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Western Digital 250GB USB External Hard Drive

Posted in Bargains,Hard Drives by Quagmire on December 17th, 2006

Western Digital 250GB USB Hard DriveIf you need some additional storage to back up all your pictures, videos, MP3′s or whatever else you may have, the Western Digital My Book 250GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive is a great inexpensive solution.

My Book gives you quick access to 250GB of storage capacity. With USB 2.0, setup is a snap – plug-and-play with WinXP and no drivers to worry about. Plus, you can take it with you once you have everything transferred over. My Book is small (2.25″ x 5.55″ x 6.71″), super quiet, and it doesn’t get too hot even if you have a busy day of disk access.

250GB for $99 is a great deal for good external hard drive and you don’t even have to pay shipping!

Western Digital My Book Essential 250GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive

DataMore V2 Partly Secure Hard Drive

Posted in Hard Drives,Security by Chetz on December 16th, 2006

DataMore V2 Secure Data Storage From SavitMicroSavitMicro has a new secure hard drive called the DataMore V2 available for consumers in Korea, although according to Akihabara News you can special order it in the US at GeekStuff4U.com.

The drive is intended to allow you to store your own data securely in a portable, external hard drive. When you first get the drive you can format it and define how much of the drive is “public” and how much of it is “secure”. When connectto a PC via USB, it will show the public portion of the drive that is unsecured at make that available. The secure portion will not be available until you scan your fingerprint on the outside of the drive case, then the secure partition will be available.

When setting up the drive, you can give on or all of your fingerprints to be set …

Fujitsu Ups 2.5″ Drives By 50% to 300 GB

Posted in Hard Drives,News by Darrin Olson on December 12th, 2006

Fujitsu 300 GB 2.5Today Fujitsu announced the MHX2300BT; the worlds first 2.5 inch, serial ATA 300 GB hard drive. This drive capacity is about 50% more than previously offered and will provide greater space to store information for notebooks, video recorders, flat panel TV’s and similar items in the future.

Just to give you some perspective, if the hard drive based Sony Handycam had this drive, you could record over 70 hours of high quality video, an MP3 player could hold around 75,000 MP3 songs and this drive can hold up to 300,000 compressed 5 megapixel photos.

In the fall of last year Fujitsu offered these small drives amazingly with the 160 GB capacities, and then added another 40 GB to their product offering in May of this year. Another 100 GB will be a big jump and will continue to allow products such as video recorders …

Toshiba 1.8 Inch 100GB HDD

Posted in Hard Drives,News,Toshiba by Darrin Olson on December 5th, 2006

Toshiba 100GB 1.8 Inch HDDTokyo – Toshiba has announced the release of a new 1.8 inch hard drive with a capacity of 100GB. That is a density of 155.3 gigabits per square inch, and is the most of any current 1.8 inch drive.

The new small hard drive (MK1011GAH) uses perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) technology and an improved error correction code to help obtain the high density in the small drive, and it also complies with energy conservation laws consuming a low amount of power.

Drives like this are key in continuing to provide smaller technology gadgets that can continue to hold more information. The press release mentions that this innovation will help move forward with smaller and lighter notebooks, but the iPod also uses this size of a hard drive, which could mean even greater capacity for it or similar devices.

The new 1.8 inch 100GB …

TrekStor DataStation maxi z.ul Network Disk Drive

Posted in Hard Drives,Storage,TrekStor by Paul Patterson on November 17th, 2006

TrekStor DataStationThe DataStation maxi z.ul network storage drive by TrekStor is a simple, cost-effective method for multiple users to store, retrieve and share data in an office or home network. The DataStation is a centralized and secure way to make files accessible to all network users without the expense and maintenance incurred with a dedicated file server.

The DataStation maxi z.ul plugs directly into a network switch via standard CAT5 cable or it can be connected to a single PC via USB. Several DataStation drives can be used in one network, and as many as eight drives may be connected together to provide a single data repository.

The maxi z.ul works with Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems and a maximum of 64 users can access the drive concurrently. Other features include:

NDAS technology for highly efficient data transfer
Access rights can be fully managed in the …

Pexagon Store-It 1.8″ Portable USB Hard Drive

Posted in Hard Drives,Storage by Paul Patterson on November 4th, 2006

Pexagon Store It

The Pexagon Store-It 1.8″ USB Hard Drive is a razor-thin (1.3cm) portable hard drive that features an integrated one button backup. This new model in the Store-It series is 30% smaller and 40% lighter than the 2.5″ Store-It Drives and uses a Hitachi Travelstar hard drive.

The one-touch backup system includes Retrospect backup software which supports multiple sources, allowing you to back up two or more hard drives easily. The patented Progressive Backup technology backs up only new and changed data after the first full backup. The system also allows you to password protect, encrypt and verify your backups easily.

This drive is perfect for adding storage or backing up any USB-enabled desktop or notebook computer. The pocket-sized hard drive features a rugged extruded aluminum case to protect your data as it bounces around in your pocket or backpack.

The …

Hitachi Notebook Drives Bring More Capacity, Encryption

Posted in Hard Drives,Hitachi,News,Notebooks by Darrin Olson on November 1st, 2006

Hitachi Notebook DriveNot long after Seagate announced its disc level security encryption, Hitachi was right behind them unveiling new 2.5 inch notebook drives for 2007 that have greater capacities, require less power due to flash memory utilization, and have encryption security right on the disk.

The encryption, similar to what is being done with disk level encryption by Seagate, happens right on the disk which allows it to be “bound” with a device and helps avoid having data stolen or lost since it encrypted at the disk level and doesn’t need an application to implement it.

Hitachi is also increasing the total drive capacity on their notebook hard drives starting in 2007. The company will be coming out with increased capacities of 200GB and 250GB for the 2.5″ drives. By the end of 2007 Hitachi says they could be looking at creating notebook drives with …

Seagate Adds DriveTrust Security To Notebook Drives

Posted in Hard Drives,Seagate,Security by Darrin Olson on October 30th, 2006

Seagate Momentus Drive with DriveTrust SecurityHave you ever bought a used PC or used hard drive and found someone else’s old data on it? Or worse yet, have you ever sold or lost a hard drive not being completely sure your data was erased before hand? This among other issues requiring an increased level of security has prompted Seagate to unveiled their DriveTrust security software. The technology will come built into the Momentus 5400 FDE.2 and the DB35 series hard drive and will encrypt the data on the drive without requiring external software or hindering the hard drive performance.

There are multiple situations that cause hard drive security to become and important issue, and having the encryption easily and cost-effectively implemented will improve the overall level of security with sensitive information. Everything from your own personal family pictures and financial information to health care organizations …

SmartDisk Firelite Xpress shows files on the drive

Posted in Hard Drives,Storage by Darrin Olson on October 15th, 2006

SmartDisk Firelite XpressThe SmartDisk Firelite Xpress is a portable hard drive with a cholesteric liquid crystal display that is always on without external power and allows you to see what files are stored on the drive without having to connect it to a computer.

I had to look up cholesteric so I’ll save you the same trouble:

“..of or pertaining to a form of liquid crystal having molecules arranged in thick, regular layers, and displaying marked color effects, esp. in polarized light.” -Dictionary.com

The LCD window shows the drive label, the last file save date, user-defined text, total drive capacity (comes in 60GB and 120GB) and available space. The actual drive is SATA and connects and transfers data via a USB port at 480 MB/second.

Weighing in at 10 oz and having dimensions of 3.3 x 5.1 x .9 inches this drive is very portable and extremely …

Fantom Drives 120GB External Hard Drive $49.95

Posted in Bargains,Hard Drives,Storage by Quagmire on October 14th, 2006

Fantom 120GB USB Hard DriveYou better get some super-cheap portable storage to go with your new Linksys Wireless Router. The Fantom Drives Titanium USB 2.0 Hard Drive offers some affordable storage for USB-enabled computers. Slick, durable, compact, and portable; the Fantom provides a safe and flexible data backup solution. Fantom Drives Titanium USB 2.0 Hard Drive is $49.95 after mail-in rebate. Offer ends 10/17/2006 – Buy.com

160GB Passport Portable Drive

Posted in Hard Drives by Darrin Olson on September 14th, 2006

Passport Portable DriveThe Passport Portable Drive from Western Digital now comes in a larger 160GB capacity, but fortunately the new Scorpio notebook drive inside it has stayed the same physical size.

The sleek look of the Passport container for these 2.5″ drives has also improved by making them slightly smaller and lighter than previously. They have a sharp, hard and shiny looking black finish with a soft base and the total weight is under 5 ounces total! The Passport Portable is compatible with USB 2.0 for fast and easy data transfer to any USB 2.0 compatible device.

If you have a lot of data you like to keep and don’t want to trust the flash memory alone for longer term storage, the Passport portable is an excellent source for easily and conveniently taking your large amount of data on the road, or even for a sleek and …

Iomega 320GB eSATA/USB 2.0 Desktop Hard Drive

Posted in Hard Drives,Iomega by Paul Patterson on September 8th, 2006

Iomega 320GB Desktop Hard DriveIomega recently announced the availability of the new eSATA/USB 2.0 320 GB Desktop Hard Drive. This drive is specifically designed for those power users who want to close the gap between internal hard drives and the fastest external hard drives.

The new eSATA interface features three times the transfer rate of USB 2.0. This kind of performance makes this drive a viable option for any application, from video editing to super-fast backups. Iomega’s eSATA drive gets its speed advantage by utilizing the same type of high-speed interface as an internal hard drive.

The drive ships with a eSATA PCI card and cable that can upgrade most PC motherboards to eSATA capability, giving existing computers the same high-speed interface that now appears on new high-end personal computers.

Users can easily add multiple Iomega eSATA drives by stacking or mounting the …