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Monopoly boards are now circular

Posted in Games by Conner Flynn on January 30th, 2010

That is a weird sight. What you see above is a Monopoly board that looks nothing like a Monopoly board. For its 75th anniversary, Monopoly is trying something new. A circular board. Also digital currency. There is sure to be some controversy as some will love it and some will want to cling to the old game.

The change does make it easier to keep track of the cash, I like that. The circular board has to go though. Why not just make a kick-ass video game version and be done with it? What do you guys think? Do you like this one better? Or the old game?

Rubik’s Slide will have you twisting and sliding the night away

Posted in Games by Conner Flynn on January 28th, 2010

Hot on the heels of the Rubik’s Cube 30th birthday box set, comes this new puzzler from the company. The Rubik’s Slide will likely frustrate you in all sorts of ways. The makers claim that there are more than 10,000 puzzles on this.

It’s your job to slide and twist to move a series of squares (up to nine) to match a pre-determined pattern that is displayed at the start. The further you go, the more tiles will be introduced. That sounds simple, but it never is with these puzzles. I would need to save my progress like in a video game, but somehow I doubt that’s possible.

Rubik’s Cube celebrates 30th birthday with special box set for education

Posted in Games by Shane McGlaun on January 26th, 2010

If you were old enough to remember the 80′s you certainly recall the Rubik’s Cube. The cube has all those squares and stickers and I turned one until it fell apart once and never was able to finish it. I always changed the stickers around.

The Rubik’s Cube has now turned 30 and to celebrate the maker of the game cube is offering a box set of the things for the classroom. The kit includes 12 Rubik’s cubes, 12 solution guides, a DVD, cube sign-out sheets, posters, stickers, and award certificates for the classroom or educational programs.

Razer Sixense Motion Gaming Controller for PCs

Posted in Controllers by Conner Flynn on January 13th, 2010

Razer has a new motion gaming controller for PCs, which obviously works similar to the Wiimote. The device is called the Razer Sixense Motion Gaming Controller.

It’s designed to let gamers control a wide range of functions on the PC, like moving around and controlling weapons, but most importantly the company claims that it will be extremely accurate down to the nearest millimeter. Two controllers are used to perform various functions in the game. Much like the Wiimote/nunchuk combo.

JVL Vortex Touchscreen Countertop Video Game

Posted in Games by Conner Flynn on January 3rd, 2010

JVL has introduced the Vortex touchscreen countertop video game. Because let’s face it, we don’t have enough video games on countertops. It includes 148 different games, all with fancy lights and sounds, making your kitchen or other countertop an amusemet park of sorts.

Gaming, trivia, hall of fame, net connectivity for online tournaments… What more do you want while you’re in the kitchen making some hot-pockets. The $3,299 countertop game offers enhanced visual effects, super VGA high-color graphics, high capacity Flash Memory Card and USB compatibility, along with 16 bit stereo.

2-player Tetris table

Posted in Games by Conner Flynn on December 30th, 2009

There’s no arguing that Tetris is a true classic. We’ve seen countless interpretations of the game. Now we have a two-player Tetris table that looks like a whole lot of fun.

The idea is that one of the players gets to choose the pieces to send down to the other player, which makes it more difficult to get the right pieces to fit. Talk about frustrating! Still, it sounds very intense. We can only imagine that soon there will be some serious Tetris wars fought on this thing tournament style.

Chuwi PHG gaming PMP

Posted in Games by Conner Flynn on December 18th, 2009

Chuwi PHG gaming PMPAt first glance the Chuwi PHG gaming PMP looks pretty cool. It also looks like a redesigned PSP. The Chuwi PHG will play a variety of games, anything from 8-bit NES titles to GameBoy, 16-bit games from the SNES and MegaDrive and even some 64-bit games.

Of course you’ll have to find ROMs for all these games. Some other features include 720p support, TV Out, and it supports a bunch of audio and video file formats. You also get 4GB of internal memory. All for $73.


Dimension Invaders augmented reality game hits iPhone

Posted in Games by Shane McGlaun on December 16th, 2009

dimensioninvaders-sbAugmented reality apps are becoming more and more popular. These are the sort of apps that let you aim your iPhone camera at a restaurant and get information about the business. They are cool, but very limited in how useful they are to many users.

Rapidito Games has announced that it has released a new augmented reality game for the iPhone 3GS called Dimension Invaders. The game lets you point your iPhone camera around the room or area you are actually in to aim a crosshair on the screen at blue blobs.

ODROID ships to developers

Posted in Games by Conner Flynn on December 11th, 2009

ODROID ships to developersIf you placed your order during the pre-sales period in September for the ODROID, you should start seeing it appear in your mailboxes anytime now since they are now shipping. The 833MHz device comes with a bunch of cables, additional hardware and all of the documentation you will need to start filling it with games that don’t look all that exciting.

Games like Speed Forge 3D. You’ll also get 720p output via HDMI. You can still place your orders for $349, which will ship within 5 days.

Thanksgiving sales for Sony and Nintendo

Posted in Games by Conner Flynn on December 1st, 2009

Thanksgiving sales for Sony and NintendoSales figures for both Sony and Nintendo hardware this Thanksgiving weekend have been released. Most of the revenue generated were from Black Friday sales as you might expect. Looks like both have something to be thankful for.

Nintendo managed to come out on top with 550,000 Wiis sold in North America. The Nintendo DS doubled that amount with a million units sold in North America. Sony’s Playstation 3 came close to the big N with 440,000 units sold during the corresponding period. Microsoft says that their sales were the best yet, but did not reveal any solid figures.

Atari adds an arcade to its webpage

Posted in Games by Conner Flynn on November 24th, 2009

Atari adds an arcade to its webpageAtari has something new to offer gamers. Actually something old. Classic arcade games on their website. Head on over whenever you need to waste time. The site allows you to buy games and also check out new stuff from the Atari Store.

Visitors are treated to six awesome retro games, like Asteroids, Adventure, Battlezone, Crystal Castles, Lunar Lander and Yars Revenge. There are even leaderboards to encourage you to get high scores.

Geeky video game controller ornaments

Posted in Games by Conner Flynn on November 23rd, 2009

Geeky video game controller ornamentsHere are some ornaments that are sure to make your tree geek-chic this Christmas. Sure, you could go the usual route and deck your tree in cheesy plastic ornaments that are all generic, but these ornaments are so much cooler.

They represent you for the gaming geek that you are. Forget the boring Santas and the plain red ball ornaments. A Dreamcast controller is what the holidays are really about. Right?

Tony Hawk Ride hits US shelves

Posted in Games by Conner Flynn on November 18th, 2009

Tony Hawk Ride hits US shelvesOriginally it was rumored for an October release date, but then that changed to November 17th and sure enough Tony Hawk Ride was all ready to go on November 17. It will cost you $120 and the game/peripheral combo let you do all of the simulated skateboarding you want on the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii.

European availability is December 4 with Amazon for $149. So go get your fake skateboard and park it next to your fake guitar and drum set.

New content Coming to The Beatles: Rock Band tomorrow

Posted in Games by Shane McGlaun on November 16th, 2009

Music games are still doing well and the most recent version of Rock Band is The Beatles: Rock Band. The game has proven to be popular and MTV and Harmonix are set to launch the second DLC pack for the game tomorrow.


The new DLC content will hit the Xbox 360 tomorrow and the PS3 on November 19. The new content is the Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band. The content will be available per song for $1.99 each or as an entire album.

Star Trek Online to ship February 2

Posted in MMORPG by Shane McGlaun on November 10th, 2009

startrekonline-sbIf you are a big fan of Star Trek and have been counting the days until the new flick hit DVD, you will like the news of the new MMORPG as well. The new game is called Star Trek Online and it has been given an official launch date.

The game will debut on February 2, 2010 for Trekkies the world over to play. The game promises space and ground-based play and lets users fully customize not only their characters and uniforms, but starships as well.