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Canon Powershot SD40 ELPH

Posted in Canon,Digital Cameras,Digital Imaging by Darrin Olson on September 16th, 2006

PowerShot SD40 ELPH

The new Powershot SD40 ELPH is the fashion end of the new line of cameras that have recently come out from Canon. This version of the ELPH is upgraded to 7.1 megapixel from it’s 5.0 megapixel predecessor, the SD30.

It’s slim and handy at less than an inch thick, looks sleek in 4 available styles and is easy to use. It has a 1.8 inch backlit LCD monitor and comes with a handy station that is used to charge the SD40 ELPH camera as well as to upload pictures through a USB connection or direct printing. It also comes with a remote control to run the camera options remotely.

Did you know that Canon had a camera museum?

Press Release [Canon]

Sony DSC-T50 Camera

Posted in Digital Cameras,Digital Imaging by Darrin Olson on September 11th, 2006

Sony DSC-T50

The new Sony DSC-T50 cyber-shot digital camera has stuck with the same anorexic trend as many of the new cell phones, which is good for those of you who are into really skinny gadgets like that.

The new 7 mega-pixel camera boasts a nice new feature of a 3″ touch screen. The purpose of the touch screen is to be able to remove a lot of the buttons necessary to run the menu and different fuctions, and be able to replace that room with the larger screen that you can touch to make your menu choices. (No eating with your fingers while photographing.)

The DSC-T50 also has a 3x zoom and 56MB of internal memory and takes Memory Stick Duo and Memory Stick Pro Duo media cards for additional storage (currently up to 4G). Battery life is expected to support up to 400 shots on a …