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Toshiba Gigabeat V41; heavy with 1seg

Posted in 1seg,Gigabeat,Portable Meda Players,Toshiba by Matt on September 27th, 2007

Toshiba Gigabeat V41Available Oct 19th, the new addition to the Gigabeat line is based on the Windows Mobile operating system and comes in three color styles: navy, gold and black. Toshiba is treading water with the functionality included in this 11.5×75×14.2mm / 168g package though.

The V41 boasts 4GB of internal memory and is expandable with SD or SDHC cards (up to 8GB) for storing up to 99 shows or 20 hours of streaming 1Seg TV. Based on Windows Mobile, the unit’s video playback is limited to WMV and JPEG images but plays MP3, WAV, and WMA/WMA-9 audio formats.

Toshiba U103 Gigabeat Now in 24 Colors

Posted in Gigabeat,Toshiba by Reuben Drake on July 24th, 2007

Toshiba Gigabeat U103 in 24 different colorsThe Toshiba U103 Gigabeat has launched in Japan coming in an almost unheard-of 24 different color options. There really isn’t much else different from the previous U102 version of the Gigabeat other than the additional colors. Offering changeable face plates to give some individuality might not have been a bad idea either but often seems to make the player seem a little cheaper, so we have to say it’s nice to see a player come in this broad of an array of colors. It would be nice if more DAP’s would catch on to this.

Other than the 24 color choices the U103 has the same 1.1″ screen, still supports MP3, WAV, and WMA files, has the same FM tuner and is still housing a modest 1GB of memory. Each color of the Toshiba U103 Gigabeat will retail for around $115.

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Toshiba Gigabeat MES60VK

Posted in Digital Audio,Digital Video,Gigabeat,Toshiba by Darrin Olson on September 21st, 2006


The Gigabeat web site alone makes me like this gadget. They have done a good job building a nice interactive Flash site, and of course it has music with an awesome beat, which brings us to the MES60VK Gigabeat multimedia device.

The Gigabeat MES60VK version from Toshiba has a 60GB drive to hold your music, video, TV shows, movies and pictures. You can transfer video through the Windows Media Player, buy movies for the Gigabeat at Vongo, and get music with Microsoft’s Plays For Sure. Al of this is accessible to you through an easy to use navigation control and a 2.4 inch color panel. The only thing that would make this a little cooler is if you could record audio and/or video with it, but at least in this version you cannot.

The battery in the Gigabeat will allow you to play music up to 12 …