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ErgoMedia 500 Gaming Pad

Posted in Games,Keyboards,Peripherals by Darrin Olson on May 12th, 2007

ErgoMedia 500 Gaming PadWe’re not sure that this will actually help improve your gaming but it probably couldn’t hurt, and it might help keep your wrist from hurting, too. Genius has a new keyboard replacement product out targeting PC gamers called the ErgoMedia 500 Gaming Pad.

The name implies that it should help put your hand in a comfortable position for long durations of gaming, and the design does look like it would be a comfortable and natural position with a soft pad for your wrist. To us this particular image looks like it might be designed for a left-handed player since it might be easier to use that mult-direction button with your thumb. When looking at the product page at Genius they don’t seem to have different models for right or left handed use.

Some of the key features of the ErgoMedia 500 include a back-lit keypad …

Optimus Maximus Keyboard Pre-Order, Price and Plan

Posted in Keyboards,Optimus Maximus by Darrin Olson on April 28th, 2007

Optimus Maximus KeyboardThe Optimus Keyboard has finally gotten an exact price. We kinda’ figured it would be spendy and we were not surprised. $1564 will get you one of these customizable keyboards….but not until they’re ready….and if there are enough.

Along with the price announcement, the company has also listed a development schedule
showing that the first set of Optimus keyboards should be shipping around the end of November 2007. Tooling of the parts is expected to be completed by July, but then they have to wait for FCC approval. The plan is to have 200 of the keyboards ready by then end of November, 2007. 200 more are expected in December, and 400 additional by January, 2008.

The Art Lebedev website has started a countdown, and if you are interested in being on of the first few to get an Optimus Keyboard pre-orders will be

The 360’s Keyboard Arrives in Summer

Posted in Keyboards,Remotes,Xbox 360 by Chetz on April 11th, 2007

Controller for Xbox 360 with QWERTY keyboardMicrosoft has revealed its plans to launch a QWERTY style handheld keyboard add-on for its Xbox 360 game controller. In a company press release Microsoft said that the keyboard will connect directly into the Xbox 360 controller to support text and instant messaging even though they released a photo of what appears to be a keyboard/game controller that’s one unit. Maybe there will be both the keyboard add-on and a keyboard controller? It seems that we’ll know in a month or two.

In any case Microsoft is making this move because it will be launching its Windows Live Messenger service on Xbox 360 the week of May 7. Now the console gamers can chat with those that have MSN on their PCs and WMAs. However, before you start having visions of chatting away to your buds while playing “Gears of War”, …

Amex Digital Cordless Windows Vista Keyboard

Posted in Amex Digital,Keyboards,Vista by Chetz on March 5th, 2007

Amex Digital 2.4G RF Cordless Windows Vista KeyboardImagine a future where you no longer need to scrap out dust bunnies, strands of hair or crumbs from lunches of old caught between the keys on your keyboard. Could such a future be within our grasp?

AMEX Digital wants to make the dream become a reality with their TSK-VX7, a wireless keyboard that has touch-sensitive pads instead of plastic buttons with yawning chasms between them. It’s Windows Vista and XP compatible, has hot keys and can be used up to 30 feet away from its base (2.4 GHz, nice.) We also like that you’ll get approximately two months use from four AAA batteries, considerably longer than the Logitech wireless keyboards. The power switch is also on the top of the keyboard, another no-brainer that Logitech didn’t think about when it can to making its line. It may take some getting …

Fabric Keyboard

Posted in Keyboards by Reuben Drake on February 26th, 2007

Fabric double sided keyboardMove over that old-school black plastic slab that is your keyboard; the guys over at Elekson have come up with a new roll-up fabric keyboard. Been there, done that, right? Well here’s the thing – flip the keyboard over and reveal a second keyboard on the other side! Made by “touch-sensitive interactive textile” geniuses, the first surface of this dual-keyboard/fabric contains a set of the QWERTY keys we are all used to. Flip it over and you have your very own calculator and other media controls.

While the insides of your computer may be more expensive than anything else in your house, what really counts (to some people) is how it will all look on the outside. This new keyboard is certainly one to show off to the friends and family. Although no comment can be made on how practical it is, we …

Unotron Washable Keyboard

Posted in Keyboards by Chetz on November 9th, 2006

Unutron Washable KeyboardIf you are some kind of geek that spends so much time at the computer that you find yourself eating and drinking over your keyboard, I have a challenge for you: Pick up your keyboard, tip it upside down and shake it. Did anything fall out? Nothing? Right…

Well, for the guy you know that does have a problem with a dirty keyboard, you can suggest getting this Unotron washable keyboard. Unontron has washable keyboards and mice that are fully sealed and allow you to run them under water, or soak them with antibacterial solutions to kill germs. What you end up with is a keyboard that is as good as new, ridding yourself of sticky keys and dangerous bacteria.

Washable Keyboard [Unotron]

Roll Your Keyboard With ElekTex Fabric

Posted in Bluetooth,Keyboards by Darrin Olson on October 25th, 2006

Elektex Fabrick KeyboardThe Elektex Fabric Keyboard is a go-anywhere keyboard that you can use with your mobile device to get a full-size QWERTY keyboard at your fingertips, literally, wherever you go.

The keyboard is made of fabric so it rolls up into something small enough to fit into your pocket, and runs off of 2AA batteries at one end. It uses wireless Bluetooth connectivity, so there is no wires to connect to your PDA or SmartPhone. The Elektex fabric keyboard has no moving mechanical parts like a standard keyboard and is very lightweight, coming in at only 68 grams.

Product Page [ELektex]

Badass Typists

Posted in Keyboards by Darrin Olson on October 6th, 2006

Das Keyboard - Blank Keyboard

Notice anything missing from this keyboard? All the keys are there, but no letters are on them. This is Das Keyboard II which is a 100% blank keyboard, with no letters or numbers at all on the keys. There are some special marks on the “home” keys (man does that bring back some repressed junior high memories), which help you find your place by touch, but other than that you are on your own.

Think you are good enough on the keyboard to master typing, programming or gaming without looking. Even if you do have the habit of looking, this blank keyboard isn’t going to help you out. Good luck.

Das Keyboard II [Xoxide]

On the Edge with Logitech diNovo Bluetooth Keyboard

Posted in Bluetooth,Keyboards,Logitech by Quagmire on October 3rd, 2006

Logitech diNovo EdgeI think it is time for me to get a new keyboard. Logitech today announced its new ultra-slim diNovo Edge Keyboard. The diNovo is a minimalist work of high-technology art. The diNovo is laser cut from a single, semi-translucent piece of black Plexiglas and set into a brushed-aluminum frame which is an anorexic ¾-inch thick.

The diNovo also breaks new ground in technology as it becomes Logitech’s first rechargeable keyboard. The diNovo also features an integrated touch-sensitive navigation and scroll panel, and includes embedded Bluetooth wireless technology.

The Logitech diNovo Edge keyboard is expected to be available in the U.S. and Europe beginning in November witha MSRP of $199.99 (USD).

diNovo Edge [Logitech]

Logitech Has the Edge with DiNovo

Posted in Bluetooth,Keyboards,Logitech,Mouse by Darrin Olson on October 3rd, 2006

Logitech Dinovo Edge DesktopDesktops are really becoming more popular as things are becoming more wireless in general. The new wireless keyboard and mouse combination from Logitech further enhances the move towards disconnected innovation, and is doing it with some style.

A really nice feature with the DiNovo Edge which is not common in other similar desktops is having mouse-like navigation on the keyboard. Anyone that has had their keyboard sitting on their lap while leaning back in their chair has encountered the incredible inconvenience of finding they need their mouse for something. Having the Logitech TouchDisc on the keyboard can eliminate the need for your mouse and let’s you lean back and relax a little while working.

Another nice feature is some of the “stealth” hot keys that are backlit and only visible when activated by touch, and then fade away. There is also a touch sensitive …

Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000

Posted in Keyboards,Microsoft,Mouse by Darrin Olson on September 16th, 2006

Wireless Desktop 8000Microsoft has come out with the their newest Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 to be available in time to have for the Microsoft Vista full release. Microsoft says the new keyboard and mouse have additional features to help have even more control over your computer from the keyboard and mouse. Of course, this raises a question in my head about how I was controlling my computer before? It seems like I was pretty much use the keyboard and mouse…

Well, there are a few nice accessories and shortcut buttons (some of which are specifically for Windows Vista) that I guess can add some more control from the general keyboard area, both through software and hardware.

The Entertainment Desktop 8000 is wireless and connects via Bluetooth which allows you to be up to 30 feet away.
These are rechargeable. This is nice because one of the bigger …

Virtual Keyboard the Size of a Lighter

Posted in Keyboards by Darrin Olson on September 15th, 2006

Virtual KeyboardHow could something the size of a lighter work as a keyboard? When the gadget has an infrared light and a laser built in of course. The Virtual Keyboard uses infrared and laser technology to produce the keyboard and view what’s being clicked on by your fingers to make a circuit and work like a regular keyboard.

The infrared, full qwerty keyboard can be projected onto any surface and can work with desktop PC’s, notebooks, PDA’s or smartphones. It even goes so far as to produce the clicking sound when you hit the key to make it seem less virtual and to let you know that you are indeed hitting the keys.

The infrared virtual keyboard comes with either a Bluetooth version or USB, and has a number of accessories including an extra battery, charger, international adapter and serial to USB converter.

Compact Impact, the makers …