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Onelink smoke detector shouts at you

Posted in Emergency Equipment by Conner Flynn on February 26th, 2008

Onelink smoke detector
The OneLink Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector with Voice Alert is a pretty clever device, that can be programmed with alerts relating to its location, so if the alarm goes off, you know without a doubt where it’s happening. will shout a warning like, “Smoke in Kitchen,” or, “Carbon Monoxide in basement.”

At 85dB loud, it should wake up just about anyone. It is battery powered and connects wirelessly to other alarms in your home. The price is not too bad at $99.99. Especially if it saves your life. The fact that this device automatically tells you what’s going on, will end up saving more lives then a typical detector and should probably be the new standard in homes.

Bodygard 7-in-1 platinum emergency tool

Posted in Emergency Equipment by Conner Flynn on February 11th, 2008

Bodygard 7-in-1 platinum emergency tool
If you’re the type who wants to be prepared for any eventuality, this Swiss Tech BodyGard Platinum 7-in-1 Multi-Function Emergency Tool may be your new best friend. Along with futuristic good looks, it sports an Automatic Glass Breaker, a Safety-Blade Seat Belt Cutter, Powerful Sonic Alarm, High Intensity High and Low Beam Bright White LED Flashlight, Digital Tire Gauge, a Thermometer and a Flashing Red Distress Light for Signaling and High Visibility.

It’s powered by lithium batteries. To summarize, if you are stuck in your car for some reason, it will allow you to break your window, then cut your seat-belt and get out. Once out of the vehicle, you can alert the whole area with the sonic alarm, while you check out your dark surroundings with the high intensity flashlight. While you are waiting for others to see what the hell the noise is all about, check your tires with the gauge and stick a thermometer in your tailpipe burger. You know, so you don’t get E-coli. Then just turn on the devices Red Distress Light and eat your dinner until help arrives. Yes, this device makes for an adventurous evening. I think I’ll get one.

BodyGard self-powered emergency tool has it all

Posted in Chargers,Emergency Equipment,MP3 by Conner Flynn on December 5th, 2007

BodyGard self-powered emergency tool

The BodyGard Self-Powered Emergency Tool is like a high-tech Swiss army knife, without all the knives. Consider it the MacGuyver of emergency tools. You get 12 devices in one, along with a hand crank, so you can generate power when and where you need it, on the spot. Never worry again about your flashlight, MP3 player, cellphone or radio running out of juice.

It also comes with a flashing red light, a panic button for emergencies and a motion-activated security alarm that alerts anyone around you in the event of an emergency. They obviously took advantage of every square inch of the device. It even has an integrated storage compartment for pills, matches and other tiny items.

Papercut: plug & call emergency landline phone

Posted in Concepts,Emergency Equipment by Conner Flynn on November 5th, 2007

Priestman Goode’s disposable phone, Post A Phone

This new concept from Industrial design company Priestman Goode is essentially a cardboard disposable phone, called the Post A Phone. What you get is a 4mm (0.16 inch) thick cardboard landline handset that pops out from a backing board. That’s it. It’s ready to plug and make calls.

The whole thing can fit in an envelope. Say a cell phone customer loses their phone. This can be mailed right out to them. Environmentally speaking, it’s cardboard so it won’t hurt the environment.

Measuring the earth move

Posted in Emergency Equipment,Home by Chetz on September 28th, 2007

GraGraph measures earthquake tremors in your home and displays the size and has an alarmIf you live in an area prone to earthquakes and aren’t content with waiting to find out how big that last one you felt was then the GraGraph is for you. This device (which doubles as a clock with time/date) is like having your own seismology lab on your night table: when an earthquake happens the GraGraph will sound its alarm and display the intensity of the quake on the Richter scale.

Little tremors happen all the time that we don’t feel but the GraGraph will measure the tremor and display it for you. And should The Big One ever hit the gizmo will give you ideas about what you should be doing instead of standing there listening to it. Thankfully it’s small enough to scoop up as you make a dash for the safety of a doorway.

Another bright idea

Posted in Emergency Equipment,Flashlights by Chetz on September 13th, 2007

The Power Failure LightThe problem with a power outage is that there is never a flashlight handy when the lights go out. Sure, you may know where your flashlights are and they may be fully charged but do you remember what’s lying on the floor or in the doorway? At least if you trip over something that you can’t see in your own home you know that you won’t sue yourself.

The Power Failure Light is a novel invention that makes a lot of sense. It’s a base that connects between your power socket and the light bulb. Six LED lights are fixed around it and when there’s a power outage they will switch on and give you a bright source of illumination in the dark.

Porsche P’9110 Radio Looks Good in a Disaster

Posted in Emergency Equipment,Radio by Reuben Drake on September 4th, 2007

Porsche P’9110 emergency crank radioIt may not really make much different just how good your emergency equipment looks when you actually need it, but you can appreciate it the rest of the time. Having a quality product that’s going to work when you need it sure doesn’t hurt, either. This Porsche P’0911 emergency crank radio by Eton has the looks and functionality that you’re looking for, but possibly the price that you’re not.

The emergency radio supports AM and FM bands and is powered by a crank with a magnetic locking system, so no batteries or external power is required. Along with the radio it also contains an emergency siren, LED flashlight, cell phone charger and a red strobe light.

OLE the Fire-Fighting Beetle

Posted in Concepts,Emergency Equipment,Robots by Chris Weber on July 25th, 2007

OLE beetle reports and fights forest firesResearchers at the University of Magdeburg-Stendal in Germany are coming close to replacing the poster-animal of fighting forest fires from Smokey the Bear to a robot beetle. The OLE beetle would be used to patrol a large area of forest on its own using infrared and biosensors to detect fires in their early stage. Once detected OLE can move towards the fire as fast at 20km/hour depending on the terrain to report the location of the fire and attempt to put it out using an impulse appliance.

OLE beetle robot that fights firesOLE is designed from the pill millipede which can roll itself into a protective ball. Should OLE be overcome with the fire it can roll itself into a ball and retract its legs and withstand temperatures of up to 1,300 degrees centigrade without damaging the internal …

Pinqy Fire Extinguisher

Posted in Emergency Equipment by Darrin Olson on July 24th, 2007

Pinqy fire extinguisherThis little Pinqy fire extinguisher looks more like something dangerous than something that will save you in an emergency. The grenade-shaped extinguisher is only 14 cm tall and is lightweight but packs the same pressure as a larger 1kg extinguisher. It obviously doesn’t pack the same volume though and the company recommends it as a handy gadget “when you have the beginnings of a fire at hand”.

It has a gauge that can be regularly checked for pressure and is small enough to be stored just about anywhere, such as a cupboard, car, boat or desk. To use the Pinqy fire extinguisher you hold the round bottom part in your hand and pull the pin (I’m still thinking grenade) and then squeeze the levers and aim at the fire, which all seems simple enough.

If you’re really looking for something to be “discreet” when putting out …

Hello Kitty Emergency Gadget

Posted in Emergency Equipment,Hello Kitty by Reuben Drake on July 18th, 2007

Hello Kitty Emergency GadgetHow cruel the irony of being in an emergency situation only to be saved by a Hello Kitty gadget. For Hello Kitty fans it probably couldn’t be any better, but many of the rest of us would probably rather take our chances.

This Hello Kitty electronic emergency kit contains a number of features that might actually help you out of a jam. With an apparent internal battery the device has an adapter to power your cell phone, LED flashlight, AM/FM radio, a wind-up hazard siren and of course a compass. It also has a connection on the side where you can plug in a 9-volt battery to power it up.

I can just picture the headlines now: “Man survives disaster – saved by Hello Kitty”.

KittyHell via Engadget

StormStation from Black & Decker

Posted in Black & Decker,Emergency Equipment by Chetz on May 23rd, 2007

Black & Decker StormstationThanks to the sudden turn for the extreme that the world’s weather is giving humanity these days we’re starting to think about preparing for the worst before it can happen, such as a long power outage due to a storm. The Black and Decker StormStation offers some peace of mind in case you find yourself in a lights out situation and at a very affordable price.

After plugging its 12-volt rechargeable battery into a socket and juicing it up you’ve got a 25-watt inverter to power a cordless phone or other small electronics, a built-in radio receiver that picks up AM, FM, TV1 and TV2 frequencies, and a detachable flashlight to see your way around in the dark. There’s also a built-in light that automatically switches on once its power source goes out so you can find it easy.

Black and Decker offers a …