you to monitor his current location and see a trail marking where he’s been. You can even tell whether doggy is running, sitting, on point or treeing quarry. An alarm can be configured to let you know the moment your dog goes on point.

The system allows you to track up to ten dogs at one time at a distance of up to five miles. Astro works by line-of-sight so the best results will be achieved in …

Navicore brings GPS Navigation to Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

Posted in GPS,Navicore,Nokia by Paul Patterson on January 18th, 2007

Navicore brings GPS Navigation to Nokia N800 Internet Tablet Navicore has announced that its Navicore Personal GPS Navigation Software will be available for the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet. The 4.1 inch touch screen display and Internet connectivity make the N800 an ideal platform for GPS navigation.

Navicore Personal is a popular GPS-navigator that was specifically designed for mobile devices. Navicore Personal is also a handy pocket-guide that includes a points-of-interest database with restaurants, hotels, convenience stores and other tourist locations to help mobile users find out where they are, where to go, and how to get there.

The current map coverage for Navicore Personal 2007 includes maps for Europe, Australia, South Africa and the Middle East, with maps of North America becoming available in Q1 2007.

Navicore Personal 2007 will be available as a standalone Navigation Kit that includes the software along with a GPS …

Garmin Expands nüvi GPS Line with 370 and 670

Posted in Garmin,GPS by Paul Patterson on January 4th, 2007

Garmin nüvi 670The Garmin nüvi 370 and nüvi 670 are the newest GPS devices to join the successful nüvi family. The expanded nüvi product line comes with preloaded maps of North America and Europe, making it a flexible GPS option for the serious traveler.

The new transatlantic nüvi’s have preloaded detailed street maps of the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and over 30 countries in Europe. The nüvis are available with two screen choices: the standard 3.5-inch display on the nüvi 370 or the larger 4.3-inch widescreen nüvi 670.

Both nüvi’s include an integrated traffic receiver to warn you of possible traffic congestion or weather-related delays and automatically suggest alternative routes. The traffic service is still free in most countries in Europe, but in the U.S. it will cost you $60.00 for a 12 month subscription – if it saves you from a …