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YouTube For The Deceased

Posted in Digital Imaging,LCD by Chetz on January 4th, 2007

Serenity Vidstone PanelMultimedia is working it’s way into almost every part of our lives, and even after-lives in this case. The Vidstone Serenity Panel provides a 7″ LCD panel that runs on solar power and will show a 5-8 minute slide show of photos along with sound.

The 8″ x 6.5″ panel can mount flush to a gravestone and provides two headphone jacks to allow visitors to listen to music along with the slide show. It is weather proof and fade resistant, and uses simple one-touch buttons to operate the playback. The Vidstone requires at least 4 hours of sunlight per day for it’s solar panels to keep it fully charged.

This Vidstone Serenity Panel won the “most innovative product” award from the International Cemetery and Funeral Association, and retails for just under $2000 USD.

SCIRC t1 Remote Solar Powered Webcam

Posted in Digital Imaging,Digital Video,Outdoors,Webcams by Darrin Olson on December 28th, 2006

Solar Powered Webcam SCIRC t1There are probably a number of places that would be available to view via webcam if only it didn’t need a computer and power in close proximity. DigitalXTractions has a solution to this problem by offering a webcam that runs on solar power and sends it’s images directly to an internet site through wireless phone lines.

The webcam has a 1.3 megapixel sensor that can capture either video or still pictures and send them to a site to be viewed through a wireless GPRS/EDGE cellular modem.

The actual camera is 7x4x3 inches and weighs about 5 pounds so it might not be real easy to hide, if that is your plan. Also, there is a solar power option (additional cost) and a back up batter that can take up some additional room wherever you mount it.

The real cool part about this solar webcam …

Kodak Easyshare G600 Printer Dock

Posted in Digital Imaging,Kodak,Printers by Paul Patterson on December 22nd, 2006

Kodak Easyshare G600The Kodak Easyshare G600 Printer Dock is a portable printing solution that works with your Kodak camera to help you print high quality pictures anytime and anywhere. The new design measures 7.7″ x 4.0″ x 13.0″ and weighs 4.2 lbs making it small enough to take with you just in case you have an impromptu photo shoot.

You can print pictures in 60 seconds at the touch of a button or transfer your pictures to your computer with the included USB cable so you can keep on shooting. In addition, the printer will automatically charge your Kodak camera battery in 3.5 hours.

The printer creates waterproof, fingerprint-proof, stain-resistant, wipeable prints using Kodak XTRALIFE Lamination. The high capacity cartridge in the new G Series Photo Paper Kit is designed exclusively for the G600 to make up to 100 borderless 4 x 6 in. (10 x 15 …

USB Flash Drive with WebCam

Posted in Digital Imaging,Flash Memory,Webcams by Chetz on December 21st, 2006

Volvox USB Flash Drive With WebCamThe Korean company Sydnt has added a new flash drive to their Volvox product line. The Volvox USB webcam looks and acts like a USB flash drive, and comes in capacities of 512MB, 1Gb and 2GB.

There is one added feature that makes this flash drive unique; it also acts as a webcam that is able to take 1.3 Megapixel photos at a rate of 30 frames per second. It appears to have a flexible stiff cable that works as a USB extension and a stand so you can position your webcam however you would like.

There aren’t too many specs out about this camera flash drive, but it really looks like a pretty cool gadget. If it turns out to be something around $20 and I have $20 I will think about picking one up.

More photos are at Akihabara News

Mobile Phone Telescope

Posted in Accessories,Digital Imaging by Darrin Olson on December 20th, 2006

Mobile Phone Telescope for Sony EricssonThe ability to take pictures with your mobile phone was a great and popular advancement in mobile phone technology. The idea caught on like gangbusters and now you can hardly find a phone without a camera.

The progression of a telescoping lens for the mobile phone camera seems only natural, right? Well, maybe not. It does take away from having a slim design among other things, but this telescope that snaps on to Sony Ericsson mobile phones might be handy to have in your glove box.

The Mobile Phone Telescope from Brando adds 6x zoom to your camera. If your screen has good enough resolution you can manually focus the telescope lens while it is attached, but you may need to focus it before attaching to the camera which can be a little less than convenient.

For $19 USD, the package comes with …

Axion AXN-9900 9″ LCDA Digital Picture Frame

Posted in Bargains,Digital Imaging,Home by Quagmire on December 11th, 2006

Axion AXN-9900Isn’t it time you proudly displayed your photo collection which has been laying dormant in your PC all this time? The AXN-9900 9″ digital multimedia picture frame supports both JPEG photos and MP3 playback. Use the USB cable to download media directly from your computer or a variety of other sources. The frame also supports Secure Digital, Multimedia Card, and Sony Memory Stick flash media types or use the built-in memory to store up to 20 pictures.

You can easily control the viewing and music options of picture frame with the remote control.
Axion AXN-9900 9 LCDA Digital Picture Frame with Wooden Trim

Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera

Posted in Digital Cameras,Digital Imaging,Kids by Darrin Olson on December 10th, 2006

Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera My first digital camera as an adult was not as sophisticated as this Kid-Tough Digital Camera from Fisher-Price for ages 3 & up. I also think my first digital camera was even slightly bigger!

This is a real camera that takes real digital photos that can be transferred on to your PC, and has a 1.3″ color LCD to view the pictures immediately after you take them. When taking the pictures, the digital camera has a viewer for both eyes so the little kids don’t have to know how to wink to be able to focus in on there target. It also has big hand-holds on either side and big buttons to make it simple to use.

The designers have also taken into account that kids are going to drop this camera, a lot, so it is shockproof. It has a …

Epson P-5000 Media Viewer

Posted in Digital Imaging,Epson by Quagmire on November 28th, 2006

Epson P-5000The Epson P-5000 media viewer is a handy device that allows you to download, store and display photos, videos and other media without a computer. An essential tool for the photography enthusiast, it is easy to backup images right from your memory card or camera.

The P-5000 has a four-inch LCD screen that allows you to easily review your images or quickly share your portfolio with clients immediately after the shoot. You can view slide shows, videos with DivX support, or listen to audio files.

The P-5000 media viewer weighs approximately 1lb with battery and measures 3.5″ (88.7 mm) x 5.9″ (150 mm) x 1.3″ (31.1 mm). The rechargeable Li-Ion battery has enough battery life for those extended, on-location shoots. With an 80GB, high-capacity hard drive, you can view all your shots at the scene and connect to your PC when you get back to …

Sony ICD-CX50 Visual Voice Recorder

Posted in Digital Audio,Digital Cameras,Digital Imaging,Sony by Paul Patterson on November 12th, 2006

Sony ICDCX50The Sony ICD-CX50 visual voice recorder is a handy little device that combines a digital voice recorder with a 1.2 megapixel camera. Now you can capture sound and images together, and the information will be saved into a synchronized file.

This ICD-CX50 has obvious utility for professionals such as claims adjusters, realtors and building inspectors, but is also very useful for students, homeowners and travelers. For example, you could use it aid you in performing a home inspection, documenting auto claims, or recording meetings and lectures.

The Visual Voice Recorder features a 1.2 inch color LCD, rechargeable battery and 4X digital zoom. 256MB of flash memory holds up to 4000 pictures (640 x 480 JPG) or up to 93 hours of recording time. The rechargeable battery can be recharged using AC adaptor or supplied USB cable. The built-in playback speaker lets you preview your …

Shockproof Waterproof Olympus Stylus 720 SW

Posted in Digital Cameras,Digital Imaging by Chetz on November 4th, 2006

Olympus Stylus 720 SW Doing different types of outdoor activities are enjoyable for many people, and having your digital camera along is nice, but there is always the issue of where you can put it so it will be safe, dry and free from getting bumped around.

Olympus has heard this call and responded with the Stylus 720 SW. This digital camera may be everything you are looking for in a point and shoot type camera that you can take with you everywhere.

The Stylus 720 SW is shockproof up to 5 feet according to Olympus and absorbs impacts while preserving the images.

The 720 is also waterproof up to 10 feet deep for as long as an hour for fresh or salt water. This isn’t just water resistant in case you drop it accidentally, they actually promote taking it underwater and taking a picture.

Another key part …

eStarling WiFi Digital LCD Picture Frame

Posted in Digital Imaging,LCD,Wi-Fi by Chetz on November 1st, 2006

eStarling Picture Frame

The eStarling 7 inch LCD digital picture frame allows you to rotate through different digital pictures on the frame, but that certainly is not what makes it special.

This picture frame is also WiFi enabled and picks up photos without wires from email, a Flickr RSS stream and from an external media card. This means that once you have set it up, it stands alone and gets new photos sent to it automatically.

The Starling picture frame itself can check email by configuring a POP3 email account along with user name and password. After that, just send an email to the address with a JPEG or GIF file and the picture frame will catch it and add it to the rotation.

You can also define a key word for your feed with Flickr and have it bring in a rotation of photos based on your …

Time and Location Stamp Your Photos

Posted in Digital Imaging,GPS,Sony by Darrin Olson on October 21st, 2006

Sony GPS-CS1

This particularly cool GPS gadget system from Sony will help you keep track not only of the time that your photos were taken, but where they were taken at.

The Sony GPS-CS1 calculates and records latitude and longitude data every 15 seconds for up to 14 hours with the high end batteries. You take the GPS device with you when you are out shooting pictures and have it running the whole time. When you are complete the GPS device matches it’s time with the time stamp of your digital photos and applies locations where they were taken based on the closest matching times. If you use the supplied Motion Browser software, the position points can be uploaded to a map to allow you to organize your photos geographically.

The GPS device is only 55 grams, has a capacity of 31MB and connects using USB 2.0. The …

Scan Full Page in 4 Seconds With Pen

Posted in Digital Imaging,Scanners by Darrin Olson on October 7th, 2006

Docupen RC800 Professional
This is the Docupen RC800 Professional (DPEN-RC800), and it allows you to scan documents on the go. It is complelely battery powered, so there are no cords, and it is able to scan an entire page in black and white or in color, in only 4 seconds. You can also choose to scan at standard or high 24 bit color resolution, and choose from 100 to 400 dpi. The docupen will hold over 100 pages while doing this and can transfer it into included Paperport software which helps manage and combine the pages into one or many documents.

The Professional Docupen RC800 supports expandabld memory through MicroSD cards to store more pages and transfer data. You can get a few accessories for the Docupen that include brow and black leather cases, a mobile charger, a USB memory reader and a retractable USB corder for data …

Kodak EasyShare V705 Dual Lens Camera

Posted in Digital Cameras,Digital Imaging,Kodak by Darrin Olson on October 5th, 2006

Kodak EasyShare V705 Dual Lens
If you are a snapshot photographer like me, I can’t think of a feature set in a camera better than the new Kodak V705. An upgrade from the similar Kodak V570, the V705 has added a few upgrades including a 7.1 megapixel CCD. The Kodak V705 is a dual lens camera with dual sensor as well.
One thing I was surprised at is that this camera doesn’t have a dock. It is a Kodak Easyshare, but if you want to hook it up to a printer, there are some adapters or a plug in you can use. It’s not that inconvenient, but I just expected it to have a dock I guess. They have set the standard for us non-professional photographers, I guess. This camera does have a great big wide screen and 22 different scene modes, which is just great when you …

iZak Plays Your Media on Your TV

Posted in Digital Audio,Digital Imaging,Digital Video,Television by Paul Patterson on September 29th, 2006

iZakAre you looking for a way to play that extensive media collection laying dormant on your PC? The iZak may just be the device you have been looking for.

The iZak is a simple to operate portable multimedia player for music, pictures, and video. The device will connect to any PC or Mac via USB-2 allowing you to copy your favorite music, movies, pictures, or data files. Once your data has been transferred to iZak, you can connect it to any TV to watch movies, view photos, or listen to your digital music.

The iZak supports any standard display device with an external input. This includes TVs, Video Monitors, Plasmas, video Projectors, and GA monitors. You can watch your favorite films in HDTV quality Video and Dolby Digital or DTS quality Audio.

The iZak is a creation of Unibrain, a global leader in the development of FireWire …