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StrideLite Jacket Strobes for Night Running

Posted in Apparel,Exercise Gadgets by Chetz on October 26th, 2006

StrideLite Strobe Light Jacket

StrideLite has taken reflective jackets to the next level for lighted safety while running or walking in the dark. This jacket not only has reflective strips, but also has bright, blinking strobe lights to ensure you will be noticed while biking, running or walking at night.

The StridLite jackets have designs for men and women, and come in hardshell and softshell designs. Products also include a running belt and an umbrella. The strobe light embedded jackets are completely water proof, very light weight and run off of 2 “AAA” batteries that give the lights over 300 hours of run time.

StrideLite says that more gear is coming soon, such as hydration packs and vests.

More Info [Stridelite]

Sony NW-S205 Walkman

Posted in Digital Audio,Exercise Gadgets,Sony by Chetz on October 1st, 2006

Sony Walkman NW-S205FSThis new MP3 player from Sony definitely has the athlete in mind when they designed it. When you look at the NW-S205 Walkman it has athlete written all over it, beginning with the small and sleek design.

The NW-S205 (part of the new NW-S200 series from Sony) is only 3.8 inches long and has a diameter of .6 inches. The trade off for having something this small is the interface. It only has a one line small visual interface for reading the information, and some small twist and rocker controls to navigate, but once you get it running you are set.

For transferring data to the Walkman, there is a small USB port on the end that you can hook up to your PC and use the supplied software (SonicStage) to manage the data transfer. Some features of the NW-S205 Walkman:

The NW-S205 can hold up …

Suunto t4 – Your Own On-Hand Trainer

Posted in Exercise Gadgets,Suunto,Watches by Darrin Olson on September 29th, 2006

Suunto t4 Coach WatchFor the athlete in training (or wants to be in training) the Suunto t4 monitors your progress through your heart rate and optional accessories to measure steps, and makes intelligent workout recommendations for frequency, duration and intensity.

The Suunto actually makes the recommendations and you can accept them or not, and it continues to change based on the work out you have done and what your heart rate is. If you skip out, this little wrist coach has you make it up, if you work hard, you might get a break next time.

With the Suunto Coach feature, the Suunto t4 generates a five day plan for improving your condition and keep you in shape. It tells you which days to workout with information on duration and intensity.

If you accept the suggested workout, the Suunto t4 will guide you …

Silva airPod To Measure Hang Time

Posted in Exercise Gadgets,Outdoors,Silva by Chetz on September 29th, 2006

Silva Air time podHave you ever wondered just how out of control crazy you went with the last jump, or just how much hang time your buddy actually had when he took a huge jump going to fast when no one was looking?

Enter Silva “air time pod” to put these stories into some measurable reality via gadgetry. This gadget designed for use when skiing or snowboarding can actually measure your air time or “hang time” when worn while making the jump.

It shows the date, your hang time and the temperature when you did it. The air time pod from Silva will show your last 15 jumps’ air time, and some additional stats including air time by day, total combined air time for the year, temp, time, date and has an alarm.
This is one of a few items that Silva has come out with this year …

Lose weight with EnterTRAINment

Posted in Exercise Gadgets by Chetz on September 23rd, 2006


This Entertrainer is somewhat of a motivational exercise gadget for working out at home. This little decagon shaped device has two basic functions.

The first function is as a heart rate monitor. It wirelessly tracks your heart rate from an included strap you wear around your torso. The second function is a wireless remote to your TV or other entertainment that uses a wireless remote and has a volume.

You set up the Entertrainer with your own age, gender, length of workout and what type of workout you want to do. The gadget will then calculate a target heart rate for you.

The idea for this is as you exercise you must keep your heart rate up in order to keep the TV volume up, or whatever you are watching or listening to. If you start to slack off, the volume goes down. If you can lip read …

Surf in Your Living Room with the iJoy Board

Posted in Exercise Gadgets,Home by Darrin Olson on September 17th, 2006

iJoy BoardThe iJoy board is a balance training gadget that you can use to simulate surfing, skate boarding or snow boarding inside your own living room.

The iJoy Board has a non-slip platform that you stand on and an infrared remote that allows you to control turning it on and the speed setting. Adjust it between 3 different speeds and practice maintaining your balance while it tips different directions to simulate different board sports.

The iJoy is about 30″ long, 10″ high and 14 ” wide, weighs just under 50 pounds and runs on electricity from a standard wall outlet.

Current suggested retail is just under $450 USD.

iJoy Board [InterHealth]