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Just Point and Shoot with Pure Digital Camcorder

Posted in Camcorders,Digital Video by Quagmire on October 16th, 2006

Pure Digital Point and Shoot

Pure Digital Technologies, a pioneer in developing one-time use cameras and camcorders has released the Point & Shoot Video Camcorder.

The new camcorder is a great alternative for those people who want a simple, no-frills solution for creating and sharing high quality home movies. Compact, affordable, and easy-to-use; Pure Digital’s new camcorder allows anyone to easily record and share their adventures with one push of a button.

The Point and Shoot also plugs into a PC via USB and has built-in software to transfer and process the video with one click. Pure Digital is surely hoping to cash in on the proliferation of online video sharing services like YouTube, MSN Soapbox and Yahoo video with this new camera.

The Point and Shoot comes in two models, one that holds 30 …

Artec T14A Mini USB 2.0 Digital TV Tuner

Posted in Bargains,Digital Video by Quagmire on October 12th, 2006

Artec T14AEnable HD Digital TV on your PC or laptop anytime, anywhere with the Artec T14A Mini USB 2.0 Digital TV Tuner. Just connect the TV Tuner into your USB port with the USB extension cable and antenna provided, and install the software required – and bam! You are ready to view HDTV. Make sure your PC or laptop supports this function.

Artec T14A Mini USB 2.0 Digital TV Tuner $59.99 with Free Shipping. [ZipZoomFly]

YouTube Hits Google Jackpot

Posted in Digital Video,Google,YouTube by Paul Patterson on October 9th, 2006

Google Buys YouTube

What does 1.65 billion dollars buy you these days? Well, if you are Google it buys you a popular free video sharing web site and a fair share of controversy.

YouTube, which lets users upload, view, and share video clips was founded in February 2005 by three early employees of PayPal. YouTube has made headlines recently due to the scuttlebutt concerning copyright violations. Most videos posted on YouTube are original, but the site also features a certain amount of copyrighted material. This problem has caused some pundits to predict the startup eventually would be sued into oblivion.

This recent purchase by Google is the latest in a line of purchases by the search engine behemoth. Last year Google spent $130.5 million buying a total of 15 small companies.

Video sharing websites appear to be all the rage these days as marquee names like …

COWON iAUDIO F2 Portable Entertainment Player

Posted in Digital Audio,Digital Video by Paul Patterson on October 2nd, 2006

iAUDIO F2Cowon Systems recently launched the sophisticated ultra-mini MP3P, the ‘iAUDIO F2‘. The iAUDIO F2 incorporates a stylish and unique design into a user-friendly and functional player.

You can play videos and view text or images with the 260,000-color high definition LCD – all while listening to music. The 1.3 inch TFT-LCD allows users to navigate all the device operations with ease. The 9 function buttons are integrated on the front control and can easily be operated with one hand.

The iAUDIO F2 can be used as a pendant as it weighs in at an unnoticeable 39g (including battery) ensuring for exceptional portability. The built-in lithium polymer battery provides up to 22 hours of continuous play with just 3 hours of charging.

You can record all of your great ideas with the built-in microphone or you can use the direct encoding to receive and record sound …

iZak Plays Your Media on Your TV

Posted in Digital Audio,Digital Imaging,Digital Video,Television by Paul Patterson on September 29th, 2006

iZakAre you looking for a way to play that extensive media collection laying dormant on your PC? The iZak may just be the device you have been looking for.

The iZak is a simple to operate portable multimedia player for music, pictures, and video. The device will connect to any PC or Mac via USB-2 allowing you to copy your favorite music, movies, pictures, or data files. Once your data has been transferred to iZak, you can connect it to any TV to watch movies, view photos, or listen to your digital music.

The iZak supports any standard display device with an external input. This includes TVs, Video Monitors, Plasmas, video Projectors, and GA monitors. You can watch your favorite films in HDTV quality Video and Dolby Digital or DTS quality Audio.

The iZak is a creation of Unibrain, a global leader in the development of FireWire …

Neuros MPEG-4 Recorder

Posted in Digital Video,Neuros by Darrin Olson on September 28th, 2006

Neuros MPEG4 RecorderThe idea behind the Neuros MPEG-4 Recorder is not a complicated one, and that is what makes this such handy gadget.

You can use this device just as you would a VCR, except that instead of recording onto tapes, your record onto digital media (MS Duo / ProDuo, CF and Microdrives) that will run in your mobile device. Normally any television shows or movies you want to watch are subject to what you can download from the internet. With the Neuros recorder you can set it, without subscription fees, to record any show you want from your cable, satellite or camcorder right onto your memory card. You can then play your video in off of the media card on your portable device, such as your PDA, laptop, PSP, iPOD or smartphone.

Simple idea, slick results.

Source [NeurosAudio]

Zune will be Yours Soon

Posted in Digital Audio,Digital Video,Microsoft,Zune by Quagmire on September 28th, 2006

ZuneMicrosoft has announced the price and launch date for its Zune digital music player and service. The new player will be available in the US on November 14th and will be priced at $249 (USD). Microsoft also announced that the monthly subscription to its new music service would cost $14.99 or 79 points per track using Microsoft’s point system.

You won’t be empty handed as the Zune will also come pre-loaded with a variety of songs and music videos. The audio tracks include: Band of Horses, “Wicked Gil” (Sub Pop Records), Bitter:Sweet, “The Mating Game” (Quango Music Group), CSS, “Alala (Microsoft edit)” (Sub Pop Records), Darkel, “At The End of The Sky (edit)” (Astralwerks), Every Move a Picture, “Signs of Life” (V2), Small Sins, “Stay” (Astralwerks), The Adored, “Tell Me Tell Me” (V2), The Rakes, “Open Book” (V2), The Thermals, “A Pillar of …

Make Your iPod Videos Big With the iFlip

Posted in Digital Video,iPod,Memorex by Darrin Olson on September 24th, 2006

Memorex iFlip

Being able to watch movies on your iPod video is awesome, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to watch those movies on a little bigger screen, or if you want to entertain more than one person at once, the small screen on the iPod is sometimes difficult for two people to watch at the same time.

The Memorex iFlip allows you to take the video on your iPod from a 2.5″ screen up to the 8.4″ screen on the iFlip. The resolution stays the same, which looks incredible on the iPod, but can be a little bit “pixelated” on the iFlip, but it does give you the wide screen aspect ratio.

The Memorex iFlip is portable and can run up to 5 hours on it’s battery, which is great for watching on a plane or on the road, and has a 75 degree horizontal viewing angel …


Posted in Digital Audio,Digital Video,iRiver by Darrin Olson on September 21st, 2006

iRiver Clix The iRiver clix is an awesome little multimedia player that has a very easy to use interface and is able to play music, videos, photos and text. You can use it to listen to the radio, as an alarm clock, it’s small enough to hide in your hand and still has a 2.2″ viewing screen.

It has 2G of storage, which lately is a little on the lite side with similar devices, but aside from that and needing to touch the screen a lot with your fingers (comes with a cleaning cloth), the iRiver Clix is a smooth gadget.

The Clix is compatible with the Windows Plays For Sure subscription service and transfers data with USB. The battery lasts up to 25 hours, which could last longer than your media and is quite the opposite compared to many similar media players with more memory than …

Mix Max Movies For Moppets

Posted in Digital Video by Chetz on September 21st, 2006

Disney Mix MaxDisney has added a digital movie player to the mix of things available for the upcoming holidays. The Disney Mix Max Movie Player comes in three styles – Tinkerbell, Forever Princess and the recently popular Cheetah Girls.

Disney is also planning on updating the Mix Stix player and adding new music, along with introducing the Mix Micro music player with a smaller memory capacity and price.

You can buy only Disney movies for the Disney Mix Max, from Disney. So, looks like they have it covered.

You can get this Cheetalicious player and the other styles for $100 USD, and view the movies on a 2.2 inch screen. Movies will run for about $20 USD each, and initial titles include:

High School Musical
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Cheetah Girls
Lizzie McGuire
Cadet Kelly
Ella Enchanted

Source [Reuters]

Toshiba Gigabeat MES60VK

Posted in Digital Audio,Digital Video,Gigabeat,Toshiba by Darrin Olson on September 21st, 2006


The Gigabeat web site alone makes me like this gadget. They have done a good job building a nice interactive Flash site, and of course it has music with an awesome beat, which brings us to the MES60VK Gigabeat multimedia device.

The Gigabeat MES60VK version from Toshiba has a 60GB drive to hold your music, video, TV shows, movies and pictures. You can transfer video through the Windows Media Player, buy movies for the Gigabeat at Vongo, and get music with Microsoft’s Plays For Sure. Al of this is accessible to you through an easy to use navigation control and a 2.4 inch color panel. The only thing that would make this a little cooler is if you could record audio and/or video with it, but at least in this version you cannot.

The battery in the Gigabeat will allow you to play music up to 12 …

Creative Zen to Rival Zune

Posted in Creative,Digital Audio,Digital Video by Paul Patterson on September 19th, 2006

Creative Zen W

Creative Technology recently launched the Zen Vision W video, photo and music player. This launch comes on the same day former partner and new rival Microsoft unveiled new information on the Zune player. Creative has positioned the Zen media player to compete directly against the Microsoft Zune and Apple iPod players. Creative also discussed its support for Amazon’s Unbox movie and video store.

The Zen line of players will run on Microsoft Windows Media and comes in two models: 30GB and 60GB, costing $300 and $400 respectively. The Zen Vision W also has a 4.3-inch color screen, which is slightly larger than the 3-inch screen on the Zune.

Creative Zen Vision W [Creative]

Amazon Unbox Movie and TV Download Service

Posted in Amazon,Digital Video by Paul Patterson on September 19th, 2006

Amazon Unbox

Amazon launched its movie and TV download service earlier this month. The new service is called Amazon Unbox and will allow users to discover thousands of movies and TV shows in the Amazon Unbox video store.

The system works by installing the Amazon Unbox video player on your PC. Once the player is installed you can download the titles of your choice and watch the videos on your PC, portable device, or TV (through an s-video connection).

Amazon Unbox

One hour of programming is roughly equal to 1GB of disk space. The common file sizes include: 30-minute TV episode=600MB, 1-hour TV episode=1.2GB, 2-hour movie=2.4GB. The Amazon Unbox player does allow you to watch the video while it is still downloading.

The price for downloading a movie is roughly the same as buying the DVD directly from Amazon. Movies can …

Microsoft Zune Marketplace

Posted in Digital Audio,Digital Video,Microsoft,Zune by Paul Patterson on September 18th, 2006

ZuneMicrosoft recently announced the most information yet on its upcoming Zune digital music player and service. The latest information focused on the Zune’s capabilities that let users share music with friends. The Zune can store and display video and pictures, comes with a 3-inch liquid-crystal display screen, a 30-GB hard drive, FM tuner, and will be available in three different colors: black, white, and brown.

Microsoft also plans to debut the Zune Marketplace into the Zune ecosystem. The Zune Marketplace is an online music store where customers can import existing music, pictures and videos in many popular formats and purchase millions of songs. The service will offer the standard features such as genre browsing, top songs, albums, artists, new releases, and featured items. Microsoft will also offer Zune Pass, which is an online subscription that allows users to download …

JVC Everio G Series Camcorder

Posted in Camcorders,Digital Video,JVC by Darrin Olson on September 17th, 2006

JVC Everio G SeriesI think JVC has reached a mile marker here with the media for digital video recording. I remember my dad with a camcorder that took the full size VHS tapes (he still uses it), and then they went to the smaller tapes so the camera could have a smaller profile and you could still get a decent amount of recording time.

After tapes there was some time there were it could have went anywhere. The most popular seemed to be using flash memory or lately using small DVD’s that were burned inside the camcorder on the fly. Both of these options were good, but I think the JVC Everio G series camcorders (GZ-MG50 pictured) have gotten it figured out.

The Everio camcorders do not have a tape or a DVD disc spinning inside them. They have a hard drive that can be up to …