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SanDisk Unveils Sansa View Video Player

Posted in Digital Video,News,SanDisk,Sansa by Chetz on January 8th, 2007

SanDisk Sansa View Portable Video PlayerSanDisk recently introduced the slim Sansa View portable video player which allows playing movies, music and viewing photos on a 4″ widescreen color display.

The video player has only 8GB of internal memory, which is quite a bit for playing audio files, but doesn’t go quite as far when viewing video. SanDisk estimates 33 hours of MPEG-4 video playback at 512kbps with the internal 8GB. The video player does have an SD card slot, so the memory can be expanded and video stored externally if needed, and a video out AV jack to allow playback on a television. The player also has a rechargeable battery that allows playback for up to 10 hours on a full charge, a built-in speaker and overall dimensions of 78.5mm x 123mm x 16.9mm.

The Sansa View is expected to start shipping in the first quarter of this …

Canon Releases DC50 DVD Camcorder With 5 Megapixel Stills

Posted in Camcorders,Canon,Digital Video by Darrin Olson on January 6th, 2007

Canon Releases DC50 Five Megapixel DVD CamcorderCanon has released the new DC50 DVD camcorder into their line up featuring direct-to-DVD recording along with a 5.39 megapixel CCD Image sensor.

Aside from the hi-resolution still pictures, video is taken through a 10x optical / 200x digital zoom lens with Canon’s Super Range Optical Image Stabilization to help with shaky hands when zooming in. Both video and still images will take advantage of the next generation of Canon’s signal processing technology, called the DIGIC DV II. This processing helps by identifying color requirements in different photo and video situations, and also helps improve quality when filming in low-light.

Canon has incorporated some additional cool features into the DC50, one of which is the Quick Start Mode which will bring the camera from standby to shooting in under a second to help avoid missing shots while waiting for the camera to …

Time Warner Dual Format DVDs – Another Peace Offering In The Format Wars

Posted in Blu-ray,Digital Video,HD DVD,News by Chris Weber on January 4th, 2007

time warner dual format dvd hd-dvd blu-rayTime Warner has announced plans to introduce a new DVD format that will encode content in both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray formats. The format will be called Total HD.

Many experts believe that the confusion over formats has slowed the adoption of high definition DVD formats. Time Warner’s olive branch is another peace initiative by tech companies and content companies to bridge the gap between the two formats.

SlipperyBrick recently reported on the new LG player that can play both HD-DVD and Blu-ray. This development is similar to what happened in writable DVD formats for the PC. There were originally two competing formats with DVD-RW and DVD+RW. Thought the formats still exist many DVD writers can handle either format and also CD reading and writing.

Total HD will turn the tables and make sure …

Apple iTV May Be Coming Soon

Posted in Apple,Digital Audio,Digital Video,News by Darrin Olson on January 2nd, 2007

Apple iTV Coming SoonAccording to rumors on AppleInsider.com, the Apple iTV (or whatever the name ends up to be) may start shipping as soon as late January or early Feburary, but detailed information about the iTV and it’s release does not sound like it will make the MacWorld Expo next week in San Francisco.

What we have heard so far is that the iTV is intended to “bridge the gap” between the PC and the living room and standard television by delivering content streamed from a PC with iTunes to the television, such as movies, music and pictures. The multimedia device is also expected to have a host of connection interfaces to support WiFi, ethernet, USB, HDMI and standard component video and audio jacks.

An additional “small hard drive” is also rumored to accompany the Mac OS in the iTV according to quotes from Robert Iger, Walt …

i-Station Mini DX

Posted in Digital Audio,Digital Video by Darrin Olson on January 1st, 2007

i-Station Mini DXThe i-Station Mini DX is a cool little gadget that plays digital audio and video, as well as supports viewing still pictures. It can also pick up FM radio and DMB television in Korea, which is probably part of the reason why this gadget isn’t available in the US.

THe Mini DX weighs only 80 grams and measures about 86x54x16mm. It has a 2.4 inch TFT LCD display and comes with internal memory of 1GB, 2GB and a 4GB version in the works with an SD slot to add some more.

The player also supports MP3 encoding which is a nice feature for any device that receives external audio such as a mic in or FM stereo. This allows the user to record incoming audio and converts it directly to MP3 files, which in this case can be listened to later or transferred to a …

AACS HD DVD Protection Compromised in 8 Days

Posted in Digital Video,News by Darrin Olson on December 28th, 2006

HD DVD AACS Protection Cracked in 8 DaysA forum poster by the name of Muslix64 has recently cracked the new “unbreakable” AACS protection or HD DVD movies and posted it in a thread on Doom9 forum. It also appears that Muslix64 has created a video about using the BackupHDDVD software, showing a command line interface, the files being created and a clip of Full Metal Jacket while showing that the DVD was in hand, not in the player.

“just bought a HD-DVD drive to plug on my PC, and a HD movie, cool! But when I realized the 2 software players on windows don’t allowed me to play the movie at all, because my video card is not HDCP compliant and because I have a HD monitor plugged with DVI interface, I started to get mad…” posted Muslix64 on the forum. “This is not what …

SCIRC t1 Remote Solar Powered Webcam

Posted in Digital Imaging,Digital Video,Outdoors,Webcams by Darrin Olson on December 28th, 2006

Solar Powered Webcam SCIRC t1There are probably a number of places that would be available to view via webcam if only it didn’t need a computer and power in close proximity. DigitalXTractions has a solution to this problem by offering a webcam that runs on solar power and sends it’s images directly to an internet site through wireless phone lines.

The webcam has a 1.3 megapixel sensor that can capture either video or still pictures and send them to a site to be viewed through a wireless GPRS/EDGE cellular modem.

The actual camera is 7x4x3 inches and weighs about 5 pounds so it might not be real easy to hide, if that is your plan. Also, there is a solar power option (additional cost) and a back up batter that can take up some additional room wherever you mount it.

The real cool part about this solar webcam …

Dyne Tuny 9 Digital Audio/Video Player

Posted in Digital Audio,Digital Video by Darrin Olson on December 27th, 2006

Dyne Telecom Tuny 9 Digital Audio PlayerThe new Tuny 9 digital audio and video player from Dyne Telecom doesn’t have the slim profile of it’s Tuny 11 sibling which was released at the same time, but with it’s greater size of course comes some greater features.

The Tuny 9 comes in capacities of 512MB, 1GB and 2GB, and has a battery that allows up to 18 hours of audio playback and 8 hours of video playback on a 3 hour charge. Data transfer and charging both happen through a USB 2.0 cable.
It has a 2″ LCD color screen for viewing video and still photos with the overall dimensions of 45 x 82 x 14 mm and weighs just over 53 grams.

With the Tuny 9, you can listen to MP3, OGG and WMA files, watch MPEG4 video and view still JPEG photos. The player also has …

Dyne Telecom Tuny 11 MPEG4 Player

Posted in Digital Audio,Digital Video by Darrin Olson on December 26th, 2006

Dyne Tuny 11 Digital Audio PlayerDyne has recently released two new digital audio/video products for the holiday season, one of those being the Tuny 11.

The Tuny 11 is a very slim (7.9mm) gadget that supports playback of music, video and images with a nice color screen and touch pad controls.

The Tuny 11 supports MP3, WAV and WMA audio files that can be organized and viewed in a familiar file structure. Multiple types of video are supported with different codecs, and the Tuny 11 can also pick up FM radio. The device also has a built in microphone to allow up to 34 hours of recorded audio on 512MB of storage space.

The Tuny 11 from Dyne comes in 3 different capacities of 512MB (DA530), 1GB (DA540) and 2GB (DA550). All three models sport a 1.66″ 65k Color TFT LCD screen and offer 8 hours of audio …

Teleglass Video LCD Screen For Your Glasses

Posted in Digital Video,LCD by Chetz on December 23rd, 2006

Teleglass LCD ScreenJapanese company Arisawa Manufacturing has a video headset solution that is expected to be available in Japan yet this year to allow the user to watch video in a tiny screen attached to there eye glasses.

The Teleglass has a mount that will attach to virtual any pair of glasses and allows the video screen to attach to it. The video screen is a .24 inch LCD panel that when viewed up close is equivalent to a 21″ television screen at about 3 feet away. A wire connected to the 8 gram mounted LCD screen connects to a player that stores the video that users could wear in their pocket.

The beauty of this design is not only that it can be attached to any existing glasses, but also that it allows the user to maintain their regular vision while using them since both …

Portable Handheld DVD Player

Posted in Digital Video by Darrin Olson on December 23rd, 2006

Portable Handheld DVD PlayerClaimed to be the most portable handheld DVD player by Hammacher Schlemmer, this DVD player is small enough to be held in one hand and tough enough to take the rigors of travel.

This player has a rubber frame to handle the bumps and drops that it might encounter in the car or on a plane, and can run for 2.5 hours on one battery charge. It has a 4 1/5″ screen to view on, or users can hook it up to their television with some included AV cables to use it as a traditional DVD player. It has has AC and auto adapters to run it from a home outlet or in the car.

The key features with this portable DVD player are the really small size considering it’s spinning a DVD inside, and the rugged exterior to help make it more durable …

Sony To Offer Video Downloads to PSP

Posted in Digital Video,News,PSP,Services,Sony by Darrin Olson on December 19th, 2006

Sony PSP Movie DownloadsAccording to the Financial Times, Sony has plans to start allowing video downloads to the Sony PSP. This would be direct competition for the video iPod from Apple, and according to Sony this would really “open up” the movie download market. Apple iTunes only provides downloads to the iPod and only Disney movies have been available to download due to fear of piracy from other studios.

Fortunately for consumers the new movie download service would not require a new distribution or upgrade of the PSP. This is also important to Sony after having their troubles earlier in the year and will help make the offering more accepted and ultimately successful. In order to enable the downloads without any changes to the PSP, the movies would download onto flash media, in particular a Sony Memory Stick in which at 4GB would allow users to …

JVC EXAD In-Dash DVD/CD Receiver

Posted in Automotive,Digital Audio,Digital Video,JVC by Darrin Olson on December 17th, 2006

JVC EXAD KD-AVX2 DVD/CD ReceiverJVC has a pretty cool DVD/CD receiver called the KD-AVX2 in the EXAD line up that provides a 3.5″ wide screen right in the DIN sized component in your dash. With this design, no longer do you need to have those screens retract and end up blocking other controls, getting over-exposed to heat or cold from your vents and get bumped when they are sticking out.

This monitor is built right into the face of the receiver and allows you to set up your own wallpaper to display when its not being used. The KD-AVX2 from JVC is also ready to control your iPod with an additional adapter, and is SAT radio ready.

It also has output jacks so that you can setup surround sound quality in your card, and hook up external monitors for those in the back seat. The player allows …

Cowon D2 Music and Video Player

Posted in Cowan,Digital Audio,Digital Video by Darrin Olson on December 15th, 2006

Cowan D2 Audio and Video PlayerSEOUL, Korea – Cowon is planning on releasing the Cowon D2 digital audio and video player on December 19th. This player has a 2.5″ touchscreen for navigation and handles multiple audio and video multimedia as well as broadcasted multimedia (DMB) without an external antenna. It even has a video out port to play the video on another display device.

The battery allows for 52 hours of audio playback and up to 10 hours video playback, and this player is very small. At only 78.0 x 55.4 x 16.6 mm and weighing only 91 grams it fits easily into your pocket to take you media with you wherever you go. You can also hold a pretty decent amount of multimedia files as it comes in 2GB and 4GB sizes, and you can add an SD card of up to another 4GB.

To get …

New 3CCD HD Camcorders from Panasonic

Posted in Camcorders,Digital Video,News,Panasonic by Darrin Olson on December 10th, 2006

Panasonic 3CCD High Definition AVCHD CamcordersPanasonic has recently unveiled two new high definition camcorders with some big screen features in tiny packages. The HDC-SD1 and HDC-DX1 are similar camcorders but both record high def in slightly different ways. The HDC-DX1 (pictured on the left) records onto DVD discs, and the HDC-SD1 records onto small (in size not capacity) SDHC memory cards.

The HDC-SD1 has some advantages with recording onto the memory cards by having no moving parts required in order to save the data. It has fewer parts to break, and is more resistant to shock. Also, it can potentially hold more data. A 4GB memory card can hold up to an hour of high definition video, where a dual layer DVD can hold up to about 40 minutes. And of course if you add a larger memory card, you can hold more recording time. Another …